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Part 6: The Moment

"Faith makes all things possible, love makes them easy." -Anonymous

People are awkward, strange, pitiful, frail, gullible, confusing creatures of nature. The anomaly of nature on Earth, they stand at the top of the food chain in easy strides. How? How is it that a creature with the best defense being their teeth rule a place with such more naturally fit animals? Humans are not naturally fast, nor are they particularly large to take down opponents.

So how is it such creatures dominate the world?

It's simple.

A subject that has been researched over hundreds of years is the simple conclusion that they're more intelligent. How does IQ play into a world where massive fish with three rows of teeth that mimic miniature daggers? Or an animal that can weigh up to a ton that has paws the size of a human's face? These animals are so much more gifted to survive in a world where the fittest survive, the resulting question is once again how.

The TV echoed in the apartment belonging to the brunette. The man's voice held such captive emotion that it even had the normally calm male generally interested in the program. Those questions the voice asked to no one in particular left Shikamaru wondering.

His IQ was above normal, as it always had been. Not that he would gloat (not frequently, anyway), but he had always thought he made good decisions. Or at least decisions that made the world go round and life simple for everyone. Throughout his life he had wondered how people could be so ignorant and naïve. He wasn't some kid that had believed in Unicorns and Santa Clause, it just hadn't made sense.

He hadn't been sad about it, he hadn't really felt anything about knowing how the world was.

He just wanted life to be simple.

Which had been brutally terminated when the duo had entered his life once again.

He was no idiot, and he had known that the detective would come barging into his home searching for answers. Unfortunately for the imposer, Shikamaru had gotten rid of all remnants that Temari had even visited his apartment in passing. Not overly done, since that would set off red lights in an instant.

Doctor Charles Gray has researched animals for more than fifty years, and is an expert in many animal's behaviors.

Once again, dark eyes flicked to the TV screen in attempts to stay focused on the miniscule things in life, like watching the TV he hardly ever used.


That was no friendly knock, and it didn't take someone as smart as himself to figure it out. He knew it was going to be troublesome explaining to the older, graying men and women on his floor why the police showed up. It took moments to reach the door, the program's narrator the only noise in the apartment that was audible.

Opening the door-


Being the analytical person that he was, he had gone over the scenario this would be a hundred times over in his head. They would enter, be loud and disrupt the peace, search for an hour or so, then be gone. Not throwing in the details, but he had not ever thought he would be standing face to face with the man that brought his friend so much pain.

And it took every ounce of trained will power not to twist his face into a hard glare or give off any sign that he had resentment towards the man.

It was the detective's voice that cut into his thoughts so quickly, "I have a warrant for me and my men to search your home."

Acting mildly offended, Shikamaru put on a hard look. "Do you have a reason for having to search my house?"

Sasuke suddenly glared at the pretentious male in the doorway and pushed him aside with his shoulder. "You've sent my wife countless letters over the past year." Glancing around almost hurriedly, Sasuke turned once again to face him, "as you must know, I'm looking for her."

Shikamaru's face mocked apprehension, "what happened to her?" he questioned quickly. His façade seemed to be working, because Sasuke was hushed now, while the detective and his men entered the apartment like a swarm of wasps.

A swarm of wasps that had more of a legal sting if they found anything incriminating.

Sasuke eyed him wearily before huffing, his hopes of finding his wife fading as the men would have found her by now. "She's missing, she left a few days ago and it seems as if she has vanished."

Shikamaru wanted to punch the male square in the face. In the pits of his mind he knew that the Uchiha was genuinely concerned. As much as he wanted to loathe the male before him, he couldn't bring himself to do it. (Plus, it was just too much exertion to hate someone that much for him.) "Isn't your home well equipped with security and guards?" he questioned. However, even though he wasn't going to hate the male, (just really not like him) he was going to push it in his face that he was an unfit husband.

Sasuke closed his eyes for a moment to press a finger to the middle of his forehead. You could see the vein pulsing on his temple, and it brought Shikamaru great satisfaction that he was getting this reaction.

"Yes, however; she snuck out."

This piece of information that he already knew brought a master scheme to his mind. If only it would make him revel in the Uchiha's stuttering and emotional turmoil, he was going to enjoy it.

"Snuck out?" Shikamaru repeated dumbly, "when?"

"In the middle of the night."

"Wouldn't she have been in bed with you?" his emphasis on the end of the sentence would have given him away if he wasn't such a good actor.

"We…were arguing at the time, she was staying in the guest house."

