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Reba was almost ready for work but she was extremely tired and decided to sit on the couch for a moment but soon she drifted off. Three hours later she awoke

"Crappp!" Reba exclaimed jumping off the couch, she was so late she was really gonna hear it when she got to work! Reba had returned to work as a dental assistant, which really wasnt a great idea since it constantly reminded her of Brock. she could never get him off her mind while she was at work, since the only work experience she had ever had was as a dental assisstant and as a real estate agent. Reba would have loved to return as a real estate agent, but that was too high profile and right now that was the last thing she needed . She was now living in Dallas, working a a low-paying job and living in a crumby little apartment on the out skirts of town. Why did she have to make such a horrible mistake? Why couldn't she just refrain from the temptation like she had for the past 9 1/2 years? Reba felt stupid and completely alone, and truley she was. She could have stayed, stole Brock right from under Barbra Jean's nose, but that wasn't her, she couldn't do it. Reba finished dressing and was off to work...

(ohh Reba was wearing the same top as Cheyanne did in 'here we go again' except its white and she has on black dress pants)

"good morning Brad," Reba said nervously when she walked in the office nearly two hours late.

"Morning Reba ," Brad smiled

"what does today look like?" Reba asked

"It shouldn't be too busy today," Brad told her

"oh good im exhausted," Reba said

"hey Reba we don't have any more appointments for another hour you wanna go out with me?" he asked

"Brad I told you I'm not in a position to date right now," Reba said

"I know can't blame me for trying though," he laughed" How about a late Brunch?"

"no thanks I had something before I left ," Reba declined his invite


"Brad?" Reba asked


"I'm sorry I know I'm being rude not telling you my reasons but I.. I just can't," Reba said

"who's the father?" Brad asked suddenly

"um" Reba looked down" Brock,"

"your ex husband?" he asked confused "I take it you divorced in the last 6 months?"

"no 9 years ago," Reba told him guiltily

"did you two reconsile?" he asked

"no, yes well sorta I guess," Reba stuttered"I'll explain," (reba explained everything that had happened in the past 9 years)

"wow," he said after she was done"have you talked to your children?" he asked

"no I havent talked to my children in 7 months," Reba whispered

Reba didn't know what happened but something did... They slowly leaned in and whentheir lips met Reba felt a new flame, something neither of the two had previously felt. It was wonderful. the kiss was slow and tender but at that same moment it was also rough and sensual.

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