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Title: Maid Service
Romance, Humor, Drama, Tragedy
Summary: Kairi and Namine get the job of a lifetime—working as maids in the Bishonen Mansion! However, with Sephiroth as head 'chief' and many hot, sexy guys at their fingertips, they might just get more than they bargained for.

Other: Pairings may vary. Chapters will be numbered Roman numeral style. POV's might change from time to time.

Warning: May have Yaoi 'incidents.'


I – It's Raining Men

Kairi's POV

Here I am, 18 years old and still pitiful. I never went to school, never had any real friends and definitely have never been in love. I live in a run-down house with my Aunt Tifa and my sister Namine. We're laughingstocks in this pitiful town with pitiful people. Did I mention I'm pitiful?


I hate the smell of gasoline. Most people I know like it, but I just can't stand it.

Tifa tried to start the car up. Fail.

"Aunt Tifa, what on Earth made you think we were going to make it back? You knew the tank was nearly empty!"

"I'm sorry! I was in an… adrenaline rush! You can't blame me!"

"Sure I can!"

As I listened to Tifa and Namine argue, I just leaned against our broken down Camry and thought of one thing. We're going to have to walk to the nearest gas station and beg for assistance.

But in a town like this; a town where everyone hates us, that's not likely.

Might as well start walking home. That car was no good, anyway.

"Kairi, where are you going?" Namine called out to me.


The clouds collected in the sky above me. It was definitely about to rain. Things like this always happened to the three of us. Our life was… pitiful.

Wow, I've grown really fond of that word.

Ever since our mother died, Namine and I always had to take care of ourselves. Tifa didn't know her right from her left. I always wondered why mom left in her will for us to be taken under Tifa's wing, of all the 'wonderful' sisters she had. My Aunt Yuffie, who, by the way is freaking rich would've been the much better choice. All of my mother's relatives were much better choices, but she decided to stick us with Tifa. I hoped to any god out there that it wasn't because she wanted to teach us a life lesson, because you could hardly learn anything useful with a middle-aged single woman who things beer pong is the best game ever and has an addiction to anything cheesy… including our father Cloud's hair. (Which she thinks is cheesy.)

Now you're probably wondering… now that I've mentioned my father, why aren't we staying with him? It's quite a long story, might I add, but I've got all the time in the world. My house is about three hours away on foot, thirty minutes by driving. But since we don't have a car thanks to Miss No-Good-Bi--- anyway… my father. Cloud Strife has to be the most stuck up man I know; in fact, he turned the entire town against us. He denied us being his daughters when he became Mayor. Something about a reputation. He made us look stupid in front of the entire town when we would cry out, 'daddy, why don't you love us?' and made people think we were mental.

If mother were here, she would've never let something like that happen.

But I think her death had a lot to do with his sudden… change of heart, so I try not to blame him too much.

However, that excuse is getting really old now.

So without any real adults to show us in the right direction, Namine and I have nothing. We're probably going to be working stupid jobs for the rest of our lives, making minimum wage and if we're lucky, get some old apartment with barely any cracks in the walls and possibly some nice neighbors.

As Namine and I walked down the street, (Tifa thought it would be wise to stop and ask for help in a town of lunatics) the rain started to pick up. Before we knew it, we were soaked. I would say life couldn't get any worse, but in all honesty, it could. I'm a freaking jinx.

Oh gosh, why did I even have to think it?

Just then, a limo raced by us, hitting a puddle and splashing us both. I stood there, completely soaked and was about to just break down and cry. Namine, on the other hand was running after the limo screaming any curse words she could think of.

This was our life.

But then, something strange happened.

The limo was going in reverse.

"SHIT! Namine, what did you do?!" I grabbed her wrist and ran for it, not getting very far. Tripping over air, (yes, I told you already, I'm pitiful) I brought her down with me. The limo caught up with us and I could hear the window rolling down. This was it. We were dead.

"Are you alright?" A concerned voice asked.

