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What are you living for?

By RawenclawBabe

Chapter 10

Severus Snape was anxious when he arrived at Luna's Summer Mansion. He went to the groom chambers to prepare. He couldn't remember ever feeling so nervous in his life. He was about to get married. He still couldn't believe it. Severus Snape would get married.

He was about to get married and he would never have believed that he would see the day he would get married. When he was young he had always dreamed of marrying Lily who chose that arse Potter. After Lily's death he had given up. But what did he feel now? He wasn't really sure how to define his feelings for Luna – was it love? All his life he had been obsessed with his unrequited love for Lily Evans who became a Potter when she married his enemy. He had never been in an adult relationship with a woman – could he be a good husband? He really didn't know. Was he even capable to have a decent relationship with any woman or would he destroy it like he had destroyed his friendship with Lily? He should never have called Lily mudblood, but seeing her smile at Potter who cursed him while hanging upside down had just been too much for him. He didn't think and part of him wanted to hurt her like she had hurt him by smiling at that arse Potter. But where had that got him?

Looking at the house Severus sighed – he wanted to be better in this new relationship with Luna who had been his student and seen his worst. Maybe she would accept him as he was, although he didn't dare to hope that to be possible. What kind of woman could accept him for who he was? He had done horrible things in his past – joined the Death Eaters, told the Dark Lord the prophecy about Potter, killed the Headmaster, didn't stop the Carrows from torturing students – he was a terrible human being. How could anyone love him?

But Luna and their children did. They loved him. He couldn't even fathom his luck. He was loved – for the first time in his life. When he closed his eyes, he wasn't tortured by Lily's dead green eyes anymore, but he saw Luna's beautiful dove-grey ones (so much like her uncles, but he had never really thought about Lucius Malfoy's eyes as beautiful – the idea alone made him shudder).

Did he dare to be happy? Was he even able to be happy? The last time Severus remembered being happy before was when he was still best friends with Lily – more than thirty years had passed and he had seen more horrors than he wanted to admit. How would his life have been, if he hadn't lost Lily? Would they have remained friends forever? Could they have become lovers perhaps? Would they have got married? Would they have had a family? Could Lily have loved him? Thinking of Lily still hurt him and a part of him would love her forever. But she had never loved him back. Although he had loved her for years, Lily's rejection had hurt him. And he had finally realised that although they had been best friends for years, Lily never forgave him for calling her a mudblood no matter how many times he apologized. Lily had cared so much about appearances – the other Gryffindors hated him for being Slytherin and Lily had been Gryffindor through and through. She chose that awful bully Potter in the end, a man who tormented her so called best friend for years. Looking back Severus decided that maybe Lily had been too vain and shallow to truly accept him. Maybe she hadn't been as perfect as he had always believed her to be. Wouldn't a truly loving and perfect person forgive others their mistakes?

And for the first time in his life he didn't want to think about Lily any more – she was his past and he wanted to concentrate on the future - a future with Luna and children of his own. There was a bubble in his stomach – he didn't really know that feeling – happiness? For the first time in his life Severus had found acceptance and love. He wasn't certain that he deserved it, growing up he had only known being abused and bullied after all. Love – did he really deserve being loved? Not even his own parents had loved him and the woman he had loved for most of his life had run off with his enemy. Severus had learned years ago that he wasn't worth being loved.

He felt his stomach constrict. He wouldn't cry. He wasn't the snivelling weakling the Marauders had always taken him for. But they were all dead now and he was still alive, although he had nearly sacrificed his life for the greater good as Dumbledore because of Lily. He had paid his debts. Most of his life he had only known what it felt like being used and abused. His parents and the Marauders had abused and bullied him and Dumbledore had used him for the most part of his adult life. Had he really deserved being abused? Had he been a worthless child that had to be beaten by everyone? He had decided to go through a therapy after he had survived the second war, but he still had to fight his self-worth issues. He had realised, that his horrible treatment of his students as teacher derived from him being abused and bullied as a child. Why should he treat his students better than he was treated as a child? Emotionally he gave mostly the Gryffindors back what he had got from them, although the new Gryffindors weren't the Marauders. Yes, he had been petty, he knew that now. Now he had a chance feeling loved.

Maybe he could finally be happy now, although he didn't really know how to be happy. Perhaps Luna and their children could teach him. Luna was a great person. Although she had lost her mother very early, although she had been bullied by her classmates, too, she always saw the good and light side in everything. Severus realised that he needed her. He was the darkness and she was his light. They were polar opposites, but they couldn't exist without the other. She was his light, a role that had been taken by Lily's memory for nearly two decades.

