Dear Diary,

today after I got back from the doctor I went to take a bath and ended walking in on Brock! I know I know I've probably got some explaining to do but that can wait until tomorrow. WOW! its been 9 years since I've seen him naked boy does that bring back some memories! Most importantly it made me realize how much I miss him. I've got to do somethin to get him back, i still love him ...well I guess the only problem is if he loves me , just because he and Barbra jean are having problems doesnt mean I stand a chance. I dont know but I am now willing to fight for him with or with out Barbra jean.

with love,



The next morning when reba sleepily stumbled into the kitchen she found Brock cooking bacon, pancakes and eggs

"here," Reba handed him a pack of shredded cheese

"thanks can you hand me the balongi over there?"

"year sure,"

"oh can you cut it for me to?"

"yea no prob,"Reba said

Reba smiled devilously as an idea crossed her mind she quickly scraped up the balonagi, snuck up behind Brock and poured the meat down his boxers

"reba!" he exclaimed "thats cold! are in soo much trouble!"

"what you gonna do bout it?"

"nothing," he said suddenly calm "except this ! " he then threw pancake batter on her

"ew!! it's icky," Reba fidgeted and grabbed a handful of flour and threw it in his face

"reba!" he shouted "well you asked for it," he smirked and smashed an egg over her head

"ahh!"she shouted as the moist ,not to mention cold, egg slid down her face. suddenly a smirk appeared on her face, replacing the pout and she slowly walked towards him with a glass of water (elapsed time tho she got ice too)

"now Reba dont do anything to rash," he slowly backed up until he hit the wall

"oh I wont,' she smirked, reaching for the jock strap of his boxers (okke dont know how to explain this but she pulled the top of his boxers towards her and poured the ice water down his pants bla bla blah))

"ohhh myy godd thhhatttsss ca cacacold," he stuttered

"I know," she smiled "you want some more?"

"na na na no"

Reba ;aughed and turned around to start cleaning up the flour when she felt to strong arms turning her around and then a pair of tender lips crashing upon hers. It took her a momentto realize who it was(she almost drop kicked him) she quickly responded as his tongue licked her bottom lip, begging for entrance and surprisingly she allowed it.

"wow," he sighed "it was better than I anticipated,"

*wow that was easier than I thought it would be* reba thought to herself

" um was,"she stuttered

"yeah," he smiled

"so.."Reba said uncomfortably

"so," Brock repeated with just as much discomfort

"um I don't know..let's um let me try something,"Reba stumbled with her then pressed herself and him against the fridge,kissing him passionately

"its still there," Reba muttered, her eyes still closed

"what?" he asked, still slightly dazed

"the spark," she smiled, leaning her head against his shoulder



"I love you," he whispered

"I..I love you too,"Reba smiled and kissed his chest, looking up she felt another wave of passion sweep over her. Reba roughly kissed Brock. As things heated up she pulled him down to the flour, egg and bacon covered floor and that afternoon Brock and Reba Hart were one for the first time in nearly 9 years.


2 hours later (...)

"Brock did you hear that?" Reba asked

"hear what?"

"a car door,"

"nope," he said, closing his eyes again

"I guess Im hearing things then," she smiled, laying her head back on his chest

"mom you home?" cheyanne called from the livingroom

"I told you I heard something!" Reba whispered harshly, jumping up off Brock and grabbing for her clothes, only ot drop back on the floor when Cheyanne walked in the kitchen

"mom?" cheyanne called again as she walked around the counter"oh mi god!" She shouted

"what the heck?!"Cheyanne exclaimed, covering her eyes as her parents scrambled to put on their clothes

"it's not what it looks like," Reba told her as she pulled her pjs over her hips"it was an accident?" Reba tried without success to find a plausable excuse

"an accident? mom you have got to be kidding me !"

"I guess I cant lie my way out ofthis can I?"Reba mumbled

"no,"cheyanne shook her head"tell me the truth..why?"

"cheyanne I still love your father and he loves me, it just happened," Reba explained

"what about Barbra jean? did you even think about her? how this will affect her? this will affect us! how can you be so careless!"

"dont talk to your mother like that," Brock scolded

"no Brock she's right, it was careless and it wont happen again," Reba cried silently

"but Reba..."

"no buts Brock!" Reba shouted, her voice breaking"it will never happen again,cheyanne Im sorry,"

"mom I'm not the one you need to be saying sorry to," Cheyanne told her and walked off

"Reba..what we have is good why are you going to let the kids get in our way?"

"Because it's wrong!" Reba exclaimed

"don't you think I know that! it's addultery of course its wrong!"

"Brock I did the exact thing that barbra Jean did to me 9 years ago! the only thing that me feel better all these years was that I was better than her because I would never___ could never__ do that to another woman, I'm no better than her!" Reba shouted

"don't be silly Reba this is wayy different than what she did,"

"don't be silly Brock," Reba mocked him "it's exactly the same one night--well morning--of passion with YOU and NO condom damn it! Brock I could be pregnant!" she hollered

"well if you are I can divorce my wife and we can get married," he joked

"that's not funny," she exclaimed ""I need time to think you need to go home to your wife,"

"Ill see you tomorrow,"he tried to hug her but she shoved him away"bye," he then shuffled out of the room.

Reba then sat down at the table she didn't know how long but it was dark when she realized what she had to do. She immediately ran to her room ,grabbing a suitcase from the hall closet. When she got to her room she headed for the closet throwing shirts,pants,and all other necessities into her bags. she then grabbed a pen and a couple pieces of paper to write Brock, Barbra Jean and the rest of the family. Reba threw the suitcases in the backseat and made her way into the night...

until next time! I hope yall enjoyed