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I sat up in my bed and took deep breaths to help my heart rate lower. Thunder ripped me from my sleep. Not that I had been enjoying my sleep. My dreams were assaulted once again. I don't dream regularly but when I do there is only one subject. Them.

I could see their smiles, hear their laughter. I felt their warmth as though they were beside me. I didn't have to look around the room to know that was a figment of my imagination. They were not here, they never would be.

This was my purgatory. Knowing that they are gone and I am still here. It is my life's work to make amends. I will spend my life righting the wrong.

As I lay back on my pillow I thought of the words he often told me. "I am not what I was." He wanted me to always know that I was more. I laughed darkly at the thought. If he only knew that indeed I was not what I was. I was now worse.


Thunder clapped in the distance and I let off an involuntary shudder. I hated the thunder. It always reminds me of that night. As my mind wandered I looked down the hall towards the door.

I hated that room. I would never go in there again. If I could rip it from my house and make it disappear I would. I have to settle for keeping the door shut.

Looking in that room makes me sick. I thought of him, of his actions, his words. I pray that I never see him again. If I ever do I know that I will be stronger. He will never be able to hurt me again. Neither will anyone else.

The best way to keep from getting hurt is to keep from getting close. Keeping people at arm's length is what I do. It is easier that way.

Chapter 1


"Thank you all for coming to the meeting this morning. I wanted to hold a meeting before we opened up to the lunch crowd. I need to introduce everyone to our newest servers." Larry, my boss rambled on about hiring new staff. He started pairing the new staff with servers.

I sat back in the booth I was occupying and surveyed the people he was motioning toward. There was a blonde who was chomping on her gum as she twirled her hair. She'll last a week. The guy beside her looked like he came straight from a chess club meeting. He had potential. Anyone who could sit through a game of chess could endure working as a waiter.

Beside him sat a giant of a man. I rolled my eyes. Great, a jock. I hate when big lugs come to work here. Giants were not meant to serve tables. I wondered silently how many times he'd knock a tray out of my hands before I flipped on him. Hopefully he wouldn't last long enough for me to find out. A nudge in my side brought my attention to the meeting. Angela smiled sympathetically at me.

"Looks like you're stuck with the Jolly Green Giant as your shadow. You'll be training him." I groaned and put my head on the table. Of course I'd have to train the Jolly Green Giant. I chuckled aloud because that is exactly what he looked like in his green t-shirt with his arm muscles bulging even as he sat. I looked him over again. He was good looking with short blonde hair, a tan, and dimples. Great, he's a jock and a pretty boy. Before I had time to look away he met my gaze and raised one eyebrow. Crap, I must still be smirking.

Larry wrapped up the meeting and sent us on our way. I got up to leave since I always work the night shift. That is where the big tips are. I grabbed my messenger bag and made my way past the bar to the front door. My path was being blocked by none other than the lug himself. He had a grin plastered on his face and his hand extended.

"Hi, I'm Emmett McCarty. I'm looking forward to working with you tonight." I took his hand with a scowl.

"I'm Rosalie. Be on time." I let go of his hand and pushed by him without looking back. I smiled as I saw my baby across the parking lot. One could never have a bad day when riding around in a cherry red BMW. It wasn't new by any means, it was a 1995. But it was a convertible and in great shape. If I didn't get anything else from my dad I at least got my car knowledge.

I slid into my driver's side door and started the engine. I lowered the convertible top with a smile. You appreciate things more when they are the product of your own hand. As I looked in my rearview mirror to back out I saw the Jolly Green Giant standing under the awning and shaking his head.

I don't know what he was shaking his head for. Maybe he hated the thought of working with me. Let him think that. He probably won't be around long anyway. As I drove past him I revved my engine, kicking up more dust from the gravel parking lot than necessary. I smirked at the thought of leaving the lug in the dust.


Wow, Blondie sure liked to show off in her car. I shook my head as I imagined what working with her was going to be like. She had looks going for her. I had caught her giving me an evil smile during the meeting. I had a feeling that she didn't want to work with me.

