Okie dokie! This is the new story! YAY! I've been just ITCHING to begin it… like a lot of the others! LOL! Anyway, I'm going to make this flow and hopefully it's gonna work! First chapters are always a bit dingy for me, so bare with me here. Enjoy!

Castle Valet KsNandS: Ahhh! Welcome! Please, do take a seat upon the lavish furniture. While waiting, I would like it if you would please choose an item from the menu, I here our gourmet food is to die for. Now, please allow me to introduce myself, I am the Castle Valet, but you may call me by my name, Gejiji. *Bow* Now, I know that this is not what you would have expected from me, to be living within the Luxurious Konoha Castle, yea? Well, rest assured despite my status living within the Castle it is a strict duty. Though I wish not to bore you with the details, I only wish that you enjoy your stay within the Castle, for I shall be telling you a story. One of Romance between a cursed Demon, and a Chosen girl, destined by fate and a twisted master who will go at nothing but to rid the Demon of the Castle itself. Enough with talking your ear off, let me please take your order and I will be right out again.

Waiter! *Clap*

Waiter: Yes Master Gejiji?

Castle Valet KsNandS: (Ahh, yes, good man, shoulders erect, posture perfect as always) Ahh, yes, please take these good people's orders. They are to be treated as if part of the Monarchy, free of charge of course, being that they are my invited guests. (Though, they are warned that I do not except tom-foolery inside the Castle.)

Waiter: Yes sir, very nice to meet you. The head Chef has just received your order ahead of time actually, did the Valet not tell you?

Castle Valet KsNandS: Oh please, don't mind me for wanting to give them more time to order. Now hop to it! *Claps*

Waiter: Of course sir. *Goes to tell the Chef about the orders*

Castle Valet KsNandS: *Takes of his specs and wipes them with a cloth then puts them back on* Okay, now know that the Master himself will be down to see you. Be on your BEST BEHAVIOR. For you all have a chance to obtain the prestigious invitation to the Konoha Castle ball. But enough of my musings, I shall tell you this heart felt romance story between two lovers intertwined by destiny, however, if you please direct your attention to the portraits of Lady Kryss and Sir Calice, the story, begins here…

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto. Naruto Uzumaki and Cast Characters rightfully belong to Masashi Kishimoto of 1999. (Japanese Release of Naruto) Enjoy the Story, and Welcome, welcome one and all to Konoha Castle!

(1000 years ago in the Past)

"Hurry! We must get down to the basement!" A woman shouted pointing down the fleet of stairs as a platoon of knights in shining armor headed down within the depths of the dimly lit room. The woman lit another lantern and began following soon after, meeting up with them all. She was a black woman, her young and beautiful face, small narrow eyes and velvet purple dress showed radiance to the men standing near her. Her determination never faltered. She pushed against the wall, causing a secret switch to click as the part of the wall caved in. They heard a large creaking sound as wall began opening up adjacent of their position. "Hurry! We must protect it with our lives!" she shouted as the held the lantern, pulling up her dress and running down the hall with the platoon of knights!

As they rounded a corner, the woman gasped!

"Lady Kryss! Lady Kryss!" The leading knight shouted! He was a large white man, his face obscured almost except for the metal platting on the sides of his face for protection. He looked and gasped! "MEN! CHARGE!" He blared at the top of his lungs! Ahead of them were two, blood red eyes that glowed faintly within the darkness. Like lightning they floated away quickly as the knights ran after the being. The woman known as Lady Kryss Konoha stood there, her brunette, braided hair on edge. The Leader of the platoon of knights stared at her. "Lady Kryss, are you okay?" He asked.

"…I saw it…" she whispered, the man next to her confused.

"Saw what?" He questioned again.

"Never you mind! We must hurry! That Demon will destroy it!" She shouted! The man furrowed his eyes and sighed. He had long been in love with Lady Kryss, he had sworn to protect her with his life. She herself was very brave, which was a reason why he loved her.

"Lady Kryss, please hold up a moment," he called after her. She stopped and turned around, her braided pony-tail of brunette hair and her glossy brown eyes looking at him with hurry and rush. He walked over to her and held her hand, "Lady Kryss… I've been, holding this back for a long time yet. But, I want to tell you something," he whispered, the lanterns blazing glow fitting the mood right. She looked at him, apparently in a rush as he hesitated and then opened his mouth to say something, however was interrupted.

