Author's Notes: This is a collection of fanfics about the what-if scenarios in F/SN. I start with the one where Sakura and Rin switch places(So Sakura stays and Rin's got adopted).

It contains two chapters(one for both Rin and Sakura). I start with the one where Sakura lives as a Tohsaka mage. It's an alteration of the first day of the VN prolouge.

WARNING: Minor spoilers from the Visual Novels. Nothing serious, but if you especially sensitive to spoilers then be warned!

31 January:

"Brrring. Brrring."


Something is ringing. It must be the alarm clock. I am still sleepy because I was up 'till two and I try to ignore it for a while.

"Brrring. Brrring."

The sound doesn't stop. It rings so loudly that even my ears are vibrating. I am dead tired and everything happening around me feels so distant. But it's not enough of an excuse to keep me from going to school. I am a top student and I don't have the luxury of skipping school. Besides, I have little worries about my studies. So the school is more like a place for me where I can relax and meet people. It's not exactly that way, but I chose to live that way.

I am a magus. I could have chosen to isolate myself from others or leave this place. But I'm not such a gloomy person and I have an important reason to stay here.

You may get funny ideas about the mages or magic and I leave it to you for now, but I have to tell you something. Being a magus a very serious matter, a thing you can't be half-hearted of. On the top of that the modern world can't aprove of the existence of magic. It's a secret that is more important than your own or anyone else's life!

Yesterday I was deciphering my father's will that took much of my magical energy. For a magi the magical energy equals one's life force. In short depletion of magical energy shows up in physical and mental fatigure. I want to sleep till noon, but even if it's hard or painfull I have to wake up now.

I open my eyes at last and look on the alarm clock. It's past seven!


It can't be! I usally set the alarm clock at 6:30 so I have time to lesiurely wake up and get ready for school. Stress incereases the wear on your body and mind, not to mention the body of a magus must endure much strain already. But I have no time for idling now! I stop the alarm and jump out of bed. Then I walk to the bathroom to wash my face.
I rarely commit any mistakes but if I am really tired or my mind is elsewhere I could be extremely clumsy and commit the strangest mistakes. Today's incident is probably something like that.

I was more like a walking corpse at the time I went to sleep so it isn't as surprising as I thought. I look at my image in the mirror.

"Ah, no good..."

Sleepiness written all over my face. My hair is messed up and I left my ribbon on. I wash my face. The cold water washes away somehow my sleepines and gives back my lost concentration. My current sleepy self can even run at the door instead of opening it first. My fatigure and sleepiness drains my concentration like crazy. So 'curing' it is the first priority now. Other things comes later.

I done at the bathroom and walk down the stairs. My home's a huge western style manison. It seems even more bigger if someone lives alone. If you haven't noticed that's exactly my situation. I lost my father 10 years ago and live pretty much alone since then. You may pity me, but I don't need any.

I make some really strong coffee and 4 sandwitches. I need that energy more than anytime. After the breakfast I feel more lively and notice that I'm still in my pajamas.

"This is bad."

I need to be watchful today. I hurry upstairs.


I am done with everything and leave my home. I packed some coffee just in case. It'll be a long day.

My home is on the top of the hill of Fuyuki City. It looks cold and unfriendly. Maybe it's because of the Boundary Field.

"Schliessung. Verfahren Drei."

I weave my worlds with magical energy quickly to activate the security of the house. Being a magus, I can't let my guard down. Every magus's house hides many secrets even(or more so) from other mages. It's the same with mine. Not as if many people walks here occasionally. The place is pretty isolated and lonely. I rarely see a stray cat or a bird here. That bothers me sometimes.

I walk down the hill. Despite there's a bit chance of me being late I walk at the usual. pace. I would not allow myself something as clumsy as runing all the way. As a member of the Tohsaka family I act with compusure and elegance all the time in public. Seriously, taking a custom like that really means that my family originates from a high class background. And that's the case. The Tohsaka is a family of Magi with an ancient history.

