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Summary: The great charismatic leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime, is admired and respected by many. Sam is no exception, but he finds that his feelings are changing with events over time bringing the leader closer to him. Optimus/Sam

Note: This takes place after Revenge of the Fallen, as in a few weeks later, which means there WILL BE SPOILERS. All characters are of legal age. This will be at least 12 chapters long. Also, this is unbetaed. I don't have a beta, though if anyone would like me to beta their stories, or beta mine, that would be appreciated~!

His Gaze Denotes Love

Chapter One: September



In the month of September, with Sam at his dormitory-

Normal Point of View

Sam had just finished the last bit of his astronomy homework when he'd gotten an unexpected call. He wondered who it could be from, because he'd already spoken to Mikaela earlier that day, his parents weren't going to call until Saturday afternoon, and it was only a Tuesday night. Leo wasn't there, but rather chatting up some of the freshman girls in the dorm. The glow of the dying sun reached in between the shades on the window, highlighting his bed, where his phone lay. He had been over in another chair, putting away his homework in his bag. The insistent rings from his phone made him walk over (after some difficulty, his crutches were by the bed too) and he looked at the caller ID on his phone. There was no number, not even a name, but it was still ringing. Confused, he picked it up and opened it anyway.

"Hello?" He asked, hesitantly.

"Hello Sam." The deep voice that graced Sam's ears could only belong to one Autobot, and that was Optimus Prime. Despite his shock, Sam sank onto the bed and cradled the phone between his uninjured hand and his right ear as he was tempted to look out the window for any sign of the Peterbilt truck.

"Optimus? How did you get my- never mind that, how are you?" He figured Bumblebee or Mikaela gave Optimus his phone number, so he decided to be polite and inquire about his wellbeing. It had only been about three weeks since Egypt, and while the wrappings on Sam's hand hadn't yet come off. He was scheduled to go to the doctor this weekend, which is why his parents would talk to him then. He was sure that while he still had his injuries (he had a profound limp, coming from his sprained ankle), he wondered if the Autobot was healed from then. At the very least, he could have gotten a new coat of paint since he was all scratched up before.

"I am fine, Sam. I connected through the satellite signal in order to call your phone, as I thought it would be more inconspicuous this way. Thanks to your work, Ratchet only had to do some minor repairs." He responded.

"Oh. Um. Well, it was fine, I mean, I'm glad you're doing well," Sam babbled, feeling slightly nervous and unsure of what exactly to say. Even by the power of voice alone, Optimus sounded commanding and leader-like. He half-expected him to be somewhere nearby, because his presence could be felt even within a tiny device like his phone.

"How are you doing, Sam?" Optimus asked, feeling it was only polite to ask the nineteen-year-old as well.

"I'm doing okay, college is all right, though I could really do without that professor being an ass (calling me Professor Einstein and all), the cast comes off my ankle in about three weeks, and I see the doctor this weekend… Mom and dad can't make it, because they're still finishing up their vay-cay in France and all, but it'll be fine…" Sam about to say more, but Optimus abruptly cut him off.

"You're still injured?" The Autobot sounded kind of sad, yet surprised in a naïve way.

"Yes, but it's totally fine. We humans take a while to heal from certain injuries, you know? It's to be expected, though the doctor will be able to tell me if I'm going to get anything taken off early or not."

There was silence for about ten seconds before Optimus said, "And you'll be alone?"

"Well not completely, I mean Bee will take me there, but inside the clinic I will be. I am old enough to do this alone." However, he hadn't really wanted to go in there by himself, to be honest. He hated getting poked and prodded with needles and other sorts of medical equipment, as he had gotten sick of it quickly immediately after the battle in Egypt, even if he wasn't awake half the time. His legs still ached some after all that running he did.

"Sam, if you would like, I shall accompany you there. It is my fault that you still sustain injuries, after all." Optimus bore a guilty tone to his voice, and Sam felt his heart beat painfully for a few seconds. He couldn't let his leader (why oh why did he say his? Optimus was the leader of the Autobots, and he wasn't an Autobot…) sound so sad, he'd have to reassure him in some way…

"Listen, Optimus, it's okay. The Primes said that was part of it anyway, it was my destiny to save you. I'm still alive, all right?"

