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Hermione Grangers parents are murdered by death eaters in the midst of the war, angry and upset she is looking to leave Hogwarts and the magical community behind forever, each time she tries to leave, she is stopped. Until finally Dumbledore has had enough and traps Hermione in her animagus form bound to a Hogwarts member of staff to keep her from getting into trouble, who would that teacher be? Why it's Severus Snape of course.

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Chapter One – Attempted Escape.

Hogwarts was alive with rumours; they were whispered through the halls, discussed by every house and dismissed by the source of the rumours two best friends, Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley.

Anyone who came up with a new tale and new rumour to spread always asked Harry and Ron about their theories first, hoping to add fuel to the fire.

Both boys stood steadfastly in their support of the third of their trio claiming that their friend had gone away to take a break after the death of both muggle parents.

Each rumour being whispered was more absurd than the last, at the moment according to a third year Hufflepuff – Hermione Granger had gone to face the dark Lord Voldemort himself, to avenge the death of her beloved muggle parents, but had then been lured by Lord Voldemort to submit to the dark arts.

According to that same third year Hufflepuff, Hermione Granger was the new Dark Lord, the Dark Lady, who was preparing to overthrow Voldemort and kill Harry herself, because she supposedly now blamed Harry Potter for the demise of her parents.

Oh and during all of this she had also apparently managed to become pregnant and give birth to Lord Voldemort's children – twins. That were supposedly half snake, and all of this was in the mere 5 hours she had been gone.

This was all of course absolute rubbish, in reality Hermione Granger had not left the safety of Hogwarts walls.

In reality, cold, cruel reality she was in Snapes dungeons, Snapes quarters in fact, sulking.

Would you dear reader like to know why Hermione Granger, Gryffindor, Muggle-born, Hogwarts head girl, One third of the golden trio was sulking in Severus Snapes, Head of Slytherin, Half blood prince, Hogwarts professor, Albus Dumbledore's spy's quarters?


Well then I shall tell you, she had been forced by Hogwarts' current headmaster Albus Dumbledore, (after several foiled escape attempts) to stay under Professor Snape's 'protection'.

She had been so devastated following her parent's deaths and the hands – or the wands – of death eaters that she had, rather foolishly in hindsight been prepared to leave the magical community behind, her entire life, and perhaps even go after those responsible. (To do what she had no clue, but it had seemed like a good idea at the time.)

She had been stopped each time in her attempts, and every time it was by a different person, at a different place.

First was Professor McGonagall, by the Hogwarts main doors after Hermione, in her distress, had forgotten to consider that they may be warded or alarmed in the dead of night.

Second were her best friends, Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, the traitors. They had followed her under Harry's invisibility cloak to the one eyed witch statue where she was planning to escape from, they later claimed they had followed her because they were 'worried' about her.

The third had been Filch's blasted mangy cat in the second floor corridor, Hermione had almost gone against her own beliefs and kicked the stupid thing when it had alerted Filch, she had (rather convincingly she thought) told him she was patrolling as head girl. But that old snoot had the timetable memorised and took her straight to Dumbledore.

His eyes had held a pitying look as he had told her not to worry; he knew she was in 'emotional turmoil' and that her head girl status wouldn't be taken from her.

That was unless she tried to leave the safety of Hogwarts again, in which case he was prepared to take drastic measures to ensure her safety. Hermione had tried again, disregarding the headmaster's comments. He couldn't exactly expel her, that would mean her leaving Hogwarts, the very thing he was trying to prevent, and as far as being head girl went, well Hermione wasn't in the correct state of emotional mind to care about that.

And so her fourth and final attempt at escaping Hogwarts had brought her so close, Hogwarts gates in fact that she had been careless and in her excitement she had not seen Professor Snape walking toward her, on his way back from Hogsmeade. She had only gotten a –

"Come with me Granger." From him but it had been by far the worst of her attempts, it had sealed her doom.

They had gone to Dumbledore and he had set in place that 'drastic measure' he had been talking about…

That was how she came to be sulking in Professor Snape's quarters; her chocolate eyes were resting on the man stood talking to Dumbledore, not bothering to keep his voice down.

"Headmaster, this is absurd! Why can't Minerva take care of her? She's her head of house! What about her fur? I don't want it moulting everywhere! She wont eat anything either! Albus I am completely the wrong person to deal with an emotionally unstable, depressed, grieving, know-it-all, I refuse to do it!"

Albus Dumbledore's face stayed in its amused expression whilst his voice took on a serious tone.

"Minerva is unsuitable to look after Miss Granger at the present, as to her fur? A daily brush should keep her from moulting and to her eating? Well she will eat with a little persuasion im sure, as to her emotional state, I believe you to be the perfect person to pull her from it Severus; you will not let her wallow and it is most likely I think, that the two of you will become friends. As to your refusal Severus, I wont take no for an answer, she needs you, she is virtually defenceless in that form."

They both looked at her, Professor Snape with a glare and Dumbledore with amusement tinged with sadness, her ear twitched as she stood moving away from the living room quickly, her tail flicking in her wake.

If readers you are wondering why our heroine has a tail and ears that can twitch, or why the two men were discussing moulting fur or her inability to protect herself in her particular 'form'.

It was because, to stop her from getting into further mischief, courtesy of the headmaster, she was trapped in her animagus form. She was a female fox with honey red and gold tinted fur, chocolate brown eyes and a ring of black round her ankle where in her human form she wore her father's leather wrist band.

She was trapped as a vixen, and with Snape to look after her no less, good lord she'd be dead within the week.

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