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Summary: Ichigo Kurosaki was an admiral in the navy. He hated pirates and would do anything to capture them, but when his shipmate is thrown overboard by the unruly waters, he's the first to jump in and save him, only to be pulled under the water himself.

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Pairing: Of course it Grimmjow and Ichigo! There is nothing hotter!

Prologue: Overboard

"Lieutenant Kuchiki! Admiral Kurosaki will see you now." the woman stated to the black haired woman. She opened the door to the captain's quarters and saw a man, no more then eighteen sitting at a desk with a woman no more then sixteen. His hair was a bright orange, the woman's was a bright blond with pig tails. Both of their eye brown. He looked up, his eyes narrowed at the raven-haired woman.

"Hayuri, take the maps to Shinji. I want you two to come up with a route for me." The woman glared before gritting her teeth and nodded, walking out of the door and slamming it behind her. He glared at the woman before him and she fiddled with her blue naval uniform, avoiding the eyes of the admiral. "Now," he sighed a voice filled with anger, " tell me what it is you have done wrong?" The ship rocked on the waves, throwing them slightly off balance.

"Well, heh, you see," she began scratching the back of her head, "I might have forgot to get the gun powder and such when we set off. It's still sitting there on the dock probably." she stated. The admiral's eyes narrowed and seemed to be stating only death to her. "A-admiral, it was only an accident! I apologize!"

"You apologize? You fucking apologize?! We are in pirate waters and you say you forgot the gun powder back as Seirei Port?! How the hell are we going to protect ourselves huh?! WE can't use the canons! We can't use our guns, and none of you graduates can't even hold a damn sword, much less win against a pirate!" he yelled at her. She was pressed against the wall, she had never seen admiral so mad before, and she had done some pretty stupid stuff but he had never gotten this mad. "Get out of my sight!" he yelled in her face and she complied, running out of the private quarters and on deck. The orange-haired admiral groaned and went the imaginary dirt off of his face. "We're fucking doomed."


"Captain! A storms acomin'! What are ye gonna do?" Ichigo looked up to the blond that looked out of the telescope. He sweat dropped. You really didn't need a telescope to see the storm clouds that were already looming over them. In a few hours, they would be most likely shipwrecked. The wind was already powerful. Oh yeah, like he said before. They were doomed.

"Shinji! Get down from there, everyone put up the mast, pick up the sails!this storm is going to be a nasty one! When you are done with that secure your lifelines! We don't need anyone falling off the ship!"

"Aye!" they all echoed and he huffed, looking at the stern before securing the lifelines, you couldn't trust the newbies with this! It would be just to much! He hissed lightly going up to the main deck where the ship's wheel was located and Kensei was driving with much help from the navigator, Hayuri, who was slapping him up side the head and such making the boat rock suddenly.

"Cool it you two." he ordered, "Hayuri, is there any possible way you could get us to port tonight? This storm looks real bad." Hayuri, for once, didn't retort back with a smart ass remark or hit him with her shoe.

"Can't say. I really don't think I can. We're gonna have to ride this storm out and pray no one gets left behind." Ichigo nodded, "what did that Rukia twerp do?"

"This is exactly why Commander Kuchiki doesn't need to go around finding new sisters and taking them out of the academy and into the navy. Then go and get them a lieutenant position when they can't even load the fucking gun powder on board!" he growled angrily and stopped inside the navigation hut, muttering curses under his breath and pointed to Kuchiki, "you had better pray on your life we don't run into any pirates." Rukia gulped and he kept walking when he reached the end of the covered part of the ship he over looked the back part of the ship. Rain was beginning to fall harder then the sprinkles that had earlier. It was going to be a bad storm.

They had their work cut out for them that was for sure. "Kuchiki! Man the sails with the others, make sure the lifelines are fastened! Don't screw up this time!" The woman nodded and ran off, thinking it as a chance to redeem herself. As the moments past on and the crew scrambled across the soaked deck, the rain began to pound onto them, the wind rage and the boat rock heavily. The waves were getting bigger and stronger. Ichigo ran to the wheel, taking it from a grateful Kensei and did his best to hold it. Then he let it go, allowing the wheel to spiral the opposite way turning the ship on the ferocious sea.

"Man overboard! Captain, the water has taken Kuchiki!" one of the crew shouted. Ichigo didn't even need to think twice, he grabbed the lifeline and dived off of the Star port bow, and flinched when he came in contact with the water. It was like knives being thrown into your skin, forcing you under, keeping them locked in you body. Ichigo resurfaced with a gasp and looked around, doing his best to stay above the water before he noticed her lump of black hair. She was unconscious, and somehow still above water- spoke to late. The wave crashed over them, sending them both under, Ichigo was quick, a lifeline secure in his hand he swam his way to Rukia, grabbing her by the waist and wrapping the lifeline securely around it. She began to wake, and as soon as she did she began to let out screams from the back of her throat. She pointed, and Ichigo turned, feeling his breath getting low, and made a noise of surprise of his own.

