Our love story

Chapter 5

Beta-read by LexieCasey (yay, I got a beta-reader.:))

Wolfram didn't want to give Yuuri a valid reason why he was solely chosen out of the whole class for the play. Yuuri was pissed, but nevertheless none of the others, including Murata, could tell him the answer because they too, were ushered from the stage when the rehearsal was taking place that day.

"Why can't you tell me about it?" Yuuri had whined.

"Because we're prohibited from doing so," Murata laughed.


"Shibuya, he's probably just feeling shy." Murata defended, the answer nearly made Yuuri laughed.

"Yuu-chan! Ken-kun! Dinner's ready!" The voice shouted from below the stairs.

"Yes, Mother!" Both called out simultaneously. True, they could smell the fumes of curry sneaking its way through the house. From Yuuri's room, the boys heard Shori slam something down hard on the table. He probably failed yet again to ask a cute girl out, Yuuri concluded. He looked towards the laptop and remembered something.

"Shall we go?" Murata said reaching towards the door handle.

"Hold on, I-I got something to ask you." Yuuri said nervously

"Okay, what is it?"


Murata cocked his head in the normal inquisitive way.

"Actually, I…Never mind" Yuuri stammered more, causing the other black to raise a questioning eyebrows at him, and in the end, he threw up his hands in defeat and reached for the dead laptop.

"Let me just show it to you."


Shinou was on one of his regular visits to the Bielefeld family's home again on Sunday night. Wolfram just tried to ignore him. He hadn't had the time to confront Shinou about his hidden affairs with his boyfriend's best friend ever since the restaurant ordeal, nor did he feel like starting a fight today. He still couldn't believe that Shinou hadn't told him about his relationship with Murata, no wonder he could always had first-hand news about him and Yuuri even when Wolfram had yet to tell anyone about it.

He felt like an idiot. How could he have not known?

The blonde was switching the channels, searching for a movie that could distract him, when the other blonde sat down beside his cushion. He shifted his weight a little so that the distance between them was far enough away that Shinou would realize that Wolfram was very unsatisfied with him.

"What?" Shinou inquired.

"What 'What'?" Wolfram imitated, his eyes focused on the show.

"You're irritated."


"With who? Shibuya?"


"Then...by any chance, is it me?"

Silence answered him.

'Well, that is as good as admitting.' Shinou laughed inside.



It was embarrassing enough to bring this up to Murata, but the idea of bearing it alone in his mind without an answer was wearing at his nerves. Knowing Murata, who always came up with some sensible idea, was the best person to ask about these things. As if opening up the web pages wasn't enough for Yuuri's eyes, the devil had to spoil his ears even more by opening up a video. It took all his might to not scream out his lungs, but remembering that his family were still under the same roof, he didn't want to alarm them.

"Murata!" He hissed again, lowering his voice this time while trying to snatch the mouse and the computer, but Murata was faster. The longer haired boy smiled mischievously and moved the computer closer to himself. The glasses-wearing devil was watching a video of two boys making out and going at it on the screen.

"Aw…my eyes! ENOUGH, Murata!" Yuuri said maybe a little too loud.

"Shibuya, you have to watch and learn if you want to be the seme!" Murata said enthusiastically. Yuuri's eyes bugged.

"What the hell is a 'seme'!?" He exploded, turning off the speakers of the computer. The screen, well, he could just bear with it if he looked away.

"Oh, maybe you want to be the uke?" Murata smiled.

"What the HELL are you talking about?! English, please!"

"You guys haven't done it?"

"'IT'?! No, of course, we haven't. That's why I was asking you how guys did such things."

"Oh, I thought it was because you want to discuss about the technique." Murata laughed.

God, can someone just smack a rock into his head? He felt such a headache all of a sudden. To think that he is now discussing male on male sex with his best friend… it was … something he had never imagined doing before.

But then again, he had never imagined he would end up with a guy either.

He crossed his arms and seated himself down on the bed.

"We haven't done anything like that." Yuuri stated looking down at his hands.

"What's the problem? You like him, right?" Murata turned around.

"Y-Yeah, I do." Yuuri said. "But I'm not ready, physically...or mentally, to do that with a guy, Murata. All this time... O.M.G, Murata, can you PLEASE turn that off!?" He said loudly when the two men began to really have sex.

"It's normal."

"NORMAL?! Putting your dick into th-that hole is normal?!"

Defeated, Murata turned back and switched off the screen. Yuuri looked back at Murata while the other did the same thing with him. After about fifteen seconds, and neither boy had moved did Yuuri realize that the devil wasn't going to make another move until he made his.

"What?" Yuuri broke the silence. Murata shook his head in disapproval and moved his hand back on the screen.

"You seriously needed some help."


Monday morning, the bell rang and all of them settled down into their seats. The noises quieted down as soon as the teacher entered the classroom. The mood was strange for some reason. He sensed an ominous sign of something that is going to happen as soon as Wolfram saw the face on his face. He recognized that look from the time when he first came to this school, this class.

