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The red and green decorations littered the bullpen, leaving Christmas on everyones mind. It was that time of the year; mistletoe and holly hung from the ceilings while a small tree was perched in the corner. A few presents had been brought in by each member of the team and it was now the day to open them, the day before they had to take the decorations down and get rid of the tiny green pine that was covered in golden bows and multicolored lights.

"This one is for...ah, Lisbon." Jane had taken control of picking the presents from under the tree and handing them to the appropriate person. For some odd, very Jane-ish reason, he enjoyed doing it. "It's from Grace."

"This was secret Santa. How do you know who it's from?" Lisbon asked increduously, the woman across from her blushed giving away the fact that Jane was right it was from her. His bright child like grin was her only answer. Typical, why did he have to be right? Tearing the paper carefully a smile lit up her face when she saw the brightly colored purple button down shirt she'd been eyeing for a little over a week. How Van Pelt knew about it was beyond her. "Thank you Grace, I've been wanting to buy this for a while now."

"Yeah, Jane kind of helped me with it. I was stuck on what to get you." She should've known it had something to do with him. He was always in the middle of everything.

"That's all that's under this miniature bush." A smirk appeared on Cho's face at Jane's nickname for their tree, he was right it did resemble a bush more than anything. Van Pelt had been dead set on having a tree and so she had been the one to pick it out with Rigsby's help.

"It's a tree Jane." Sometimes Lisbon found his remarks childish and stupid, like now for example. It was clearly a tree, why would they have a Christmas bush?

"Sure it is, like I was saying no more presents." Everyone grabbed some of the remaining trash from the floor to throw it away while Jane took Lisbon by the arm and ushered her into her office. She tried jerking away from his touch but it was of no use, besides to be honest the warmth from his hand sent pleasant shivers through her entire body. Upon entering her office space a big red box came into view, a big red moving box. "I got you something."

Lifting the lid carefully, almost cautiously as if afraid something was going to jump out and attack her, Lisbon saw two bright blue eyes staring back at her. A little tail thumped against the side of the box repeatedly as a small pink tongue licked at her hands. The charcoal grey and white ball of fur tried climbing out and whined when it fell.

"You, you got me a puppy?"

"Siberian Husky. I thought she was pretty." A look of disbelief crossed her features as she looked up at him in shock. This was something she would never have expected.

"She? Jane! You got me a puppy!" The smile on Lisbon's face was one he loved seeing. She was so beautiful when she smiled. It was nice to see her so happy, and childlike as she reached into the box and brought the pup out. Cradling the wiggling puppy to her chest, she laughed and stared at Jane with a look of adoration. It was enough to make him realize that his next plan would play out perfectly well.

"So what are you going to name her?" A moment passed between the two people in the room, and Lisbon knew that this Christmas was the best she'd had in a really long time. All thanks to the man smiling from ear to ear right in front of her.

"I...I don't know. I can't believe this. Thank you." Scratching the husky behind the ears Lisbon carefully placed her back in the box, just as the man she'd come to dearly love took a few steps closer. Normally she wouldn't have thought anything of it but he didn't stop at a safe distance this time, no he kept coming closer until their bodies were touching. One of his hands reached out to gently lift her chin and she couldn't breathe. She couldn't move if she wanted to and when he started leaning in, her eyes closed automatically. His lips were the next sensation she could feel, soft and warm against her own. Teasing her with only a small taste by gently caressing her mouth before swiftly pulling away. It was over just as soon as it had started but the lingering burn was still there and she could feel her cheeks on fire as she opened her eyes.

"Mistletoe, it's tradition." It had been a good explanation for his actions but she was slightly disappointed. Jane had already made it to the door before she remembered something important; there wasn't any mistletoe in her office. The cute bark of the puppy in front of her brought her back to reality and she silently wondered where Jane had come across such a beautiful animal. She'd ask him later when she cooked him dinner. It was the least she could do, plus his present was back at her place and she was pretty certain there was some invisible mistletoe hanging around her living room.

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