He went over to one of the windows and looked over the grounds. Luna's mansion was beautiful. He felt that he belonged here. Maybe because it was here he woke up with a second chance to live thanks to Luna. Luna was special. Although she had her irritating moments while being a student – Severus usually hadn't minded Ravenclaws, but Luna made it difficult when she befriended those Gryffindors. She had broken into his office with Longbottom and that Weasley girl while he was Headmaster for the first time. He had to punish them, he couldn't afford to be found out by the Carrows after all, but he had given them detention with Hagrid. Knowing Luna he was almost certain that she learned his true allegiance back then – she was a bright Ravenclaw after all and not a biased Gryffindor who only believed her own prejudices. He shook his head. He really needed to clear his thought. He was a master occlumence after all - he should be able to control his mind. But his impending marriage and years without necessity had dulled his abilities. He wasn't a spy any more.

Lost in thought he didn't even realise, when his old friend Lucius Malfoy entered his chambers – he really wasn't fit for spying any more. He was surprised by the other man's voice: "Severus, my old friend. I've never thought I'd see that day. You are getting married."

"Lucius", Severus acknowledged the blond man's presence. "So you have decided to come, although you are supposed to live in France according to Draco. I'm honoured that you've decided to come to Britain for my wedding, after all you're hardly here nowadays."

Lucius laughed lightly: "Well, well, Severus. I've known you for decades. I could hardly stay away, when I learned that you are alive and going to get married. You are aware that Luna Lovegood is the daughter of my disowned sister? She chose the wrong man to marry, but apparently her daughter has a better taste – she is marrying you after all. So how could I stay, when one of my closest friends is marrying my niece? I just had to come."

Severus nodded thoughtfully. He wasn't completely sure about Lucius' motives. He was Slytherin. What did the other man want?

Noticing the bridegroom's apprehension Lucius started to speak again: "But that's not why I'm here now. You need to get ready and I'm here to help you. So where are your dress robes? Do you have the rings here?"

"Selena and Alexander are looking after the rings", Severus shook his head. "And Luna told me that I'm not supposed to wear black robes, so I don't really know what to wear. The house elves have put some clothes on the bed for me, but..."

Severus was interrupted by Lucius who laughed out loud – who had never seen the younger man wearing anything but black. He smirked: "Well, Severus. Let's see them." Walking over to the bed, he understood Severus's concerns. There were light linen trousers in light colours – crème, beige and white – he couldn't really imagine Severus in any of these. But those were the usual colours for a Wizard binding.

Severus came up next to Lucius and sighed: "You see my problem, old friend? Can you really imagine me wearing these?"

"I'd hardly call that a problem. You will survive wearing crème coloured wedding robes. And that's my opinion, considering your complexion you should choose the beige or the crème ones." After a moment of consideration Lucius told him: "Take the crème coloured robes, I can see your future wife wearing crème, too."

Severus really wanted to argue, but Lucius had a point and Luna wouldn't want him to wear black. Sighing he took the robes from and looked expectantly: "You don't want to help me dress, so I'd appreciate you leaving the room."

Lucius raised his hands and went backward. "I wouldn't think for a second that you need help getting dressed. I'll see you later, Severus."

After the other man had left the room, Severus turned back to the clothes on the bed. He shuddered thinking he would get married in crème-coloured dress robes. Well, maybe some of their guests would faint in shock, because they had never seen him in anything but black – Luna had invited the golden trio – Severus smirked, seeing the boy-who-couldn't-die-and-had-to-remind-him-of-the-biggest-arsehole-in-history (more commonly known as James Potter) faint would be worth it, wouldn't it. Although considering Dumbledore and the Dark Lord Potter Senior was actually only number three among the biggest arseholes in history. But who did count arseholes? They were more or less interchangeable depending on the situation after all. Part of Severus had forgiven James Potter and the Marauders – he had finally grown up and left this part of his youth behind. But he would never forget the Marauder's cruelties. Forgive, but never forget – Severus couldn't remember where he had heard that phrase. He couldn't forget, but at the same time he knew he shouldn't, because he wouldn't allow anyone treating a fellow student like the Marauders had treated him without being expelled.