"Good morning, class." The middle-aged man said, his eyes scanning the students below, who blinked back at him. His eyes finally landed on the only emeralds in the class and smiled. "We have a new student transferred from Washington in class today and I believe that Bielefeld might know him."

Wolfram's eyes were already trembling in their sockets, the eerie goose bumps were surfacing out all thorough his bare arms. His worst fear was confirmed when the 'new' student stepped in through the partition.

There were "ooh's" and "Ahh's" throughout the room due to the exotic hair and appearances of the new student that was rare amongst the Japanese. However, Wolfram could only focus his attention on the boy, who too, had his eyes fixed on him. Wolfram glared angrily at the boy, who just smirked in return.

Wolfram snapped. He stood up from the chair, everyone turned back to look excluding Yuuri who had his eyes still transfixed on the new guy, images of that night came flashing back. Wolfram spun and left the classroom without a word of apology or an excuse. Yuuri stood up as well when the blonde exited, and bowed to the teacher apologetically before running after his boyfriend.


Yuuri caught the sight of the boy taking off around a corner. He managed to catch up with the blonde and reached him at the other end of the building on a balcony, leaning over the bar, looking out the school's ground. Yuuri coughed to catch the boy's attention.


Wolfram let out a sigh and looked over at him. He put a hand on his shoulder, trying to reassure him that he was there for him.

"The new kid Sara, He was my friend."

"So I heard, from Conrad."

Wolfram scoffed. 'Him again. Why is everyone talking about me behind my back?'

"So I bet you get most of the story out already?" Wolfram re-focused his gaze back out.

"Briefly but not detailed enough to know why you're mad at him."

Wolfram shook his head. "He betrayed my trust, Yuuri. You know how I hate it when people do this to me." Yuuri nodded, remembering the brunette.

"He spilled my secrets to my... best friends…" He looked away once more, gulping down the strange choke in his throat,

"…in Washington. I wasn't able to live with that."

"Is that why you escaped? To here?"

Wolfram's dark smile of acknowledgement was enough of an answer for Yuuri. Yuuri pulled the boy closer.

"I can't live in a place where everyone is looking at me as if I'm a trash. I'm not that strong. Conrad is wrong if he thought he could fix the relationship between me and Sara. He destroyed my life… I can't forgive him."

Yuuri realized that for the first time in his life, he felt his heart tearing apart. Not because of his own grief, but grown from a feeling of hurt for his boyfriend. He held the boy close, kissing his forehead, feeling lucky that they were standing in a corner that was unpopulated. It was as if Wolfram had become a part of him.


The rehearsal was on for a short while during lunch break and Yuuri was still shut out from what it would entail by Wolfram and the others. Much to their relief, they overheard that Sara was not joining in the play, because he had something to take care of. Despite Sara's feeble attempts at trying to reconcile with the blonde, Wolfram ignored him. Sara gave it up with a smirk on his face, knowing that Wolfram would never really trust him again. If Wolfram was not so regal in his behaviour, enough so that he was given the title 'prince' by most of the school, Sara wouldn't have fallen for him in the first place.

"Saralegui?" He smiled at the mention of his name. It was a guy who he recalled to be from class, if he was not wrong, the name was William.

"When plan A doesn't work out, there's always a plan B to resort to." Thought Sara to himself.

He smiled once more and greeted the gang of classmates.


The bell rang, signalling the end of the school day. Yuuri gathered up his stuff, his eyes remained on the blonde. He can't help but remembered how strong the fragrance of his had been when he held him close, and how much he loved it. A strong whirl of wind gushed by him, taking his attention off. Another blonde with overly long hair, stole a sneaky look at the boys and walked off. Almost on instinct, Yuuri took off after him and called him to a halt along the corridor.


The boy took a moment before he turned around to face the other.


"I don't know exactly what happened between you and Wolf. But from what I understand, you had done enough damage to his life." As he looked into the eyes, he felt the fire burning, and the words that came out of his mouth became more confident.

"Leave him alone. I don't want you to mess with his life, anymore. Do you understand?"

There was a chuckle and Yuuri raised his brows, half afraid that he was taking this too far on his own.


Wolfram caught up with him, heavy books stacked in his hands. He had seen Yuuri take off after Sara. Wolfram didn't trust Sara to be alone with anyone, especially his boyfriend. Yuuri would never know when Sara would stab him behind his back, especially since Yuuri was a hopeless, oblivious wimp.

He caught the double black's arm. In truth, he was actually quite surprised at the atmosphere there. It was tense. They were looking firmly into their opponent's eyes, completely ignorant of the stares from bystanders. Wolfram tugged at Yuuri. And when it didn't work, he yanked the boy away from the scene instead.

"C'mon, we need to go."


"What is that about?" Wolfram ranted. They were sitting in the seats of Wolfram's car. Wolfram threw the bag over to the back and started the engine. Besides him, Yuuri pulled over the seat belt and fastened himself.

