My First attempt at SasuHina, but definitely not my last. This idea came to me because of the circumstances in my state and what it is known for, and this chapter has been sitting in my computer for a full year. I've finally gotten the confidence to post it. This story is dedicated to a certain group of people, that I can only post in later chapters or it will spoil the story. Please do enjoy!

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Chapter One: Déjà Vu

Hinata nervously sat in a desk in the front of the classroom, fingers at her mouth in nervousness of the day about to unfold.

The first day of senior year in high school.

Not only that, but she had to deal with meeting all her old friends from middle school, the very same ones she had runaway from. But it wasn't her choice whether she go to school here or not.

She shouldn't have come back.

If her father caught drift that she was back in town, he'd probably hunt her down and force her to come back home and put her under house arrest. Or worse yet, kill her for what she had done.

Why did she let him talk her into coming back?

Maybe because she could help seeing those onyx eyes tear up, or see him sniffle and pout, or maybe it was the way he would ignore her until he got his way? Who knew?

Hinata, being the good girl that she was (Literally in the past tense), had gotten to school thirty minutes early, gotten her schedule and rushed to her first period class, Economics, with twenty minutes to spare and met and became friends with the teacher already, Kurenai-sensei. She had to wake up at 5:30 am just to make it at this time, she had morning chores, had to pack lunch for two, not to mention…

"Hiya…you look familiar. You new?" Hinata jumped and looked up; blushing when she realized it was a rugged looking boy talking to her. Red tattoos on his face, ruffled brown hair, unbuttoned uniform with a wife beater underneath, and canine like teeth…to Hinata that was taboo. Boys (more like one boy in particular) in this school had been the cause of her trouble and she didn't think she could deal with them even after four years.

"U-um…yeah." She looked down and fiddled with the hem of her skirt. She wasn't standing but she still tugged at it to make it cover her as much as possible. Darn the school and its skimpy uniforms…

"Oh, well what's your name?" The boy leaned forward on her desk to hear her answer.

"H-Huug-…um well, I j-just go by H-h-Hinata." The boy raised an eyebrow in amusement.

"'H-h-Hinata…?'" Hinata blushed. Was he the bullying type? She hoped not.

"Well then, my name is K-k-kiba. Nice to meet'cha." He held a hand out for Hinata to presumably shake, but all she did was stare at it apprehensively a blush staining her cheeks. He awkwardly coughed into his raised fist and let his hand drop to his side, looking away. "So…can I sit next to you?" Even as he asked this, he was sitting down, smiling gently to her so she would see he meant no harm.

Hinata nodded stiffly and turned to stare at the chalk board, having nothing better to do as she waited for school to start. Kiba's not that bad, she thought after a few minutes, as she glanced at him out of the corner of her eye. He was lounging in his seat, legs propped up on his desk, listening to his music player, head nodding to the beat and hands hitting imaginary drums with equally imaginary drumsticks.

Hinata, growing bored, turned to the only other person in the room, Kurenai-sensei having to go to gather papers in the workroom, and told herself gruffly, You promised you would be stronger this year! Prove it.

"Y-you like to p-p-play the d-drums…?" Hinata asked, blushing because she stuttered.

"Eh?! Sorry I can't hear you!" He yelled louder than necessary. He turned off the music and asked, in a quieter voice, "You say something?"

"O-oh, w-well, I was j-just a-asking i-if you like to play the d-drums…b-but I seemed to have b-b-bothered you…S-sorry." She looked down in shame. Kiba stared at her in shock for a moment, probably trying to figure out what she just said, for she had said it too quickly. But his face slowly broke into a grin and he chuckled.

"Yeah, I like the drums. I wanna start a band, I play the guitar too ya know. And by the way, you didn't bother me." Hinata's eyes lit up when he said he played musical instruments.

"Y-you p-play the guitar t-too? I p-play the Piano a-and I'm good with the k-keyboard…" Kiba's eyes widened too.

