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"Take care of him please. I-hack- am going to die." The voice said, blood coming out of the cough.

"What if I don't want to fucking leave you?" Grimmjow asked through gritted teeth. The shadowed figure smiled a bloody smile, but yet it never looked so beautiful to Grimmjow.

"You have t-hack-o. If you don't, you'll die." The man tried to reason. "You have so much more ahead for you then I do." He stated.

"You're sixteen! I'm older, you have more!"

"more what? Ways the aristocrats can control me some more? Grimmjow you have more to live then I do. Go." The man ordered.

"You'll die if I leave."

"I know."

"Captain?" a voice asked. "Captain!" he screamed, Grimmjow shook himself out of his thoughts and looked at Shirosaki who was scowling. At an instant, Ichigo's face popped into his mind, from looking at the kid. At an instant, he shot up and out of the door, leaving people gawking at him as he crashed through the chairs, some of the people falling on their Asses on the floor. He ran and ran, now remembering how he knew Ichigo, why the boy looked so familiar.

The one he loved a long time ago. He ran into the under deck, ignoring the curious glances of his crew and growled at what he saw. An empty bed. Ichigo was gone.

Chapter 6: My memories

It wasn't long before Ichigo came too after Grimmjow had left. His nearly delirious state had him memories resurfacing and Ichigo found it hard to ignore them. Yes, he had known Grimmjow for a very long time, since the day he first met the wannabe pirate when Ichigo was nine, Grimmjow was twelve. Grimmjow had wanted to be a pirate back then so he wouldn't have to live in Karakura anymore, so he could sail the seas and be free. It was a lot for a twelve year old to dream.

The next time Ichigo saw Grimmjow, it was when he was twelve and the older boy was fifteen and indeed a pirate. The friendly feelings the two had when they were younger and Ichigo was carting around a two year old child that was his younger brother. Grimmjow left again and came back four years later when Ichigo was sixteen and already enrolled in the navy.

An act he had to do in order to feed him and his brother as they were orphans. That meeting felt different. Grimmjow had stayed for the first month, seemingly to bug the shit out of Ichigo but then the two had fallen in love. Grimmjow's crew had a job to do and left him there, in Karakura, until it was done and they would pick him back up. Grimmjow wasn't captain of his ship yet but he was first mate. Grimmjow demanded that Ichigo and his kid brother come with him, but Ichigo couldn't do it. He didn't want his kid brother to suffer the consequences of his own selfishness. That night Karakura was nearly burned to the ground by other pirates. And ichgio was left lying on his death bed, begging for Grimmjow to take his younger brother and leave so he wouldn't have to die.

That night, Inoue had found him, and healed him. He woke up one month late with a naval promotion because he stood up to the pirates. Then he began working with all of his heart, trying his hardest to get up in the ranks so he could get to the files, the heart of the navy where he knew he could try his hardest to keep the navy off of Grimmjow, anything he could do to keep him from the gallows.

He never imagined seeing Grimmjow again. He never imagined the man who stole his heart and virginity to forget him.

Ichigo smiled with a heart-broken expression as he made him way to the deck of the ship, his eyes distant and sensitive to the sunlight that he saw. "Kurosaki?" a voice called and Ichigo turned slightly to see the first mate of the ship looking at him. It was Yuroichi. The purple haired pirate stared at him with a knowing gaze. "Getting off the ship?"

"Yes," Ichigo stated, and staggered slightly. He was still feverish, his fever spiking as he moved about, the physical activity exhausting him.

"He thought you were dead. He's remembering."

"He shouldn't have forgot." Ichigo breathed, stepping down to the dock and ignoring Yuroichi's gaze as he walked into the long forgotten town of Karakura.

When Grimmjow noticed Ichigo's disappearance he hissed in anger. "Fuck!" he screamed before bounding up the stairs onto the deck, coming face to face with his first mate.

"You remember now?" she asked and he just nodded. "He got off, about an hour ago. Go find 'im Cap'n." Grimmjow just ignored her and sprinted off the boat and through Karakura.

"Ichigo!" he shouted sprinting through the town before spotting the familiar spout of orange hair, slumped against the brick wall in the alley way. The pirate captain ripped the orange haired admiral into his arms, noticing the sobs that ripped from his chest. "I remember now. I remember."

"You shouldn't have forgot!" Ichigo screamed, coughing hazardly before slamming his fist on the seemingly rock hard chest. "You forgot me." He sobbed. Grimmjow just held the officer tighter against his chest. He felt whole, more whole then he had in a long time.

"I love you." Grimmjow whispered, kissing the orange head. "I love you."