"Sir Calice!" one of his men came up running, ruining the mood, "the demon has entered the sacred alter and locked the door!" he said. Lady Kryss gasped!

"Alright! We'll use to alternate route! Hurry!" She shouted and ran. Sir Calice sighed and moved along after her. As they rounded another corner, they came upon the deepest chamber, pillars erect from both sides, at least 5 stories high. Ahead, was a gigantic double door with engravings of fearsome warriors fighting demons, and at the top, the image of a lantern that shone brightly upon. Lady Kryss pulled the door, and indeed it had been locked. She whipped around and looked at the soldiers, "stay here and wait, Sir Calice, you're coming with me!" she shouted her commands. They stared at her in shock!

"But… milady… we're your protectors." One of the men said.

"I know, but if the lantern is destroyed, there will be no telling what the demon would do. Stay here and don't move. Come now!" She urged and ran off in another distance, with Sir Calice behind her as the dimly lit torches illuminated the rooms and hallways. The two sprinted down a hallway as fast as possible, coming to a fork in the road.

"Which one?" Calice asked.

"Left leads to a death trap, right is the way." She said and both ran down the right path! Further along, the two came to a marble staircase, pillars in the room as in the other. They ran up the stairs and finally into an opening high above. Soon, they entered the alter in which was the deepest chamber. Upon a pedestal, sat a lone lantern. Bright with an oceanic blue radiance that lit the room. Lady Kryss and Calice ran down the stairs and up to the lantern and checked it. "It's still in tact. But… where is the demon?" She asked, searching cautiously about.

"You know… I don't like this lantern…" they heard a deep voice emanate from the room. The two looked around.

"WHERE ARE YOU COWARD!?" Lady Kryss yelled with her might. Calice scanned the area as well.

"Surprise…" He said. The two gasped and looked up! On the ceiling there was a young man, sticking like glue as he looked down like a black widow upon his prey, "this damned lantern binds all demons to the Earth as if they were boulders… humans like you believe that you are able to waltz in here, sticking your noses up in the air and walking over us as if we are inferior? You despicable little cockroaches need to learn that we are all the same, " he said, his demonic voice making them shudder. They could not see his face entirely as he hid within the shadows of a pillar, "atrocious apes, you will pay for your incompetence and for your superiority above us all… I will destroy the lantern… and I will be free to live my life until I die." it said.

"Shut up!" Lady Kryss hissed, "if we let you demons run free you'll only destroy the village we have set up already! Don't think that you can just say that to the highest authority and get away with it. You're not going to be destroying the lantern at all, because we'll make you pay first!" She yelled. The demon stared at her, glaring upon her.

"You know the master, yes, the master of this castle?" the demon questioned. Lady Kryss scowled at the demon. She had found the master brutally killed while sitting in his chair within his quarters, "how easy it was to end his life… hehehe… but I had my reasons. He planned to use the power of that damned lantern and banish us all to Hell without even thinking about those demons, like me, who don't even deserve death." chuckling in his corner, Lady Kryss and Calice stared a the monster with hatred.

"YOU'LL DIE DEMON!" Calice yelled at the top of his lungs.

"So says the man who wears metal undies. HAHAHA! Please, I may be young, but know this, that I will purge thee who seek to destroy and end my life… now… begone!" The demon shouted and let out a whimpering cry! They watched as he crawled around the pillar like lightning, in a spiral! Lady Kryss eyed his bushy tail.

"Here he comes, watch out for his claws and fangs… they can penetrate your armor as if it were talc." The woman said as she drew her dagger.

"Lady Kryss! I will fight this battle! You won't!" The man insisted! The woman stared at him.

"But it was my father who had had killed! I want revenge!" She said.

"I know," he replied and put his hands upon her shoulders, "but I swore to protect you with my life, "he said.

"Calice…" Lady Kryss whispered.

"And if I should die fighting this demon, then I want you to know, that since I have been in training and rising through ranks, I've loved you." He said. Lady Kryss stared at him, paralyzed. He turned and drew his blade.

