I woke up groggy. Rolling over onto my back, I rubbed the sleep from my eyes.

"Macy! Breakfast!" my mom called. I smiled. She always was there for me after a bad day. She understood me like Stella. And I could tell her everything. Confused? Okay, I'll explain.

Yesterday, I hurt the Lucases. Again. And I know, that happens a lot. But yesterday was when I realized that no one really knew me. I was giggly and stupid at school. Over the stupid Lucases. And at home, I was cool and collected. I knew that if only Kevin could see me like this, then-

Wait, no. I didn't mean Kevin. I don't like-like Kevin! What am I saying?!

Anyways, you get it. I love JONAS, I love Kev- the guys in JONAS, but at school it shows too much. And I just can't be myself.

Only Stella knows ME, me. Not giddy school-girl me. That's why she's my best friend. Every other girl treats me like a freak. Except her.

So, that's the story of yesterday.... And kind of the story of my life... Hehe. I mean, I am hyper and crazy, but on a much lower level and in a more fun way.

I got dressed and ran downstairs, on the verge of being late. My mom handed me my plate and grabbed the keys. This was our tradition on late days.

Jumping in the car, I started shoveling down the eggs, toast, and bacon my mom had made me. Usually it was just a few jam-covered pieces of toast, but on my sad days, she would try and cheer me up. I took the last bite and smiled. She always did.

"Thanks, mom." I squealed.

"No problem, honey. Remember, your father and I are gone for tonight through next Sunday. Stay with Stella. And I know that sometime you'll get over the fame of JONAS and be able to be around them." she reassured. I gave her a forced smile, and fortunately, she was gullible. But inside I knew that nothing would change.

"Running a little late, Mace. I almost ran across the street to your house but I saw you running downstairs right when I was leaving." Stella said, walking up next to me.

"Sorry. Thinking about yesterday." I replied.

"I'm sorry that you don't mean to act the way you do. We'll figure it out." Stella replied, smiling sadly. I smiled back. Then ran into someone.

"S-Sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going." I mumbled, grabbing the book I dropped. I stood up. Here comes not-me. I ran into Kevin Lucas.

"It's okay, Macy. I wasn't watching either." Kevin said, smiling. Now comes the stupid thing I say. Yesterday it was 'you know, your next semester schedule starts off with Biology first.' and then Joe replied 'even I don't know that!' and walked away.

"I love y-" I started, but clamped my hand over my mouth. Would he know what I was about to say? My cheeks flushed red. Now was the time only my mind was normal. I frowned under my hand. Kevin chuckled.

"Kay. See ya." he said before walking toward the front door.

"I think I know how you can act normal. Just tell Kevin you like him!" Stella squealed.

"I don't like him!" I yelled, then blushed after everyone looked at me.

"Of course. Anyway, I'm sure you'll be able to hang around the Lucases after that!" she said happily.

"I'll find a way to show you I don't like him. Just watch." I retorted.