Severus shook his head. He didn't want to think about the Marauders – those idiots had got what they deserved and were dead. He knew he shouldn't think that – no one deserved an early death, even though they had tried everything to bring him in an early grave at fifteen. No he wouldn't think about them any more. He had a life now – a better life. He was about to get married to a wonderful – maybe a little insane – woman. But maybe Luna just had to be a bit insane, no sane woman would marry him Severus Snape after all.

Severus dressed and looked at his reflection in the mirror. He didn't look bad in these robes, but he felt weird wearing this light colour. Sighing he turned to leave the bedroom. When he opened the door, he saw his son waiting in the groom's suite living room. Alex was wearing light blue robes and carried a small crème-coloured cushion with their wedding rings. "Dad, you look great." The boy jumped up from the sofa, where he had been waiting for his father to appear and walked over to him.

Swallowing Severus asked: "You think so?" He had always been insecure about his looks. Growing up dressed in rags and being called things like greasy git didn't help. He had learned not to listen to insults while being a teacher – he simply took an enormous amount of house points from the culprits, if he heard someone insulting him. He would never be as attractive as a James Potter or Sirius Black no matter what he did, so he had to live with those humiliating insults. But he still was self-conscious.

Severus looked down at his son who simply smiled at him and took his hand: "Let's go, Dad. The others are already waiting. There are loads of people here to see you and mum getting married." Before Severus could answer, his son was already pulling him in the direction of the door. "Come on, Dad."


The guests were waiting outside. "Why on earth did we come here, Hermione?" Ron asked his wife. "We've always hated Snape and you've never liked Looney. So why come to their wedding?"

Sighing Hermione turned to her husband: "It's a chance to leave the past behind. Professor Snape is a war hero, he nearly sacrificed everything for the greater good and Harry's mum – we've never thanked him or shown him respect for everything he did. And it's a great opportunity – they are getting married according to one of the oldest Wizard traditions. You see the circle in the middle, the bride and her maids will come from the east and the groom and his men will come from the west. The couple will meet in the circle in the middle for their binding. They will be bound by for bounders symbolising the four elements and directions."

"Hermione, I don't need an encyclopaedia. And you shouldn't be interested in those forms of wedding traditions anyway. They were always used by purebloods to show their superiority. Why do you think no one in our family had one of those bindings? They are old-fashioned and boring. And it is Snape's wedding. He treated us like shit. He hates Gryffindors, he always has. I don't care what he supposedly did, he's an arse." Ron really hadn't matured. He still was the same pig-headed person with the emotional range of a teaspoon. Hermione sighed. Personally she thought the symbolism of a Wizard bond very romantic. The whole scenery was romantic. Her own wedding had been boring compared to this. Sometimes she truly wondered why she had married him. Yes, she loved him, but sometimes she wondered, if it was enough. She didn't want to argue any more so she kept her mouth shut. She only hoped that the ceremony wouldn't take to long and she would have a chance to disappear to the library soon. Lost in thought she didn't even realise that she was watched closely.

Smirking Lucius Malfoy couldn't help noticing the quarrel between the Weasleys. They were sitting next to the Potters and arguing while everyone was waiting for the bride and the groom. He watched Hermione Granger-Weasley. The mudblood had bested his son in all their exams at Hogwarts. She was one of the best students the school had ever seen. She was supposed to be the most intelligent witch in her generation. But she had married Ronald Weasley. That just didn't add up. He remembered seeing her as a buck-toothed child. She certainly had grown up to be an attractive woman. He was getting ideas watching her. He just had to get rid of her husband somehow to have some fun with her. Well, that shouldn't be too difficult – alcohol and quidditch – and Weasley would be occupied for the rest of the weekend. And for Hermione – well as part of the family he could use the magic of the mansion to seduce her – and not only her. Finally he had the chance to use this old magic, he really had to take advantage of this and the other bloodlines in the Wizarding World could only profit from the infusion of noble Malfoy blood. It was nearly impossible to have sex in this mansion without resulting in a pregnancy. The magic enhanced fertility at this place after all. That would be so much fun. He wondered. Was Severus aware of the magical properties of this place? Well, he would have to live with the consequences anyway. They had two children, so one or two more wouldn't hurt. Although Luna was Ravenclaw, he was certain that she counted on it. How Slytherin of her, he thought smirking.

The guest became quiet when the bride and the groom appeared in the magical garden. They walked towards each other. The garden was lightened by small fairy lights. Alexander carrying the wedding rings walked in front of his father, while his sister Selena walked in front of their mother. Luna was wearing crème-coloured wedding robes. She looked like a Greek goddess in those robes. They were held by golden brooches on her shoulders and she wore a golden belt around her waist. She was glowing. Her golden hair fell on her shoulders in loose curls.