"Okay, I apologized for not telling you about Ken. But there is a reason why we're doing this. Before this, our relationship wasn't steady enough to be passed on to you."

"How about that time you had sex with him?"

"That happened a long time ago."

"So, how long were you two together? Six months? A year? And you never bother to tell me about it?"

"Something is bothering you." Shinou studied the blonde when Wolfram just turned his head sharply and studied the television.

"I'm turning a deaf ear on you." Wolfram sulked.

"Let me guess, the sex?"

A pillow was thrown right into his face. Shinou chuckled. "I'm right."

"I can figure that out myself, or at least, Yuuri can. I don't need your advice."

Shinou laughed again and picked up his drink from the coffee table.

"I heard that he is here, in this town." His voice had lowered as he mentioned the name. "Saralegui."

"Don't mention his name." Wolfram gritted his teeth, letting his words came out from tightly pursed lips. "And I do not need your advice, I know what to do."

"You do," Shinou sipped in his drink and moved to stand up. He left another word that made Wolfram freeze to his feet, "but not Shibuya."

He turned around, facing the teenager.


"I'm sorry. I didn't know why I did that." Yuuri said, disbelief wrote on his face. "I feel so angry when I saw him and…"

Silence ensued between them.

"Yuuri, I need you to promise me, to not bother him alright? He's not just another William… He mustn't be trifled with. Promise?"

"Wolfram, I saw that look on his face-"

"Whatever he's planning, I don't want you to get involved with it." Wolfram cut off. "At least don't meddle in his affairs."

"Then we can't let him meddle in ours!"

"Look, this is Saralegui we're talking about. Get this, Yuuri. He's not as simple to get rid of as you think. He would never hurt me," he stopped Yuuri who was about to speak up again.

"Yes, emotionally, he might have but never physically. With you, Yuuri? I will always have to worry. If he aimed his gun at you, I might have to see you in the hospital. Or worse…"

He didn't finish his sentence, for the warnings were obviously laying there for his eyes to see.

"Promised?" He asked again.

Yuuri nodded, defeated.

"However, I have to say Yuuri. I'm glad you did that." He squeezed his hand who gave him a weak smile. He put his hand on the wheel and they started moving.

The music was playing from the CD. He tried hard to listen and focus on the road but Shinou words kept on re-forming in his ears.


"I'll pick you up later?" Shinou said with his head tilted slightly.

Wolfram switched to another channel.

"Okay. Fine. See you."

"I'm leaving."

"Bye." Wolfram said dully. The elder man picked up his coat from the hanger and headed for the door.

"Oh, from what I had heard, Shibuya might be ready for you. Why don't you try with him again tomorrow? Just thought I had to let you know." Shinou waved his cell and the door closed behind him.

Wolfram took a deep breath. He wanted to test out the theory.


"M-My family won't be around home for the rest of the day."

Yuuri's heart beat faster. He suddenly remembered this is the line the girl used when they wanted invite the guy over for 'that' thing.

"They won't return home until tomorrow afternoon, they have to pay a visit my uncle's… something about family business…"

The images Murata had googled ran though his mind again. He closed his eyes and this time Murata's words of wisdom came in.

"There is nothing to be afraid of. Remember about what I told you about you never know the ending unless you try it out? This time is no different from the others." Murata said.

"You wanna know the real reason why I do not dare do this to him?"


"I was scared of hurting him. You know I can't do this right, and I am scared of me being the one…"


"Yes, uke. It's…"

"There is no way for you to avoid pain in this. Even for a girl, it hurts too if they are a virgin. I'll tell you this, don't think of the impossible, it's a great feeling after you had done it. Whichever one of you became the uke..."

"Conrad said the same thing."


"Nothing. Go on." Yuuri said avoiding that particular conversation.

Murata sighed.

"Give it a shot, Shibuya. Then, you can come back to me again after that."

"I'm sure my Mother wouldn't mind me crashing at your place. I'll just make a call to tell her that--" He searched for his cell in his pocket. Despite the fact that Wolfram's eyes were focused on the road and moving vehicles ahead of him, he could see from the corner of his eyes that his boyfriend's hands were trembling.

"If you don't want to, then it's fine." Wolfram said calmly.

"No I do..." The reply was quick. Wolfram had a sudden urge to look over but he couldn't as he made a turn to his left.

"I meant what I said, Yuuri. I don't want to force you if you're not ready. I gave you time for you to say 'I love you' and I get it. I can do the same for this."

"No Wolf I'm not making you wait anymore for this!" He was now driving straight, Wolfram managed to look over at him for two seconds before getting his attention back on the road. But the two seconds was enough to see something that made his heart flutter.

"I can give this a try." Yuuri said confidently. It took all the strength Wolfram had not to jump from his seat in joy and squeeze the double black in his arms. Tonight was sure to be one of the best nights Wolfram would ever have.