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Part 1: The Situation

How it had come to this, she didn't know. Turquoise eyes stared blankly at the cup before her. The butlers and maids had already retired to their own corridors, leaving the blond to her own devices. Never before had Temari been known to be depressed, but here she was. Liquid tears began to form in her eyes, but she willed them back. Not again, she couldn't cry again. Countless nights already she had stayed up because of him. Thinking he would come into her room and tell her he was sorry, explain to her, and beg her to come back.

But she was married to Uchiha Sasuke. It was highly unlikely.

Her mind drifted to how long it had been. How many months had passed by? Ten at the very least. Ever since that woman had laid eyes on her husband, Temari had been getting the brunt and cruelty of the situation. She didn't even know what she did to upset him so badly. Every night when she attempted to sleep, she tried to recall anything she had done that dreadful week that might have upset him. And every time she thought about it, the blond could not imagine what upset him so deeply.

It had happened so fast, too. It had been a month after their wedding. The times when they had been so blissfully happy, as if nothing in the world could bring them down from their high. The only thing that had been a minor problem was that this woman, known as Mia, was consistently trying to catch Sasuke's attention. The dark brunette was an expert at what she did, though. The heir to her father's a company, computer programming and operating systems. Which gave the brunette reason to want to merge the companies, thus leaving her to talk and come in contact with Sasuke at all times.

Temari hadn't worried at the time. The Uchiha had clearly stated he was in love with his wife, and not some spoiled girl. How wrong she had been. Temari should have worried the moment the treacherous and vile woman had stepped into her life. Swishing the contents in her glass around dimly, the blond tucked back a strand of hair, her memories slowly drifting to the time she had come back from her trip with Sakura.

When he had acted so cruelly to her.

It had been wonderful, a whole week to themselves, just her and Sakura, while Sasuke had been away with his older brother so there was no point in her having stayed home. So the duo decided to visit an island for the week. Sasuke had no knowledge of this, since it had been a decision made in the spur of the moment. At first the blond thought that it had been her leaving without him knowing that had made him angry, but never dared to ask him after the ideal. After she returned from the trip with her bags in tow, the maids quickly scurried around to take them to her room for her.

Trekking her way through the home with a small skip to her step, searching with teal eyes for her husband--half expecting him to be in bed already, but instead found him in his study with a hard look etched onto his face.

She had not taken one step onto the lush, crimson colored carpet when he had spoken up. "What do you think you're doing?" the blond, of course, stared into the dark eyes of her husband and wondered what had gotten him so worked up. "I'm coming to greet you. I just came back from--" he silenced her with the clench of his jaw.

Worry crossed her features, "is something wrong?" she asked. Rounding his desk, slender fingers touched his shoulder.


As if she had been touched by fire, she retracted her hands and stared at him with bewildered, big eyes. "Get out." Temari almost didn't believe what he was saying. "I can't stand to look at your pathetic face." Shock was clearly apparent in her demeanor. The usually strong woman was now succumbed to this. Thick tears surfaced, blurring her vision. "Wh-what?" suddenly, he stood, his figure towering over her own.

Her cheek stung from the contact, but her mind had not processed the pain with this new development.

"I said get OUT." His voice held no remorse, and his eyes that always looked at her lovingly and tenderly now looked at her with such hate it looked as if he was looking at his father. With tears streaking her face, she blindly ran from his side and out of the study, she had not reached the door when his deep voice laced itself in her ears, stopping her in her tracks.

"I want your things out of our room, have your maid pack your things and get a room on the other side of the house." With the smallest motion of a nod, she bolted from his study. What she didn't notice, was that the Uchiha buried his face in his hands after she left, his elbows keeping him from collapsing, even though he felt like doing just that. Mia soon came into his study shortly after, a smirk masked on her features. "Oh Sasu-kun, don't feel bad, it was for the best." Yeah--well, he had never seen Temari with that look on her face, a look he had caused. "Shut up, Mia."


Temari took another sip of her drink at the memory.

She hadn't talked to him since. She hadn't seen or heard from him since that night when she returned back from her trip. She saw Mia, though. Oh yes, every moment the brunette had free, she was somehow pushing it in Temari's face that Sasuke was fucking her mercilessly. This fact had first ripped her apart. What crime had she committed to have to endure this? Her chest clenched thinking that her own husband was screwing someone he claimed he would never be interested in.

"Liar," she mumbled under her breath. Yet as much as she tried to convince herself, she couldn't hate him. She just wanted the pain to go away. She had no one except for Sakura to spill her heart out to. The maids aside from her own personal one were all gossiping goons. Her personal affairs were not something she wanted everyone in the mansion to know about.

The whispers were always there. Wondering why the Uchiha, the half owner of one of the biggest corporations in the world, would kick his own wife out. He didn't even have the decency to let her out of this prison. The golden blond had every right to hate him. Kankuro had been diagnosed with brain cancer months ago. At the thought, she shot back another. Tears now freely slid down her face.

That fucking bastard hadn't let her see her dying brother one last time!

She had asked a servant to ask him for her, since it was blatantly obvious he wanted nothing to do with her. He had said no, claiming she would run away. Isn't that what he wanted? For her to vanish? She could do that, she was more than willing to go live with Gaara on his island he owned. Where she wouldn't have to live through hell everyday, wondering why he loved torturing her like this.

