wow its been a long time since y'all guys saw me huh? lol I wont be able to update much. oh so so sorry! but here is a one shot that I thougth you'd all like / love ...hope ya dont hate it please send mees somee reviews!!!


(ohhh btw its wrote as if its a diary entry or somthing )

Dearest Diary,

Once again I awokein a large, king size bed all alone, it was quite depressing. Some how or another it felt just as bad as the first night I spent alone, the first night Brock spent at the condo. I guess I've had another set back, I'm right where I started, except I now know what to expect, The heartache: the slow burning, aching, painful breaking of my fragile heart. Of course I wasnt lucky enough for a clean break, instead my heart was shattered into a million tiny pieces. Why couldn't he leave me be? He must know what his presence does to me, how everytime he kisses her it practically shoves another dagger through my already broken, neglected, and abused heart. Why couldn't he just understand that his love is the only thing that can mend my heart? The one thing I can't have is the only antidote. Yes, I've tried to find the cure countless times ranging from people like terri to people like Jack. None working, none truly able to ignite the iceberg that has become my heart, only slightly warming it for the time being. It looks as if I'm damned to an eternity of pain and resentment towards the woman that stole my one true love.

with love, Reba Hart