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References from the comics and first 3 live movies will be used about Shredder's past and Splinter's origins while characters from the cartoon series will be used.

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Category: Crossover

Anime(s)/Manga(s)/Cartoon(s): Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Inuyasha

Genre: Adventure/History/Drama/slight tragedy/slight Angst/Maybe some Romance

Pairing: Kagome/??? (One of the turtles, Casey Jones, any other guys you can think of who's part of the series)

Summary: After coming home from the Sengoku Era, Kagome comes home from an outing with friends to find her family slaughtered with her mother saying our Miko's Biological father was at their home and that he was in New York, U.S.A. With only anger in her soul for the loss of her family, Kagome leaves for New York to hunt down her father, Oroku Saki. What would happen if she did find him? What if she befriended his enemy, the Turtles?

Chapter One
White soon turns to Black

Numbness… that was all Kagome could feel as she was wrapped in a blanket and was sitting in an uncomfortable chair in front the homicide detective who was in charge of her family's murder case.

Her trips to the past and her quest to kill Naraku and completing the jewel were already over. Kagome was just getting her life in the Modern era back together, finishing school, catching up with her friends, and doing more for her family's shrine.

But earlier that day, after Kagome was coming home from spending the day with her friends, she found her mother and grandfather slaughtered and her little brother missing.

The detective came back and took a seat at his seat, not missing how miserable the young girl looked. "Kagome-san," he called softly, reluctant to break through her trance of grief, "I'm Detective Izamo from the homicide department. I know this is hard for you, but I need you to tell me everything you know about what happened to your family."

Blank, blue-grey eyes lifted to stare at the detective, as if he held the answers to all her questions. "She told me he was dead…" Her usually confident voice was soft, broken, and he had to suppress the urge to flinch. "She told me he was a good man…"

Wetting his lips, Izamo wished this wasn't so hard – she was too young to have to stand on her own. "Kagome-san, I need names if I'm to help find your brother."

Kagome jerked her head to the side, suddenly fighting tears, and Izamo felt guilty for reminding her that her last family member was still in danger. "My mother… She told me that my father was a good man and died in a car accident." Her dark bangs shadowed her eyes as she gritted her teeth in diluted rage – the numbness was slowly fading, leaving only fury and pain. "She lied."

Izamo wrote short notes on the notepad in front of him, forcing himself to fall into routine. The less his emotions got in the way of his job, the better, no matter how much he hated hearing stories of parents turning against their children. "Your father did this, then?" She nodded sharply, and he gazed at her intently. "Kagome-san, I understand that you know little about him, but I need a name."

Kagome turned back to him, a glare set in her eyes. "You won't find him, even if I did give you the name. He's gone. He took my brother and left for New York." Kagome leaned back into her chair while gaining some of her spirit back after her anger started to increase, "None of you have any jurisdiction in America, am I right?"

Izamo sighed, feeling another unsolved case coming up. "No, we don't, but humor me and my report by giving me a name."

The miko glared more fiercely as she spat out the name of her new 'Most-Hated Person'. "Oroku Saki."

After that fateful day of telling everything she knew, Tokyo news spread about the murders of the Higurashi shrine and the report of a missing boy. Even CNN caught wind of it and spreading word about it throughout America.

Even after a week, the news about her family's murder was still on the news everywhere. With the funeral preparations done and asking Ayumi and her family to watch the now clean shrine while she was gone, Kagome had set out to America with only her sword, that Sesshoumaru gave her, ofudas, and three sets of clothes to change. Among those clothes were the Taijya outfit Sango gave her and the training Hakama and haori that Sesshoumaru also gave her.

Getting through security wasn't a problem, since the guards believed that Kagome's sword was just a prop because it was able to get through the metal detectors since the sword was made from Sesshoumaru's fang and her blood, giving the blade demonic and holy capabilities.