"I'm so sorry Kankuro…." she sobbed. She had failed him as an older sister. Someone who was always supposed to be there for him, and she hadn't even visited him through those hard months. She couldn't stand this. He had broken her. Tore her in half, spit and stomped her into the ground. Her chest heaved to gain oxygen, her sobs were quiet, hardly noticeable even if you were to be in the same room with her.

Hiding her face away from the world, her arms crossed on the wood of the table, her face in between, her shoulders shaking fiercely. Had she killed in her past life? And now she was paying for her sins? Temari was no pushover, but she had opened up to someone she thought she could freely trust, someone she loved with every fiber of her being.

And he turned and left her in the dark, not once looking back. Her nails dug into the polished wood, leaving half moons as she dug them further, affectively causing them to bleed from the splinters of wood piercing the bed of her nails. So badly she wanted to hate him! To get over him! But it was impossible with him holding her captive like he was!

He wouldn't even divorce her!

It had once given her hope, but now she knew he was only doing it to fuck with her. To make her go insane and kill her emotions. To break her. Well he got what he wanted. She was broken, in hundreds of different pieces that would take forever to put back together again.

Her sobs slowed as time passed, her mind numbing as the alcohol took its desired effect. No longer did Sasuke float in her mind, it was only black, something she loved. The guilt of not being with her brother slowly faded, leaving her to the dark. It didn't last long, though. What felt like seconds had turned into hours, and her stomach lurched, her limbs screaming for her to get to the bathroom.

Clumsily rising from her chair, she stumbled over several items of furniture until she finally made it to the toilet. Dropping to her knees, it didn't take two seconds for her to hurl and puke the contents out of her stomach. "God…." she groaned. Managing to flush the toilet, her mind began to drift. Crawling several steps across the bathroom, her destination being the bed. She didn't make it. She stopped at the entry, her body numbed and lost to exhaustion. And in moments, her body was curling, her long locks of blond hair splayed around her body, she gave into the darkness, a deep sleep soon enveloped her.

The next morning, her body ached and throbbed in several places. But instead of finding herself on the tile floor of the bathroom, she was in her bed, on cotton sheets. The room was in total darkness. Flicking her eyes to gain some sense of her surrounds, the neon green read twelve. Kami, she had slept until noon?

Suddenly, a maid entered the room with a tray, the items looked glorious to her. Advil and water. Perfect. "Kana….How did I--?" the maid smiled brightly. "I found you in the bathroom this morning, so I asked Imu-kun to help me bring you to bed so you wouldn't wake up sore." Handing the blond two pills and the water, Temari swallowed and took a small sip to wash them down, a grateful smile soon on her face, "arigato, Kana."

The girl looked no older than fifteen. Yet in reality she had to be at least nineteen. This maid was probably the only one that didn't whisper. Kami, she felt so weak. She never cried. When her mother died? She had hardly shed a tear. Now here she was crying over a boy. In school she would have laughed at any girl in her class that cried over being dumped. And she had just balled her eyes out last night. Her thoughts were interrupted when the small female began speaking.

"Tema-chan, did you cry over Uchiha-San last night again?"

Temari glanced away. "My brother, Kana." Lie.

Kana saw through it, but didn't speak on it. "Tema-chan, why do you not leave him? You deserve so much more." By this point, the girl was sitting on the side of the bed, concern very apparent. "He has mistreated you so badly. Imu-kun and myself admire you for how well you have handled his cruelty."The golden blond didn't want to talk about it. "Kana, I really don't want to talk about this right now." The opposing female gave a pitied smile. "Alright." With knowing eyes, quite defying the girl's age, she got up and walked out of the room.

With a huff, and the medication taking affect, the woman in bed clenched her fists. "Damnit!" she hissed. She had cried again. It hadn't happened in two months. But give her a bad day and she turns into a useless fucking…Whatever it was. The woman rolled herself out of bed groggily. Making her way to her closet, the tons of clothes she had once been spoiled with were now gone. She had gotten rid of them long ago.

The fact that Sasuke had bought them made her sick to her stomach. So now all that was left was the wardrobe she owned before she had met Sasuke. Her life had been so simple. Sakura had been her roommate for three years. When Sakura met Itachi at a club one night, it had exploded into a relationship.

The two fit each other so well.

And then the duo had introduced her to Sasuke.

It would have been better if they hadn't had such great chemistry at the time. Then she wouldn't be stuck in the shithole she was in now. Her thoughts were once again broken when her eyes noticed a male outside in the gardens. Half dressed, she bolted all the while pulling on her top. Reaching her window, she watched the male kneel down and pray like he always did.

He prayed everyday to the same tree at the same exact time. Twelve thirty.

She didn't know who he was or if he even lived on the estate, but for the months she had locked herself in her room with only Kana entering, she watched this man for the short time he would pray, and she would pray with him.

She didn't know him, didn't know his story or where he was from. But he fascinated her. Almost like a refuge, a moment of clarity in the world when she watched him. Teal eyes traced over his jaw line and mass of silver hair. And after ten minutes, he would leave. Just like he was now.

Throwing on a pair of shorts and tying back long wavy locks of blond that grew to her middle back over the course of the year. A second escape was the garden itself, which was her destination right now. However, Kana appeared in her doorway before she could leave the room. Bowing politely, she spoke, "Sakura is waiting for you in the gardens, Tema-chan."

"Thank you, Kana."