Shikamaru remained oddly silent after that statement. Anger and loathe back, he couldn't believe the Uchiha was lying to him like this! Tch, yeah an argument that lasted ten some odd months. His eyes now narrowed, detective in his home or not, the Uchiha was an asshole. A man that didn't even deserve to stand in the presence of any woman except that woman that dangled off his arm.

"What was the argument about?" Shikamaru questioned through tight lips.

Sasuke's eyes narrowed. "I don't think that's any of your business."

"Was it about that woman Mia? And how you've been sleeping with her?"

Sasuke's reaction was oddly calm, yet it was something Shikamaru expected. "How would you know of that, Nara?"

Smug, Shikamaru gave a small shrug and pushed his hands into his pant pockets. "Neh, I wouldn't expect my wife to run out either if I was sleeping with the new slut for nearly a year." He wasn't going to go any further, because the male before him was irate. This was the reaction Shikamaru wanted, and his eyes glinted in response.

"You know nothing of what occurred, Nara," Sasuke seethed. "And I suggest that you tell me where my wife is before you find yourself behind the bars in a prison cell."

The man lazily rolled his eyes, "I have been in America for the past year, and have barely returned. I have counter parts that can testify for me. As well, I have the letters fortifying your captivity of Temari." Shikamaru drolled on, "and I'm no expert on law, but I'm sure it's illegal to keep anyone against their will in a home without as much as visitation to their sick brother?"

The look of empathy passed on the Uchiha's face, and if Shikamaru didn't have such a keen eye, he would have surely missed it.

"So that's one act of human captivity and emotional trauma," the male finished. It hardly ever happened, but he was mad, extremely so. Getting angry wasn't part of his character nor nature in life. He found it much too exhausting for his normally tired person. "I won't bring them to the police first, either. As I know because you own their sorry asses, however," he paused to lower his voice away from Daimo and the other men scouring his home. "I'll bring them right to the press, and this story will get evolved into much, much more."

Standing straight, Shikamaru smiled a sickening pleasant smile, "and you're a man of reputation, because your life revolves around it. You wouldn't want this getting leaked, would you?" Sasuke was straight as a board, his shoulders stiff and face resembling stone.


"Then I suggest you leave my home, neh?"

There it was. His trump card.

Sasuke closed his slowly and took a shuddering breath. Temari had been explaining to this man what was going on? This man before him knew where his wife was, but he was faced with a guileful dilemma. Risk everything his family worked so painfully to obtain-or retrieve his wife? This man before him was clever, perhaps maybe the best there was. And now that he stood before him face to face, this man was all too recognizable.

This man had been at the wedding and held a look of distaste the whole night. Temari's childhood friend whom she entrusted everything with. In fact, at one point Temari spoke of his name often. Finally, he had gotten upset at hearing his name on so many occasions he snapped at her to ever relate stories with this man. It had been out of jealousy, and he had apologized that evening, but she ceased to ever bring this man's name up in his presence for so long he had forgotten who this man was.

"Hn," he replied, his hard fixed in a hard glare. "You know where my wife is, and I am going to do everything in my power to find her. If you have any skeletons I will find them and you will be in jail," he closed.

Daimo came up to Sasuke, but before he could usher a word, Sasuke silenced him and simply said they were leaving, there was nothing they could find here. Daimo gave Sasuke an irritated, confused look before leaving to gather all the men.

"I did love her," Sasuke murmured over his shoulder as he turned to leave. "I may have taken a drastic route in her punishment for what she did, but you don't see what she has put me through." With that last statement, the stricken male turned and left the confinement of the apartment.

Suddenly, the rest of the men that had been going through his personal belongings followed the Uchiha and some gave Shikamaru guilty looks while others completely ignored him. Once everyone left, Daimo was left and stood beside the genius.

"Keep her away from crowded places. Change her appearance, and keep her hidden. I don't care how, but just do it. I will try my best to stop our leads once there is one, because the Uchiha is fucked in the head."

Then he left, and Shikamaru was left with a million thoughts boggling his mind all at once.

Closing the door, he pressed his back to it and slid down until his butt landed on the floor. With a shuddering sigh he pressed his palms to his forehead and leaned forward. This whole story was the epitome of troublesome, and he was caught in the middle of it. Not that he minded, because he would do anything for the blond girl that had infiltrated his life nearly a decade ago. Yet why would Sasuke say that? Her punishment?

Surely he was making it seem far less horrid than what it actually was. Yet no matter what anyone could have done, no one deserved what he did to her. He had to think about the whole sitation and put it into perspective. Perhaps there was something Temari wasn't telling him? Though she had clearly stated that she had no idea what triggered his reaction.

