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Bella's POV

Life was perfect. I had wonderful friends, a loving family, and everything was in it's place. Sadly this Utopia didn't last long. Slowly but surely it began to crumble. At first the fights were small little quarrel. Then they get bigger and they happened more often until one of them broke. You're probably wondering who I'm talking about...my parents: Renee and Charlie.

I was really disappointed when Renee and Charlie got into a huge fight, the biggest one they'd ever had. I thought things would get better like they always did, right?

Wrong. Things don't always work out like you want or plan them to. Of course I would know that because I am now sitting on a plane on my way to Florida.

Apparently my mom took the fight seriously and her and my dad split up. So I have to leave my wonderful life behind.

I had to leave my dad behind, my awesome brother, Emmett; and worse of all, my wonderful best friends, Edward and Alice behind.

My mom and I are now on our way to Florida, to "start our new life" or that what my mom says. I was really disappointed. My school was really cool and I had really good friends.

I'd never had been that popular at school, I have frizzy hair, braces, and I hate to say it but have always been slightly on the chubby side. But still, I like that school; Marshall Jr. High to bad I have to leave it. I really didn't know when I would If I do come back.

All of my friends had cried they eyes out. I'm really gonna miss them.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

4 years Later…

At first I wasn't very popular or maybe it was hard to adjust. I was very shy. But eventually I made a few friends through out middle school. As I got older I began to loose my baby fat, and blemishes. Then one day my friend Angela introduced me to this special shampoo. Soon I became frizz free.

I must say things got a lot better from there. I remember my first date and the many ones after that.

About one year ago my mother met Phil. Phil was the baseball coach down at the community center. And according to my mom, "It was love at first sight!"

Apparently it was. Their wedding was about a week ago down at the local church. It wasn't the best day of my life since, I've always enjoy the idea of my parents staying together. Of course now, the newlyweds want their alone time. That's when I decided to go back to California to finish high school with my dad and my brother Emmett.

When I asked my mom about it, she couldn't say yes fast enough.

So that's why I'm currently sitting on a plane on my way back to my wonderful hometown L.A. I couldn't wait to see all my friends again. Lots have changed for me since the 7th grade.

I haven't told anybody about my move, not even Emmett. I wanted it to be a surprise. Well, of course Charlie knew about it, who else would pick me up from the airport?

I am now wearing my favorite blue plaid shirt with dark washed skinny jeans. Accessorizing it with a Tiffany & Co silver heart necklace and my brown scrunched boots since it was pretty cloudy outside. My light brown hair was in loose curls falling a few inches pass my shoulders.

Getting off the plane it took me about two to three minutes to find Charlie. Which wasn't bad with the other 2,000 people around looking for their family members.

Charlie couldn't recognize me, I could tell. Because when I was like 3 steps from him, he stood there still trying to look for me.

"Hey, Charlie!" He gave me the strangest confused look.

"Excuse me? Can I help you?" He asked still surprise.

"It's me dad," As soon as he heard the word dad he pulled me into a hug. "Oh my gosh, Bella you changed so much!"

Have I that much??

"Um. . .m . . .t-thanks?"

The car ride from the airport to Bridgeway High was only about half an hour, but was a good time for me and Charlie to catch up. After telling me this long story about how bad the food got when I left, he dropped me off at Bridgeway since they were probably still in class.

I glanced at the clock in the car, it was 11:30. They should be or almost be having lunch so mind as well as visit.

I got out the car to see a huge high school with a sign: BRIDGEWAY HIGH.

After going to the office to get a visitor pass, I headed towards the football field. Knowing that Emmett has football practice right before lunch. He had once told me over the phone.

As I got to the field I saw Emmett practicing; jersey number 19. I decided to watch him practice. Sitting at the far corner, I knew he wouldn't be able to see me.

"OK that's All For Today!" the coach shouted. As soon as I heard that I start running onto the field, not caring what the coach would think since practice was over.

"Emmett!!" I shouted tackling him into a hug. Like Charlie he gave me the same confused look.

"Um, sorry but I have a girlfriend. . ." he said.

"Me, Bella?" I said slowly as if I was talking to a preschooler.

Then it click, "Bella?! Oh my gosh!" he said as he gave me a bone crushing hug.

"C-c-can't b-b-breath!"

"Oops sorry. Come on we got to go see the others! They'll be as surprise as I was when they see you!" he said pulling me toward the other guys.

"Hey Emmett, who is the hottie you got here?" the reddish-brown haired one said. I blushed.

Then it clicked. That reddish-brown haired one was. . . . . . Edward. One of my best friends.


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