"Really?! That's so cool, maybe you can join my band and then…"

And they went on like this as the classroom filled up, people staring at Kiba and the 'new girl' as they talked animatedly. Hinata was enjoying herself so much, that she jumped when the bell rang and blushed when she realized everyone was staring at the two in the front of the room. It seemed like they were all staring at her but she realized when Kiba glared at all of the other people that they were staring at him.

"…Wow, he's actually sitting in the front…?"

"…Who would have thought? He never liked any of the girls…I thought he was gay for a while…"

"Yeah? Me too! I thought he was like, too 'cool' to talk to anybody except his friends."

"…Why can't Kiba talk to me like that…?"

"…'Cause you're like, totally not in his league…"

Hinata heard the tidbits of the conversation and was pretty shocked when she heard what they were saying. Was he that infamous for those things? Kiba looked at her and rolled his eyes, smirking slightly.

"Aww, don't listen to them, they're just pissy like usual." He waved it off as if it was nothing and turned to the front where Kurenai-sensei was writing her name on the board.

"Okay class, get over yourselves, summer is over." She turned back to the board and hit it with a ruler, making most of the people in the classroom jump. "My name is Kurenai-sensei, and I will be your homeroom/economics teacher. Don't think I'm a pushover, or you will be punished severely." The gorgeous red eyed woman gave Hinata a small smile and a wink. Then her eyes lighted on Kiba and she smirked. "Ah, Kiba, This is the first time I've seen you actually sit in the front, and actually awake I might add." Everyone laughed except Hinata and Kiba.

"Kurenai-sensei, what can I say, I've seen the light." And with that he made a dramatic gesture and look of awe. Everyone cracked up. Hinata wondered if the people here were sane. Was it the water they drink here? Maybe I shouldn't drink any here…

"As long as you do your work, I don't care what you've seen." Kurenai replied and picked up a stack of papers and began to pass them out. "Well, we are going to go right to business. I assume you all brought your books?" Everyone groaned and nodded. "Good. You will choose a partner today, and they will be your partner for the rest of the year. You two will be doing some worksheets that introduce you into Economics and the main concepts of this class. Before you choose partners however, I will do roll call."

"Psst. Hey, wanna be partners?" Kiba asked, leaning towards her slightly. Hinata smiled shyly and nodded. "Cool." And Kiba reclined in his seat again.

"Akimichi Chouji." A boy, a little on the chubby side with light brown hair, was sneaking a snack when he got called on.


Roll call had begun. Please…let no one remember me…if they do…well, let's just hope….

"Haruno Sakura."

"Here Sensei!" A girl with pink permed hair and emerald green eyes raised her manicured hand, smacking her gum loudly. She's gotten so beautiful! Hinata thought as she stared at Sakura. Her shoulder length hair was straight and her skin flawless. Her shirt was too tight and her skirt too short, but that only accented her nice figure, though she was lacking in the boobs department a little. Sakura turned to her and raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow while mouthing 'What are you looking at?' Hinata blushed and looked away. Hinata was so caught up in blushing, she almost forgot to say 'here' when she was called on. Kurenai had already gotten to her?

"Huuyga Hinata."

"H-here." Hinata stuttered. She heard a few of the girls in the back giggle. She sighed in relief, they didn't remember me!

"Inuzuka Kiba."


And it continued this way until another familiar name came up. "Nara Shikamaru."


"Nara Shikamaru!" Kurenai-sensei said a little louder.

"Oi, Shika, wake up!" A girl with long blonde hair tied up in a ponytail and blue eyes poked the sleeping pineapple haired boy awake.

"How troublesome…Here! Jeez…" Shikamaru said sleepily before his head hit the desk again, already dead asleep. Kurenai rolled her eyes and continued.

"Uchiha Sasuke." The reactions around the room were astounding. Hinata had frozen, stock still, back straight in shock. S-s-s-Sasuke! Other girls were squealing with happiness and the boys were groaning, no women for them while the Uchiha was in the room. But no one answered the call.