Shark. Only one, and a Great White. Ichigo had forgotten it was their waters. He would smack himself for that later. They swam to the surface, as fast as they could, Ichigo not letting go of Rukia's arm. He gasped as they surface and they swam to the ship, careful to avoid the oncoming waves. "I thought-gasp- I told you-grunt- to secure the lifelines! That means your's too!" he shouted, it coming out as normal speech for him, he couldn't scream at the current moment, the crew cheered for their arrival. Before Ichigo could scream back at them, he cried out and was pulled under water. Rukia screamed for her captain, but no avail. When the water was dyed a ruthless red color, she swam as fast as she could to the ship. Tears running down her fast.

The shark had gotten Ichigo.


"Oi! Cap'n! There's a boy floatin' 'n the sea!" the little boy screamed. His frosty white locks seemed to reflect the sun as he stood.

"A boy?" a gruff voice asked. The younger turned, revealing golden irises and black sclera. He lifted his snow white locks when his head looked up at the captain. Very tall, muscular built out, a six tattooed on his back. Tan skin with hair a lighter blue then the sea, and eyes as deep as the sea and saw light as his hair. He wore white pants and a Navy trench coat covering his shoulders, his arms crossed against his naked chest.

"Yeah! He's blooded. Looks like he was abandoned." the child stated.

"abandoned you say? Oi! You scervy dogs! Just because I'm talkin' ta Shiro don't mean you can stop working! Get back ta work!" he shouted at them. Afraid, they immediately complied, and the blue haired man turned back to the child named Shiro. "Get my lifeline, secure it, and meet me back here." he ordered.

"Aye Cap'n." Shiro acknowledged and ran off. The blue haired man shook his head.

"Kids," he scoffed, "always wantin anything they see. Oi! Drop the anchor!" the blunet captain ordered and several nodded, running off to complete the chore. When Shiro return, the man shrugged off his jacket and and handed it to Shiro before tying the lifeline around his waist. The blue-haired man and Shiro had been together forever. He could trust Shiro with his life. "If my Line comes untied, I'm gonna kick yer ass when I come back." Shiro giggled and nodded before the blunet dived into the water and swam his way over to the blood stained water. "Where the fuck is he Shiro?!"

"give ya a hint: what comes up, must come down!" The man growled at the kid, but dived under, following the trail of blood. He could sense the sharks coming, but were far off. They would be here in a few moments. He swam further down, and caught the lifeless body in his hands. He narrowed his eyes at the man, but had time to investigate him later. Now, he had to get out of the water. He swam tot he surface and back to the boat, but not before noticing the approaching fins, nearly ten or twenty meters off.

"shit!" The captain cursed and swam faster, gripping the rope ladder he hauled himself up with the body. Blood still pouring off of him and on the Captain's body. Once he was on deck, his crew surrounded him. His blue hair sticking to his face from the water. His long gasping breaths and the body's blood soaked all over him. He growled to the crew, "Get back to work!" they scrambled off at the sound of their captain's growl. Shiro tugged the man's pants.

"Is he going to died?"

"No brat, the man is not going to die." he stated venomously. Shiro nodded, noticing his captain was angered, most likely the Great White sharks. Their ship was not in Great White waters, about one hundred meters from the division. So, why were they cutting the lines for one meal? The man gripped the body in his arms and carried him away. Blood dripping on the deck as he walked. He went down stairs, towards the Doc's room and kicked open the door. There sat two women, one with orange hair the other with deep purple. The orange one's skin was very pale, the other's a very dark tan. The tanned one had two swords at her waist, her hair in a pony-tail and golden eyes. "Yuroichi, tell the crew to scrub the deck." the man ordered.

"Aye Cap'n Grimmjow." she stated and took the dismissal, leaving him alone with the orange haired broad.

"Orihime, I want the kid healed. He's lost a lot of blood." She nodded and he laid the kid on the bed, a twinge in his chest for letting the kid go but went ignored as Grimmjow stripped the body, and growled. Teeth marks. On his side, ankle, thigh, shoulder and forearm were teeth marks. Great White teeth marks. No wonder the kid was bleeding so badly. Grimmjow moved the hair out of his face, blood caved on it from the head wound, possibly from hitting rock bottom. Grimmjow gripped the soft wet orange strands and growled at the wounds.

"Ok, Grimmjow, time for you to leave. I don't need you growling at the poor kid." Orihime giggled, pushing him out of the room. Grimmjow allowed himself to be pushed and looked back, and did a double take, thinking he saw the kid looking at him with an open eye, but he had guessed it was his imagination. Still, he noticed the coat of arms on the Navy clothing he wore, the kid was an admiral. Then why was he found waaaaayyyyy out of Navy waters, deep into pirate waters?

Most of all, what the hell had the kid gone through?


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