A quick/short one-shot I just love this song, so I decided to write a song fic. TAMEAKA – THINKING




I swear I'll put up a fight

If you lay a hand on me
And no it's not alright
for you to be messing with my mind.

I've been standing second in line
waiting on my turn for you to be mine

I waited for Bella in the school's parking lot to meet me after school. Every second I was with her was priceless. Even if she wasn't mine I would stand by her, make her as happy as I could. I would wait for her. But where was she? She was already at least an hour late. I was getting worried. I reached my hand into my jeans pocket and pulled out my sleek silver mobile and started dialling her number when it was suddenly snatched out of my hands. I looked up at the person who was standing in front of me.

"Edward what are you doing?" I asked defensively quickly thinking about something, anything other than Bella. He grabbed my arm. "Leave Bella alone" he hissed, "I know how you feel about her, what you think."

"Don't touch me" I hissed back ripping my arm from his grip. "What I think is my own business" He shot me a furious look before storming off. I sighed, ever since I saw Bella I loved her I just wasn't quick enough.


Well you got me in your arms, and her in your heart
And me in your bed, and her in your head

I returned into Bella's room. She didn't notice me and I saw a love heart necklace in her slender fingers, playing with it with a frown on her face. "Hey Bella, I'm back" I informed her. She immediately looked up and smiled but I saw her trying to hide the piece of jewellery in her hands. "What's that you have there Dear?" I asked trying not to show much interest. "Oh this, Alice got it for me. It's nothing" She smiled, she was a horrible liar. "Bella you looked sad looking at it, let me see it" I demanded.

"It's really nothing just something she got me when you missed out going to the prom because you were busy, I was upset so she gave me it" She muttered obviously not wanting to remember me ditching her on her prom night.

"Well if it's nothing, let me see it Bella" I said with a sharp note in my tone. "Don't break it" She muttered holding it out to me. I hastily took it and read what the heart said...

'I'll love you
Forever yours Alice'

I quickly dropped it so I wouldn't shatter it into a million pieces. "That's...nice" I whispered before lying down next to Bella just relaxing doing allot of thinking while she did her homework. Oh how I wished I could read her mind, to know what she thinks of Alice.


I've been thinking
Can't stop thinking
I think it's time I moved on
And maybe you should too
We've been like this way too long
I should change
And so should you

'Edward, I can't be with you anymore, I am in love with her"...."Edward, I love you, but I'm not in love with you"..."Edward, you are amazing, I know you will find someone better than me, you deserve better"... "Edward... its over"

I thought of all the ways I could tell him it's over, I didn't know how to so I decided to just go with the flow.

"Edward, I need to tell you something" I began...


She's been playing with your mind
But all you see is through your eyes
Thinking something you should do.

Babe It's time to make the move
'Cause when she walks in the room
your hand slips off mine
Yes, I've known this for a while
Yes I've known this the whole time

I froze; I had heard everything she just thought. "No Bella, why, why did you let Alice convince you she's better for you than me. Is it because she cares about the way she dresses? Because she fixes her hair up to make it like that every morning, while I just let mine be messy?" I sighed, it was useless. From the moment I introduced her to Alice I knew Alice would be more important to her than me.

"I know you love her, I know, I see the way you are with her. It's obvious. I tried to ignore it at the start I tried to be ignorant, But I knew the whole time. Go be happy with her, I can't compete with her, and you're right, there are lots more girls out there" I smiled feeling better, "It's okay Bella, I'll love you always but your heart Belongs to Alice."


I was stunned but quickly hugged him fiercely "I'm so sorry Edward, but thank you! Thank you so much" I quickly ran out the door and there she was already, of course she would be here. "Alice..." I breathed out. "Are you ready for our first kiss?" I smiled nervously.

She nodded and her lips met mine and I was blasted away into another world. It was unlike anything I had experienced before. It even began to rain but we stayed still our lips locked together. Nothing could ruin this perfect moment.

Wow I actually made Edward nice 0_0 eheh. Well yeah, this is just a story, because its a story and I wanted to write it. God I love my logic~

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P.S I'll probbably end up having hella'lotta stories that are song fics. I normally make a song fit into a plot for a alice/bella story somehow :D