I don't own Harry Potter or its characters, I only own "her/she," the unnamed female of this story. I hope you enjoy this little ficlet. The dialogue is loosely based on a scene from one of my favorite movies, "Some Kind of Wonderful" 1987. I did a story of similar themes (redemption and surprise) with Sirius Black if you want to check it out "The Detentions of Sirius Black." Enjoy.

"What if," she paused for emphasis, "what if she wants you to kiss her?"

His hiss reminded her to keep her voice down. Sitting in the more secluded area of the library didn't stop others from listening if they happened by. She held up her hand and nodded as an apology. When he made no move to either look up from his book or answer her question she lightly kicked him under the table. He hissed again, this time rubbing his shin.

"Ow! What kind of question is that?"

"Oh come on Sev, just answer me!" She refrained from tapping her quill against the parchment; it was a habit he found annoying and if he was annoyed he'd be less likely to tell her anything.

He paused a moment, making her squirm internally, before he shook his head. "I suppose I'll just HAVE to kiss her."

Despite her look of shock, he promptly set her and her useless chatter from his mind and turned his attention back to his homework. Not one to be so coolly dismissed, she kicked his leg under the table. When the first few kicks didn't work, he merely widened his knees so his shins were out of reach, she opted for something that she'd always wanted to do and could now get away with, using his lack of attention as an excuse. Hiding her true intent behind a frustrated demeanor, she slipped off her shoe and slowly slid her foot from his ankle all the way to his knee and, when he still didn't look up, she inched her toes up his thigh until he sighed and looked up from the book he'd been TRYING to study from.

"What do you want?" His ears were slightly pink and she took pleasure in the fact that she'd managed to pinken them, though she'd never verbally admit that fact to him or anyone else.

If anyone asked her about her relationship with Sev she'd either hex them or tell them to bugger off. Her friendship with Sev was a very private matter and the details were kept just between the two of them. The fact that they were friends regardless of their different backgrounds continually amazed her, so she wasn't about to take a risk and involve others in any way.

"Lily Evans is not so inexperienced that she'll be swept off her feet by your amateur lips." She pulled her foot away and slid it back into her shoe.

His gaze turned from blank to murderous in milliseconds, "Are you trying to say that Lily Evans is 'loose'? Don't you dare say-"

"No, no, Sev calm down!" She waved away his angry response as if it were a fly. "What I'm TRYING to say is this: you should know how to kiss her before you kiss her. Though I don't think she's loose, I do think that she's been kissed already." Before he could grow angry again she came at it from another angle. "She's entirely too beautiful and sweet to NOT have been kissed yet."

He nodded, conceding her point. He did not, however, comment on her theory. He instead shrugged and went back to the text below his nose. She sighed and glanced around the mostly deserted library. They were in the darkest, most secluded corner, no other place for the likes of him; no one was likely to overhear their conversation—thank goodness for that—and no one would see if anything happened. If those pesky Marauders heard Sev now…there would be hell to pay on both sides.

Sirius Black and his pets, as she'd taken to calling them, were such pricks sometimes. More than once she'd had to stand by and watch them tease and torture Severus. She wouldn't date step in; she knew it would only make Severus angrier and the likelihood of him forgiving her for further embarrassing him—what man wanted a woman to fight for him—was small. Of course, just because she'd witnessed the torture and didn't stop it then didn't mean she didn't strike back in her own ways. All members of the Marauders group had, more than once, found themselves on the dangerous end of a particularly hard to trace curse and all had, more than once, been blamed for incidents they, surprisingly, had not orchestrated. Yes, she had her ways of fighting for her friend.

"Sev." She kicked his leg again, though this time the kick was more like a caress; from her tone of voice and expression she knew she appeared oblivious of this. His glaring response appeared to be none the wiser of her change either.

"Would you just come out and say whatever it is you're trying to say instead of asking all these silly questions!" He looked like what he really wanted to do was throw the book in her face with a muttered sticking spell to go with it—she was sure that if it weren't for the fact that she gave as good as she got he probably would've done just that.

"Fine." She crossed her arms over her chest defensively. "I was just going to offer to help you work on your kissing abilities before you went out with Lily, you know just in case, but if that's the sort of attitude you repay a friend's efforts then you're on your own." She turned her head away and glared off into the distance, secretly hoping he'd take the bait.

In the end, she'd had to wait a bit longer than what she'd originally planned but he DID take the bait and she wasn't disappointed when she felt his foot bump against hers. She didn't respond right away though, having him initiate contact was rare so she would draw out this moment as long as possible. Though she didn't get a sweet foot tap or a daring leg caress, instead she got a near painful kick accompanied by his near frantic expression.

"Hey," he leaned across the table, "How…how do you…work on kissing?" He sounded so adorable that she had to seriously refrain from reaching across the table and ruffling his hair.