"How touching, the noble Sir Calice pledging his undying love for Lady Kryss. Such a beautiful scene… good thing you told her about your feelings," the demons said, because it is now that your life SHALL END! I SHALL CRUSH YOU!" and at lightning speed, the demon flew towards the man, claws and fangs erect! The man gasped as the claws pierced his metal armor like a plush toy, and the demons fangs biting into the head armor plating and ripping off his helmet! "You fool, you have not an idea who you are dealing with," the demon growled, "I have my own revenge as well, for it was you humans who murdered my beloved mother and father!" The demon hissed and cocked it's fist back, nailing the man in the cheek.

The demon's strength was immense! Upon impact to the marble wall, the knight's body literally cracked the marble! He grunted as the demon glared daggers at the knight, the lust for revenge was intense. Kryss watched, still shocked, as the demon lunged towards the knight and ripped off the metal plating, revealing the metal net shirt and pants her wore.

"Your death will not be in vain, dead knight," the demon said, "for like all of those before you that have died at my powerful hand for attempting to incarcerate me, to those attempting to lynch me… you shall be commended, as they were. But know this, while rotting in the depths of Hell, you will know what true agony feels like," it's words echoed in the alter loudly as the demon's hand wrapped around the man's neck, lifting him up as if he were a doll, "any last words? I will eviscerate you soon after piercing your wretched heart." the demon asked. The knight opened his eyes and grunted.

"Yes… the only things I care about in this world, are my duties, and Lady Kryss. I loved you milady, I did. I wanted to be engaged to you and have a loving family one day, that was a dream." he said.

"No it was not!" The woman shouted from behind! She took the dagger and ran towards the demon! Cocking it back, the yelled a war cry before lunging it! The demon swiftly, leaping like a fox, dodged the stab. The woman glared and looked at the man sitting down. She checked him, he had a few broken bones from the impact but was okay, "thank thee, you aren't hurt." she said. The man sat up and looked over. The demon staring at them with killer intent. The Knight stood up, trembling, but got to his feet. The pain was agonizing, but he loved Lady Kryss, and swore to protect until he fell. He picked up his blade and held it erect in front of him. He then let out a cry and rushed towards the demon!

"Very well…" it said and ran… oddly like a leaping fox! Sir Calice swung his blade in attempt to hit the demon, however, the demon was lithe, and using immense flexibility it bent back and the sword missed it's target! Rising back up, the demon cocked it's fist back and, like the rising dead, came up and punched the man back, breaking his cheek bone.

"I'm warning you… I will kill you… both of you if you continue." The demon said.

"I'm not going to let you hurt Lady Kryss." He said and stood up, wobbling.

"Stop it!" Lady Kryss shouted.

"Now you want us to cease? I thought you wanted me dead." The demon growled. The man came at the demon once more, swinging the blade with force! Sighing the demon performed an elegant back-flip into the air and stuck to the wall before propelling itself forward with a flaming fist! The knight saw it coming and reacted by swinging his blade! The blade hit the target as intended, however the blade itself snapped in half as it cut the demon with the force it inflicted! The man flew back again as the punch landed on the same cheek bone, though the demon's arm was bleeding severely.

"How's that demon? Does it feel good!?" Kryss questioned with a smirk. The demon looked at her, then smirked itself. Removing the hand that covered the wound, Lady Kryss gaped in awe! "T-The wound… it's-it's gone!" she gasped!

"My body heals nearly seventy (70) percent faster than yours. I may be completely naked, but any cut will heal almost instantly." he said. And it was true, the demon was naked. Kryss looked at his body, seeing that it was quite nicely built, and the demon seemed to be a boy.

"How old are you?" Kryss asked. The demon thought.

"I am only nineteen (19) why?" he asked.

"Why, a grown boy like yourself, killing others?" Kryss asked.

"Do you not know what I have been telling you woman!? You enslaved my race and killed them! MURDERERS! WHAT HAD WE DONE TO YOU!? You DISGUST me! I will slay you both, and then destroy this lantern." He said.

"Then why don't you go back to where you came from!? Surely there are more of your kind there!" Kryss shouted. The demon shook it's head and blinked a few times.