The trip to New York was a long one but Kagome got through it, looking over maps of New York City so that she wouldn't get lost on her search for her father, Oroku Saki.

During the flight, while still looking over the maps of New York, a part of Kagome still couldn't believe that her own mother lied to her about her Father's well-being; lied to her about him being killed while she was still pregnant with Souta. And now he had her little brother with him, doing who knows what to him. But another part of her, after seeing what had happened to her mother and grandfather, felt that her mother was trying to protect her and Souta from the fact that her father was cold-blooded murderer who was only after power and control.

'Protect of from the truth…' Kagome thought as she decided to put up her maps to try and sleep for the remainder of the flight, since she felt she was going to get very little rest while knowing her father was still out there alive with her brother still in his clutches.

Once the plane landed in New York and she had gotten off the plane, Kagome started her search for Oroku Saki.


Kagome sighed as she walked down the streets of New York, her too-large coat pulled up around her neck to fight off the chill of the night. Beneath it, her hands traced along the patterns carved into the sheath of her precious sword that was strapped to her back. Shura-no-Hana was her only companion for the past two weeks as they wandered the city that never sleeps, searching for anything that could help her find her brother.

Wincing as a passing car splashed dirty water toward her, the miko glared at the ground. This was the downside to knowing nothing about her damned father – she had no clues to follow apart from the passing rumor of a wannabe ninja clan. Seriously? The Foot? What kind of idiot name is that?

Hell, even the Clan names from the anime/manga Naruto had better names than that.

Sighing for what seemed like the millionth time that night, Kagome abruptly turned down an alleyway, wrapping her hand securely around her sword's hilt over her shoulder. If those bums behind her were following her, thinking of an easy victim for the night, they would be sadly mistaken, because she was not in the mood to play with these fools.

Stopping in her tracks, Kagome turned to meet them and was met with the sight of badly dressed thugs. Their clothes were dirty and torn and with the sight of their hair… looked like they hadn't washed in days. On their jackets of fake leather were spikes to make them look cool or threatening.

The miko warrior raised a brow at them as they spoke to her in English, a language she was never able to pass because of her trips to the Sengoku, and with ugly grins on their faces as they laughed, branding metal pipes, knifes, and chains in a deadly way that would make any helpless girl cower in fear.

But Kagome wasn't like any of those girls who couldn't take care of herself. After being trained by a demon lord who was basically a perfectionist while beating discipline into you through training and a Taijya who took pride in her clan's fighting style, the miko was more than capable of taking out a small group of thugs who think looking threatening makes them stronger.

Even though she couldn't understand what they were saying but she could clearly see that they were looking for a fight. Since it looked they weren't going to give her any mercy, then she wasn't give them any.

As she was getting into a stance, Kagome never noticed a pair of eyes, watching her and the thugs from a nearby sewage grate.

In a cool, confident voice that she picked up from Sesshomaru, Kagome called out to the group in Japanese, knowing they wouldn't understand her. It was just as well; if she couldn't understand them, why should they understand her? "If you don't want to be beaten to an inch of your life, I suggest you turn around, and walk away now."

The Asian language made them pause for the slightest moment, but it was all Kagome needed to pull her precious blade from underneath her coat, still nestled securely in its scabbard. Twirling it slightly to ensure that the long sword would remain in the sheath, she fell into an easy stance that would provide offense and defense. "Well, don't say I didn't warn you."

Now that her coat had fallen open, revealing her toned form to the fools, the leering increased, making her scowl even more. 'Why must I always be surrounded by perverts?'

The first one to approach her slammed the chain he was holding to the ground in a weak attempt to make it seem like a whip. Kagome sighed and twirled Shura-no-Hana to slam into his head before he came too close. "I told you…"

The miko nearly groaned when the others began rushing forward, obviously deciding that taking that one down was a fluke and they could overcome her en masse. Falling back a step and raising her sword before her, Kagome prepared to defend herself easily.

