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Chapter 4

Six months later...

"Damnit, Winry is gonna kill me!" Ed groaned as he examined his damaged arm. It was, once again, almost snapped in two, the lower part dangling by a thin wire. The way it swayed in the gentle breeze caused Ed to convulse.

"Well, maybe if you ask her nicely…and pay her way to Rush Valley…and take her on a shopping spree…and buy her a refrigerated truck, she'll leave you semi-conscious." Al said with amusement laced in his voice.

"You're not helping." Ed said through gritted teeth.

"You may as well call her." Al said. "If you tell her in advance, she may blow off enough steam by time we see her so she won't put you into a coma."

Ed glared at Al, then the telephone that will lead to his death.

"ARGH! This is that stupid Gluttony's fault!" he shouted.

"Actually, when Gluttony bit your arm, I was sure he swallowed it." Al commented.

"And he would have, had you not kicked him in his ass. I guess I'll make it a point to compliment Winry on her craftsmanship." Ed said.

"Brother, go ahead; I really think you should tell her in advance." Al said.

"I like living! Al, you call her!" Ed sobbed.

For someone who likes living, you don't seem too keen on self-preservation…"Whether I make the call or not won't change Winry being upset." Al reasoned.

Ed shot daggers at Al as he picked up the receiver and dialed.

"Rockbell Automail, Pinako Rockbell speaking"

"H-hey Granny, how are you?" Ed asked in a high pitched voice.

"…you broke your automail again, didn't you?" Pinako said. "Hang on, I'll go get-"

"NO!" Ed screamed with bulging eyes. "Not yet. Is Winry…" he looked around to check if anyone was around. Once he confirmed that it was just he and Al, he whispered, "…on her period?"

Pinako snorted.

"Well, do you want me to ask her?"

"GOD NO!" Ed shouted, and then took a deep breath; it wouldn't do to have a heart attack, although it would save him from Winry's wrath. "I mean, don't you already know?"

"I'm not Winry; she's the only one who would know. Did you call just to ask me that?"

"No! Well, it's just I know Winry is sick and all and-"Ed began.

"-you don't want to repeat the same mistake twice, although you keep making the mistake of busting your automail." Pinako finished. Suddenly, he heard a loud stomping noise in the background and a slamming door.

"GRANNY, IS THAT ED ON THE PHONE?! DID HE F#%K UP HIS AUTOMAIL AGAIN?!" she roared. Ed paled and lost three years off his lifespan.

"No, this is one of my clients." she said, failing to keep the smirk out of her voice. Once the demon queen stomped to her room Pinako replied,"Well, if you must know, yes, she is."

"Oh really? Well, in that case, we may stop by a little bit later." He said in that high pitched voice.

"Ed, don't you go walking around with busted automail." Pinako warned.

"I'll call back in a week." Ed said before he hung up.

"Brother, what are you going to do about your arm?" Al asked, pointing to the remains literally hanging by a thread.

"No problem Al; I'll just have to be really careful." Ed said cheerfully. The wind blew a little harder and the wire broke. Both brothers stared at the arm on the ground for a minute before Ed sighed and picked it up.

"Al, I'll leave the funeral arrangements to you." he said dully.