"Pretend I'm a girl." He snorted and she rolled her eyes. "I mean, pretend I'm her." She did her best to mimic Lily's movements and got a smirk from Sev as a reward. "I know it's a big stretch but try it."

He tipped his head to the side and studied seriously, as if he were truly trying to picture her as Lily. She mentally laughed at his seriousness, though she was far from surprised by it.

"You're too—" she raised an eyebrow but let him continue without interrupting, "I don't know. It's quite difficult trying to picture her face on your body." His shoulders drooped.

She sighed, "I'll try to keep my delight at your compliments contained." He looked confused and she chuckled. "Forget what I said. Just forget that I'm me for a few moments. Picture Lily if you can or, if you can't, just block out our history and pretend you don't know me." He nodded, squaring his shoulders and sitting up straighter again. "Come here," she stood up and motioned for him to join her by a more secluded corner, "I didn't mean for you to study me so seriously. Remember this is just practice and a bit of fun okay?"

He slowly joined her, awkward in his movements—like always—but adorable just the same—at least to her. He scratched the back of his head as he shifted from one foot to the other. She leaned against the bookcase and crossed her arms over her chest, drawing her gaze from his toes to the tip of his head. He was wearing the typical outfit for the school, and his hair was in deplorable condition, as per usual, but his eyes still held that intense quality that had first drawn her too him. His scrawny body held what she knew to be compact strength from past experience—she had deserved to be thrown off him after school when day when she'd jumped on him for a surprise and ended up getting surprised herself when she'd gone flying in response—so even his body was good looking to her. What the hell, he was just all around appealing to her. Except his insistency on loving a girl who would never love him back whereas she…she stopped that mental wandering and brought herself back to the present. He was blushing by the time she was done eyeing him up.

"Come on Sev! If a girl looks at you exclusively, or for a period of time longer that five seconds, then more than likely she's interested in talking to you, at the very least." He nodded and she dropped her arms. "Oh Sev you look so good today! Have you been exercising lately?" She used a higher pitched voice and watched as Severus winced.

"What do you mean? I look the same as I did yesterday, you already know that."

She rolled her eyes, "Sev, it's called flirting. Guys and girls exchange compliments or tease each other in order to make excuses to touch or get closer to one another."

He tipped his head to the side as if he was filing away the information for later access. She sighed and shook her head. Some things would probably never change.

"Okay so we're past the whole flirting/staring part and now we've come to the kissing part." He blushed again and she sighed as well. "What do you do with your hands?"

He shrugged, "It depends."

"No it doesn't," she assured him as she reached forward and took hold of his hands, "they go on her hips."

His body was stiff and his face was crimson but he let her lead him. Since she rarely touched him, and he rarely let her, she was surprised he wasn't complaining more than he already had. But she supposed it was all in the name of "Lily Evans" so it could be endured. Just the mention of that name and her blood near boiled in envy. But that was an emotion to be tended to later. At this point in time it was all about Sev and the fact that he was willingly complying with her wishes. She concentrated on coming at this from a scientific "friendly" sort of way—that was the only way her heart didn't speed up with his hands now holding her hips in a firm yet gentle grip.

"She'll probably do this," she put her arms around his neck, her fingers curling at the base of his neck.

He tipped his head to the side in question, "How do you know?"

She grinned, "The only reason why I was sorted into this bloody house is because I'm a voyeur."

He snorted then almost immediately sobered again. She loved those rare moments when he let his true emotions and reactions show. However his lack of seriousness, and the precious glimpse through the layers of pain into his soul would just make this more difficult for her to come out of unscathed so she glared at him until he finally stopped smirking.

"Now, look into my eyes." Sev did so but then smirked and looked away, obviously amused again. "Look, I don't have to do this you know." She growled at him.

"Sorry." He had the decency to look sheepish as he shifted his weight and drew up straighter. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. When he opened them again he seemed more in control, the grip on her hips shifting ever so slightly higher.

She had to concentrate on breathing evenly in response. "Just grow up a little." He rolled his eyes at her and she smiled. It was time… "Close your eyes."

He frowned, "Why?"

"Because I can't do this with you staring down your nose at me all right?" She growled at him, yanking on his hair just enough to get him to grimace. "Now close your bloody eyes Sev!"

He glared at her for a moment before finally complying. Though his face was twisted in an expression of apprehension, curiosity, confusion, and amusement, he still looked handsome to her. Though he wanted someone else she still wanted him. This was her chance, probably the only one she'd EVER have, to kiss him. So here she was…going for it!

