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Put your best foot forward

Ukoku Sanzo paced back and forth restlessly. Why had they been laughing at him? He had been frightening. His lesson to that brat Kouryuu had left the little bastard badly bleeding and broken. And that little pest of a demon had nearly succeeded in killing the annoyance once and for all by tossing the blond tail over teakettle, landing him upside down, ass in the air against a large tree. That must have been thoroughly humiliating for the arrogant upstart.

The more he thought about it the more perplexed he became. Even his blue eyed angel had been frightened beyond words. So why had they laughed? It simply irritated him to no end. Even the gods be cursed, that giant zombie that protected the young silver haired man from foreign soil had started to sputter with humor.

Hadn't they all gaped in horror and wonder at the power of the Mutan scripture? It was after all the ultimate power of the gods. To make nothing out of something. To completely erase anything from the plane of existence. Why? Why? Why?

He completed another circuit of impatient pacing, his slippers making angry little slapping sounds with each footfall. It was aggravating to say the least. He reached for his pack of smokes, one slipped out and fell to the floor forcing him to bend over to retrieve it. Th e silly thing had rolled to the toe of the right slipper. He stared at the little bunny appliques on the soft felt. As he straightened up it hit him what was wrong. Slapping his forehead he began to laugh then lit the runaway cigarette.

How can one be truly terrifying when one is wearing something as nonthreatening as slippers with cute little bunnies on the top. The irony was just perfect.