Oh, I forgot to introduce myself, I am Tohsaka Sakura. I'm halfway to the school, but...

"It's strange."

It's almost quarter to eight and I hardly saw any people. Usally at times like this street is full of life. Maybe everyone slept in because of the cold weather.

"Even so..."

I rarely see any students. Maybe the school's canceled today? Impossible.

I arrive to the school at lasts. It's as calm as the streets were except suddenly a familliar sound calls me.

"Oh, Tohsaka! You came a little early today!"

My mind freezes. I am honestly surprised. I hope it doesn't shows on my expression. She asks another question.

" didn't sleep enough?"

She's Mitsuzuri Ayako. One of my aquaintances' best friend and a senpai of mine. She's strangely observant somethimes...and maybe I really look that tired. Anyways I've found out the reason why the streets were that empty. Every clock in my house has set to an hour fast. Maybe it's the effect of the magic released from my father's will. I hope it causes nothing other than that. I recover from my little surprise and answer her with my usual way.

"Yes. I have a hard time to sleep on cold days."

It wasn't a lie, but today's reason is different.

"It's rather cold today Isn't it?"


I answer simply. To be honest I just want to get away from her. I don't feel like chattering about useless things with her. Especially today.

"Or you maybe came to visit the archery club again? But it got cancelled today."

She's the president of the archery club at school. And the reason of the cancel is their teacher, Fujimura-sensei's absence for today's practice. The reason is unknown. Oh, and why I visit the archery club occassionally? It's a bit complicated. Somehow it has to do with the mentioned aquiantance of mine.

"I know, but I have to do something today. Sorry, I have to go."

Her eyes widen and her face tells her great surprise. The thing I said was just a lie to get away. I am still a bit sleepy and feel more and more uncomfortable. It's not that I hate her. On the contrary, I am on good terms with her. It's just that she's the kind of person I have a hard time to deal without showing my true character. Even more today.

"Is that so? Well, then I can't keep up you any longer. Bye!"


With that I leave. I wonder why she's waiting out there. Maybe for Rin, even if it's somewhat unusual. Her full name is Matou Rin and she's the mentioned aquaintance of mine. A friend even if we don't talk much. She seems loud, strict and antisocial at first, but I know she's kind and works hard. She's in the same class as Msuzuri-sempai and she's her best friend.

I reached the school building and now I walk in the corridors between classrooms, but I bump into someone I don't want to again.

"Ah Tohsaka. Good morning. I am lucky to see you so early."

He saying it with a bright smile. Matou Shinji, Rin's step-brother. He's about at the same age as her, but they're going to different classes.

He is a popular student with good grades and the Vice-president of the archery club. Very popular with the girls and usually swarmed by them. Now, surprisingly he's alone.
He and Rin don't related by blood, because Shinji's father remarried after her previous wife's death and Rin is from the second wife's previous family or so they speak because I've never talked about that with Rin. In contrast Rin's able to speak volumes about his brother's doings, perhaps with agitation and anger. Actually,Rin and Shinji don't get along too well but surprisingly she almost never argues with him. After a short pause I return his greeting.

"Good morning, Matou-kun. What brings you here so early alone?"

He's surprised by my direct question for a while. I'm feeling myself a bit tired despite all my effort to vanish this. Maybe that's why my true character slips out a bit. But I really don't have the patience to deal with him as usual. He suddenly regains his confident smile and answers.

"As the captain of the archery club I have some responsibilities even if the activities are cancelled today."

He states that proudly as if he's a president of a big company. Not to mention he's a little bit mistaken.

"Excuse me, Matou-kun. You forgot one world."

"Really? Which one?"

He asks me with a smile to break his own world. Honestly, I enjoy this. Not as if I am sadistic or a bad person. I just like to win, be it in anything. And I can't lose this opportunity even if I am tired like this.

"The 'Vice' part. You are the Vice-president of the archery club. It doesn't mean much, but if you put a lot weight on it people might think you're concerned about it.."

