He found it odd and a little embarrassing at times, the noises, the movements, the mess, a little of the way Sakura would sometimes lick him clean afterwards. The way Sakura would transform into someone completely different and Sai couldn't put his finger on it, but he liked making Sakura feel this way regardless of all the awkward bits that led up to it and afterwards. When she rocked her hips into him, he'd cock his head, raise an eyebrow. Her hands constantly guiding him, something which he was grateful for in situations like this. Even though they'd been through this quite a few times already, it wasn't until one session that stirred within Sai the realization that making love and simply having Sex were two different things.

Sakura straddled his hips, moving with him as he ground upwards. Her body arced as he felt her thighs press to his hips making him buckle and moan. Sai's hands wandered up her torso, touching the flushed flesh that was so soft he never wanted to let go. Running his shaking finger tips over her breasts, his callused thumb pads lingering on her nipples for just a few moments before running his open palms down her back and over the curve of her backside, around to the soft swell of stomach and hearing her purr at the caresses. She was biting her lip; pieces of fragmented moans escaped them as she ground back against his bucking hips. She'd never fully surrendered until the very last moment and when she came loose, grinding frantically, Sai pulled her close, holding her tightly as he pumped sporadically into her twitching sex, hot and moist. He moaned and said the words that Sai himself thought he could never say, truth or lie, in any situation.

Sai let her stay there and she pulled back far enough to catch his eyes in an almost bewildered fright, her own perplexed expression that rivalled his own in most situations he didn't understand was mirrored on his own face. Then it sank in for her and he let her clumsily take the spot on the bed beside him, feeling cool air rush over him, fanning the fire she started moments ago. It seemed to have affected her more than he could fathom.

Sakura started sobbing in a way that he'd only seen her do twice in their time together. Tangled in his sheets, Sakura's back to him, Sai took advantage of the space she left behind and sprawled out. Sai felt lost and wondering why he had stirred such a reaction from the Kunoichi.

"I'm sorry." He murmured, folding his hands on his stomach, brow furrowing in confusion."It hurt? I don't understand. The foreplay should have helped with such, added, that we've done this so many times before. You did find it pleasing... you did finish?"

Sakura sighed, nodded her head and then promptly began to shake it, slowly drawing her knees up into an awkward foetal position. Sai frowned, Sakura was confusing him, sex was supposed to bring them closer, she was visibly becoming distant. His body felt warm and he felt a little dizzy from the euphoric high that came with the orgasm and he wondered if her strangled sobs were a side effect of just that.

"Do you not feel well?" Sai asked, scratching at his cheek awkwardly. "I.... hope it's not contagious... I'm sure Danzo would not be happy if I caught a sexually transmitt..."

"It's not that." Sakura choked, she balled her hand into a fist and lightly tapped it against the mattress, and Sai watched the shaking of her shoulders, the heaving of her back with each sob. "Sai... you..."

Sai furrowed his brow at Sakura. "Me?"

"You said... you...." Sakura was now a quivering, bawling mess on his chest, but she was smiling, grinning even.

Kissing him all over and it made him twitch against his will. It shocked him that he was so sensitive to her touches. "You said you loved me."

It happened only a scant moment ago and it may have been something that rolled off his tongue in the easiest of ways, but he meant it. Sakura kissing him with vivacious passion, Sai pressed a hand onto her back as he pulled her closer, her forehead finally resting against his cheek as he heard a sniffle next to his ear. Sai's sideward's glance to her held a look of wanting the guidance he often sought from her. However, when Sakura smiled through her tears, Sai knew that for once, Sakura couldn't guide him. She couldn't tell him what that tingling sensation in his stomach was when he was holding her hand, what the wobbling in his knees was when he caught her scent on the wind and followed her blindly. He had just done so on his own.