Living With Survival

Chapter 7- Day 29

The End of End

Dear Jon

I have saw the pain you have been going through over the loss of your

Family over the past ten days, and I can't bear to see it anymore. Please don't

Follow me as I will be back as soon as I've found out if Tim is dead, I'm going to search that

church for him. Ill return here when I know whether he is dead or not. At least then you can have true closure over your brother. I will be back within a day or two.

I love you.

I love you, the words swam around in his head. She had been gone nearly two days. He knew in his hearts if hearts she was not coming back.

He packed a few bags of food, and through them in the car that had been parked outside of the shop. The keys had been left behind. Who ever had owned this place must have had another vehicle. Jon knew the first place he had to go was the church.

He didn't know how to drive very well, he had a few lessons, but had given up pretty fast. A few false starts later and he was driving on his way into London. A singular stretch of smoke rising from its centreā€¦..