She slowly leaned forward, careful not to move too fast for fear of startling him. When she felt his warm breath fan across her skin, her eyes drifted closed of their own accord. She tipped her head to the side and gently, ever so gently, placed her lips against his. The first brush was light, the second she pressed more firmly. She felt his body stiffen for a moment as he drew in a startled breath. Immediately, she pulled his lower lip between her own, having seen this done before by many couples snogging in random places. She felt his heartbeat speed up through the thin skin of his neck. She used her arms to pull him closer, molding him to her own body until their chests almost touched. Her body relaxed. Having him so close seemed to release a tension that she'd been holding inside almost from the moment she'd met him. Once she relaxed against him, he finally seemed to relax against her. Score one!

She traced her finger tips against his neck as she opened her mouth slightly, just enough to run her tongue along his bottom lip. His hands on her hips tightened and he drew closer. Her back was now lightly pressed against the bookshelves. She liked the feeling of being trapped between his warm body and the hardness of the books. She wondered what she could do to incite a stronger response. She took a chance and nipped his lower lip with her teeth then sucked away the sting. His hands on her hips tightened even more and his mouth parted slightly with another gasp. Score two!

She took the opportunity to slip her tongue between his lips, running it against his. He pressed more firmly against her, his heart racing. She ran her tongue against the roof of his mouth, under his tongue, and then tried to coax him to follow her back into her own mouth. He didn't quite make it past his own lips but he did at least respond with tongue movements of his own. She would alternate between caressing his tongue with hers and leaving little nips along his lips, sucking away the sting. She let a little moan, ever so slight, escape her throat and that seemed to incite him even more because she was now pressed even more firmly against the books and his body. Their chests were melded together and she felt his hips lightly brush against hers, making warmth pool low in her belly. Score three!

She tugged at his hair as she tipped her head to the side a bit more; deepening the kiss to a level she knew they'd both appreciate. She was rewarded when she felt more than heard him moan in his throat. A further reward was one of his hands pressing a little further back on her hip until it was resting just above her bum, slightly pressing her more against him. Having his hips almost flush against her own nearly undid her. She could feel his heart pounding in his chest from where it pressed against her own, and she knew her own heart was racing in response. The hand that had been resting on his hip traveled higher to her rib cage then up past her chest to her neck where his hand cupped her face, his thumb caressing the skin on her cheek. She didn't care about scores anymore; she gave herself over to the kiss. Her hands coming down to rest on his hips while his moved up to cup her face more. She rubbed at his hips, while their tongues danced together in an age-old rhythm, then traced her hands up his back and pressed him against her. When his hips moved the final few inches to meet hers completely her knees almost buckled and it was only his arms that kept her from falling.

She could've kissed him forever, would've been happy to actually, but their snogging disrupted more than one book and it was their sudden crash to the floor that caused her and Sev to jerk apart as if burned. His hair was lightly tussled, his lips swollen. She thought he'd never been more handsome. She didn't know if he could see her adoration or not, but seriously hoped he couldn't. So before she gave herself away with an embarrassing confession, or he guessed her true feelings, she bent down and gathered up the books they'd dropped.

"You're blushing." He commented as she turned to put some of the books back into their rightful place.

She did her best to chuckle, "Yah the day I blush." She bent down and picked up some more books, her fingers brushing his when he reached down for a few as well. She closed her eyes briefly at the contact then quickly stood and replaced the books. When she turned around she found him just as close as when they'd been kissing. She carefully swallowed and resisted the temptation to lick her lips. "What?"

"That was…surprising." His gaze was focused on her lips but eventually traveled back up to her eyes. His body seemed to sway of its own accord, coming nearer then moving further away. It was as if he didn't know what he wanted, to be closer or run away.

She raised her eyebrows, "That's all you have to say?" She narrowed her eyes at him and growled. "If this is how you thank a friend I don't know if I'm good enough to be your friend."

Despite the fact that she adored being so close to him, she brushed past him and began to gather her things knowing that this session was at an end. She would have to relive this moment in her dreams because it would never happen again.

"No I didn't mean that." He stumbled slightly in his efforts to move quickly. "You're pretty…good…you're pretty…"

She stopped and looked up at him through her hair. He was blushing, looking confused and curious at the same time. He'd probably never even really thought of her as a female before that kiss—damn him. Now suddenly she was his friend AND female…how did one balance that? Funny how she knew almost exactly what he was thinking and she wasn't even a mind reader.

"You're good to go," he looked confused over her words and she smiled as she stood straight, "I mean with your ability to sweep Lily off her feet with a kiss. You're perfectly fine in that department." She finished putting her stuff into her bag, "I'll see you later Sev." She patted his shoulder, though she really wanted to hug him. "Don't forget my pointers when you meet up with Lily."

He nodded mutely and she disappeared around a book shelf. Well that could've gone better…and much worse. She was lucky she hadn't declared her undying crush on him. Hopefully next time…oh who was she kidding…there would never be a next time…