"So you wanted to have some fun for the night, okay!" The thugs paused at the young, almost playful voice from behind them, and Kagome narrowed her eyes in confusion. They were still speaking English… "But I can assure you, ma friends, that this isn't the way to do it!"

One of the thugs cried out and stumbled back through the others in fear, giving Kagome a good view of the creature that came to her 'rescue'. A playful grin lit his face, and Kagome could see confidence and amusement in his eyes. "Now, it isn't nice to team up on a lady…" All in all, she could see that he was a good… person… but there were a few problems. "And I can't just let ya go, so…" Reaching to the nunchucks at his sides, his grin became absolutely gleeful. "It's punishment time!"

Kagome watched him begin to beat the thugs over their heads, pulling off some impressive martial arts moves as he did so. This… man… seemed nice enough – he came to help her, even if she didn't need it – but… "Ah… I love doing that to unsuspecting dudes!"

He turned back to her and grinned. "Hiya! I'm Mikey!"

Kagome remained in her defense position, staring dumbly at him. He was still speaking English, so she didn't understand a damn word, and… "You're… a turtle…"

Mikey, or Michelangelo, blinked at the girl he just saved, completely lost as to what she had said. Her language was very similar to how Splinter spoke sometimes when he was reciting Buddhist prayers.

The turtle in light orange was just waiting under the sewage grate for the pizzas he ordered for his brothers and master when he noticed the girl walking on her own at night and with a group of thugs following her. At first, he was surprised to see that she was carrying a long sword under her trench coat while also wearing something that looked like a catsuit with armor. He was then impressed when she took out one of the thugs on her own but decided to step in to help since it wasn't nice to gang up on a young girl like herself.

But he had to admit, for a human, she was really pretty; prettier than April even…

"Why would someone order pizza to a back-alley like this?"

Mikey stiffened at the voice a new pizza-guy. "Aw, man," he whispered, turning from the girl to crouch behind a corner to watch the carrier of his dinner. "What happened to the other guy? He at least didn't run away when I got the food. If he gets spooked and drops the pizza…" He shuddered at the thought of what his brothers would do to him.

"Anou… Sumimasen?" He looked over his shoulder at the girl as she put her long sword back in her coat, covering up the pretty catsuit he glimpsed earlier.

"Sorry, I'll get to you in a minute; I'm trying to get dinner!"

Kagome blinked at his hushed voice, still not understanding a word he was saying. Carefully walking around him to peek at whatever it was he was studying so intently, the miko had to hold back her smile. It was almost cute that a martial artist turtle was panicking over a food delivery person.

"I got it!" Mikey's whispered exclamation made her blink, and she blinked again when he held out two pieces of paper she recognized as American money. "You…" He pointed meaningfully at her. "Take that…" He pointed at the money in her hand. "To him…" He pointed to the food delivery man. "For pizza…"

Kagome vaguely recognized what 'pizza' was, but she wouldn't have needed to remember at all since the turtle began to use hand motions to describe the food in great detail. "It's big, round, and has a bunch of toppings on it…" The miko bit her lip to keep from laughing as he made ridiculous gestures, trying to get across what he wanted.

"Hai, hai. Peet-za." Kagome shook her head and turned to approach the man who was by now growing impatient.

She gaze a whistle to the delivery boy, getting his attention as she walked up to him.

The guy turned to her with curiosity before his eyes widened in awe and a blush crept up on his cheeks. Sure he had seen a few Asian girls in New York but the girl walking toward him was a major die hard babe! Her hair framed her face, almost covering a pair of blue-grey eyes while the rest of her mane was held in a high ponytail by a long dark blue ribbon. She also wore a dark colored trench coat that seemed to accent her soft yet perfect curves.

He was forced out of his daze when she cleared her throat before pointing to the pizza and to herself and then to the money in her hand. At first the delivery boy was confused before getting what she was trying to say.