"I was born here… and since you came like foul imbeciles, you had destroyed my entire race! I am the only one left of my kind, and I'm asserting myself as dominant over you! Now… BEGONE!" The demon shouted and began leaping towards them! Kryss clutched the man who loved her within her arms. The demon was about to leap and kill them both, until they heard a bashing on the door. Gasping, Kryss looked behind her, and soon the platoon of soldiers burst through the alter door, their war cries echoing loudly! Sir Calice smiled.

"I readied reinforcements as well… milady, I remembered not to mention." He said. The woman smiled as tears fell from her eyes. The demon before them backed away. Lady Kryss gasped and looked at the lantern! She got up and sprinted over towards the pedestal!

"Drat!" He shouted and looked at the lantern, then began racing after her! However, he stopped as soon as the woman grabbed the lantern and turned it towards him. "NO!!" the demon shouted!

"By the power of my ancestors, and the spirits of the Great Kami! By the power of the Crystal Lantern, I banish thee to remain stuck forever within the aging walls of Konoha Castle never to be free again! BEGONE DEMON!" Lady Kryss screamed! The lantern glowed a florescent blue, and soon the light engulfed the demon!

"MOTHER! FATHER!" The demon cried as the light penetrated the darkness, and the demon was blown back within the alter, behind the pedestal! His voice echoed, and soon, his form molded with the wall. The light that illuminated, dulled and the woman fell to her knees.

"LADY KRYSS!" the men behind her shouted as they surrounded her. "Where!? Where is the demon!?" they began asking. She looked behind the alter, and saw an engraving that was the demon's sealed spirit.

"It… is dead. Calice and I slew the demon. It is no more, the lantern is safe." She lied and stood up. The men stood silent and looked at each other. Kryss ran over to Calice and held him. "Calice! Calice are you still okay?" She asked. The man opened his eyes and smiled. She sighed as he sat up and grunted. "Thank thee you are okay." she said, more tears flowing.

"I need not thanks, for I am being held by the most gorgeous woman I've ever seen." he said. Kryss blushed and smiled, her eyes sparkling.

"Calice…" she said. The men watched as Lady Kryss and Sir Calice kissed one another. They all shouted and whistled as the two lovers looked at one another. Calice winced a little, Kryss knowing he had a few broken bones. "Come everyone, let's go now. The Lantern is safe, and so is the future." she said and stood up, a few other men helping Calice to his feet. They all walked away, leaving the lantern glowing dimly in the alter. Kryss looked back and sighed. She knew the curse would not last forever, but, it could. The lantern's power was infinite she knew, because of the source, which was "Purity". There was but one way to break the curse, her father once told her, that once a maiden of pure heart was born, the instant, born into life, the curse would break, however so long as the lantern stays lit, the curse will remain, but only a fraction. Kryss smiled and walked away, the guards shutting the doors behind her. Behind the pedestal, the demon that had been sealed within the stone did not move. However, the spirit of the enraged demon caused it's eyes, to glow a demonic red, as they flashed within the darkness behind.

(983 years later)

"HURRY! THE BABY'S ON IT'S WAY!" A woman yelled as they rushed another woman in labor to a hospital room! She was pregnant, and about to have a child.

"OH KAMI!" The woman on the bed screamed! The husband near her gripped her hand as they wheeled her within the room. After much pressing and breathing, the sound of a crying infant entered the room.

"Congratulations… it's a girl!" The nurse said and handed the baby to the father, who held the delicate child within his hands. He looked at his wife. She was pale, and laid there.

"Honey! Look at our new baby!" The man whispered excitedly. No answer. "Honey? Honey?" He kept saying her name. The nurses gasped and one walked up. She checked for a pulse. Her eyes widened, and the looked at the man. She sighed and put her hands in front of her lady-like.

"Sir," she said calmly, "we congratulate you on your newborn baby girl, however," she paused.

"However what? What!?" He asked, looking back and forth at the nurse and his wife.

"We need you to wait outside in the lobby. Our mistress will be down here immediately." She said. The man walked out as told and waited with his child. He looked at the baby girl. He heard clapping foot-steps outside and saw a woman walking by. She had blond hair, and two pony-tails with a marking on her forehead. One thing he noticed, she was big breasted! She walked into the room and shut the door. The man listened for any noise.

"She's dead, Lady Tsunade," one of the nurses began, "I checked for a pulse… she wasn't breathing." the woman finished. The woman known as Tsunade stared at the body of the dead mother. Sighing, she looked outside the door.