That comment seemed to add more fuel to the fire, because Optimus said shortly, "Sam, if it weren't for the Primes bringing you back you would have been dead… and that would have been a terrible loss for all of us. If I had come back and you were dead…" The leader did not finish the sentence.

It was a good thing Sam was alone and not actually in front of Optimus, or the giant bot would have seen him blushing. He was touched. He'd always felt that while he'd been necessary in the fights against the Decepticons and the whole 'saving the world' deal time and again, that he wasn't exactly too important to the leader- just 'precious cargo' that constantly had to be protected. But open admission that he'd be missed by the great Autobot leader… it made him feel warm and tingly inside, which confused him, seeing as he'd only ever connected that feeling to Mikaela. It troubled him somewhat, but he'd ponder it later.

"Optimus… if it will really make you feel better, then you can come with me on Saturday. I don't have any classes, but I do have to be there by 10 AM. Do you think you can get here by nine AM?" Sam asked.

"I shall be there on time outside the campus." His normal tone was back, he didn't sound quite so sad anymore, which definitely made Sam feel better as well. Unfortunately, he was getting tired, and he couldn't stop himself from yawning.

The Autobot heard that clearly. With an amused chuckle, Optimus said, "you should go to bed now Sam, it sounds like you could use some recharging."

"All right then. So I guess I will see you Saturday morning then?" Sam yawned again while lying on his bed, relaxing.

"Yes. I will be waiting for you. Once we arrive at the clinic, I'll activate my holographic form. Will that work?"

Sam had never seen Optimus's holographic form before so he was really curious. Just exactly what would his form look like? "I suppose… it can walk away from your body and everything?" He yawned once more.

"I am capable of doing all that and more. Enough now Sam, your body needs to recharge."

"Mmm, I s'pose you're right. Goodnight Optimus," he said.

"Goodnight, Sam. Sleep well." Optimus ended the conversation, and now Sam, who had been so focused on the phone, now found the whole room to be utterly empty and silent. There was no one but him in his room, and since he was finished speaking with Optimus, he felt… kind of lonely. He'd thought about calling Mikaela, but it was late, and somehow, he didn't think she could comfort him.

He had a difficult time trying to sleep that night.

It was eight in the morning on Saturday when Sam woke up, feeling somewhat groggy and yawned before grabbing his crutches and getting up. He saw that Leo was passed out in his bed on the other side of the room, proving that he'd managed to make it back to the dorm some time after Sam had fallen asleep the night before. He picked out some clothes before hobbling over to the dorm's showers, which was relatively empty- that frat party must have been something. Not that he really cared, he wasn't in the mood to go to one after that disastrous one he'd gone to while he was still seeing cybertronian symbols. The memories were still too fresh.

After showering (being careful of his cast and healing hand) and awkwardly dressing, he raided the small refrigerator they had in their room and found some cream cheese that he could spread on a bagel. He also drank some orange juice, feeling that having pop so early in the morning wouldn't be particularly good for him, no matter how tasty it was. He'd shoved a banana in his mouth when Leo woke up, and staring at Sam, he smirked and said sleepily,

"Nice bananas."

Sam ignored Leo (he just ended up falling back to sleep anyway), and continued to eat his banana. It was 8:40 AM and he needed to brush his teeth before heading outside the campus to meet Optimus. Sam was wearing some jeans, a short-sleeved tee shirt and a red sweatshirt, because the weather was turning chilly rather quickly this year, and his hair, as curly as it was, was already brushed (though he didn't think he really needed it). Swallowing the last chunks of banana, he set his dishes on a box (he'd have to wash them later) and brushed his teeth. Finally ready, he shakily made his way outside the dorm and on the grass, steadily heading towards the western parking lot.

Sure enough, when he made it, he saw the large blue and red big-rig with the flame decals and he knew Optimus wouldn't let him down. He smiled as the truck made a soft honking noise- Optimus had seen him.