Severus swallowed when he saw her. She was the most beautiful woman in the world. She was perfect. Did he really deserve her? This beautiful, perfect woman was about to get married to him. He couldn't believe his luck.

Their binders appeared in all four directions. Draco Malfoy – Severus godson – was standing in the south. Harry Potter – yes, Severus had asked Potter to finally let go of Lily's legacy – was standing in the south. Filius Flitwick, who had retired a couple of years earlier and who was Luna's former Head of House, was standing in the east, while Millicent Bulstrode – Luna's best friends for the last couple of years – was standing in the west. All four binders were holding their wands in front of their bodies, pointing them at the centre of the circle, where Amelia Bones the current Head of the Wizengamot was standing to administrate the ceremony.

Amelia Bones looked around before she began to speak: "Welcome, we've come here today to perform the Wizard Bond between Severus Tobias Snape and Luna Celeste Lovegood. This Magical Bonding Contract dates back millennia. It was the usual wedding ritual between the first witches and wizard, who learned this magic from the High Elves and the Fae. The Wizard Bond allows the couple to unite their magic. Their magic will protect their family and home. United they will be stronger than alone, but each of their magic's will grow through their contact as well. So each partner will be stronger than before." She looked at Severus and asked: "Severus Snape do you bind yourself to Luna Lovegood?"

"I do."

"Will you love her for as long as you both shall live?"

"I will."

"Will you protect her and all the children you shall have?"

"I will."

Amelia Bones turned to Luna and asked her: "Luna Lovegood do you bind yourself to Severus Snape?"

"I do."

"Will you love him for as long as you both shall live?

"I will."

"Will you cherish him and all the children you shall have?"

"I will."

Amelia took the wedding rings from the cushion Alexander was carrying and handed them to Luna and Severus: "Exchange your rings. Rings don't have an end – the circle is a symbol of eternity. May your love live on in eternity."

They put the rings on each other's fingers and held hands.

Amelia Bones switched to another language – only those among the attendees who had taken Ancient Runes at Hogwarts were able to understand anything now – but the blessing had to be spoken in the old tongue. A golden globe of magic built itself around the circle. Amelia signalled to Harry, who took his wand and said: "The North shall bless your union with water. May always be life in your home." A blue bond appeared in the magic globe binding Severus's and Luna's wrists. Then Draco stepped forward: "The South shall bless your union with its fire and warmth. Your hearth shall be protected forever." A red ribbon appeared around their wrists. Filius pointed his wand at the couple: "The West shall bring the air to your union, so that there will always be freedom in your marriage." A white ribbon appeared around their wrists. At last Millicent stepped for: "The East shall bless your union, bringing earth to it. The earth is the mother of all life - Bearing fruit bringing life. There always shall be life and fruit in your union." The last ribbon appearing around their wrist was green - green as the leaves on a spring day.

Amelia Bones chanted an ancient spell. The ribbons around their wrists connected themselves with their skin. They would remain part of them as binding tattoos forever. She looked at the new married couple and said: "To fulfil your bond you must kiss now."

Severus looked down at his wife and kissed her. The globe of magic became smaller and smaller – the couple seemed to absorb its magic while kissing. He really didn't know how much time had passed, when he finally looked up, because Madame Bones said: "May I present Mr. and Mrs. Snape." And the audience applauded.

Alexander and Selena walked over to their parents to hug them. Finally they were a proper family.

Xenophilius Lovegood who was standing in the background cried. His daughter, his only child had married the father of her children. He was happy. But he felt ashamed, he had avoided contacting his daughter for years – it was just too much that she had born her children out of wedlock. He had always loved her, but his only daughter having children fathered by a former Death Eater had been too much for him. He still wasn't sure what to think about Severus Snape. The man had sacrificed so much for the woman he loved – was he even able to love Luna properly, she wasn't Lily after all. But when he saw how his son-in-law looked at Luna and their children his worries began to fade. Luna would be happy. But Luna was always happy, because she always saw the good in everything and everyone.

Luna cleared her throat: "Let's celebrate. You are all invited for the weekends. The house-elves have prepared chambers for everyone. You are all welcome to stay and explore the grounds and the mansion. I want you to enjoy this magical place with us."

