Hey everyone, I know that this isn't exactly what you were looking for, but classes are starting up again for the fall and that means I must go on Hiatus once again. I promise to work hard and try my best to get stuff out, but this year is quite important and as such I won't have the time. Please understand and I hope you'll continue to enjoy and read my stories as they are updated.

Thank you so much for all of your praise and support, I love each and every one of you and I'm so happy that something that seems so insignificant at first can be shared with all of you and make me as happy as it has made me. Every day I think about the family here on fanfiction, each one of whom are so encouraging, thoughtful and bright with so much to offer.

The next story I will be updating will be 'The Little Things in Life'(this may only be updated way later but it will be the one I start with), and after that, the updates will end up being whichever story gets the most reviews for the last chapter that is posted. This is because both of my stories have a big reading pool and I want whoever is most excited for it, to get the chance to read. Also this is more fair to the more zealous readers ;)

Also some extra news, Hinaxanyone has made a wonderful fanart piece for my story 'Libido', please go view it and give her your support! If anyone else wants to make fanart for any of my stories I would be so happy! XD If you want to ask me questions to get a better understanding of a scene in order to, don't hesitate to ask, also I have one future scene of Libido that I really want to see come to life; I may even commission for it if people are willing…let's get to that point in the story first though ;)

Also if you haven't already, I wrote a teaser for the third story I'm going to write (yes this means it will continue!) called 'Towards the Sun'. Please go read it if you haven't already and give me your honest opinions and critics. I treasure everything each and every one of you has to say, so please don't be shy.

Don't fret, I will be continuing these stories, I won't stop until I do and this summer is proof that I haven't given up and I will continue to write even after long absences. This sounds like a goodbye letter, but it is just the beginning, if I don't update during the fall semester, please look out for me during winter break!

Until next time,

Trinity Effect