How I managed to end up playing the tetris theme song still baffled me as my mind wandered with my pale roaming fingers. Having an audience, and a new friend at that, was the best thing that had happened to me in my lonely life of traversing the universe. My music had started to become sad with the depressing atmosphere and a lack of the item which kept me sane, it had run out quite a while ago and I had not yet made a trip back to somewhere it was grown. The recent sadness which echoed throughout the spaceship had been replaced with a newfound energy and happiness from this person. Any physical or emotional support had been gone for quite a while, and I had had my first good "night" of sleep because of them, as well as the first hug Id had in who knows how many years. My old female friend with the cat costume had disappeared, I still wish I could have gone with her instead of being left to myself for such a long time. The blank white rooms became dull, the music lacked its passion, and I had my happy and cheerful feelings replaced by almost all of the seven sins as the zoop in my step faded away with time. After a few more thoughts I turned my distracted mind to the person next to me, watching them follow my hand movements and almost drag their entire body with their eyes to the rhythm of the instrument, as if hypnotized. Deciding I should end the string of tune upon tune upon song and composition, I made a suitable improvised ending and bowed to her again. The easily noticeable redness returned to my face as a response to her clapping. I closed my eyes, realizing how a single person's hands could echo enough to make it sound as if I was in an orchestra, listening to the applause of a hundred people all pleased with my art. The thought that this dream of mine would never happen beyond that of my imagination and a single person's echo made my heart sink, nothing was ever good enough for anyone, no matter how little they possessed to begin with.

After a small break, sitting on a bench with my new friend and talking about all manners of things surrounding myself and my spaceship an idea came to mind. The topic of music reminded me of the clear glass flute I had stashed away behind the bed. I hurriedly made my excuse and tried not to bolt to the hidden instrument. Clambering onto the large mattress and reaching an arm into the space between it and the wall, I managed to find it, barely held between them. It was a beautiful masterpiece, handcrafted with nothing but clear glass and a lime green stand, it would sit on the piano like a faceted jewel, sparkling with the light of the stars. I became a bit over excited as I marveled at it, losing my concentration on walking steadily and in a straight line. As I reached the bench I managed to trip somehow and fall forward. It went as if in slow motion, my heart sinking and thoughts racing as I realized there as nothing I could do. It hit the ground with a heart rending crash, flying every which way and scattering across the white floor in the perfect camouflage. My gift was just destroyed by a mind which wanders as much as its windows. I felt a sinking feeling when the sound of a bubbling gurgle caught my attention, and the blood drained from my face as I realized a fairly large shard of clear glass had lodged itself in my new friend's throat. She seemed to stare at me with a sad expression, frightened and regretful at the same time as her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she fell backwards, her body hitting the glass covered floor with a sound which tore at my ears and heart. Her crimson blood was pooling around the glass, revealing its location with the dark red color as it stained the white floor. Heavy tears filled my eyes as I stayed where I hit the ground, unsure of what to do next, or even if there was anything to do next. With the last of her dying energy, she reached a hand forward and grasped mine, I pulled it to my face and held it close as her twitches and death throes dyed away into a sudden stop and with a shaking ghasp, I began to sob into her cold hand. The blood reached me within a few seconds, tracing its way along my side as it spread outwards. My shuddering cries called throughout the rooms until I eventually fell asleep, surrounded by red liquid and a strange pattern of glass only visible because of it. My dreams held nothing, they were utterly blank and lifeless, like mine had become through years of lone space travel and my now deceased friend. The worst part of everything was that all of it was my fault due to my inability to think properly in excited or stressful situations. It helped me play music, it did not work well in real life situations. My pale face and strange eyes told everyone this, and this person had still tried to be my friend, but all I did in return was murder them in a terribly gruesome way.