"Oh, you're picking up the pizza." He couldn't believe his luck and would have to try to convince the guy who usually delivered this order to let him do it again. "Um… Here's your pizza, change, and…" Slipping a piece of paper from his pocket, he quickly jotted down his cell phone number and put it between the pizza boxes so she wouldn't lose it. "Call me sometime, okay?"

Kagome smiled politely, though she was really trying not to laugh at the poor boy when he gave her what she guessed was supposed to be a charming grin. "Arigatou gozaimasu."

Turning away from him, she mentally laughed at his confusion. If nothing else came from her not knowing English, the looks on everyone's faces when she spoke Japanese were priceless.

She returned to the turtle and watched in amusement as he did a little dance before taking the boxes. "I so owe you one!"

Kagome just chuckled at him. This turtle was very good at making her want to laugh, despite what had happened to her recently with the passing of her mother and grandfather and her brother still out there with her father.

"Sa… Sayonara." Kagome said with a smile and a slight wave before making her way out of the alley but was stopped when her stomach had a mind of its own, making it known that she was hungry. Kagome blushed in embarrassment before covering her stomach to calm the growling. "Urusai," she hissed at it. Well… that was embarrassing.

Mikey looked at her for a moment, feeling a strange reluctance to let her just walk away… and when was Michelangelo Turtle ever one to ignore his gut. "Hey, Miss!" When she turned back to him, despite not knowing what he was saying, he balanced all three pizzas on one arm and gestured for her to follow him. When she hesitated, he grinned and pointed to the pizza. "Pizza! Eh? Eh?"

Kagome only looked at him strangely, a mixture between laughter and hesitance, so he tried more. "Come on, it smells good, right?" She didn't understand what he was saying, but his point was clear enough. 'Come with me, and I will give you food.'

The miko sighed, turning to follow him like he wanted. Her search wasn't progressing at all, and, well… 'I want to be somewhere I can laugh, if only to forget for a little bit…'

Following him for only a few moments, she stopped when he lifted up a sewer grate, holding it so she could go in first. 'Somehow, I'm not as surprised as I should be…' She paused as she slipped down, carefully avoiding getting water on her clothes. 'But then, this is nothing compared to the Feudal Era.'

After the turtle handed her the pizzas, Mikey climbed down the ladder while putting the sewer grate back in place before jumping down to the girl's side. Taking the pizzas, he bid her to follow him down the sewage tunnel. He only hoped the guys wouldn't get mad or anything, he just really owed the girl. And what better way to repay than with Pizza.

Mikey glanced back to make sure the girl was following him and saw her observing the sewer walls around them. "Uh… It's not much, but these tunnels are home! You can just get lost if you don't know where you're goin'." He knew she didn't understand him, but… well, he didn't like the silence. Usually, he would have whistled as he skateboarded or rollerbladed down the tunnels, but with his precious cargo and the pretty girl behind him, he didn't want to risk embarrassing himself.

Kagome smiled as the turtle just kept talking, obviously not expecting her to comprehend what he was saying, but it was fun to listen to his tones of voice and watch as he bobbed his head at certain points as he talked. In a way, he almost reminded her of Shippo. Both of them just seemed to have that hopeful, hypoactive energy through them.

"Well, this is it! Home, sweet home!" Mikey breathed the air in deeply and released it with a content sigh. "Hey, guys! Leo, Donny, Raph! Splinter! I got food and company!"

Kagome watched warily as three more turtles like the one that helped her came out of various other tunnels, each with their own weapon. She wasn't surprised to see more of them, but she was a bit shocked with a large, fuzzy thing, presumably a rat by its tail, came out where she could see him as well, wearing the modern day haori that was standard for a dojo. "Well, that's different."

While Donny, Leo, and Raph looked confused at hearing her speak, while Splinter was surprised to hear the girl speak in his homeland's language. Stepping forward, he greeted, "Konban-wa, Ojo-san."