Hermione rubbed her hands she would get a chance to explore the library. Her husband who was standing next to her was rolling his eyes. Ignoring him she went directly into the library – she really wasn't interested in the festivities. Who needed food and wine when there were books available?

The newlyweds and their guest went into the great dining room, where the house elves had prepared a large buffet. The elves had magically enlarged the room, the large angular buffet table was standing at one wall, whereas there were many round tables for the guests to sit, eat and talk. They had decided against a seating order for their guests, because they wanted to give them a chance to change seats to interact with different people.

Severus and Luna sat down at a table with their children – Alexander and Selena were the only children at their wedding, who were really excited and giddy – and enjoyed their wedding menu. The house-elves had really exceeded themselves preparing the wedding dinner. Everything tasted great. There were all their favourite foods and drinks. Although Severus almost suffocated on the bite he had just been eating, when he saw Ronald Weasley eating. Was it really possible to put so much food on one plate? Didn't the man never get anything to eat at home and had to eat anything available when he was invited? It was disgusting.

Severus wasn't the only one shocked by Weasley's table manners – Lucius Malfoy who had decided to join the Snapes at their table watched the red-head disgusted, too. Well, he could understand why the man's wife had disappeared she had to watch him eat every day after all. According to his son Draco Hermione Granger had been an intelligent and most of the time well-mannered witch, albeit of an upper middle class muggle upbringing. But she had married a man whose family lived in a hovel and who ate like a swine. Lucius shuddered at the thought. He had to look away and turned to Millicent Bulstrode who sat on his right next to Alexander. "Well, Miss Bulstrode, your colleagues are married now. Have you ever thought about getting married yourself?"

The Transfiguration Mistress sighed: "Mr. Malfoy."

But Lucius interrupted her already: "Oh please, call me Lucius."

"Well, Lucius, I've never really considered getting married. To be completely honest, I've never been particularly interested in men. So I don't see why I should get married," the brunette told the blond man bluntly.

Smirking Lucius raised his glass and took a sip of the elf-made wine. Then he asked flirtingly: "Have you ever tried being with a man? Believe me, Millicent, an encounter with the opposite sex can be quite an experience, if you have the right partner."

Millicent's eyes widened slightly. Was Lucius Malfoy actually flirting with her? She was almost certain that she had misheard.

Raising an eyebrow Lucius considered the woman. Using the mansion's magic would make seducing her almost too easy and he had never had sex with a lesbian woman before. Maybe he could convince her to have a threesome with him and Hermione – he really liked that idea, but he still had to seduce the other woman, too. A threesome was quite the idea – a man in his fifties was allowed to have fun after all. But he was pulled out of his thoughts when Millicent cleared her voice: "Well, as I've said I've never really considered men as possible sexual partners. I honestly don't understand their appeal."

Refilling her wine glass Lucius slightly touched her hand and said:"Why not try? Are you afraid you could like being with a man? Yes, you prefer women – honestly I do, too – but there is so much more to life. And how can you say you don't like it, if you haven't even tried?"

Millicent swallowed. She was getting nervous. She was quite certain now that Lucius wanted to have sex with her. The most attractive Slytherin man wanted to have sex with her. She had never been attractive. She had always been too fat and too tall. Well, she was rather muscular as well, but that didn't help her to look really feminine. She raised her glass to her lips and took a sip wine. Was it getting hot in here?

Lucius smirked seeing her nervousness. He knew his effect on women.

"Excuse me, I need fresh air"; Millicent stood up and excused herself from the table. She had to get out.

Lucius watched her go. He would have to use magic to seduce her. Well, there was still plenty of time left. He took another sip of his wine and considered what to eat – the lobster looked delicious. Oysters were there as well – if his plan worked, he would need stamina.

Severus didn't see his old friend flirting with his former student Millicent. He had only eyes for Luna. They talked. They kissed. He felt loved. He really loved Luna. He couldn't remember that he had ever felt as happy as he did now. Suddenly Luna took his hands and pulled him of his chair. Music was playing softly. "Let's dance, husband." She laughed softly – he really loved her laugh – and pulled him on the dance floor.

They danced. Severus had usually avoided dancing at social functions, but this was his own wedding. For the first time since Lily he didn't mind it – no better: he enjoyed dancing with his wife Luna. Their guests watched them before joining them after a few minutes. Ginny and Harry Potter were swirling around – Potter had obviously learned how to dance properly since the Yule Ball in his fourth year at Hogwarts. The younger Malfoys were dancing, too, but Lucius was nowhere to be seen. The Slytherin womanizer wasn't dancing, that was a surprise.