"Uchiha Sasuke!" Kurenai called three more times. Before she was about to mark him absent however, two people walked into the room, (More like one lounged into the room, and the other was jogging and totally out of breath). Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto.

Hinata had had a crush on Naruto from the elementary school days, and that feeling had still not gone away, even after not seeing him for almost four years. If anything, it multiplied. Naruto was everything she was not, courageous, funny, loud, strong, things she wished she had in herself. He's the reason I was able to survive for the past four years…!

If possible, Hinata went even more rigid, the guy she had wanted to avoid the most and the guy she had wanted to see the most, standing side by side. Hinata paled and sunk into her chair. Curse my luck! Sasuke…darn… Kiba noticing this, asked, "What's wrong? Usually all of the girls are squealing with happiness when they see Uchiha Sasuke." Hinata turned a shade lighter.

"N-no…I-I don't like h-him at a-all."Kiba grinned.

"You are the first woman I've heard to say that. You've just become my idol." Hinata had to laugh at that.

"Ah, Naruto, Sasuke, so nice of you to join us. Finally. Take your seats." Hinata stared in horror as she realized the only seats available were in the front. Next to her. And a certain Uchiha was walking towards her.

Said Uchiha gave her a dark look and she turned away quickly, towards Kiba so as not to look at him as he sat down beside her. Hinata shuffled her chair closer to Kiba's side of the table and turned her body towards him as much as possible without looking suspicious. Kiba looked shocked for a moment but then just let it go with a shrug. Naruto sat down on Sasuke's other side and sighed heavily, panting.

Kurenai gave the two a suspicious look. "What were the two of you doing to make you both late and make Naruto so out of breath?" The guys laughed at the comment, the girls glared at Kurenai and then Naruto.

"Nothing that concerns you." The Uchiha didn't even try to deny it!

"What?! Sensei! I forget to set my alarm clock and so when Sasuke called me, I was really late and stuff so I asked him to give me a ride to school, and he did but then he kicked me out of the car and drove off. I had to run my ass off! And then I found Sasuke waiting at the school doors to tell me that I lost a bet that we had had three years ago…and…"

"Okay! I don't want to hear your life story Naruto!" Kurenai turned to Hinata. "Hinata, if you could please tell Sasuke and Naruto what they have to do while I finished roll call?" Hinata blushed and nodded reluctantly. She couldn't really disregard the teacher…

But it was Sasuke she had to talk to…

Hinata turned to the two boys and said quietly, blushing all the while, "H-Hello. M-my name is –H-Hinata, an-"

"I think we already know that. The teacher already said that." Sasuke interrupted rudely. Hinata blushed harder and looked at the ground nervously.

"O-Oh, w-well, you will b-b-be choosing p-partners an-and you have to w-work with t-them for the rest of t-the-"

"Stop stuttering. It's annoying." Hinata choked on her words. Why was he so mean?

"Sasuke cut her some slack, man." Naruto slapped Sasuke's arm and Sasuke thumped him over the head in reply. "Oww!" Naruto turned to Hinata and said kindly. "Go on with what you were saying, he won't bother you anymore." Sasuke huffed and crossed his arms angrily.

"Uh….w-well…" Hinata was losing confidence, and fast. "Y-y-you, w-well, y-you-"

"Us. Yes, I think we get that now. Or are you too stupid to compute?" Sasuke hissed. Hinata closed her eyes, trying to keep the tears away.

"What she means to say is, you guys will choose a partner today, and you will have to work with them for the rest of the year. Today we are going to work on an introduction packet in our groups." Kiba answered for Hinata, a comforting hand on her shoulder. She looked up gratefully at him and he gave her a grin.

"T-thanks." Hinata whispered quietly, looking down at her lap as Kurenai finished roll call and let the class start on their work.