"I will tell Mr. Haruno of his wife's death." She said quietly and walked outside. She looked around, nothing. She heard a bit of whimpering on the bench where Mr. Haruno had been sitting. What she saw, almost broke her heart! She saw the little child crying on the bench! Rushing over, she picked up the baby and cradled her. On the baby, was a note. She took it and read.

Sakura Haruno

The note read. Tsunade lifted the little pink blanket covering the head and saw a beautiful baby girl with her mother's pink hair. She looked down the hall, and sighed, sitting on the bench. One of the nurses came out and looked around.

"Where's Mr. Haruno Lady Tsunade?" she asked. The woman looked over, and sighed, showing the infant child. The nurse dropped her clip-board, staring at the little girl.

"What do we do now? Her mother is dead, and her father abandoned her right after she was born? We do-"

"I will raise her," Tsunade said, surprising the nurse! "I will raise Sakura Haruno as my child." Tsunade added.

"Are you ever going to tell her about her parents?" The nurse asked.

"In time, I'll try to see where her father went." The woman said. The nurse nodded and walked back into the room to clean and cover the dead mother's body. Tsunade held the abandoned child within her hands and sighed.

"Poor child, don't worry, you came from a great woman. There's no doubt in my mind you're going to grow up beautifully." Tsunade said. However, deep inside, she felt… something. She wasn't sure what it was, but she was sure enough. Something had awoken from a deep sleep. Sakura then began to cry, cry loudly and Tsunade immediately began comforting the girl.


The little girl's cries echoed on forever, and for some reason, didn't let up! Little Sakura's crying was carried all the way to a castle in the distance. A large, stone castle that had lasted years upon years of aging. The echoing cries entered into the deepest part of the castle, below, far down to where darkness reigned supreme. Entering an alter, the cries bounced off the walls, and one sound wave hit perfectly and zoomed past a pedestal and hit the back wall. The crying stopped after it echoed, leaving the place imbed within darkness and silence yet again. Just as the silence drowned out, two bright shining orbs began glowing, piercing the darkness! They stopped glowing, and just when the silence came back, the wall behind the pedestal EXPLODED! Bits and chunks of stone flew off into the darkness of the alter, dust fogged the room, and after it cleared, demonic breathing could be heard, disrupting the silence.

"Wh-where am I?" A deep voice echoed within the marble alter. There was a figure, on it's hands and knees. It looked up, revealing two blood red, piercing eyes, tiny black slits to match it's threatening gaze. They moved about slowly, then the figure stood up. "Wait… I… I recognize this sacred place." It said, the large figure walked over and looked around, then it all came rushing back, knocking him back! It's rage arose quickly! "CALICE! KRYSS! WHERE ARE YOU!? KRYSSSSSSS!!" He hissed the names, scuttling back and forth! It's head dashed back and forth, ready to kill the man and woman that sealed him within the walls! However, the demon did not hear any cry of war, nor did he hear anything. He stood up on two legs and grunted, remembering something!

He turned behind him and looked around! "The lantern! Wait, where'd it go? T-the lantern isn't here anymore? …no …NO!" He screeched! He gripped his head, the mission a complete and utter failure. He had failed t destroy the lantern and extinguish the cerulean flames the bound him by the throat. "Wait… then how-how am I still breathing?" He questioned. Standing up, he looked towards the wall. On it, there were engraved words.

A maiden born of purist heart shall forever break the light

"'A maiden born of purist heart shall forever break the light…'" He thought deeply, until it snapped, his eyes shooting wide open! "Naruto Uzumaki… you're a real damn genius. You were sealed by the pure light of the crystal lantern for who knows how many years… yet, I have not aged? I feel as though I'm old, yet young… am I still nineteen? I must be, my muscles haven't even withered yet, nor have I shortened in growth, yet I seemed to have attained it. It seems being sealed has brought me to the future since back then long ago. That must mean…" he paused for a moment, and then his eyes lit up, "KRYSS AND CALICE AND ROTTING IN HELL!" he shouted, holding his arms out wide! "YOU FOOLS! I LIVE YET YOU DIE! Now… I will once again be able to bring the demons back… but for that, I need a mate." He said. He thought.