I said it innocently, like it's a kind advice. He's confused how to react. His boiling point is relatively low, like Rin's and my words surely angered him. But after a while he forces out a narrow smile.

"...Oh, Really? Thank you for correcting me. I'll be carefull from now on."

It really must've irritated him. It's the most obviously forced smile I've ever seen. He really wants to shout at me, or even hit me for making fun at him and crushing his pride. But he can't, because doing that endangers his reputation. He's that kind of guy. Everything he does is just for show. I wonder why Rin once said that he's a good person at heart. He's just a balloon with nothing worthwhile inside.

"I've done nothing to earn your thanks, but I don't mind if you thank me. Goodbye, Matou-kun!"

I take my leave after that, but he calls out for me.

"Hold on. You visit the archery range more often lately. Do you have any interest in archery? If yes, I could give you some lessons."

He asks me with a feigned courteousy. I don't know why he's interested in my answer but I'll be honest.

"Thank you, but it's not as if I have an interest in archery. I visit the club to see some people I know."

He honestly is surprised and his eyes widen twice to their size. It's the truth. I just came to watch Rin and some other poeple if I had a bit of freetime and cheer for it. He snaps out of his surprise and smiles.

"You don't have any interest in it? So thats, how it is...that explains many things. Like why you only visited at afternoons."

He's strangely confident. I don't know reason, but he's undoubtedly making a big misunderstanding.

"...Oh, so you knew, Matou-kun?"

"Yes, our eyes met many times. After I shot you would always looking at me, right? I wanted to call out for you, but it's the rules, you know? We can't raise our voice at the range."

He comes closer to me. Now I get it. He could certainly have taken it that way. I have to correct him again and leave at last. I need to drink some coffee. I know it's bad for my health and makes me even more tired later but it's a ridiculously effective cure for my sleepiness.

"Can you move away, Matou-kun? I really don't like people coming this close to me."

My voice was a bit frustrated, showing my irritation. His eyes widens and glares at me.

"Uh? Tohsaka, what?"

Shinji moves away at last. I start my words in a more serious tone than usual.

"It's not my style, but it seems you have a serious misunderstanding so I put it in terms even you can understand. I have even less interest in you than in archery. Now if you excuse me I want to go into my classroom."


He loses the fragile composure he had and looks angered now.I walk away simply, not even taking a bit of attention to him.

"Goodbye Matou-Kun. Being confident a good thing but it sometimes leads to delusions."


His words are trembling with anger but it doesn't look like he's going to shout or chase me. To be honest, even I am surprised by my rudeness today.

This is not my day. I bump into people I don't want to one after another. I was near the student council room when I saw Ryudou Issei, the Student President. We're on bad terms with each other. The cause relates back to the days when I went to the same middle school as him.


She looks on me as if I am a dangerous animal.

"Good morning, Student President. Patrolling in this early in the morning? Or perhaps taking care of the club rooms? You're pretty dilligent today as well."

Despite I showed my true character a while ago I am almost back to my usual self. Maybe it's the power of habit. I've talked him that way since back in middle school when I was the member of the Student Council with him.

"Huh!What are you planning? What are you doing here? You're not in any clubs."

He's ignoring every word of mine he jumps to the point disturbs him the most. It's rude, but makes things quick at least.

"Nothing special. I just felt like it."

He seemingly wants to doubt my reasons but gives up and asks another question.

"...Let me ask a question, Tohsaka. Have you been staying at school until late at night recently?"

"No. You should know I always go straight home, Ryudou-kun."

My question confused him a bit.

"O-Of course I know. It's my job, so I naturally know about everyone."

"I see. Then why are you asking it from outsiders like me? You surely able to gather information on your own."

"I-idiot. How could be you an outsider? Don't think I don't know your evil deeds on our treasurer, you fox!"

Oh, I almost forgot. For him, I am a devil that disguise herself as an angel. He accuses me gratuitously sometimes, but this time he's half-right.

