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Ch. 13 (end)

It had been a few days since Misaki spoke of her mother. Since then he tried to get her to talk about her mother more often, it would help her cope with the loss he thought. At first, she was still a bit distant, but after talking it out, she opened up more and more as the days passed. He had to admit though, he was proud of her, and himself. He stared at her as she read some papers from her company.

Misaki turned her head to face him, "What are you staring at, alien?" She gave him a skeptical look. Usui laughed, "Nothing."

"Hmm…why are you here again? Don't you work?" He tilted his head as if he was confused.

"Work, I don't recall ever doing that." He smiled; Misaki narrowed her eyes at him.

"You're a doctor; don't be silly with me Usui!" Again, he laughed. She ignored him and went back to her work.

Usui leaned back onto the couch, still smiling he told her, "It's nice to see you happy again." A pink color stained her cheeks, as she continued to work.

Misaki sighed, staring down at the cold, gray stone with bright green grass growing around it. A small smile formed on her lips, remembering the months gone by. Gently, she placed the flowers in front of the grave. "I don't really know what to say anymore," she paused, taking a breath, "it's been so long since I came to see you again." The cemetery was silent, as it usually was, no birds chirped and there was no talking from people going by. Misaki looked around, there did not seem to be anyone in the cemetery, as far as she could tell. She looked back down at the gravestone, it was her mother's, "It's a really beautiful day today, mom." She paused again, thinking of something to say, "Wow, I really don't know what to say to you anymore. Ha, it would be easier if you could respond. Or maybe I need better conversational skills."

She smiled looking at the flowers by the grave, "This is all I really have to say, for now. I just hope you're happy with the decisions I've made since you left. I think you would be." Misaki turned and walked back to the car, when she saw a familiar face walking in her direction. "What are you doing here, alien?" She asked deadpanned. He smiled cheerily, "I wanted to see why you were taking so long, and I wanted to talk a bit with your mom."

She was surprised, "Fine, I'll be waiting in the car."

"Alright, I won't be long anyway." Misaki nodded and continued walking.

Usui walked up to the gravestone. A long minute passed as he gazed at the stone, he could not think of the right words to say. Yes, he knew that there was no way she could respond, but this was Misaki's mother. He had to show some respect. "Well, I guess all I would want to say to you is that you have an amazing daughter." He took a pause thinking for a moment, "If you can hear this, then I hope you'll attend the ceremony today." Usui smiled and looked at the gravestone once more. Then he walked back to car. Happy, that today would be the greatest day of his life.

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