While he could just go grab a female, he wanted a girl who was his type, even he, a demon was picky about mates. He thought deeper, and deeper, until it clicked within his mind. He looked at the words again.

"The Maiden… she broke the curse… but it says "Born". She must still be a child. Very well, I must await here until I locate her, surely I will be able to sense her presence, as she is pure of heart. After that, I shall mate with her, and revive my race! Oh… I'm… getting a bit ornery… hehe…" he blushed, looking down and seeing his ejaculation. Sighing, Naruto stretched his body out like a cat and got on all four of his feet. He marveled the day when he would await the maiden of his dreams, as he walked out the alternate exit. The boy looked at the aged marble staircase. It was quite old now, teaming with dust, yet still very sturdy. He jumped down and landed gracefully. Trekking down the hallway to a fork in the road, down that hall as well, into the chamber, leader to the door of the chamber where he was sealed. He walked down the long halls and finally to a wall.

He stopped, and looked around. "How did I get in here again?" he thought to himself, before it snapped! "Oh! DUH! I didn't come this way, I came through the air vent I found." He said sticking his tongue out. He walked back until he reached the moment where Kryss first saw him sneaking in. Looking up, he smiled. There was a small space above him in which to crawl through, and it hadn't been touched ever since that many years ago. Crouching low like a cat, his jumped up! Naruto crawled up through the hole easily, for despite his humongous muscular form, he was lithe and very skilled, not to mention flexible for the corners. He crawled up at amazing speeds, like professional. He saw a bit of light peeking through the end and hurried! He finally got up to the end, and looked out. He seemed to be on top of the castle, and he remembered that there were very large air vents that connected to the lower tunnels of the castle itself. He gripped his fist and blew off the vent placed with his strength. He jumped out and landed skillfully. Upon emerging, he saw the large moon in the distance to the castle, and a breath taking view of forest, trees, and below, there stood a village. He looked around, a few flags here and there.

"Wow… so… breath taking… so this is the future." He gazed about the land with interest and smiled, showing his canines. He looked at his body. He still had the tan from back then, though he found himself slightly darker pigmented. His muscles were large, his body structure he liked. His hands, his claws, and when he touched his face, he tweaked the whiskers purging from both sides, shuddering, he sat down and scratched his cheek with his toe nails. Grinning, he swayed his bushy tail and then began crawling further ahead until he reached a ledge. He saw the steep drop and looked around. He glanced at a nearby balcony, high above his current position, connected to a tower with a flag at the top. Smirking, the blond made a mad dash towards the tower and jumped! "GRAAGH!" He grunted as he flew and stuck to the wall. He looked down and grinned, wagging his tail before scaling it professionally. He reached the top balcony. The paned glass doors were closed. He flicked his finger nail and jimmied the lock, clicking it and unlocking the door. He loved being the foxy demon he was. He was an expert thief! Opening the door, the blond fox walked in and scanned the area. It was a beautiful master suit bedroom. He marveled at the lush and luxurious carpeting, the color of scarlet red that he walked on.

The canopy bed against the wall to his left, in front of it against the parallel wall was a dresser and mirror set. Around the room, fancy closets and spectacular sets of clothing within the room. There was even a walk in bathroom, complete with porcelain tub and mirror showed, golden bars and beautiful sets of different soap. The sink was made of ivory and the entire suit was spotless. Naruto saw the bed and crouched down, wagging his buttocks and then jumped, landing on the comfortable velvet covers! He felt his back pain a bit and winced. Apparently he had a massive back ache from being stuck in a wall for who knows how many years. Purring, rolling around in the bed and cuddling, the blond suddenly felt his stomach growl. His eyes turned into tiny anime dots and his smile formed the shape of a "w".

"Phew, all that climbing got me hungry! I wonder what's to eat around here? Well, when in doubt, strut sexily to the kitchen and rustle up some grub. Grrrr." He growled and swiped his claw in a sexy pose. Jumping down from the bed, he trotted, fancily, over to the door and opened it, then began trekking down a long, red carpeted spiral stair case. The luxurious wall paper and paintings upon the walls, flowers and cherry blossoms lining them on both sides made Naruto feel like the King of the Castle! He walked all the way down until he saw a rosewood door. Opening it, he found himself on the third floor of a the castle, and a very long hallway on both sides. The red carpet lined in golden trim, the large, beautiful spotless windows, the arch doors on all sides, tables with vases filled with flowers of roses in all colors. Grinning, he wiggled and tweaked his eyebrows. He began walking like the King of the Pride, placing his steps elegantly, sticking his nose in the air.