"Oh, you misunderstand. I was merely working out the proper distribution of the club budgets, because many people I know were distatisfied with that."

More than that, I was merely curious what's going on. From everything I heard the whole thing smelled fishy. It's about the favoritism of the non-sporting clubs. Despite the sport clubs needed the money more they've got less than clubs like the math club. I went to visit the treasurer to discuss things. I cornered him and extracted a great amount of information about the cause.

"...How can damaging our treasurer's psyche to the point he can't go to school for a week a 'right thing' for a student? I am utterly amazed by your way of thinking..."

Suddenly the door opens and a boy comes out, holding a wrench.

"Issei, the repairs are done."

He's Emiya Shirou, from class 2-C. How I know his name? He isn't popular, but let's say I know his name because of various reasons. the Student President turns to him and says:

"Ah, sorry Emiya. I'm the one who asked for help but it seems you're doing most of the work. Forgive me."

"Don't worry about it. So, where's next? there's no much time left."

"You're right. The next is the AV room. Let's go."

Everything was so sudden. The Student president and Emiya leaves. But after a few steps Emiya turns back and says:

"You're up early, Tohsaka."

And with that he leaves.

...This supposed to be a greeting? Whatever I really need to go to my classroom.

It's 7:30. I'm in my class but no one's here. I think I rest for a while then drink some coffee. I deffinietly need it!

Fourth term ends and I eat my lunch on the rooftop. It's lunchbreak. I tried to sleep at class as much as possible without anyone noticing. I rarely hear anything new on the lessons so Ioften sleep and feign attention. Not to mention I really need that energy for tonight.

No one's here in winter. It's because of the strong wind. It's a little uncomfortable, but only a little sacrafice for my peace. I bought my lunch at the cafeteria today. It's a rare thing because I usally make my own, but today's circumstances are rather special.

It's difficult being good student while I try to be not too social. I want to be number one both academically and physically. You could call it my own vanity, but it's more like a conviction. If I am to be a student, then I should be the best. Without that I think I dishonor the Tohsaka name. I even heard I became the school's idol. And why I try to avoid too much contact?

It doesn't mean I don't have any normal friends, but while I stay being nice I keep my distance from everyone. It's my way to protect them. I have the dangerous job as a Mage. I don't want anyone dragging into that danger.

Besides, normally, If a mage's identity discovered he or she has no other choice but to eliminate the witness. I don't want to do that. So inveniatably my school life has become a shallow one. I rarely hang out with people and I try to refuse any invitations. I try to become not too important to anyone even if I am the best honor student. Maybe it seems boring to you, but it's enough for me. Compared to the cold world of magic it's really refreshing. But I should rest a bit now.


The homeroom ends and I leave the school. As soon as I am at home, the honor student Tohsaka Sakura changes into the magus of the Tohsaka family. I've just managed to open my father's will. It may contains the thing I need for the coming event.

I'm at home. The manison's Boundary Field not lets out even an ounce of magical energy. It's natural for any mage's workshop, but it somehow makes the whole place unfriendly and even suffocating. I'm long used to this, but I still feel the obvious difference between being at home and in the school.

I notice a blinking light on my answering machine. It's unusual. I should look on it.

"Just as I thoug, It's Kirei"

Kotomine Kirei is a priest at the church. He's a quite complicated person. Same with my connection with him.

I know roughly what he's going to say, but I choose to play it anyway. He could be scary when I ignore him. I press the button and hear his voice.

"It's me, I'm sure you know, but today's the deadline, Sakura. It is a problem for me if you take it easy. There are only two ramaining seats. I must ensure all the Masters are arranged quickly."

Just as I expected, he gets to the point instantly without any mercy.

"If you wish to abaddon your right to be a Master, contact me today. It takes some time to dispatch a substitute magus."

Liar. You can get a new mage in no time. Not to mention I never had the intention of giving up. I do it even if you want to stop me!