Lucius Malfoy was otherwise occupied. He entered the library carrying two glasses of the wonderful elf-made wine. He had a mission – Hermione Granger-Weasley was currently sitting in an old armchair and was reading an ancient manuscript, when Lucius entered. She didn't even notice Lucius coming over to stand behind her. "Well, well, Madame Granger-Weasley you have found the original manuscript concerning Morgaine LeFay's bloodline."

Hermione looked up shocked. She was surprised to see Lucius standing over her.

"You must know, we are very proud that we can trace our heritage back to Morgaine LeFay. This Mansion was passed down in a female line – it is currently owned by Luna who is my niece.

"I didn't know that Luna was related to you, Mr. Malfoy", Hermione's eyes widened at his admission. Lucius Malfoy admitting non-Slytherin relatives was a bit of a surprise. "Can I help you, Mr. Malfoy? I didn't expect anyone else in the library during the wedding celebration."

Handing her one of the wine-glasses Lucius told her: "Well, everyone is rather busy now – I have not been to this mansion for years, not since my sister married Lovegood and I wanted to see this library again."

Surprised she raised an eyebrow and eyed him critically, but she took the glass from him nevertheless. She had never known the Malfoys to be interested in libraries. But she had to admit that she didn't really know Lucius Malfoy. Yes, she had never liked Draco and knew Lucius to be an arrogant arse, but she didn't really know them. "So you are related to Luna who has married your old friend Snape now. How do you feel about that development?" She took a sip of her wine and waited for his answer.

Taking a sip of his wine, Lucius eyed the woman in front of him questioningly. "You think I should mind Luna Lovegood marrying Severus Snape? Why? One of my oldest friends, my son's godfather has just married my niece. Well, he is half-blood and her mother was disowned, but I see them as part of my family nevertheless. Does that surprise you – Hermione?"

She didn't really know how to react. She didn't really believe Lucius Malfoy, he had fought against them – and Luna – in the Ministry when Sirius Black died. Why did he see her as part of his family now? She swallowed. He had called her Hermione. She hadn't given him leave to use her first name. Why did he use her first name? It was disconcerting. How was she to react now? Should she call him Lucius? Should she ask him to call her Madame Weasley-Granger? Was she supposed to call him Lucius now?

But Lucius didn't really wait for her to answer, because he continued. "I am really happy for Severus and Luna. They are both very intelligent, powerful sorcerers and their children are powerful, too. And powerful offspring is very important for the Wizarding World. The wars of the last century have led to a decline of our population – yes, I'm aware of the high birth-rates in the first two or three years after the fall of the Dark Lord – but the overall outlook is bad."

Hermione blinked. Well, that was definitely interesting. "So if you are so worried about the decline of the population now, why did you join the Death Eaters in first place? Killing people – no matter of muggleborn, half-blood or pure-blood – doesn't help the population to grow." She was rather angry now. This arrogant, bigoted arse also known as Lucius Malfoy was telling her about the decline of the wizarding population, after partaking in mass-murder and genocide himself. But he apparently ignored her outrage and took a sip of his wine, before turning back to her. "Well, Hermione. You have seen the wedding ceremony today. Although Severus is half-blood and Luna was a blood-traitor during the war, they've followed one of the oldest pure-blood traditions for their wedding. Why do you think a man like Dumbledore was friends with a pure-blood maniac like Grindelwald? Do you really think it's only about blood?" He saw her nodding and shaking her head – she obviously wasn't able to make up her mind, so he continued. "No, it is not. The problem with most muggleborns has been that they have never truly embraced our wizarding society..."

He didn't have a chance to continue, because Hermione huffed loudly and interrupted him: "Why on earth would we embrace this bigoted, menacing pure-blood ideology?"

Narrowing his eyes, he answered: "And that is where you are wrong, Hermione. It is about traditions, religion and much more. You are aware that although the International Statute of Secrecy came about – I think it was – 1685..."

"1692 – International Statute of Secrecy", Hermione interrupted him again.

Irritated Lucius cleared his voice: "Be that as it may, you don't get the point. In the times before the Statute of Secrecy muggleborns often put our society in danger." Hermione was about to interrupt him again but he raised his hand and continued. "The witch hunts endangered mostly young muggleborns, who didn't want to leave their families for good. They were brought up with different values and beliefs and sought to intertwine both muggle and wizarding world. Their families often feared them for what they were. And they weren't able to fully integrate into our society, because they brought their parents beliefs with them. Our traditions were only valued by the pure-bloods. You have seen the marriage ceremony today, Hermione. Our traditions are not evil, they are simply different from the traditions you grew up with in the muggle world."