He went over to a table and smiled. He took a rose out from the vase with his mouth and began walking again. There was another large staircase eventually, he came up and walked down, on the second floor. The last time he remembered, the kitchen was located on the second floor, along with the dining room. The second floor entrance was a living room, and just that. The living room was so large, one could fit 2 blue whales inside, and that was only a smidgen size of the castle itself. The large, circular rug with fancy designs of the wind, and in the middle the shining sun. The large arched windows reflecting the moon's glorious aura. The fireplace, and dozens of velvet sofas with large glass tables. Flowers everywhere and dozens of portraits. Naruto walked up to one and looked a the plague dating of one of the portraits. He looked a the man and recognized it as the owner that he killed.

"HA! You fat pompous fucker! Look at me now bitch! I'm in your castle! O' Yes I aa-aammm, O' yes I aa-aammm, O' yes I aa-aammm, I'm in your cas-stle and shaking my aa-aass a-at yoo-ou. " Naruto began singing while strutting his head and flashing his buttocks at the man in the picture. "See this? See this? Yeah, KISS MY ASS!" He hollered loudly, making an echo! He made smooching sounds to add in the effect. He looked at the dating from when the man was discovered deceased and then walked to the latest owner. He stared at the man in the portrait. He had a handlebar mustache, and was dressed in the usual tuxedo, a monocle and his hair done fancily. "So you're the new owner huh? Congrats, but guess what? Guess what!? This castle will be mine one day! Yeah, dats right! Now lemme see here. …what?" His eyes widened. Shaking his head he looked at the dates and compared them. "That… there's no way… I'm… I'm nearly one-thousand years into the future…" he gasped, "AND I'M STILL A VIRGIN! I GOTTA GET LAID!" He shouted wagging his tail flickering like a candle. He was glad the walls were all sound proof, the castle was always to first to be renovated, he could yell and scream as loud as he wanted, and no one would hear him. That's how he killed his own time owner, using the walls to his advantage. Sure it wasn't easy since guards had lined each and every single doorway back then, but he was sure, dead sure that now they were free, at least at night.

"Hmm, I wonder who's the new gas bag around here. The last king I remember sucked so much ass. Good thing I got to shit on his carpet before I was sent here." He chuckled, her remembered perfectly having a lot of food that night. Speaking of food, his stomach growled and he remembered why he had come down here, despite moon at all of the portraits of the Kings, he remembered at least one queen. Smiling, he could remember the Queen's lovely heart, her long braided hair and her sweet aroma. He once snuck into the castle and the Queen saw him! However, instead of scolding him, she had a sweet heart and kindly offered the blond food and sometimes he would crawl near her and sleep by her side near the fire place in the Master's quarters. He found her portrait, and smiled.

"Ahh, your majesty," he bowed gallantly, "thou hath the most beautiful smile one could ever see. My heart flutters aloft into the sea of clouds for thou be'th the most graceful and scintillating woman I hath seen before mine eyes." He said and looked at her portrait, her long braided pink hair, that lovely dress, emerald eyesand her cute lips. Smiling, the blond walked off and found the kitchen. It was long, filled with pots and pans hanging from above, dozens of cabinets with cooking supplies and very sharp knives. He found the refrigerator, and for a moment, he thought he might pass out from the size of it. His eyes bugged out and a cute little look crossed his face. "Oh Queeny, you good ol' gal you! You kept that refrigerator we both bought! I remember when we used to-used to make crackers and tell jokes and eat and cuddle all night long. Please, watch over me!" He said, his voice had hit it's high cracking pitch. He opened the door and saw the golden platters, silver trays full of food! "Food that looks like it could feed you for a thousand years? Check! Thousand years appetite?" He said patting his belly, making it grumble, "check." He began raiding the fridge cramming sausages, mashed potatoes, roast beef and just about anything he could find! "I'm gonna take a massive shit after this, but oh well, I can bare it. This beats drinking from a toilet any day." He said, remembering that he once needed water so badly he drank from a toilet. He shuddered and feasted. However, he didn't know that around the corners of the kitchen were cameras taking photos of his fridge raid.