"You already shows signs of the Command Spell. Quickly, summon your Servant and open the Command Spell. Unless if you plan to abandon it. If you value your life , you should run to the church quickly."

The message ends here.

He tells me to summon my Servant and become a proper Master quickly or I'm an eyesore and retire quickly from the Holy Grail War. Maybe because of my constant fatigure but I forgot to tell something. I am going to participate in an event called the Holy Grail War.

It's a War between magi. The number of participants are only seven, but because everyone's a capable mage it really is more like a war. Seven Magus kills each other in unknown ways to get athe Holy Grail, an item that can grant any kind of wish.

The Tohsaka family participated in this event every time. And it's not going to change that time. My father fought in the last one and died. But I'm not joining because of my family or responsibility. It's only my own curiosity about the Holy Grail. I don't have any practicular wish, I just want to test and prove my ability as a mage.

Every participants of the War called Masters. It is not much of a rank, more like an indication who's in control.

The requirments to enter the Holy Grail War. That is to summon a familliar called a Servant and form contract with it. No magus , no matter how great considered a Master without a Servant in his control. The Servants are very different from the normal familliars. The methods of summoning and controling them different as well. A magus preparing to enter the holy grail war usally prepares a cathalyst, but...

"...I wish Father could left me something with the connection to a Saber."

Even if I don't have anything in 'connection' I can summon a Servant. I can even do it right now. But it's how to say...foolish. The Servants are attached to symbols. If you want a strong Servant you should have a symbol that has a connection to that Servant.

"I was hoping there'd be something like that in Father's will, but...This is a great trumph card too, but still..."

I'm looking down on a pendant. I found in a container in the basement, one of the best articrafts in it's class. It's a great jewel of the Tohsaka family. We excell in the transformation of power and usually conserve our magical energy in jewels. This jewel is about hundred years old and it contains the equivalent of ten years of my magical energy. There was said to be a heirloom, and this might well be it. With the magical energy as great as that, pretty much any kind of spell is possible.

So it's a grat articraft, but it's not going to help me summoning a Servant.

"Alright. I do it as I planned. Be it with a catalyst or not. I am the best suited for Saber anyway."

I'll face summoning tonight with full power and obtain Saber with force. That's my sole option now.I rewiev few texts then I go to sleep. I can't afford myself to screw up. I have to be as fresh as possible. I'm going to sleep until midnight.

Late at night. The clock is about to strike three. This is the best timeframe for my magical energy. The peak of my magical energy is exactly at two in the morning. Because every clock in the manision were an hour fast and I don't have time to adjust all of them I start the ritual one hour later according to the clock. Since it'll be my first and last chance I can't afford any mistakes. I begin the ritual.

I engreave a circle onto the floor of the basement and start the chanting. You don't need a large scale summoning to call a Servant. The Servants are brought by the Holy Grail. The duty of the Master only to begin the summon and feed the Servant with enough magical energy after the contract with the Servant is complete. The Holy Grail takes care of the summoning.

Still I continue with the greatest concentration. I draw the magic circle, normally written with blood, with my melted jewels.

...I am using half the jewels I saved up so I can't fail for financial reasons too.

I'm almost ready and the time draws near. It's the magic circle passed down through the Tohsaka family. The time draws near and I I face the ritual with all my power.


I flip a formless switch inside me I feel a sensation as if the contents of my body being exchanged. The usual nerves are turning to circuits, transmiting magical energy.

From this point I am not human. I shall become a part of the tool to attain mystic power.

I am being filled from my fingertips. The concentrated magical energy that being absorbed from the air is repainting my senses. Somehow being filled the same as being destroyed. My body's absorbing the magical power and transform it to a different kind of magic energy. The body of a magus nothing more than a circuit. It connects the spiritual and real world. And we call the result as magic.

The thing I'm doing now is feels unbelievably painful. I start sweating. I've got the bizzarest illusions about my body. This is all the result that my human body rejects being a Magic circuit. This pain remains as long as a magus uses magic in human body. But I do not loosen my circulation. The result is near. My Magic Crest activates on it's own to help to help in the process and violates my nerves even more.

