Living with survival

Chapter 1- day 1-3

The Meyers family

The tall slightly tanned young man walked down the quiet street of his neighbourhood. A half smoked cigarette held between his middle and index finger. He was seven and a half weeks away from his 19th birthday, his mother was in her mid 40s and his father was about to be 50 in the coming weeks. He had two older brothers both in the mid twenties, both of them bachelors, living together less then a mile from where there parents lived. The eighteen year old turned off of Curtis Street, walking at a slow pace towards his brother's house. His iPod turned to full volume and the depressing sound of joy division blasting in his ear.

The young man arrived at his destination less than 20 minutes after he left his mom and dad at home. The front door swung open to reveal his older brother Michael, "Hello Jon, go straight through, I'm just sorting some stuff out up stairs". This meant two things, one I was to go through to the living room no questions asked, and two the stuff he was sorting out up stairs, was without a doubt some floozy he met at the pub the night before.

I stepped through to the centre of the house; the large room had a familiar odour of tobacco. Tim sat close to the TV. The scenes of rioting and brutality could be seen on the news update.

"This is happening 40 miles down the road Jon. What the fuck are these hippies taking a beating for this time?" Jon knew instantly what his brother was referring to. The bloody mess happening throughout the country. Jon shrugged his shoulders; he cared little for the happenings that didn't directly influence him or his beloved family. The front door opened and closed in quick succession. Michaels one night stand had assumingly left/been kicked out. Michael entered with a grin on his face. "Thank god I won't see her again". This was mikes way with women, wham bam thank you mam. "Oh, and turn this shit off, I'm sick of this rioting mess, stick a film on". So there the three brothers stayed. Ignorant to the virus that was quickly gripping there country. That night would be there last night of normality, and a prologue to the horror that was to come.

The following morning started as normal as everyone preceding it. The three sat round the living room eating there various cereals. "Trust me, a relationship is the best thing you could have" Jon's continuous pro relationship opinion was always met with Mikes wisdom riddled treat them mean, keep them keen jargon. There pointless and everyday conversation carried on throughout breakfast. Then the news was turned on.

All civilians are being advised to stay in doors. Stock up on food and barricade all entrances to there home.

The virus has spread to several cities in the north, the midlands being the rifest with the violence breaking out all over the U.K. London has also been reported to have severe outbreaks of this new and volatile disease.

"Virus, disease. I haven't heard anything about this before. If people are sick, why the hell are they rioting for." Tim's words were met only with silence.

Mike rose quickly from his relaxed position. "I think we had better go over and see mom and dad". Jons face began to drop into a deeply fearful contortion of its former position. He had never seen his brother look so worried. It was the word virus that had worried them, and if the violence was in London now. They knew they had to get to there parents. The brother's dad. Ben had been blinded in a car accident 12 years earlier. Which meant that mom was also in a vulnerable position, looking after there blind father and having to look after herself. 10 minutes after the tele's revelation, they were in Mike's car and speedily making there way to there parents house.

The news broadcast was right. It was chaos on the roads. Police cars and ambulances littered the usually quiet suburbs. But within 15 minutes they had arrived. The boys were relieved to see there mom unharmed, Ben was sitting in his usual armchair, listening closely to the regular broadcasts.

"Mom I think it would be best if we left London for a while, you know just until its a bit safer"

"Oh goodness me mike, we aren't leaving London. This is our home, it's just a bunch of pissed up hippies running riot"

"Mom they said something about a virus" Jons tone showed utter fear.

"Oh come on son, don't believe this crap. The government are always going on about some new flu." Dad's usual scepticism shone through once again.

"Please dad, it will only be a while, I just want us all to be safe, together." With Tim's remark, a gut retching sound came from down the street. A shriek, barely recognisably as human. Several more followed. Gun shots could be heard in the distance.

"Oh Jesus its here" Jons fear toned voice was now terror stricken

Dad stood up with an undeniable urgency "we are leaving right now"

The family left quickly towards Mike's car. A brief argument over whose car to take was quickly extinguished as the sight of several hundred people surging up the street towards them; they were all visibly running from something." How did all this happen so quickly" no one answered the mothers shocked question.

Mike jumped in the driving seat, Ben in the passenger, and Tim and Jon piled in the back." One second boys, I have to go and get and get my purse." Mom darted towards the house."Jesus Trish the whole city is going mad and all you can think about is your bloody purse" Ben's voice was barely audible over the distance police sirens. The crowd was running up the street passing right by the car. Then came those screams again, those animalistic shrieks. They were within the crowd.

Jon was the first to notice the infecteds distinction, the gore red eyes, and blood soaked faces. "Get mom out of the house quick. Those are the people with the virus, there the carriers. The infected" Bens face was filled with fear, fear for his wife and children, the fear that he could do nothing to protect them.

Trish left the front door brandishing her purse. Two passing infected instantly zoned in on her position. She withdrew from her would be attackers. Slamming the front door on them. " there after mom, we got to help her" as soon as this plea left Tim's lips, a large man, well over 6 foot leaped on to the car bonnet, his eyes like all the others, blood leaked from his face. His clothes mangled by the carnage he had reeked upon the quiet street" oh my god. Get him off" two more infected besieged the car. Slamming upon the rear and side windows. "We have got to help your mother" dads words were not voiced at his kids but to the house his wife was now imprisoned within. "Dad I cant there's too many out there now". There were dozens surrounding the car now, and many more at the door of the house.

The car engine revved, and within a second the car was speeding off from the infected. But only Jon looked back, only he had the courage to look back to the home they had lived in, to the mother they had to leave behind, and it was only he that watched as the door was smashed down and dozens of the violent creatures swarmed into the house. Then they turned a corner sharply, and the home they had lived in was gone.

"we have got to turn back, your mother is still in there, Trish is still at home" the brothers all had saw the countless infected that were running down the road, Ben had not."Dad they beat the door in. They got in" Jon's statement was muffled by his burst of tears. Tim drew his younger brother in close, and arm around his shoulder. "dad there were to many, I can't go back, mom, s-she cant be saved" Bens face turned to his son, it would appear he was looking straight into Mike's eyes." You left her to die Mike, there was more you could have done"

"Dad, you couldn't see what was happening back there, there were loads" Tim tried to soften the blow of what a father had just said to his son. But the wound had already been made.

"I know dad, I left mom to die" Mike drove on stern faced. He drove on until he hit traffic, not a word was passed between the family.

The infected soon followed. But by then a bright idea from Tim had landed them in a recently abandoned terrace house, its door wide open, the four knew that driving aimlessly was going to get them know where but killed, especially when the chaos was at its peak. They decided to wait it out for a while, and driving down the empty street, spotting the open door, they saw there chance for momentary refuge. The car sat outside, marked in bloodied hand prints and a cracked rear window. Tim and Jon had barricaded the small front window quickly; the back and front doors were braced with various heavy items. But all the while, as Tim and Jon raced through the unfamiliar house adding to the barricade, getting ready for when the infected would race up this street. Ben sat in an upstairs bedroom, silent, and Michael lay curled in a ball in the bathroom, sobbing.

The night came, as did the infected. There screams heard tearing down the street. But none approached the quiet house. The house filled with regret, shame and fear. There the broken family waited throughout the third day of infection, barely a word being uttered, a muted news channel constantly being watched for the latest updates. Jon and Tim strolled aimlessly throughout the dark house, tears running down there cheeks. But Ben and Michael never moved from there places of grievance.