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Sharing Is Caring

Chap. Une

The sun shone through her window, the beginning of a new day! Her eyes flicked open, slightly, and moved away from the beam of light that was directly on her face. She stood at the side of her bed and yawned while stretching. She heard her phone vibrating on the table by the bed, a quick told her it was, her Mom. Misaki did not want to answer, it was too early and she was too tired. She went into the bathroom and took a hot shower, then quickly got dressed to go see her ill mother. She put on a white button down and dark wash jeans with knee high boots and a brown leather jacket.

Misaki was now twenty years old. She graduated high school with amazing grades and got into an even better college, although her mother struggled to pay, she became a successful executive. Supporting herself and living happily, alone. Misaki walked into the kitchen, and grabbed from the cupboard a bagel. She did not put anything on the bagel, she picked up her bag and a scarf (Who knows where she got this).

Misaki stopped by a flower shop about two blocks away from the hospital. "Umm…what to pick…what to pick…" She mumbled to herself, deep in thought. "Who are the flowers for?" A man's voice asked from a short distance. "Huh, oh, they're for my mother in the hospital." She looked away from the flowers and up at the man speaking to her. She froze for a moment; the man had dirty blonde short hair and green eyes. Now that he saw her face fully, a smirk was on his face. "I'd suggest Geraniums."

"Thank you for your help." She smiled and went to the clerk. Before the door closed behind her the man said, "Do I know you?"

"Um…you don't look familiar to me." She replied shaking her head, nervously.

"Really, I must have you mistaken for someone else then." He waved good-bye and walked away. "Was that Usui…nah…coincidence." She thought to herself with relief.

Once Misaki had bought her lovely Geraniums, she made her way to the hospital. She entered the hospital and said hello to the nurse on her mother's floor. Then walked to the door, knocked and said, "Mom, I'm here!" She smiled. Her mother responded weakly, "Oh Misaki, you brought me flowers? They're beautiful." Misaki placed them on a small table by the bed. "How are you?" She asked sternly.

"I'm feeling fine, better than yesterday." She smiled

"What's wrong with you exactly?"

"Still need more testing and need to wait a little bit longer, Misaki."

"Is your doctor nice? I mean I've never met him or her."

"My doctor is a man, and he is nice, very polite. He should be." Her mother smiled. Then there was a knock on the door, the knob turned and her doctor walked in. "Ms. Ayuzawa, how are feeling this lovely morning?" Misaki's jaw dropped. Her mother's doctor…was the same guy she saw this morning! "Misaki, what's wrong?!" Her mother asked in a frightened tone. "Nothing, mother." Misaki simply put on a smile and sat silently as her mother spoke with the doctor about her health. "It's good to hear you're well. Uh…Misaki was it? I'd like to speak with you in the hall."

Misaki stepped out into the hall with the doctor. "Your mother isn't getting any better." The doctor said simply. "Wait, what! She said she felt fine!" She was furious now.

"Sometimes you feel fine, but you're really sick internally."


"But I promise you I'll treat her. So you won't have to worry." The doctor smiled.

"Doctor, what's your name?"

"Takumi Usui."

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