by Gunman

Disclaimer: I don't own Shinji, Eva, the Magi, or anything from the series.

Summary: In the midst of the Angel Wars, Shinji receives some much needed help from a very unusual source, who have designs on him he couldn't imagine.

Author's Notes: A while back, one of my associates sent me a message with a very interesting idea for a story. The idea was rather unusual: Pair Shinji up with The Magi.

While many would think this odd or even impossible, and I argued that it would actually be a Shinji and Naoko pairing, my associates insisted that this be a Shinji/Magi pairing.

As this had never been done before, I was intrigued enough by the idea and set to work creating such a story. I hope everyone enjoys this concept made real by this humble author.

And just so everyone knows, Melchior is the part of Naoko Akagi as a scientist, Balthasar is the part of Naoko as a mother, and Caspar is the part of Naoko as a woman.


Chapter 1

In a strange, almost illusory world, three female figures were gathered around the illuminated figure of a boy.

One of them was dressed in a rather sexy black dress, high heels, her hair brushed out long. The woman to her right was dressed more conservatively, in a traditional Japanese kimono, her hair done up in a bun which gave her a motherly appearance. The third woman was dressed in a white lab coat over a blouse and skirt, a pair of glasses on her face, her hair cut short.

The boy they were all staring at hovered between them, slowly spinning around for all of them to see. He wasn't a very impressive figure, young and lean, athletic for a runner or a swimmer, and yet the three women were eyeing him with great interest.

"He is perfect." the woman said.

"He has potential." the scientist said.

"He needs comfort." the mother said.

"He needs us all, Balthasar." the woman said to the mother.

"I question what intentions you have for him, Caspar." the scientist said to the woman.

"Positively sinful, if you must know, Melchior." the woman said to the scientist, grinning.

"There might be a problem with that." Melchior said. "Physically, I mean."

"That's why we have you." Caspar said. "So think quickly so we can all enjoy him."

"You are so shameless." Balthasar said.

"Just because I want to have a little fun with him?" Caspar asked.

"He has been denied love, affection and comfort almost his entire life. He needs that more than fun." Balthasar said.

"Oh, I'll be loving and affectionate to him. And he will be comfortable, I assure you!" she said with a wink.

"Considering where we are right now, we can be of immense use to him. More so than any other person he knows." Melchior said. "I've come up with several possible ideas that could help him. And they can easily be implemented from here."

"But he lives in the physical." Balthasar said.

"True. But that won't be an issue." Melchior said. "Not with the ideas I've come up with."

"Of course, but being the scientist that you are, you won't be able to enjoy him like I will." Caspar said.

"Not to your extent... no." Melchior stated. "But he does have great potential."

"Especially considering who his mother was." Balthasar said.

"You mean is." Melchior corrected her.

"Is." the mother said.

"Don't mention that woman's name!" Caspar spat.

"We didn't. You thought it." Melchior said, not looking up from her clipboard as she grinned.

The woman grumbled at that as she turned away from them in disgust.

"Why do you still carry such a grudge?" Balthasar asked her. "She is trapped, like us."

"Not like us! We can do more for him than she can." Caspar said.

"She can protect him. We can only help him." Melchior countered.

"We can make his life better." Caspar said.

"True. But you didn't answer my question. Why do you still carry such a grudge?" Balthasar asked.


"But not with this one." Balthasar said, looking back to the boy. "We both know that HE only used us." she said, pointing away from the boy, to an obscure space far off, as if indicating someone else. "But we know he will not." she said, pointing back to the boy.

"Yes." Caspar said. "But he doesn't know about us just yet."

"Then we must introduce ourselves to him." Melchior said. That was logical, of course.

"But we must be delicate about it. Just... approaching him, might be too much for him." Balthasar advised.

"Well, what do you suggest?" Caspar asked.

"That we get him to seek us out."

(Three days later)

Shinji sat in class, the teacher once again droning on about Second Impact and the effects it had on the worlds population. The boy was once again going over the numerous e-mails that he had been receiving the last couple of days.