"But the Weasleys are pure-bloods and they are interested in the muggle world and they don't follow those antiquated pure-blood traditions." Hermione pressed out. She was speaking really fast, because she didn't know, when Lucius would give her a chance to speak up again.

But Lucius only snorted: "Yes, the Weasleys embrace a mugglish lifestyle, but there are also muggles, who embrace esoteric, who practise divination and believe in their version of magic."

Now it was Hermione's turn to snort: "Well, but those muggles are clearly out of their mind. They don't see reality as it is and they aren't able to see reason."

"Well, now you know how the Weasleys are viewed by most pure-bloods." Lucius was rather amused by Hermione's outrage and smirked knowingly.

"But it's not the same", Hermione argued.

"Oh, but it is exactly the same", Lucius saw the resistance in Hermione's eyes and sighed. She just couldn't accept being wrong, could she? Their conversation was beginning to aggravate him, although he found aggravating her rather funny. That woman simply loved to argue. He concentrated on the fae magic of the mansion to ensnare the woman opposite and continued. "You will find some interesting books about our old wizard traditions in this library." He stood up and went over to one of the shelves. He felt Hermione's eyes following his every move. He took out an ancient tome and came back to his armchair. He gave the book to Hermione. "This is a compendium of the most important pure-blood traditions."

Hermione wanted to look at the book - she had come here for Luna's ancestral library after all – but she couldn't tear her eyes of Lucius' lips. How could a man have so sensual lips? He smirked at her seductively while he was telling her about the pure-blood traditions mentioned in the book she was holding. But Hermione couldn't really follow.

Lucius felt the magic. His magic and his ancestral magic were more and more seducing the young woman. And she hadn't even realised it yet.


Severus and Luna were enjoying their wedding reception. After hours of dancing and talking with their guest, they decided to leave the ballroom. The party had got quite out of hand – Ronald Weasley was lying in a corner and was stuffing his face with food, he appeared rather drunk as well – was it really possible to eat and drink that much? Other guests had apparently disappeared somewhere and where nowhere to be seen.

Not wanting to think about their guests anymore, Severus and Luna went to their wedding chambers. The house elves had prepared a beautiful bedroom. Flowers and scented candles were everywhere – after entering the room, Severus went over to the window and opened it. The smell of perfume, flowers and candles was too much.

Severus swallowed. He was nervous. Although he knew that he had had sex with Luna at one point, he couldn't remember it. He loved her. But he had never slept with a woman he loved before. Lily had never been so close to him, they had kissed once – in the summer after their forth year – but that was all. For him sex had always been about physical release, he had never felt an emotional connection to his partner before. He had this emotional connection now. He wanted his first – conscious – time with Luna to be special. He wanted to feel loved and he wanted her to feel loved. Although his inner turmoil wasn't visible on the outside, his thoughts drifted more and more.

Suddenly he felt Luna's hand touching his face. "You are over thinking. Let go, Severus." His new wife told him in her eerie and dreamy voice.

He looked down into her beautiful dove-grey eyes and saw her smiling at him. "I'm happy and I'm afraid I'll spoil our relationship like I've spoiled all my relationships in the past."

His voice was quiet, but Luna heard the deep sadness in his words. She hugged him. "Severus, you are making an effort. You must believe that you deserve to be loved. It's not your fault that you were hurt in the past, but you need to learn that being hurtful isn't the solution to any of your problems."

Severus took her hand and they sat down on the huge four-poster bed in the centre of the room. "I know that. But it's still difficult to accept."

Luna simply smiled and kissed him.

Severus felt their magic connecting while they were kissing. They had already been bound through their marriage ceremony, but every time they touched their magic intertwined. Their magic felt complete. They kissed. His hands roamed her back. He felt the silken fabric of her wedding robes and her warm body beneath them. He wanted to be closer to her. His hands searched the hem of her dress and pulled it up. He needed her. He needed to get her out of her clothes. At the same time Luna's hands searched his body. Her small hands lay on his torso and her fingers began to open the buttons of his shirt. She wanted to undress him, too. They stood up, because it seemed too difficult to undress while standing. They stood at the end of the bed and were facing each other. They kissed again and tried to pull of their clothes.