"No problem. I hate it when people pick on others. And Uchiha is just plain aggravating." Hinata smiled at him and said quietly,

"I n-need to work on m-my people s-skills…"Kiba laughed along with her.

"Yeah I guess, but you seem okay around me. How do you know him anyways?"

"U-Uh well, f-from a-around, you k-know. And Sasuke can be…intimidating." Hinata whispered, taking a glance at the boy who was surrounded by girls wanting to be his partner.

"Oh, I guess that makes sense." Hinata blushed and nodded. As long as he didn't keep asking questions, everything was good. She should probably be more careful about that. She could get exposed and that would not be good at all. Kiba continued, "Well, anyways, all you gotta do is just imagine them in their underwear, and anyone, even Uchiha, will be easier to talk to." Hinata giggled and unbeknownst to her, Sasuke turned and stared at her out of the corner of his eye listening to her conversation.

"Y-yeah well, S-Sasuke i-in u-u-underwear…that's just plain n-nasty." Hinata made a face. I've seen him in less than that too.

"Let's get to work before we get in trouble, eh? I mean, I don't care if I get in trouble, but it seems like you're a goody two shoes." Hinata blushed and nodded obediently, starting their homework.

"Naruto, you're my partner." Sasuke said simply, his eyes still trained on the lavender eyed girl. She seemed familiar…but from where?

"What?! You don't even let me have a say in the decision?!" Sasuke had to peel his eyes away from the lavender eyed girl, Hinata, to glare at the blonde boy beside him.

"My partner or not?" He gave Naruto a pointed look and the inflection in his voice said 'Don't disobey me'. Naruto sighed and relented.

"Fine…but I won't enjoy it." The fangirls went away, disheartened. Sasuke smirked and his eyes darted to Hinata, the only girl who did not look at him. She was talking animatedly and excitedly to Kiba. Were they going out? At first he had thought she was one of his fangirls, for all the stuttering she was doing. But it seemed that it was a normal thing for her. He felt slightly guilty for saying those rude things to her, but his Uchiha pride stopped him from apologizing.

But something was gnawing at his gut. Never had he seen a girl look away from him. And never did he lose to anyone else. Especially not someone like Kiba. She was intriguing.

Tearing his gaze away from her with a smirk on his face, he turned to the dumbfound Naruto who looked between Hinata and Sasuke, catching his gaze, he said, "Let's get to work dobe."


Hinata sighed in relief when the bell rang for lunch. As everyone stood and began walking to the cafeteria, Hinata slowly gathered her books, not looking forward to finding a place to sit. Suddenly Kiba appeared at her side, a smile on his face. "Wanna sit with us at lunch?" Hinata smiled in return.

"Please." Kiba smirked. They walked to the cafeteria side by side, talking about the classes and teachers they had had so far, when Hinata gasped in shock at the enormous cafeteria with its five different lines with a salad bar and gourmet looking food. "Wow! T-This is no-nothing like my old school! In m-my o-old school I was pretty sure their chocolate pudding was pureed c-cockroaches!"

"Eww…I did not need that image implanted in my brain, thank you very much, I was planning to eat something." Kiba said, making a disgusted face. Hinata blushed and apologized. "Well, on the other hand, why don't you come see the table and meet everyone…" Kiba leaned closer to Hinata and whispered, "Or should I say, 'everything'."

"Kiba! T-that's not v-very nice of you t-to say." Hinata scolded, trying hard not to laugh.

"Well, what can I say?" Kiba asked as he led her outside to the tables outside near a fountain. This school sure is ritzy…Hinata thought to herself as they walked up to a group of people who were very, to say the least, boisterous. Four boys and one girl were fighting and yelling over each other, reaching over the table grabbing things, sneaking food off of other's plates and etc. Hinata stared in shock. Is this what normal people did when they sat with their friends? She wouldn't know, she was the outcast at her old school seeing as her circumstances weren't ideal enough to be friends with anyone except the school librarian when she sat in the library and read books during lunch.