I don't know what her problem is but I am sure I will find out soon enough. It isn't like I want to be working there at all. The last thing I want to do every evening is serve a bunch of spoiled college kids. My stupid truck just had to die. Now I need the extra money to get it fixed. Thankfully the weather hasn't turned too cold yet so my walk to restaurant isn't miserable. Yet.

I turned my iPod on and put my ear buds in as I started my walk home. I had the day off from the center so I didn't have anywhere to be until five. Then it is back to the restaurant for me. I started jogging briskly then broke out into a full run. Since I wasn't going to the center I'd miss my work out. Running will do me some good today.

As I kept my pace my mind wandered back to the blonde, what was her name? Rose something or another. I wonder why she had such a chip on her shoulder. I hope she isn't one of those crazy chicks that hate you just for being a man. She probably is. That would explain her attitude. And her looks. She looked like she didn't care what anyone else thought about her. Most girls caked on makeup and wore shorts that left nothing to the imagination.

She on the other hand had on old jeans with a rip on the knee and a concert t-shirt. Her hair was long and hung loose around her shoulders. I don't think she was wearing any makeup but I couldn't really tell since she obviously didn't need it. She wasn't your typical blonde.

Once back at my house I showered. While I was rinsing off the water began to run cold. I cursed under my breath and got out. I must own the smallest water heater known to man. I stepped into my room to get dressed.

I pulled one of my new work t-shirts out of my backpack. No sense in changing twice today. I pulled out a pair of khakis from my closet. After dressing I went around my place cleaning up. Cleaning this place never took long. It was the equivalent of cleaning one large room.

In the kitchen I washed last night's dishes and wiped off the counters. I picked up clutter that was littering the living room. I tossed an old magazine and stacked up my DVDs.

I worked on my bedroom last. As I straightened up the pile of stuff on my nightstand my eyes stopped on my photo. It was the photo I stared at everyday. I picked it up and sat down on the bed. I traced my finger over each face in the photo.

I felt my breath hitch as I looked into the faces of those I loved. I stared at each person in the photo, stopping last on my own face. I was smiling. The smile was uninhibited, innocent. If only I could smile like that again.



I kicked back on my couch and flipped on my television. I changed the channels until I found something mindless to watch. I stopped on a late night talk show. That would do fine. I was too tired from work to focus on anything.

To say tonight had been interesting would be an understatement. Between my meathead trainee calling me Rosa, which I despised, and watching Angela's trainee, the blonde, burst into tears three times I was ready to go home hours before we closed. Training was the worst.

I have to admit, he didn't do half bad. Nothing was spilled and he didn't bump into me once. The people he served seemed to like him. He did have a certain charm. I watched him with the college girls and surprisingly he didn't linger around their tables flirting like I had expected. Maybe he didn't know them from school. Or maybe he had a girl already.

Not that I cared. I have no desire to have a man in my life. Not after last time. I thought back on my last relationship and my stomach churned. No, I definitely have no desire for a relationship. Not that I'd like the giant anyway.

I looked at the television once again before flipping it off. I was ready for bed. As I padded towards my bedroom door my eyes stopped on the door at the end of the hallway. The door that stayed shut. Always. I shuddered involuntarily and hurried into my bedroom, shutting the door and locking it behind me like I did every night.


I managed to survive my first week of work. Not that it was an easy feat. Mistake number one came when I greeted Rosalie as Rosa when I started my first shift. She glared at me and let me know curtly that it was Rosalie but Rose would suffice. I spent the rest of the week staying out of her way.

It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the cash register and time clock. Once I got those down I was pretty set. The most awkward times were after we closed. The wait staff had to clean as well as prep for the next day. Rose seemed to go out of her way to avoid contact with me. I learned all that I needed from her huffs and gestures.

I don't know what her deal was but I don't really care. I'm just there to make some money for my truck. Once it is fixed I am blowing that joint. I cannot stand the sorority girls and their giggles or the frat boys and their crude jokes. Being so close to the campus makes that crowd's presence a given. But I don't have to like it.

I prefer to stay on my side of town. Not where I live but where the center is. It's the place where I'd spend every waking moment if my boss would let me. Those kids are what it's all about. If I can change the future for even one of them then my time there is worth it. Working there is my atonement. My chance at redemption. It may not be able to make me a better person because nothing may be able to do that. But at least there I know I can make a difference.

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