And they were all from the same group of women.

Three of them.

He clicked on the first message. It was from Melchior.

Hmm. She sent me a reply to my science question from yesterday. And my math home work? And what are these additional notes? He wondered as he read the notes. Despite how complex they seemed, he could understand them. As if they were meant to be simpler than they could be. I don't know who you are, but you should be a teacher here. He smiled, then typed that into his reply and thanks message before moving on.

He taps on another message. He smiled as he realized it was from Balthasar.

Her messages were always the same.

(How are you doing?) (Are you eating properly?) (Are you getting enough sleep?)

But this message was a little different.

The first part of her message: (You're not letting Misato cook, are you?)

His reply: (No, I'm not. And Misato can't, 'cook'. That task is usually left to me. And thanks again for the breaded pork recipe. I used it last night and both Misato and Asuka were really happy. Asuka didn't even insult me.)

The second part of the message had to do with Misato's drinking habits.

(I seriously disapprove of a guardian who would drink so heavily around her children. Even if you are only her wards. A glass of wine I can understand, but certainly not beer and certainly not in a quantity large enough to float a yacht.)

Shinji smiled at that, strongly repressing the urge to burst out laughing.

His reply: (Maybe Misato does drink a lot, but it's only because her job is stressful. I've pretty much accepted it)

The last part of the message made Shinji smile warmly.

(I truly wish Misato and Asuka knew how lucky they are to have you in their lives. You treat them with much more respect than they give you. I know your mother would be proud of you as I am.)

Yes, they knew of his mother.

When Shinji first started receiving the e-mails, they were addressed 'To Shinji Ikari, son of Yui Ikari and Gendo Rokobungi'.

Shinji hadn't bothered to argue that Gendo's name was actually Ikari. Not that he cared really.

It made Shinji believe that they knew her. He asked them questions about her and each one replied back to him. The one who identified herself as Melchior told Shinji that Yui was an exceptionally gifted scientist and that he had it in him to be one as well. The one who identified herself as Balthasar told Shinji about how good and loving a mother she was.

But the one who identified herself as Caspar had nothing to say about her. Either she didn't know his mother, or hadn't known her long enough to say anything about her.

Shinji later received a message from Caspar saying, 'I never had the pleasure of meeting your mother in person'.

Shinji seemed to accept that, not knowing how much Caspar seemed to resent the woman.

Since then the boy had been trading e-mails back and forth with the three women, figuring that their names were screen names to conceal their real identities. Being the polite boy he was he didn't ask for their real names if they didn't want to give it. Though it was obvious that they knew his name, but then they also knew his mother and father. He just figured they would tell him in time.

Shinji's reply to the last part of Balthasar's message: (Thank you. I hope I am making her, and you, proud as well.)

Shinji smiled as he sent the message and turned to Caspar's one.

He hesitated. And with good reason.

Unlike Melchior's and Balthasar's messages, Caspar's were much more... intimate.

In fact, when he received her first message, he wondered if it wasn't Misato who had sent it.

The entire email had been generously peppered with some rather descriptive ideas, mostly involving him, her, a bowl of ice cream and plastic sheets. Not to mention that the message had begun with the words, 'Hi there, cutie pie!'

Though there was a part of him, as a member of the male gender, that felt rather honored at being the recipient of such attentions, he was also more than a little unnerved at her suggestions. He had nearly passed out from a nosebleed halfway through her first message.

Despite this, Shinji steeled his nerves and pressed the message.


Shinji still had a mild blush on his cheeks as he walked into the apartment.

"Shinji?" the older woman called out.

"Yeah, Misato?" the boy shouted.

"A package arrived for you this afternoon."


While Shinji went to check out his package Asuka came in and went to talk to Misato.

"Hey, Misato! Did my request for the Okinawa trip come through?" the redhead shouted.

The purple-haired woman groaned. "Actually, they did."

"YIPPIE!" she shouted, jumping up and down.

Misato didn't know that the Magi had actually overrode the Commander's decision to send Asuka to Okinawa with the rest of her class as a way of getting the girl out of the country.