Kagome felt relief wash through her at hearing someone speak Japanese before she greeted with a soft smile, bowing, "Konban-wa, Nezumi-san…"

Mikey looked between his master and his new friend several times. "So you do speak Splinter-mumbo-jumbo! I thought that might have been it, but, you know, you can't always be sure with all those foreign tongues and stuff."

Kagome could have sworn she saw Nezumi-san's eye twitch at the turtle she met first, the one with the light orange, said, and she covered her mouth to contain laughter when the turtle with red sashes over her and his hand around his waist stole the pizza from him, leaving him 'safe' for punishment, apparently. The other two turtle didn't waste much time to hit him over the head. "Ow-ow-ow-owie! Donny, Leo…"

Splinter sighed in exasperation as he approached the girl his son brought home. "Forgive my sons for their behavior, Ojo-san, they are not often in the presence of anyone but myself."

Kagome smiled. "It's fine, kind of reminds me of my own friends, actually." Her smile became wistful as she watched the brothers who, despite their current bantering, loved each other more than anything. They did remind her of her old group in the past. "But, I'm afraid my English leaves much to be desired."

The large rat furrowed his fuzzy brows in confusion at the comment. "If that is so, why did you come here? You'll be lucky to find a normal human to act as your translator anyway in this city."

Splinter shifted back slightly as pain and unbridled fury coursed through her eyes. "There's someone I need to find."

Before he could attempt to learn anymore from her, Mikey broke free from his brothers and grinned back at her. "Hey, Splinter, I kinda promised her some pizza 'cause she was really hungry, so tell her to help herself!"

Raph, or Raphael, the most aggressive of the four brothers and the one who wore red, slapped Mikey upside his head, a scowl on his green face. "What are you, stupid? We need to eat, too!" And so the quarrelling began again, with Kagome laughing at the scene.

Off to the side, Splinter could not shake the feeling of unease wrapped around him. That girl… something happened to her, and he had a feeling that he and his sons were going to be wrapped up in it.

"Let me introduce ourselves, Ojo-san." Splinter spoke, getting the girl's attention while taking a slice of pizza Mikey offered to her. Once he had her attention, he had introduced himself, not yet revealing his original name, and introduced is sons as well. "And may we ask for your name?"

"I'm Higurashi Kagome. Yoroshuku onegaishimase." Kagome smiled before muttering 'Ittadaikimasu' out of habit and took a bite out of the authentic New York styled pizza.

'Higurashi… where have I heard that name?' Splinter wondered while also wondering why the girl looked familiar.

After helping his new friend to a slice of pizza, Mikey noticed a piece of paper that stuck out from between the boxes. Taking it out, he noticed it was a phone number. "Huh?"

"Hm?" The nunchuck wielder looked up. "Oh! This is the new pizza-delivery guy's cell phone number. Since it was a new guy and I thought he would drop our food, I had Kags go get it for me." Chuckling, he flipped the paper over to look at whatever was on the back. "I guess he took a liking to her!"

Kagome started when she heard a loud 'gak!' from behind her. Turning around with the crust of her pizza hanging out of her mouth, the miko looked down at Mikey, surprised to see him twitching on the floor, a book laying a few inches from his head. "Daijobu desu ka?"

"N-No… problem…" Kagome snorted in laughter as she patted his aching head.

"You don't have to worry yourself with him, Kagome-san." Splinter sipped his tea calmly, not bothered at all by the effect of the book he threw. "It is, after all, his own fault."

The one she knew was called Raph snorted as he bit through his own pizza. "You better take that number, Splinter; he'll prank call the dude."

Mikey reached a hand up from his place on the floor, feeling around on the table for another piece of pizza. "Not a bad idea, Raph. You'll be a crazy kid like me in no time!"

Frowning at his brother's playing around, Leo reached over and slapped Mikey's hand before taking the number out of his reach and handing it to a confused Kagome, "Really Michelangelo, show some more self control."