My blood is filled with magic. If that feels like burning iron, then the magic crest like a nerve full of thorns. I start to lose myself to that pain and simultaenusly I feel that I've reached to my goal.

I can't see anything but my overly sensitive hearing hears the sound of the clock in my living room. I have 10 more seconds left. The power within me pure and flawless.

I start the part of 'summoning'. I empty out the magical energy I gathered to the engine called Summoning Circle. Meanwhile I chant the ancient text I found in my father's will.

Everything goes well. My vision starts to closen again. The fifth element, said to be unprecievable by human eyes is before me in enerormous amount. So in fear to being broken by it my vision shuts itself down.

I empty out all of the mana I absorbed and finish the chant. It's perfect. I know it! The euphoria overwhelms me.

I can't wait to open my eyes. A summoned servant must be right before my eyes. I can't wait to see it! My vision returns and I open my eyes...


No change. I am raged and frustrated. That much ether and nothing has formed. Nothing!

"It can't..."

A sound of explosion from the living room.


I barely could stand a moment ago from the mental and physical fatigure. But I have to see what happened. I run, run and run. And I am at the door at last and open it.

Something cracks as I open the door and...


The door fell to the ground with myself. I look up and I am truly amazed.

The whole place in ruins. But it's not what grabs my attention. A figure in red sitting on the rumble cockily. Without a doubt he's the cause of mess.


I can't finish my sentence because I have a bunch of questions about him. Like what exactly is he? I imagined the servants as less human beings, more like monsters or mythical creatures as their powers suggests. Is he really a Servant? With a misplaced summoning anything is possible. I remained silent and tired to observe things. Even if I ask him I can't be sure he answers or understands me at all. But the more I looked at him he seemed more and more human-like. I can even accept him as human if he doesn't have such an enoroumus magic power. He has a corporeal body formed by ether, just as I read. Reproducing it night impossible by magic. The only thing can make something like him probably one of the five sorceries.

"Man, I can't bear the silence any more. I have one question. You are my master, right?"

He spoke! How silly of 's only natural. Every Heroic Spirit were once human. They've achived great deeds and gained this rank as a gift. Every soul has a part where it stores the memory of the physical body. So it's only natural for a human soul to have a human body.

"I don't know you're my master or not, but it's problematic to say nothing at all. And how long you plan to remain in that position?"

His sarcastic comments snapped me out of my awe. I realise I'm still lying on the ground. I try to get up, but I trip many times. My mind is partially elsewhere and perhaps my tiredness can't help. It took over a minute to get up. Then I close my eyes and try to regain my composure. After a while I open it and answer him with a question.

"I have a question first. You're my Servant?"

I am serious and look into directly his eyes. The Servant is surprised for a moment then answers.

"I don't know. This is my first time when I have been summoned. I can't grasp the situation well. That's entirely possible that you aren't my Master. I didn't see you when I was summoned."

He's deffinietly twisted. He angers me more and more.

"Really? I don't think you are a newborn chick who can only determine your Master when you open your eyes. You should know well there's other ways to determine who's the master."

He frowns then he makes an expression that difficult to read. I don't know he's angered or impressed.

"Until I can't confirm you are my Servant I am not obliged to answer any of your questions."

"That's what you say after failing your summoning and lying on a broken door for minutes? I think there's other thingsyou should say."

Perhaps because of my imperfect summoning this guy shows openly his disstatisfaction with me. Until he don't accept being my Servant and form a contract with me I am not an official Master. I have to make him accept me.

"Nothing else before we clearly determine who's the Master."

The Servant raises his brow.

"Hm. So we have to define who's the master, huh? Your actions are full of mistakes, but your mouth is rather better...Yes. Until we decide who's the weaker and who's the stronger, it'll be hard to handle each other."

He looks on me rather meaningfully.

