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Don't panic! I'm not starting a full on story! This just hit me today and I already have almost all of the eight chapters complete! I just really thought this was a cute fic idea.

Seeing as most of my readers are female, I'm sure you've all stumbled across the infamous "What a Kiss Means" quotes: "A kiss on the BLAH means BLAH BLAH BLAH." This is my play on that. Yeah, I have no idea if anyone has ever done this before and frankly, I don't care all that much. If this has been done then buggery (lol, Aana plug-in)! But I'm gonna keep on going with it because I like it! :D

Disclaimer: PrincessJaded does not own the Digimon characters. No matter how much she wishes she could take Taichi home with her, make Koushiro teach her how to bust a hackers mission, or get Yamato to sing to her. :(

Oh and before I forget... there are going to be multiple pairings - even one I bet you'd never expect from me *covers mouth and snickers*. Enjoy! :D

What a Kiss Means



The Stomach

He watched her smile as he placed gentle kisses along her exposed belly. It was growing larger everyday and it only made him swell with pride each and every time he'd touched it.

From the moment he'd laid eyes on her, he knew that she was going to be the one he'd marry and share his life with. Mind you, they were only eight at the time. But to him, she was someone who he could see always at his side. Endearing and everlasting – like they'd said in their wedding vowels ten months earlier.

She felt her heart skip a beat whenever his lips touched her skin. It would send shivers down her spine, and not the bad ones. She reached out and ruffled his soft blond hair, forcing him to look at her. The smile she received came from his eyes and reached deep into her soul. Her own amber eyes softened at the sight of his happiness. There was a sense of calmness that washed over her because no one knew her like he did, no one would ever understand her the way he could.

In just six short weeks, they'd be parents to a tiny little creature who would depend on them for everything.

All their friends, their brothers and their wives in particular, had warned them of the impending sleepless nights, never ending crying fits, and the general strain it might put on their lives, but Takaishi Takeru and Hikari were more than willing to step up to the challenge.

Takeru's fears paled in comparison to Hikari's though. She feared for their baby's safety, for Takeru's every time he walked out to their apartment every morning, for the bills that would pile up now that she was no longer working, for the basic necessities that that the present they were lacking.

She closed her eyes and tried to focus on the butterfly kisses that were trailing across her abdomen. And then Hikari jumped causing Takeru to look up wildly.

"Do it again!" she urged, a joy he'd never heard echoing in her voice. "Right there."

"Here?" He pointed to a spot on her stomach. She nodded and he kissed her swollen belly lightly only to receive a nudge in return.

Their eyes locked again and they both grinned largely before Takeru fell into a cooing fit, trying to speak to his unborn child.

As Hikari watched on, she knew, they were ready. Ready for what this world had to throw at them next, ready for anything. She was sure of that…

Because that one light kiss told her all she needed to know.

A kiss on the stomach means - I'm ready.

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