"Aw, come on, Leo…" Kagome blinked down at the number before dropping it in a puddle beside her. Looking up at the brothers, she saw faint images of the past overlapping with them.

Splinter watched her carefully. "Is something the matter, Kagome-san?"

Kagome smiled as she watched two scenes play out at once. "Other than the unfairness of the world?"

The rat could only watch the girl worriedly. Such a young woman… and already so jaded to the world.


Elsewhere, deep below the city, inside the huge moving structure called the Techno-Drom, the younger Higurashi sibling was huddling in a corner of a cold metal room.

Right now, he was scared and wondering where his sister was. 'And why did that guy kill Oká-san and Jí-chan? Why kidnap me? Do they know Né-chan, somehow?'

His thoughts were soon interrupted when he heard the door to his confinement slide open. Looking up and quickly standing against his corner, he watched as this Boar demon with a purple Mohawk came in.

"Time to go, Brat." The jumbled noises from the demon's mouth, which Souta could only assume meant 'Time to eat!' didn't comfort him in the least, and he tried to run when the boar reached for him. "Don't be so difficult!"

"Iie!" Scrambling between the bulky demon's legs, Souta tried to run through the still open door. If he could get out of the room, maybe he'd be able to get out of this building, find out where he was, and find his Nee-chan. She would know how to save him. One large hand shot out to grab his leg, and Souta panicked, lashing out with his other leg to kick the demon in the one place Kagome told him worked on both demons and humans. "Iie!"

"Why you…" The demon growled, falling to one knee as he groaned in pain. "Stupid… Brat!"

Souta ignored him as he ran down the surprisingly empty hallway. 'Gotta run… gotta find Nee-chan!' He turned a corner and screeched to a halt when he saw the mass of black-masked people gathered. All of them stopped what they were doing to watch him, and Souta tried to turn the other way. 'Gotta run!'

"What is this?" The younger Higurashi sibling stopped dead in his tracks as he looked up at the most disgusting demon he had ever seen before. "Oh, Shredder's new toy." The pink blob that looked like a brain with eyes and a mouth sat in the stomach of a giant machine human, small tentacles wrapped around what must have been the controls. "How did you get out?"

"D-Demon…" Souta stumbled back a step, large brown eyes staring at it in sickened terror. "D-Demon be gone…" He quietly began the mantra Ji-chan used to mutter whenever Inuyasha was around, praying for even the slightest divine protection. "Demon… be gone…"

"Huh? What are you muttering, Boy?" The thing narrowed his beady eyes at him, making the machine take a step closer. "Speak up!"

Souta was trembling as he fell back another few feet. "D-Demon be—"

"Unfortunately, Krang isn't a demon, Boy." Souta's body froze. That was a voice he knew… "Otherwise, I may have let that old man live so he could try to purify him with the powers he so believed in." This was the voice he heard arguing with his mother, just before… "Now…" A hand, covered in a thick, dark material overlaid with sharp metal pieces clamped down on his shoulder painfully. "Since that idiotic woman refused to tell me where my firstborn is, I'll have to settle with you until she comes for you." This was the voice of… "Now be a good boy and follow my orders." This was the voice of the man he never knew, never wanted to know.

Souta couldn't stop his voice from cracking as he choked out the title he never had the need to call out before. "Otou-san…"

"So you know who I am. At least that woman actually mentioned me to you and your sister." Shredder spoke before forcing the boy to sit somewhere he could keep an eye on him. "And once my eldest comes to save you, she'll have no choice but to work along side me and take her rightful place as my heiress for the Foot Clan."

Souta frowned at this and said in confidence, "Nee-chan will never follow your footsteps! She'll never become a coldblooded killer like you!"

Shredder turned a glare at his son before replying, "If she's concerned for your safety and wellbeing, boy, then she'll have no choice but to work for me."