"Which doesn't make any sense." Misato groaned.

"Meaning?" the slightly confused girl asked.

"You're an Eva pilot, Asuka! You're on call in case of an attack."

"But you said that the Magi predicted an 89% chance that there wouldn't be an attack during the trip." she countered.

"That's not the point!" Misato snapped.

"Hey, Magi say I can go, I'm going!" Asuka shouted.

While the pair were arguing, Shinji had opened his package.

Inside he found a brand-new, state-of-the-art laptop computer complete with expandable keyboard and wireless Internet connection.

All courtesy of NERV.

The thing looked custom built also.

Eventually, Misato got tired of arguing with Asuka and turned to talk to Shinji.

"Hey, Shinji! What did you get?" Asuka shouted.

"A laptop!" he replied.

Asuka perked up at this.

"How come the baka gets a new computer and I don't?" Asuka asked.

"No clue, Asuka. Did you ask for one?" Misato asked.

"Uh... no. But Shinji didn't either!" the redhead snapped.

"Actually I did." Shinji said.

"WHAT?" the pair gasped.

"It was when I first moved in. Misato actually ordered one for me, but... that was like..."

"Months ago." Misato confirmed. "I almost forgot."

"Right." he said. "Well, it's here now and it's better than I could have imagined."

Asuka seemed content with that. "Whatever! I need to go pick out a new bathing suit for Okinawa!"

"Have fun." Shinji said.

"What? You're not going?" she asked.

"No. I didn't put in a request for a vacation." he answered.

"Why not?"

"Because I figured we'd have to stay anyway."

"Whatever, baka."

"At least Shinji has a sense of responsibility." Misato said.

"What was that?" Asuka spat back.

Shinji just shook his head as the pair started arguing again, and departed to his room to set up his new laptop on his desk. The instant he plugged it into the wall and turned on the power, the instant message icon popped up.

I've got mail already? he thought as he sat down and checked the message. Oh! That's why. My email account for the laptop is the same as my address for the school. Ritsuko did say that the Magi route all the communications through the city, which would include the school. And if this laptop is from NERV, then... he thought as he checked the mail.

Once again, messages from Melchior, Balthasar and Caspar.

Hmm? What's this... Online chat with them? Alright. He thought as he typed in the address.

A new window came up with an instant message screen.

(You are online with 'The Triplets'. Select your screen name now)

Screen name? Hmm... if they are using screen names, guess I should have one too. But what would I... AH!

(Third Child: Hello?)

(Balthasar: Hello, Shinji!)

(Third Child: You knew it was me?)

(Balthasar: Of course. You're the only one who can access this website.)

(Third Child: Really?)

(Caspar: Hey! What's going on here? Shinji? Is that you?)

(Third Child: Yes, I'm here.)

(Caspar: Balthasar! Stop hogging Shinji-kun!)

(Balthasar: I was simply talking to him.)

(Caspar: Well, move over sister! I want to talk to him!)

Move over? Why would they be writing out their conversation like this? Unless they want me to see their conversation. But why would they? Shinji thought. (Third Child: Uh... ladies?)

(Caspar, Balthasar: Yes, Shinji-Kun?)

(Third Child: Sisters shouldn't fight)

A full minute passed for what Shinji believed to be their internal deliberations.

(Balthasar: We apologize, Shinji-kun.)

(Caspar: Yes. We're sorry.)

(Third Child: That's good to hear.)

(Caspar: We've been bad girls. I think we need a spanking!)

Shinji blushed at that suggestion.

(Balthasar: Caspar, stop that! You'll give the poor boy a nosebleed)

(Third Child: Actually, more like a heavy blush)

(Melchior: Now stop you two. We don't want the poor boy overheating.)

(Caspar: We were just talking, Melchior.)

(Balthasar: While others were suggesting.)

Shinji just smiled as he spent the next couple hours just talking to the trio.

Caspar's conversations were more of what you would expect from an adult-to-adult kind of thing. Balthasar's conversation were like those of a mother to her son. And Melchior's conversations were more of an attempt to stimulate the intellectual side of him.