"Hey Everyone!" Kiba yelled as he jumped onto the fountain to get everyone's attention. Everyone stopped midway in their actions and turned to look at the unruly boy. "I would like you to meet Hinata, she's new this year." Everyone's gaze shifted to Hinata and there was an awkward moment of silence where the group and Hinata glanced at each other warily, Hinata had her books pressed against her chest and glanced at them fearfully. I promised to be more open…..

"H-hello…my name is Hi-Hinata….please t-treat me k-k-kindly…"

No one said anything for a few moments after that and Hinata blushed and looked down at her feet. Another failure….

"Finally you bring another girl into the group! I was getting tired of being overpowered by stinky male-ness!" Hinata's head snapped up in shock and her eyes lighted upon the source of the voice. A girl with brown hair tied up into buns smiled gently at her and gave a small wave. Her uniform had been cut up in places to give a punk rocker vibe. Hinata couldn't help but wonder if that was against school rules. "Hii Hinata, I'm Tenten. It's nice to meet you." Hinata smiled back at her in silent thanks.

"H-hi Tenten." She replied. Kiba jumped down from his perch and grunted his approval next to her.

"Me! Me! I want to be introduced next!!" The boy next to Tenten yelled and he promptly stood up in his seat despite protests from the others. "I am Rock Lee! It is nice to see such a kind, youthful face in these hard times of school!!!!!! It warms my heart and renews the spirit of my soul with a fiery passion!!!!" Hinata blushed and averted her eyes at his display of emotion.

"Baka you're scaring her!" Another voice put in. "I'm Shikamaru." The boy stated from his lounging position in his seat. His spiky hair going every which way.

"I'm Shino." The boy across from him stated as well, he seemed to be playing with a bug collection of sorts. "It's a pleasure to meet you." Hinata smiled and nodded at him.

"I guess I'm last! I'm Chouji, I remember you!" Hinata winced and couldn't help keep the shock off her face.

"Y-you rem-remember m-m-me?" Great my cover is blown already…..

"Yeah you're in our homeroom and first period!" he stated around his food as he chewed. Hinata mentally sighed. Kami-sama…you're looking out for me…

"Okay well then if everything is settled here, Hinata put down your stuff and we'll go get some grub." Kiba said pointing a thumb back towards the school and the so called 'grub'.

"Ano….I-I don't have a-any money…I brought m-my lu-lunch…" Hinata murmured.

"Well then just say so!" Kiba grinned. "I'll be back guys." And with that he took off for the school.

"Well don't just stand there! Come, Sit!" Tenten patted the seat on the other side of her that wasn't occupied. Hinata instantly followed her direction.

And just like that she was assimilated into the group as if they hadn't met just a few moments ago. Which in a way was true.

None of them have changed at all in four years….it's astounding…I could get used to this….I was never that close to them before so…it shouldn't be too hard to make this work. I wonder what happened to Sakura though…we used to be best friends… Deciding to act on her thoughts she built up the courage to murmur,

"W-where's Sakura, N-n-naruto and al-all of t-them?" The others stilled and stared at her as if she were crazy.

"Why don't you see for yourself, here they come." Was Chouji's not so kind answer. Hinata turned to look in the direction they all pointed and her eyes widened in surprise.

Sakura, Naruto, and Ino walked out of the cafeteria and towards one of the most sought out spots in near the fountain; the exact opposite side of where they were. The fact that every teen in the vicinity literally moved out of their way consciously or not was what surprised Hinata so much.

Again Sakura's beauty hit Hinata and she felt especially plain just watching her. And now that she noticed it, all three of them were gorgeous and they knew it; you could tell in the way they held themselves. As they made their way over, Hinata noticed that most of the guys were literally drooling after the two bombshell beauties, and a few of the girls were watching Naruto appraisingly. Why aren't that many people watching Naruto…? I mean, I think he's beautiful…maybe I have weird tastes?