Burping and patting his belly, he noticed her had left a mess. "Whoo-urp-whoopsie… eh… the butler will take care of it." He said and shut the door before trotting off. He climbed back upstairs to his tower, and on the way he felt all that food backing up. He began sweating as he rushed up the staircase and into the bathroom, slamming the door and locking it. He lifted up the seat and sat. After half-an-hour, the blond finished and flushed. He came out with a bright smile on his face.

"Man, they make TP (Toilet Paper) that soft? Damn, the future rocks!" He said. The blond locked the door to the room and put a chair under the knob. He kept the balcony door open to let in the nice breeze. Jumping on the bed, he curled into a ball and yawned, licking his lips. His furry ears twitched and he closed his eyes, purring softly, and within minutes, soon fell asleep.

*Across from the Castle*

In the village of Konoha, it was late that night and inside her bedroom in the mansion, Tsunade was sleeping with baby Sakura at her side. She awoke when Sakura began to cry and sighed. Sitting up, she took the baby in her hands and cradled the little girl within her arms. Tsunade found Sakura to be hungry and fetched the baby milk from the fridge downstairs, heated it up to the perfect temperature before putting it within the bottle, testing it on her arm and popping it in the girl's mouth. "That's right Sakura, drink up. To believe right after birth your father deserted you. I have a right to kill him, but I shouldn't say that." She said and walked back into the bedroom sitting on the bed. She looked out from her window and saw Konoha Castle looming in the distance.

Tsunade could remember how she wanted to go to the castle when she was just a little girl. But even her father, the Shodaime Hokage couldn't get entrance. The castle was so powerful that all guests had to be cordially invited by the Castle Master. When the guests were chosen, only one-hundred (100) every anniversary, but sadly Tsunade knew that she would not live that long to go to the annual ball held once every hundred years! However, Tsunade knew that another ball was on the rise, and she hoped that the Castle Valet, the messenger and most important person of the castle staff, came riding down in the lavish horse carriage hosting an invitation with the official seal of the Master himself. She had never seen it happen before, but her father had told her that he himself had seen the Valet and the carriage. The golden wheels, the beautiful gold rims of the coach seat, the old fashioned windows and inside the seats so lavish, so luxurious that they were the ultimate form of the monarchy, but that was during her father's child-hood, and Tsunade knew the monarchy had died.

She thought, and looked at Sakura, and remembered that the rules were very strict however, and when the invitation meant that person signed in beautiful print, it meant only that person. Tsunade herself knew that despite if she were even invited, the only way would be going on a tour inside the castle. Upon visiting the prestigious Master only that would ever be the chance to get her invitation. But, she was Hokage, a full time job and Tsunade knew that she probably would not get the chance or the time. Sighing, she smiled and thought about the chances of Sakura Haruno getting that invitation. She would have to tell the girl when she was older about the castle and everything within. Although her father could not get entrance within the ball, he took many tours and once took Tsunade with him, even in her late 40's, Tsunade could still remember wearing a fancy dress and meeting the Castle Master, who had died recently and now another gentleman was now the royal Master, being pampered daily, since it was all in blood, and even still a bit of the monarchy power remained despite that it died out. Her thoughts were interrupted when Sakura moaned cutely and coughed. The little girl's pink footy pajama's with the tiny bear pattern looked adorable with her pink hair.

"Awe, now now," Tsunade said and patted the girls back. She noticed that while her head was in the clouds the bottle had been drained, and Sakura slept cutely in the arms of the woman. Laying down, cuddling with the little girl, the woman Hokage closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Castle Valet KsNandS: Ahh, I do hope you enjoyed your meal. Look at the time, I believe you should be heading to bed now, it's quite late. As you see before you, the numbers on the paper are the floors in which your rooms are in. First come first serve, however, it dies not matter which room you choose, for luxury dwells within every room of this Castle. *Stands up and bows courtly with his hands at the sides* Please allow me to show you to your rooms. Follow me, also, please feel free to leave your reviews on my desk on the first floor, my office is just down the left, second corridor to the right. Now come, your lap of luxury awaits!