This was just like a puzzle, and it was a matter of putting events and people into the correct timeline and put it all together to reveal the story.

Tch, fortunately there was no worrying about Sasuke finding anything. He was as clean as a whistle, and no matter how far and hard he looked, he would come up clean. Those were the benefiting factors of being a good member of society. And why was Daimo helping them? Apparently he knew that he knew where Temari was, and he was the one working for Sasuke. Neh, the male was just that irritating to people.

Taking one last breathe, he lifted himself and cursed Kami for putting him through this much work.

The lovely day in Kariya was being horridly abused and ruined by two men and their necessitate arguing. How was it that this man could argue all day long and not get bored of it? Oh, right, he was bat shit crazy.

Like her counterpart in his apartment, she questioned Kami as to what she had done to deserve this. Currently she was sitting on the couch attempting to nap and the two men could be heard across the home. How hard was it to not put the word fuck, bitch, slut, and fag in a single sentence? Mostly the cursing was coming from hers truly, Hidan. Her eyebrow twitched and she stuffed her head beneath the thick pillow.

"Mother fucker!"

"That's it," Temari growled, chucking the pillow that had been residing on her head on the couch. Face in a scowl and ready to kill, the woman stomped down the hallway into the room where Hidan and Deidara were playing some video game. They both didn't notice her figure seeing as they were deeply involved in their game. Walking over to the game, she pressed the manuel pause from the machine and that abruptly caught their attention.

Before Hidan could start throwing profanities, Temari held up her hand and seethed, "shut up." When he stayed quiet with a hard glare, she took a deep breathe and fixed her best glare on the both of them. "You guys will shut up and not blurt out something before I'm done, or else I will unplug this stupid game you guys are so intrigued with, got it?" When there were no arguments, she put on a devilish, smug smirk.

"Good, now seeing as I'm in the middle of trying to figure out what I'm going to do with my life, I'm trying to take a nap. It's a difficult thing to do when two idiots are yelling all day and throwing every curse they know into the sentence," she said sweetly, her tone laced with sarcasm. "Now I will resume this game if you promise to shut the hell up," she finished darkly.

Deidara was willing to comply instantly, since the woman before him scared him completely, and he had only known her for half a day. It took a lot to gain the respect of the blond male, but this woman had it completely.

However, Hidan was ready for battle, and Deidara decided that yes; his friend was absolutely stupid for going against this woman. Hidan returned her glare and stood up with a menacing tone to his stature. "Just because you look like shit without sleep does not mean you pause my game, blondie."

Temaris' eyes narrowed, and the touch of pink reached her nose. Her lips tightened, and she held nothing back. "If you had the decent respect of any human being, you'd stop cursing," pause, "-and stop calling me blondie!"

"Are you gonna fucking make me?" He dared, taking one bold step toward her.

Temari, without hesitation, smirked with a sickeningly sweet aura. Deidara's attention rose and he knew what was going to happen before it actually did. With the precision of a prophet, he watched with bright eyes as Temari full on launched herself onto Hidan and threw them onto the floor due to his shock. Scrambling to his feet, Deidara nearly got in the way of them rolling and yelling. "Watch it, mm!" he growled.

Temari hadn't meant to do this, really. Normally her patience lasted a little bit longer. Yet when this male came into the picture, he knew just exactly what button to press that made her want to strangle him and see him lifeless on the floor. So when she pounced on him with full intent to hurt him and make his mouth cease moving, she was also surprised to see them on the floor. However, he shock was quickly recovered and she gnawed, bit-yes, bit him with all her might.

"What the fuck! You bit me!" Hidan screeched.

Temari smirked as she got the hold of his forearms and rolled them to where she had him pinned to the ground. "How long did it take you to notice that?" she growled. With all her power, she kept him on the ground, even with him thrashing beneath her and attempting to get ahold of her legs that were holding him down on either side.

"You manly bitch!" he retorted, freeing one of his hand and gripping her own wrist. Seeing his opportunity, he twisted her arm to make her yelp and get off of him. Once she let go of his other arm, he grabbed her other wrist with a force and flipped them suddenly to where he was on top, her wrists held high above her head.

Smug, he watched her writhe beneath him, attempting to make him let go, but it was done.


Temari narrowed her eyes and hoped a hole would suddenly appear between his eyes. Yet suddenly her writhing stopped entirely and the remembrance of his lips against hers days before led her to look into his eyes. They were the most magnificent shade of maroon and purple. Almost a completely amethyst with speckles of red. She didn't know how someone obtained those, but she had never seen them before.