But her answer decided to walk out just as the trio was taking their seats.

"Now there is one amazing piece of artwork….art made by god himself…." Hinata heard Tenten murmur from beside her. And there were sudden outbursts from all the girls in the area just by his presence.

Uchiha Sasuke.

His hands were stuffed in the pockets of his slacks, which, along with his shirt, seemed to show off his well built body and make him look like a model. All the other teenage boys looked lanky and awkward in their uniforms compared to him. Well except for Naruto-kun… Sasuke's pale skin and dark hair contrasted greatly and his attitude gave a whole new meaning to 'Tall, dark, and handsome'. Hinata had to admit he was beautiful, but she knew well enough that he was cold and calculating on the inside. H-he sits so close to o-our table…?! But I c-can't just leave….When her mind started stuttering, Hinata knew she was close to a fainting spell.

As the man of her sudden illness reached his table, his eyes happened upon Hinata and his eyes sparked with recognition. Hinata blushed but couldn't look away. Suddenly, his emotionless mask broke and Hinata saw the cold person she had come to associate him with. With a cold smirk and a sarcastic nod of his head, Sasuke sat down beside Naruto who started to strike a conversation with the dark hair male.

It seemed like time had finally sped up because Hinata was suddenly aware of an outburst at her table. "Hinata! I didn't know you were on such good terms with Sasuke!" Tenten squealed. Sasuke smirked as he heard this, unbeknownst to Hinata's group. This is where she would lose. She will start gushing about how she and I are dating secretly, or some other nonsense….any moment now.

"A-ano…I d-don't k-know him…I only m-met h-h-him t-today and I d-didn't g-get a good im-impression of him at a-all…" Hinata murmured into her bento.

Sasuke visibly stared straight ahead of him in shock, head still resting in his hands. Naruto took this as the perfect chance.

"What happened Teme?! Did you sit down too hard with that stick up your ass?! AHAHAHAHA!" Sasuke promptly hit the idiot.

"Shut it Urusatonkachi. I'll stick something up your ass if you don't shut up." That girl was intriguing indeed. She seems to really have something against me. That or she's the first girl to not like me…Intriguing indeed.


"Hey Hinata, you wanna come over and hang out at my place? We're planning on having a movie night!" Tenten asked Hinata as they headed out afterschool.

"Ano, I-I can't, I'm s-sorry! I have t-to go do something and I c-can't be late!" And with that Hinata sped off towards the bus stop.

"Ah….okay….maybe next time…?" Tenten trailed off as she found that Hinata was no longer in sight. She shrugged and went off to find the others.

Why is she rushing off like that? What is so important that has a teenage devote on getting there on time….? Sasuke moved away from the wall and walked to his car briskly, trying to stay away from fangirls. I have a strange urge to follow her…She's really interesting…

Just as Sasuke was about to pull out onto the street and follow the dark haired girl, a figure jumped onto his hood. Startled, he put on his brakes suddenly, rolling the object off by accident. The said object suddenly was on the passenger side of his car, banging on the door and begging to be let in. Stupid Naruto getting in my way all the freaking time…! Sasuke sighed but unlocked the door anyways. I guess Hinata's a lost cause now…

"Thanks man I thought you were going to leave me! Did you forget we have work? Twister Ice Cream shop it is!" Naruto yelled and pointed in its general direction like the captain of ship.

Oh yeah….I forgot about that…Oh well…Next time.

"Ahoy Captain." Sasuke drawled, and they were off.

A common misperception of Sasuke's personality is that he never talks and that he is a recluse. (I've watched countless Naruto episodes and read the manga numerous times before I wrote this to capture his personality as much as possible). He tends to resemble a dog, he needs something to stimulate his mind, and he tends to get focused on one thing once he's caught. I hope I'm capturing this now. Please feel free to review and correct any errors I make. (sorry for reposting, I caught some mistakes and corrected them...)

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