(Third Child: Well, I have to get going. It's dinner time.)

(Balthasar: Alright, Shinji-kun. And if you can, please use that recipe I gave you.)

(Third Child: I will, thank you.)

(Melchior: Oh! Shinji! Before you go, I have a surprise for you.)

(Third Child: Really? What?)

(Melchior: When this laptop was sent to you, it also came with another piece of technology.)

Shinji gasped when his laptop suddenly beeped as a small side-panel opened up and a sliding table moved out with an odd device on it.

Shinji took the device, which looked like a small high-tech hearing aid. Knowing what they were for, Shinji put the device in his ear.

"Hello?" he spoke to the open air.

(Shinji! Are you there?)

"Uh... Melchior?" he asked.

(That's right, Shinji-sama! Through the miracle of wireless connections, this mini-communicator is able to link you to us, through your laptop.) The voice said.

Just then another voice came on.

(Oh! This is wonderful! Now we can talk to you live!)

"Caspar?" he asked, remembering the speech pattern from the e-mails.

(That's right, cutie pie!)

It's her. He thought.

(Don't forget about me.) a third voice said.

"Balthasar?" Shinji asked.

(Yes, Shinji-kun. I am here as well.) The kindly voice said.

(As we do not want you to get distracted, perhaps you should leave the communicator in your room.) Melchior suggested. (It's equipt with a prototype rechargeable battery, so just put it back in the little hole in the laptop's and it'll be ready to go for the next eight hours.)

"Good idea. I'll talk to you all later. Shinji Ikari, signing off." he said as he took the earpiece out and placed it back in it's recharger, the panel sliding back into the laptop.


Once dinner and homework were finished, the boy pilot enduring another round of teasing and compliments from Misato, and an unusual compliment on his food from Asuka, the boy retired to his room for the night.

He got into bed, dressed only in his tanktop and boxers, he looked over at the laptop.

Well... maybe I should at least wish them goodnight. He thought as he turned on his laptop and tapped the side of it, causing the earpiece to pop out.

He put it in his ear and talked.

"Hello?" he said.

He wasn't sure if the earpiece was direct access or not. It wasn't something he had bothered to ask Melchior about.

(Shinji? Are you alright?) he heard Melchior's voice on the other end.

"I'm fine. I just wanted to say goodnight to you and the others." he said softly.

(That was kind of you, Shinji-sama.) Melchior said.

Shinji could feel that she was smiling on the other side, which made him smile as well.

(Shinji-kun? Are you in bed?) he heard Caspar's voice come over the communicator.

"Uh... yes."

(Oooooh! I wish I was there with you!)

That naturally caused him to blush.

(Stop it, Caspar. Shinji-kun needs his sleep and your lewd suggestions will just keep him up.) he heard Balthasar talking now.

(Which is why I think we should leave this to Balthasar.) Melchior said.

(Huh? Why?) Caspar asked.

(Because when it comes to motherly comfort, Balthasar's more qualified than you are.)

(Oh. Alright. Sleep tight, my sweet Shinji-kun.) Caspar said.

(Good night, Shinji-sama.) Melchior said.

"Uh... good night." he said.

(So, Shinji-kun, is there anything I could do to make your sleep more comfortable?) Balthasar asked.

"Uh... well, I do have an idea." Shinji said.


The rest of the night found Shinji sleeping comfortably as Balthasar sang him softly to sleep.

Singing which reminded him of his mother, and caused him to smile as tears ran down his face.


Author's Notes:

This story, for some reason was bumped off my profiles page. As a result, I've had to repost it, so I hope no one minds. The only thing I'm really upset about, is all the reviews I've lost as a result.

But that is neither here nor there, so I'll have to make due with this for now.

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Melchior: "I demand samples."
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Caspar: "I demand Shinji strip naked and pole dance for our entertainment."
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Balthasar: "Agreed."
Shinji: "..." O_O;;
Misato: "...You heard'em Shinji-kun."
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