"W-Who's the weaker?"

My words are trembling a bit. I have a hard time standing and deffinietly in a weakened state. I can't really fight. No, I can't defeat him even if I am at full strenght. He must be joking. Deffinietly!

"Yes. Do you have any other ways? Do you have anything that proves you are my Master?

I take a quick look on the back of my right hand. A strange symbol engraved on it. This is the Command Spell. A key tool for every Master to control the Servant. I think he's just tries to fool me. Of course he knows about the Command Spell. I show it to him to prove my right as his owner.

"This is it. Now you statisfied or still going to complain?

I smile confidently, but...

"Are you serious, young lady?"

He looks with discontent.

"Wh-what do you mean am I serious?"

He really starts to frustrate me. But I have to calm down. I can't lose my composure to his provocation.

"I mean your way of thinking. So if you have a Command Spell you're a Master? The Command Spell just a tool to govern the Servant. You act like a Master just because of that? What I wanted to see was, are you worthy for me for pledge my loyality to?"

It's true, but you normally think of the Command Spell as the proof of being Master.

"Let's clear this. Are you still doubting my right as your Master?"

"I'd like that, but no go. YSince you have the Command Spell, it seems you're my summoner. Unbelievable, but you really are my Master."

He gives an exaggerated shrug of his shoulders. I hardly can supress my anger for him. But I have to keep my composure. The great Tohsaka family can't lose to a mere Servant. I have to make him trust me or I have no chance to win the War. My first battle is a mental one with my own Servant. it's my punishment for being so confident about the summoning.

"I am not happy, but I'll accept it. But I have conditions as well. From now on I will ignore your opinions. I will decide how to fight an you will follow my plans. You only need to hide yourself here until the Holy Grail War ends. This is the best I'll compromise on. You don't mind that, right, young lady?"

It pisses me off. He thinks I am a coward? There's no way to accept his conditions.

"No, I can't accept it. I can't accept your conditions and I am not a coward. I need a Servant to fight with.

"I see what do you mean, but don't misunderstand. My victory is yours, right? When I win the War I bring you the Holy Grail. Besides an inexperienced magus like you only makes things more complicated. I can't fight and protect a girl simultaenusly.

I think this is it, father. I am close to my limit. His words like insults to both me and the Tohsaka family. He despises me. I may have to use my last resort.

"I ask you this question again. Do you accept me as your Master? Without any conditions? This is my last warning."

The Servant smirks.

"Oh. I afraid I can't. This is the surest method to win. And it ensures my safety too. If I lose my master I lose the War are you planning, young lady? You can't use your Command Spel...l"


A bright light comes from my right hand. It's the Command Spells. It has three pieces and has a key ability. with that I can order the Servant to near impossible things, but it uses up one from the three Command Spells. If I'm to use up all of them I loose my rank as Master and the control over the Servant. Using a Command Spell this early a regretful thing, but I can't work together with a Servant as disobidient as him. And he's asked for it. He made fun of everything I did up until now. I tried to use less forcefull methods, but I can't stand his attitude any longer.

"Y-You can't be serious, right?"

He tries to dissuade me now. I glare at him and smile. The light starts to engulf the whole area. I can't allow that my own Servant critise and disobey me. I announce my command.

"You idi...! Wait, are you insane, Master? Wo would use a Command Spell for something like this...!

The command starts to take effect. It was about the law of obidence. It's funny, because Servants generally obey their Masters. But this guy is a terrible exception! The light fades and my Servant stands before me. I regret using my precious Command Spell so much I want to die, but I accept it as a neccessary thing.

We walk upstairs to my room to continue our talk.

"Geez. Do you understand how important the Command Spell is , Master?"

This is my "absolutely obidient" Servant. He hasn't chanced an ounce!

"Yes. The master can claim unconditional obidience from his Servant."

"Right. Do you know what 'unconditional obidience means'? It not only forces the servant's actions. It strenghtens them. For example you can order me to your side with it. In that case I teleport right there instantly if we have enough magic for that. So with it the Servant can surpass the limits of his own."