When he got closer, he saw someone get out of driver's side of the Peterbilt truck, and he nearly stopped in his tracks. The appearance, the stance, the expression- the holographic form consisted of everything that was Optimus Prime… just without the robotic frame.

And though he'd always admired Optimus in his normal form- he had to admit that he was just so awesome- but his holographic form was gorgeous.

Soft black hair framed the sides of his face, and long tendrils snaked down his neck to play across his shoulders suggestively, though they went no further than that. His skin was a peachy-tan color, clear, though around his mouth and on his chin there was a shadow, indicating that if he were actually human, there would be facial hair in that area. He was dressed neatly, though he had his own unique style- steel-toed black boots, black jeans, leather belt, and a dark blue jacket resting over a softer blue shirt with a red flame on it. And finally, his eyes were the most lucid blue he'd ever seen. They almost seemed to glow.

Suddenly, his throat felt dry and his hands shook a little. He could feel sweat bead on his palms, which he hurriedly wiped on his jeans. "Hey, Optimus."

He gave Sam a slight smile. Even in the human hologram, he wasn't used to conveying facial expression as well, though his control was exceptional. "Hello, Sam. Are you ready?" His voice remained the same as it was before, giving Sam some familiarity.

"As ready as I'll ever be," Sam didn't know why he was so nervous. It was just Optimus; it wasn't like he was face-to-face with Megatron again. And he liked girls, he had a fabulous girlfriend after all, why was Optimus having a stronger effect on him than normal?

"Then let's roll out." That line made Sam smile despite his nervousness, and he grasped Optimus's outstretched hand that would help him inside the truck's cab. It felt real, and it was… warm.

"Samuel, your hand is completely healed; however, that scar isn't going to leave you. If you'd like, I can give you some cream to help fade it, otherwise, come back in two weeks and we'll take your cast off…"

The words of the doctor had only echoed in his mind briefly, having been focused on something more prominent- like the fact that the entire time he was there; Optimus had been behind him one hundred percent. He'd asked good questions and given him support. He could remember how it had felt to have Optimus give him a pat on the back- something he couldn't really do that easily in robot form (though when he had compared the two forms, he felt the same amount of gentleness). He gave some answers (nothing too revealing, of course), and overall had impressed both the doctor and Sam.

Now they were on their way back to Sam's dorm at the college, and it was about 12 PM or so now. Despite the fact that he'd only been awake for four hours, Sam already felt somewhat tired, and he couldn't help but notice that the nice leather seats inside Optimus's cab seemed to conform to his body, making him very comfortable. The gentle humming of Optimus's body as he drove also lulled him, making him doze a bit through the 40 minute trip back to his dorm. It wasn't until he felt a tap on his shoulder that he realized that they were back. He was disappointed, to say the least.

Optimus helped him out of the cab, and some nearby girls who were out enjoying the sunshine watched in interest, with some swooning, others just plain staring, and some looking away. Sam ignored them as well, and turned to look at his Autobot friend. "Thank you, Optimus, for being there with me today," he said shyly.

The Prime's face twisted into a humble smile. "You are welcome, Sam. I am glad that you are on the mend… though now I should get back to base."

Sam tried to pretend the bubble of happiness that had been welling up in his stomach hadn't just popped. He didn't really want Optimus to leave just yet, but he couldn't just ask him to stay. "Right," he nodded. "I guess I will see you soon, then?" He asked hopefully.

A thoughtful look passed over the Autobot's face. "Yes, you will. Have a good weekend, Sam."

"You too, Optimus, you too." He watched him leave, feeling somewhat sad, yet relieved at the same time, and confused more than he could say. There was just something about him that Sam was beginning to feel, and he didn't know if he was ready for it or not.

When his phone began to ring, he checked the caller ID, hoping for a blank screen. Mom and Dad, the contact read. Sighing, he prepared himself to face his parents multiple inquiries about his health, idly wondering if he should have asked Optimus to stay. After the call was over, and his ears stopped ringing (from his mother's exceptionally loud voice), he fell into a dreamless sleep on his bed… hoping to remember some of that day's events within his dreams.

End of chapter one

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