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Emily and Jaden: 18 turning 19

Melody, Syrus and Aster, Alexis: 17

Atticus, Zane and Chazz: 20

Jesse: 19 turning 20

Yubel: 21

The King: 43 (Taylor)

The Queen: 41 (Julia)

Emily's maid and adviser (Michelle): 27

Jaden's Teacher and Adviser (Julian): 39


Jaden lay in his bed, he was scared. What was to be of his future? Jesse watched from the door way. He found he was too shy to approach the prince. The prince was seeming quite.. attractive. Jaden turned his head to the door way. "Oh hello Jesse," he said sitting up. "What brings you here? It's the middle of the night. You should be in your chambers."

"I was taking a wonder around," Jesse simple answered.

"Fair enough," Jaden shrugged. "I was just thinking anyway."

"About what, may I ask?" Jesse asked walking over to the prince.

"The future," Jaden sighed sadly. "Father has chosen a bride for me."

Jesse's heart skipped a beat. Jaden's bride was already chosen? Jesse knew that he could never be with Jaden as he was his protector and Jaden had to produce an heir to the throne. "Are you pleased with this?" Jesse asked hoping the answer was a 'no.'

"In a way, I suspose I am," That is when Jesse's heart broke. "I am to be king and will need a fine queen by my side. But this love shall be one sided."

"What do you mean?" Jesse exclaimed.

"I love another," Jaden confessed. "But this other be not a woman."


Outside the door, Emily hid behind the door way, easdropping. Zane's eye brow twitched. "Aren't you susposed to be in bed?" He whispered leaning over he shoulder.

Emily jumped five feet into the air. "In the name of- What the hell are you doing?" She whispered loudly, but not too loudly so her brother was to hear them.

"Trying to stop you from easdropping on your brother as usual," Zane replied bluntly. And I need to talk to you in private."

"Fine," Emily groaned as Zane led her out to the courtyard.

The stars shined brightly and the moon was beautifully round. "The night is beautiful," Emily breathed.

"It truely is," Zane agreed. "But that only makes me think of the beauty in your eyes."

Emily shot her head around. "Who are you and where is Kaiser?" Emily joked. "Seriously, are you sick? I mean I have known you all my life and you are cool, calm and collective. The Kaiser I know would never-"

"Ask someone weather or not -" Zane cut off mid sentence by Emily.

Emily laughed a little before it sunk in. "What?" She asked softly. "Now I'm scared! I mean you.. you never act this way. You are Kasier. And I mean- Umph!" Zane kissed her deeply on the lips. Emily didn't even have chance to enjoy the kiss as she slapped him. Zane held his cheek softly. The pain stung. Why? Why was the princess like this with him? You should never cross the line between royality and kaiser! Emily reminded herself.


Yubel rushed into Jaden's chambers. "You majesty, your bride is here," Yubel stated.

Jesse's looked unsatisfied by this. Just then right, there he was goingo to admit his feelings. Damn Jaden's bride. They sighed as they madde there way to the throne room.

Everyone was gathered in the throne room. There stood the King and Queen with Princess Alexis. "Princess Alexis?" Jesse gasped.

"Yes. I am Jaden's bride," Alexis said.

"Oh no," Emily mumbled. "I sense trouble."

"How come?" Zane asked.

"Yubel's at the door," Emily said pointed to the door.

Everyone turned to the door. She was right. Yubel walked forward and to everyone's surprised... bowed in front of Alexis. "I am hornored to be meeting our future Queen."

Oh Ra, Emily thought. This is going to be trouble. Jaden had declared his undying love for Yubel after she swore to protect Jaden. "I will be moving to their kingdom for the time being," Jaden blurted bluntly. Everyone, but his parents, looked up in shock. Jaden couldn't move. He just couldn't. "Yubel well be joining me as well as Jesse. Sister will remain here."

Emily ran up to Jaden and cried in his chest. Not even the day they were born were the seperated. "No brother, not ever," She wailed.

"Sister, it is in the best interest of our kingdom if I went into hinding," Jaden replied with a soft smile. "You need to stay here."

Emily shook her head. Zane grabbed her shoulders and pulled her away. "No you can't leave," Emily turned to Jesse. "Aren't you going to say anything? Please you have to! Jesse, you know this is wong."

Jesse remained quiet. "It is my duty to my Lord," Jesse replied. "My duty is to Jaden."

Emily stormed out of the room. "Love, you should go and tend to our daughter," The King said.

His wife nodded chasing her daughter. Jaden stood and stared at Jesse. He knew not what to say. After his confession, what was there to say. My Knight, Jaden thought. That is what I wish to call you. My Knight. For you to protect me and only me.

Jesse excused himself from the room. A single tear ran down his cheek. My prince, he thought. How can you do this? Oh my Lord, I thought you were different. But I was wrong. Jesse placed his fingers to his lips. His young his had gently placed his lips against his own. He imagined that he would be wih his prince through thick and thin, but not in this way. He longed to be Jaden's lover not his servent. I love the prince more then anything, He thought.


Jaden wondered outside of the palace. Zane followed him, ready to defend him if something happened. "Is my brother going with you?" Zane asked. Jaden remained quite. "Answer me!"

"Yes alright?" Jaden exclaimed. "There is a spell caster there that can train him!"

"I can train him here," Zane snapped.

"You must stay here and protect my sister," Jaden ordered. "You will do as I say."

"Syrus is my brother he needs me!"

"My future kingdom needs you more," Jaden stated. "I'll be leaving tomorrow! Deal with it."

Zane growled under his breathe. He knew he had to lusten to Jaden. Wheather he liked it or not. He was scared for his brother and Jaden. "I will obey," Zane mumbled walking off.


Julia walked into her daughter's room. Emily was on her bed crying her eyes out. "Sweet heart," She cooed sitting on the bed. "Jaden is only leaving until the wedding. And you may have regular contact with him. But I would give him his wedding gift now."

"But mother," Emily began. "I had planned to give him on the night."

"Please," Julia begged. "It is in the best interest."

"Very well," Emily agreed wiping her tears.

"Oh and also, Zane is a fine suiter," Julia smirked. "Now come on."

Emily followed her mother. There was nothing to do now. No matter how much she wanted him to say.


Jaden hopped onto his horse, along with Alexis. "We wish you luck," Julia said.

"Keep up your studies," Taylor laughed.

"Yes mother, yes father," Jaden said. "I will miss."

"Brother," Emily said holding up an egg. "This is for you." Jaden took the egg, a confused look on his face. "It is a duel monster egg. The monster will be hatched soon."

"Thank you, sister," Jaden smiled. "I must be off now. Good family."

"Goodbye," His family said.

Jaden went off. Syrus and Jesse close behind. He preyed his family would be safe without them. Besides Yubel was with them.


Yubel stood in front of the alter. "Please Uria," Yubel begged. "Bring Jaden back to me. Bring me back the one who swore me his enternal love."

The alter glowed a bright gold. Uria would obey.


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