Jamie lay awake on the floor of abandoned shack. How long he had been there; he had no clue, but what he did know was that he couldn't leave. No matter how hungry or lonely he was. Slowly and quietly the brunette got up and took two steps over to the sink. He turned the handle and put his head under the water to get a drink. His Body ached everywhere from sleeping on the cold, hard floor. And he knew it wouldn't be long before they found him. Just like they did his parents, sisters, friends and the one person he wished were here most, his girlfriend Margot.

As he sat down on the floor and started to carve into it to keep his mind occupied, her heard a crash from just outside. Jamie leapt to his feet and peeked through a small hole in the wall. There were at least 20 of them coming straight for the shack and if he didn't hide and hide quickly, he would become one of them. Just like everyone else he knew.

"Shit" he cursed as he looked around the room for a place to hide. There was nothing, notta, zip! Then he stepped on a piece of the floor and the floored boards opened up swallowing him whole. He didn't scream or make a sound as the floor above him closed and he landed softly in an underground tunnel. Well wasn't this convenient he thought as he started to walk down it. He was hoping that none of the infected where in it or would be waiting at the end of it or following behind.

Jamie ran fast down that tunnel. Faster then he ever ran before. The only sound was the thud of his shoes. He really wanted things to work out good and wanted to find survivors so badly. The last time he had any human contact was about 3 months ago. That's when this whole thing started. It scared him really bad at how fast it spread and when it hit his town it scared him even more. He had no idea if anyone was alive and hiding or nothing. Jamie was so surprised that he even made it out alive.

All of a sudden Jamie hit something with his foot and went flying to the ground. Then he heard something moving towards him, but thanks to the darkness of the tunnel he wasn't able to see what it was. Quickly he got up but was hit in the head with something hard and was sent flying right back to the ground. Again he tried to get up but the same thing happened, but this time everything went quiet and he didn't feel himself hitting the ground.