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Emily and Jaden: 18 turning 19

Melody and Aster, Alexis: 17

Atticus, Zane and Chazz: 20

Jesse: 19 turning 20

Yubel: 21

The King: 43

The Queen: 41

Emily's maid and adviser: 27

Jaden's Teacher and Adviser: 39


Prince Jaden stood on the palace balcony, located outside his room. The breeze was calming also quite refreshing, a change from the hot summer heat. Jaden jumped slightly as he heard a knocking coming from his door. He turned and there stood his younger twin, Emily. "Brother, I came to see you," Emily smiled warmly. "Yubel has been worried, as have I. Even young Master Syrus has worried."

"Master?" Jaden asked confused. Syrus was a young magician stooding under under the Royal Spell casters, after losing his family. "So he has advanced?"

Emily nodded. "Yes brother," Emily said. "He as at the Master level. If he completes another test he will be made your official spell caster, when you are king. Brother...Is that what is bothering you? You will be king in less than a month. It is very nerve racking as I will be next in line if you are not to marry or if you were to fall ill."

Jaden laughed and walked over to his sister. Emily was a few inches smaller then he was, she also had a strike of blonde hair on the left mixed with her brunette hair. "Sister, everything will be fine, you have nothing to worry about," Jaden assured. He knew all too well his sister worried for him, and it was true. Emily was always to be sure Jaden was doing his studies and practicing for his coronation. She also made sure he was studying to hard and that he had time for her and their father. "Now if I'm right, dinner is ready?"

Emily sighed happily and nodded leading the way.


Syrus panted heavily as he tried another transformation spell. "Little brother rest," His older brother, Zane, or Kaiser of Dragons/ Kaiser, advised from the background. "You will need it, young Master."

"I've come this far!" Syrus yelled with determination. "Why should I stop? I can be the future spell caster for his future majesty!"

"You are out of energy meaning the spell is sure to fail," Zane explained. "I did this at your age. I was sixteen when I reached Masters."

Syrus spun around and pointed his staff at his brother. "That was four years ago," Syrus screamed. "You're now twenty and the Kaiser of Dragons!" Zane sighed heavily. It was true. He quit becoming a spell caster at sixteen after he was first able to summon his Guardian Monster, the Cyber Dragon. Actually he could summon three of them and can fuse them at will. An old Royal Spell cacter named Kasier Shepperd appeared back to the palace and asked to train Zane, as he explained her was the heir to the Cyber Legacy. From there Shepperd trained Zane and Zane was named the highest ranking spell caster, by the king himself, Kaiser Zane. "I'm only trying to help. Let's go to the kitchen, dinner is going to be served about now."

Syrus sighed, as a jolt of lightning went for Zane. Zane's look sharped. He reached for his sword and deflected the jolt away from him into open space. Syrus could stop apologising after that all the way to the kitchen.


Emily and Jaden walked through the palace garden, near the lake. There was a pond in the middle of the garden, that split into individual rivers, leading out of the palace. Emily and Jaden spotted Zane and Syrus on the small wall, that surrounded the lake, with their feet resting in the cool, icey water. Syrus turned and waved as he saw the young royalty. "Hey Jaden, Emily over here!" He called. Jaden said to Syrus to never call him "Your majesty". Friends don't need to be formal anyway.

Emily and Jaden worked over to the Spell casters. "Hello Syrus, Zane," Emily blushed as she said Zane's name. It was rumored the two were seen together often after the young princess' studies.

Zane smirked as he welcomed the princess by taking her hand, leaning down and kissing her fingers. "Nice to see you again, Emily," Zane welcomed. "Please take a seat."

Emily and Jaden removed their sandles, climbed onto the wall before plunging their feet into the water. This was their favourite pass time. Talking to each other, until their teachers called for them for their studies. They always made it last as long as they could.


Melody strolled down the palace halls, with a dashing young teal haired man tailing her. "We re almost there," Melody smiled to the young man.

"Thank you," The man smiled. "And please call me Jesse."

Jesse? Melody thought. What a nice name! He will certainly fit into our family. They reached the King's room where he and his wife were talking to Yubel. "You're majesties," Melody called. "Our young knight is here."

The Queen eyes him up and down. "My, my," she smiled. "What a fine you man. The Crystal knight lives up to his name."

Jesse knelt down onto one knee and bowed before his king. "I am honored to serve my king and kingdom," Jesse stated. "I will obey."

Yubel stared at the boy. It was unknown to him that Jesse was coming to the palace. His reputation exceeded him and he was to become the public protected for the young prince. It would appear that Yubel had competition for the young prince's heart.


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