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Chapter 12

Booth's eyes darkened. "And what did you say to that?"

Brennan couldn't help but let out a small laugh at his rather apparent jealousy. Booth couldn't help but find the sound fascinating coming from her mouth. "I told him the truth."

"And that would be?"

"That it wasn't going to happen. You and me. We were not going to break up."

Booth couldn't help but smile. "So you and me are going to last, huh?" he scooted closer to her.

"After examining all the evidence over the past years of our relationship, no matter what has been thrown at either of us we have always worked things out. I am fairly confident that we will last."

"Just fairly?"

"I would say that it is very highly probable that we will be together until one of dies."

Booth let out a chuckle, knowing that that was perfectly the way that Bones would tell him that she wanted to be with him forever.

"Now that we've gotten that out of the way," she ran a hand across his chest, "Don't you think we can spend our time doing something else?"

"Why whatever do you have in mind?"

"What do you think?" Brennan smiled then brought his lips to hers.

Perotta smiled as she hung up the phone. Things were going exactly as she had planned. Pretty soon she would be getting a phone call saying that the package had been delivered. She frowned. A phone call could be traced eventually—if Booth ever suspected that she was behind this.

An idea forming, she walked down the hallway and popped in to another agent's office. "My phone isn't working. Mind if I use yours?"

"Sure, go ahead."

Perotta smiled and called her contact. "Just let me know by placing an ad in the paper. Be creative. I'll know it's been done."

A couple weeks later, Booth and Brennan had gotten comfortable in where they were. Sully had started dating someone else and it appeared that he had moved on. Perotta had made herself scarce, hardly seeing Booth at all and Brennan never saw her except once briefly while at a FBI function. All in all, both were very happy with the way things were going.

Brennan found herself laughing at something her father said as she opened her door and let him inside. Her answering machine was blinking and she pressed play as she hung up her coat.

"Dr. Brennan, this is Michael Turjen. I'm with the team in Asyut Egypt. I know you've heard of some of the things we've been doing here. Anyway, my partner recently got married and will be returning to Australia. Your name came up as a replacement. Give me a call so we can talk." He rattled off a number.

Brennan met her dad's eyes as the machine asked if she wanted to delete the message. She pressed the save button a moment later. She had two thoughts: A chance to partner with the legendary Dr. Turjen and leaving Booth. The former was a chance of a lifetime. The latter would be a consequence. For she knew that Booth would not come with her. Leaving Parker wasn't an option.