She owed this man her life, because unbeknown to him he saved hers. All those days, and all the times she wished she had ceased to exist. Life had given her a shitty card to live with, and it had been the final point of her strong exterior breaking. This man had done nothing but give her an escape from her previous life, and was giving her another chance to begin a new one. He hardly knew her, and was helping her. He was the most irritating man to deal with, yet there was something beneath him that actually meant something. He cared, as much as he pretneded not to. Their breathing began to unify from their hustle, and parts of her body ached, but she noticed he was staring into her own eyes. This moment was more then either of them wanted to believe. Both had chips on their shoulders, and as much as they argued-they had so many factors of their lives in common. They wanted to go against the world because the world was against them. They could both see the pain and loss in each other's eyes.

They could both see how desperate they were to stay afloat in a deep ocean of water that was their life. Their hearts were opened in this moment, a rare glimpse that only a few would be able to see. They wanted to hate each other, because that's what they knew. Don't let anyone in, and you won't get hurt. Rather cliche', but it worked.

The fright was apparent in their revealing eyes, and neither knew exactly how to react. This wasn't a random moment that you take for granted.

Realizing this, their breathing hitched and they were lost. Nothing surrounded them, and nothing could stop the feeling that radiated deeply in their chests.

What finally snapped them out of their trance was the cough of the only other living creature in the building. "I don't mean to intrude, but Temari-you're bleeding, mm."

As if their touch was fire, the duo bounded off of each other and Temari scrambled to stand up while Hidan rested on his hide, wondering what in the hell just happened. A pain radiating from her arm caused her eyes to drift to look at it, barely registering what Deidara had said. Blood oozed from an open cut that had occurred during their fight, but how? Hidan hadn't done anything terrible to cause a wound.

Then everything processed and Temari hissed in pain. "Shit," she murmured, then her eyes landed on the loose nail of the chair Deidara had been sitting on, and there was no other explanation needed, because the nail held a piece of her skin from when they were rolling. Hidan had finally managed to recover and left to grab a clothe and some water. Deidara followed his lead, running to get some aspirin and bandages.

Hidan returned first, wetting the clothe and he pressed it against her skin. They both couldn't describe what just happened, but Temari knew it scared her entirely. "I got it," she muttered, her guard once again resumed as she attempted to take the clothe from him. When Hidan took it from her reach, he shook his head, "just let me fucking do it." When Temari once again tried to get the clothe, Hidan's eyes narrowed.

"I want to, ok? Let me have this." His tone was purely genuine, and he focused on the task diligently, and if Temari mistook it, he almost seemed like he cared. Her heart thundered in her chest, and they sat in a comfortable, warm silence until Deidara came back.

"Sorry, yeah. I couldn't find the bandages." Temari glanced up at him with a small smile, "thank you."

Deidara watched Hidan wipe the blood from Temari's arm and had never seen the man work so gently. It was surprising, to say the least. The man had never had a tender bone in his body, even to his previous prostitut-girlfriends.

"Here," Deidara murmured, handing her the pills and water. Temari took them silently, and once Hidan was done with his task, he left abruptly from the room. Deidara bandaged her arm and once he was sure Hidan was on the other side of the house, the blond decided to question the woman.

"What the hell was that, yeah? First you're at his throat, then you guys are about fuck right on my floor!"

Temari's cheeks turned a rosy shade of pink, and normally she'd get angry when this happened, but she had no idea had to explain this. So instead of trying to, she opted for the easier route instead. "He's a prick, anyway." Then she stood and left the room to leave Deidara rolling his eyes and murmuring something about sexual frustration.

That evening, after all the events of the day left Hidan and Temari retreating to their own rooms and devices, and it wasn't until the smell of food that they decided to creep out. Neither could try and explain what had occurred earlier. Both knew they were emotionally unavailable. One was scarred, while the other was making himself void of any feelings for anyone. This experience had made the male so confused he had decided to pray.

Deidara had heard his murmurs through the door, and could only wonder what went through this guy's head. For a man of God, he cursed like a heathen that didn't know religion existed. Though he had to give his friend benefit of the doubt. Hidan had gone through a lot throughout his life. Between having a preacher as a father and a mother that kept a strict hold on him while forcing him to digest religion, participate in every church event, and be God's child without a sin in the world, Deidara imagined it would have been hard. Then when they passed, two good natured (although strict) people, Hidan had been a mess. Yes, he had been mischievous his whole life, and attempted to not face God his whole life, their deaths had changed him. He breathed the word of God, and even debated on taking over his father's church.