I just laid there with my face in the concrete. The last thing I needed was some rich jackass making fun of me.

"Um…" I heard the car door open and footsteps. I immediately came to my senses, jumped up and got into a defensive stance. However, that didn't last long because I was staring at some of the most beautiful, blue eyes I had ever seen in my life.

The boy, about my age approached us. He didn't seem to care about the rain. Wet, his hair dangled down in front of his face; his white-buttoned up shirt was see-through his shoes were probably really uncomfortable at this point because he stepped right through the puddle he splashed us with.

"Are you girls alright?"

I had never seen such… innocence…

'No, it's a trap. He's going to reach out his hand, we're going to think he's trying to help us, then he's going to pull it back and laugh in our faces. Get a hold of yourself, Kairi!'

Sure enough, he put out his hand to me.

Namine slapped it. "We don't want your help!"

The boy looked at his hand and seemed really surprised. However, he didn't walk away.

"Geeze, Sora! Why do you have to help every useless stranger we see?"

I heard a car door slam on the other side and saw blonde spikes walking around.

"Roxas, these girls need our help. Give them that umbrella you're holding."

I finally got to my feet. I didn't like the comment he had just made about useless strangers, so I wasn't buying their little act. The boy apparently named 'Roxas' groaned and handed us the umbrella, but of course, stubborn as we were, we refused.

'Oh my gosh… why did they have to be so CUTE?!'

Sora held the umbrella over us anyway. Namine held onto my arm, afraid he was going to hurt us but I was ready to fight if it came down to it. Now that I thought about it, there was one good thing about Tifa; she taught me how to defend myself.

Speaking of Tifa, where was she?

I think Sora was finally getting the message that we didn't want to be bothered, so instead he quickly grabbed my arm and put the umbrella in my hand, holding onto my hand for a moment before letting go and smiled.

"You know what, Roxas?"

"What?" He definitely just wanted to get out of here.

"I know it's sudden… and probably very unlikely since we just met and all, but…"

"Oh gosh, Sora… you can't be thinking of taking them home!" Roxas groaned again.

"No! Well… sort of… but not in the way you're thinking!"

"Oh, right. Like I need to hear anymore moaning sounds coming from your room…"

"What?!" Namine shrieked.

"No, no, no! Just listen!" Sora pleaded.

I wasn't sure what to do at the moment. Should I run? Should I kick his ass?

"Let's just let them stay with us for a while. They don't seem to have a place to go to…"

"Hey!" I yelled, getting a little pissed off.

"I mean, I'm sure your parents won't mind letting their daughters—"

"Alright, alright! Just put them in the car! Let's go! I'm tired of this rain!"

"You'll have to excuse my brother… he's very impatient." Sora said, grinning uneasily.

"We're not going anywhere with you!" Namine said.

As much as it intrigued me to know what kind of place they lived in, the situation just seemed a little fishy. For all we knew, they could be rapists.

"What's going on here?"

Tifa was standing behind us. Namine quickly ran over to her and hid behind her.

"These boys were trying to kidnap us!" Namine lied.

"What? No! That's not it at—" Before we knew it, Sora was knocked out on the ground.

"Tifa!" I shrieked, immediately rushing to the unconscious boy's side. Roxas didn't dare to step forward. Instead, he got back into the limo. Surprisingly, the limo drove off without Sora.

'Some brother he is…' I thought to myself.

I turned my attention back to Sora who was knocked out cold. Tifa had kicked him in the face and probably punched him a few times; who knew. I lifted him onto the sidewalk as Namine and Tifa watched, confused. For some reason, I felt like I had to help him.

"They were trying to help us," I said, "at least… Sora was."

Tifa giggled. "Oops!"

Man, I can't stand her sometimes.

I carried him all the way home.


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What's to come:
When Sora wakes up, he's taken back by his surroundings. He's never been in a… poor person's home before. That's when he offers Namine and Kairi to come and live with him… in a mansion.