"It's true, but we have 2 more left. Besides, if you're responsible for it too.."

I am angered by my own foolishness. If I can think more clearer I may work up a better idea.

"...Man. This was certainly a miscalculation on my own part. The Command Spell works poorly on broad orders. The effect lasts longer but some servants may be able to disobey. In contrast the single, simple actionsn are absolute and no servant can dissobey them...I think you get what I want to say right?"

"Yes. The simple orders have much more power and success than the complicated and long ones."

"Right. With the Command Spell the Servant is able to achieve the impossible. It's meaningless and stupid to use on things you can achieve normally, doesn't it?"

"I get it. So the Command Spell I used recently was meaningless?"

The Servant smiles.

"...normaly the answer would be yes. But it seems your abilities as a magus on a completely different level."

He's now complimenting me? Did my Command Spell worked?

"Completely different level you mean...tell me about your condition now!"

"That's what I meant by miscalculation on my part. That Command Spell, schould have only changed to 'Well, I respect your opinion a bit'. But now I feel strong bind from your words. If I disagree with you, let's see... it seems like I drop a rank...In other words my body feels heavy, when I disagree with your will."

He shurgs his soulders as if to say it's a pain.

So my Command Spell worked. But he stayed as sarcastical as ever. I doubt it brought that much change to him as he says.

"I have to take back my words, Master. You are young, but an outstanding magus. I was wrong to patronise you or trying to keep me from battles. I apologise for my rudeness."

With this he bow his head he starts to compliment me and being obedient. It's unlike him. I quickly apologise

"No. I was at fault too. We argued a lot, but they say usally both sides at fault in this short of thing."

"I see. I'm glad you understand."

He turned back to his former self instantly. He's a devil.

"Well...If you are that talented. I was confused and dizzy back then, but now I feel the 'connection'. A normal mage would have passed out after the summoning, but you used a command spell and you still have this much magical energy left. You're deffinietly a first class mage."


His storm of compliment hit me unguarded. I am a bit emberassed and avert my gaze. But I am quickly back to my usual self.

"So you're saying that you accept me even without that Command Spell."

"Yes. It was miscalculation, but not an unwelcome one for me."

With that ruckus I almost forgot my most important question.

"Which class of Servant are you?"

He smiles, I don't know why but it annoys me.

"You can't tell from this appearance?"

This guy really enjoys making fun of me.

"Then I state otherwise. You are not Saber aren't you?"

"Sorry, I don't have a sword."

As I suspected. I failed the summon, so it's natural. I still don't know the cause but the fact is fact and I failed. It's not surprising that I failed to summon a Saber too. I am distatisfied perhaps.

"...But if you are alright with the less flashy classes, like the Archer, then I gladly serve you."

"It's my fault. But it's still such a pity. I used up that many jewels..."

"I'm sorry not being Saber...All right. I'll make you regret your abuse later. And I don't accept any apologies."

It's funny and unexpected. Archer seems dissapointed by my fixation on saber.

"What?Is there any problem, Archer?"

"I get it. But keep your eyes open as I'll deffinietly show you how lucky you are."

Archer protests with narrow eyes. The air he carries is offensive, but his behavior seems childlike and pure.

"I'm looking forward to it."

You know...despite his behaviour, he's might be a really good guy.

End Notes: I am done with the chapter at last. It's the longest chapter I ever done(even if it's only the slightly condensed version of the 1st day of the VN's prolouge). I tried to make this Sakura distinct but similar to the classical matou Sakura and similar but not the same to Rin. Rin and Sakura very similar inside, so I have an even harder time with the later. I hope I achieved my goal and succeed making a believable Tohsaka Sakura. Next is a Matou Rin one, from Shirou's point of view. It'll be shorter but may have more extra content. If anyone has a suggestion for a 'what if' scenario regarding FSN I gladly hear it.