That fell through when the church got shut down, and his friend's life had spiraled out of control. They had graduated by then, and Hidan refused to go to college. He chose women, alcohol, and a colorful vocabulary, defining his life with his motto of not giving a fuck. There had been plenty of times that Deidara had gotten calls from the local jails to pick up his friend after getting into bar fights. Deidara had even been in a few with the man, because anger swelled so deeply within the man, he chose violence to deal with it. Yet, with all of that, he had still stuck to God's word. He didn't steal, cheat, and prayed constantly.

Finally, something must have clicked and he got his act together. He got a stable job as a representative for large companies and bounced from company to company. Deidara couldn't really define his friend, and wasn't sure the male was explainable to people unless you met him.

With a sigh, Deidara contemplated all these things while throwing together a dinner for the two. Being a single man, he wasn't designed for extravagant meals, so he threw together a simple meal of domburi, knowing Hidan would like it, and if the girl didn't well-She could starve.

"What are you making?" the girl's voice in mention questioned.

Deidara turned over his shoulder and allowed the topping of tempura to sizzle in its dish atop the stove, "some domburi, mm," he murmured softly.

"One of my favorites," she replied earnestly, leaning forward on the counter with a small yawn.

Deidara smirked with his back to her, "mm, it's one of Hidan's, as well."

Temari narrowed her eyes, about to reply, until a voice cut in to stop her.

"Talking about me behind my back isn't nice, you bastard," Hidan responded lively. The food had drawn him out of the abyss of his room, and he knew that he couldn't hide from Temari, because-well, he wasn't a pussy. What happened earlier had startled him, but after reverting to praying in solitude, his mind had cleared up. He didn't like her, she was just some chick with a shitty story that he felt bad for.

And yes, he was sticking to that belief.

Women had screwed him over too many times for him to believe there were some that were different. They all had the same game plan, and he was fucking sick of their whining, crying, and fucking him for whatever little bit of shit he had. He had actually believed the last one was different, because they all seem appealing at first. Of course, a bar isn't where you think you'd meet the one you marry. His relationships had never gotten so serious before, and look what happened-she fucked him over.

"Hidan?" Deidara questioned, setting a bowl in front of him with confused eyes. "Maybe you really are going crazy, yeah?"

"Shut up, dickhead, I was thinking," he defended, glowering as he began to eat.

Temari stayed relatively silent throughout this conversation between the two testosterone filled men. Eating her food, she couldn't help but glance at Hidan through the corner of her eye. Mad at herself, she narrowly focused on her meal, half-assed listening to the two men bicker and argue. Nothing had happened, and in that whole time of being in her room, she slept, began thinking of what she was going to do with her life, and attempting to figure out what had transpired between the two of them. Apparently, it was nothing. She wouldn't allow it to mean anything more than a random, sporadic moment of heat between the two.

Sexual frustration, was her grand conclusion.

How long had it been since she had actually slept with anyone? Sure, men had issues when it came to not unloading after a while, but she did too! It distressed your life, and there was nothing but stress filling her glass.


Head snapping up and body on full alert, expecting some men from Sasuke to be at the door, Deidara gave a mildly confused look in her direction. Heart suddenly pounding in her chest, she waited in a treacherous silence with Hidan as Deidara left to open the door. When he was out of earshot and the only sound heard was the creaking of the door, two voices suddenly drifted in their direction after a couple of minutes. The second voice accompanying Deidara's was all too familiar. Like the sound an angel, Temari jumped from her seat and ran to greet her friend.

"Temari!" the pink haired woman screeched with glee. Throwing their arms around each other, it left Deidara and Hidan in a stunned silence.

When Sakura pulled away, her eyes revealed the level of worry she had undergone the past few days. "What the hell!" she growled, "you scared me! If it hadn't been for your call, I would have gone searching for you myself!"

Temari laughed sheepishly, scratching the back of her head with a small smile, "sorry-"

"What the hell is this? A lesbian reunion?" Hidan commented off-handedly.

With a twitch in her brow, Temari turned to face Hidan. "Mind your own business!"

Hidan huffed, "thanks for the introduction, blondie." Pushing himself in front of Temari, he put on a devilishly handsome smile. "The name's Hidan, and obviously your name must be something as beautiful as you?"

Temari and Deidara deadpanned in unison.

"Did he just really use that line?" Temari murmured.

Deidara nodded solemly, "he did, with no shame either, mm."

Sakura's cheeks turned a heavy pink before a deep, captivating voice entered the conversation, "and I'm her husband."

Temari's face paled and her body went rigid.

"Itachi?" she questioned breathlessly.

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