Their breathing, their movements everything became more and more erratic. Severus couldn't remember ever having trouble undressing before. But undressing Luna and seemed so urgent. He needed her. He wanted to feel her skin to skin. Finally, after what appeared to be ages for him, they were both naked. He touched her fine alabaster skin. He could see the blue veins under her soft, white skin. Her body was so unblemished compared to his. Suddenly he felt ashamed of his scars and didn't dare to look into her eyes – he was old, ugly and scarred.

But Luna put her hand on his cheek and forced him to look into her beautiful eyes. "You have nothing to be ashamed of, Severus. You have led a hard life. You have fought bravely. Your scars don't matter - they are relicts of you past. Today is the first day of your new life – of our life together."

She softly kissed his lips. Her lips travelled down. She carefully kissed the scars on his neck while her hands were moving up and down his flanks.

He heard his blood pulsing in his ears and was aware that his heart was pumping more and more blood into his loins. Luna kissing him everywhere on his body aroused him. He had to touch. He pulled her up, because she currently busy kissing his nipples and kissed her. His tongue slid along her lips asking for entrance. Luna opened her mouth and her tongue greeted his. Their kiss became heated. His left hand held the back of her head to keep her close, while his right hand was slowly travelling down her body cupping her breast. He started teasing her nipple with his finger while he was kissing her heatedly. Without breaking their kiss, Severus lifted his wife and carried her to their bed. He lay her down in the middle of their huge bed. The petite woman appeared tiny between the cushions. Laying down next to her he never broke their kiss. His hands touched her body everywhere. He cupped her breasts, teased her nipples. Luna moaned softly. She seemed to like what he did to her. Severus had to smirk when his wife moaned due to his caresses.

Suddenly lying next to his wife wasn't enough. He covered her body with his. His painfully hard erection pressed against her lap. Slowly his lips travelled down her body. He took one of her nipples into his mouth teasing it with his tongue. At the same time his hands found a place on her hips. After a few moments he swapped to her other nipple – it wouldn't do to neglect one of them. While his mouth was busy caressing her breasts his hand slipped down cupping her pubic mount. He felt her silken pubic hair – looking down he noticed it to be blonde and neatly trimmed – he couldn't help it and let out a throaty growl. He found her exited. Her arousal was hot and wet on his fingers.

Luna let out an exited moan when Severus started teasing her folds with his skilled fingers. He teased her mercilessly, never touching the place where she wanted him most. She groaned frustrated, took his hand with her own and guided his fingers towards her clitoris.

Noticing her intention, Severus smirked. His new wife obviously knew what she wanted. He almost considered teasing her a bit more by avoiding her lust centre, but it was their wedding night and he decided to be nice – well, as nice as he could be. He stimulated her clitoris. The more he stimulated her, the more erratic Luna's movements became. She bucked against his hand wanting him closer. He slid further down her body until he faced her pubic mount directly. Her clit and folds were swollen and wet, drawing his attention. He continued fingering Luna. Letting his middle finger glide down from her clitoris till it rested at her entrance. Using the fingers of his other hand to open her folds, he licked her clit carefully with his tongue.

Luna squealed excitedly and bucked against his face.

Delighted by her reaction Severus continued to lick her most sensitive area while he entered her with his middle finger. He caressed her intimately until he felt the contractions of her orgasm pressing on his finger and she squealed in delight.

"Come her Severus", Luna said trying to pull him up smiling seductively at him. Severus needed no further invitation. Catlike he moved along her body till he covered her completely. His painfully hard erection pressed against her entrance. With a mighty thrust he entered her.

Luna's moans became louder while Severus was moving in her wet heat. They were finally together. He loved feeling her around him, he was home. He knew, he wouldn't last long and used his finger to stimulate Luna's sweet clitoris. He wanted her to come. He wanted them to come together. Luna rewarded his efforts with another loud moan. It only took a few moments and he felt her constrict around his member. The pressure of her vaginal muscles during orgasm was delicious. He couldn't take it any longer with a last thrust he released his seed into her waiting womb.

Their marriage was consummated.

Exhausted Severus sank down - he had to remind himself to roll to the side, because he didn't want to crush Luna with his weight.

He lay on his back and Luna laid her head on his chest. "That was wonderful, Severus. I love you."

Looking down on his wife, Severus answered: "I love you, too, Luna."

Tired and exhausted they fell both asleep quickly. They would wake up to their new life together tomorrow.