Not able to stand Saki speaking to his new toy in a language he didn't understand, Krang spoke up, "What's the deal with kidnapping this boy, Saki?"

Souta flinched when the youkai – it was definitely a youkai, no matter what Oroku Saki said – starting speaking again. He was even more disturbed when his 'father' began talking back. "This boy is my son, and the key to our victory." Confusion rippled through the Foot Clan around them, and Saki couldn't blame them; the boy was a weakling. "My eldest is attached to him, something easily fixed, but it works to our advantage now. She'll come for the boy and join us if she wants him to live."

A possessive hand fell on Souta's head, and he clenched his eyes shut. Though he couldn't understand what they were saying in the youkai language – now that he thought about it, maybe his 'father' was a demon, too – he could almost hear the smirk in Saki's voice. "She'll prove her strength by defeating those pesky turtles."

Krang made a sound of doubt before pointing out, "Never really took you as the father type, Saki. And I don't really see a resemblance…"

"Both of my children took after their mother. But no matter… my eldest; my daughter, Kagome has somehow gained fighting abilities that are even stronger than the style of the Foot Clan. And if she wants her brother to stay alive, then she'll have no choice but to do as I say and take out the turtles and Hamato Yoshi for me."

The brain-like alien raises what would be counted as a brow to Shredder, feeling doubtful about the human's plan as he watched Shredder ordered Rocksteady and Bebop to take Souta back to the room they were keeping him as the boy started kicking and struggling against their hold.


Back with the Turtles, Kagome gave a sneeze before looking around curiously; wondering what caused the sneeze in the first place.

"Whoa, bless you." Donny spoke as Mikey started to get up, still rubbing his head where Splinter threw the book at him.

Kagome nodded in thanks, a small smile on her face, before she turned back to carefully setting Shura-no-Hana on a stand Leo supplied for her. Of course, the stand was meant for one of his smaller swords and not something nearly this long, but it would have to do. "Kagome-san, may I ask who exactly you're here to find? Perhaps my sons will be able to help you."

The miko looked up at Splinter, her smile waning slightly as she stroked Shura-no-Hana's sheath. "My Otouto. The monster who killed my mother and grandfather took him. I don't know where he is or what he wants, only that he is now somewhere in New York…"

Unease swept over the rat, and he prayed that the man he was thinking of was not the 'monster'. 'If it is, Oroku Saki, then he must have a motive for going all the way to Japan to take a hostage…'

"Hey, Splinter!" Mikey, now completely recovered from the book-to-head collision, bounded over to them, his normal grin back on his face. "It's no fair that you're the only one who can talk to her! Teach me Splinter-mumbo-jumbo!"

Kagome laughed when Leo whapped Mikey on the head, a stern scowl on his face, and he began to lecture him about unreasonable requests to their sensei. Splinter sighed, turning back to their guest. "Kagome-san, would you like to learn English?"

The miko stared at him for a moment before she grinned, hugging him. "Arigatou gozaimasu, Sensei!"

Mikey began whining about not getting a hug, but Splinter ignored him as he patted the girl's back. He wanted to ask if she knew the name of the 'monster', but he was afraid to. If it truly was Saki, then they would run into him eventually, and the truth would be revealed then. 'Kami, don't let it be Saki; this girl has suffered enough…'


"Gomen nazai, Tono, but she flew to America before I was able to reach her…" Amber eyes glanced over at the head of reddish-orange hair bowed off to the side. "She's already going after him herself."

"Hn." Long silver hair cascaded almost to the floor as the figure stood, gracefully striding to the large window on one side of the office. "It's to be expected, do not beat yourself up over it, Kit." A pale hand, marred only by the maroon slash mark on the wrist, rested against the window, and a small, dangerous smile crossed pale lips. "It is about time for another visit to my companies in America, anyway. Make the preparations."

"Hai!" Turquoise eyes sparked with gleeful mischief as the kitsune stood. 'We'll be there soon, Okaa-san…'

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