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A/N: Please imagine that Michael referenced comics other than Marvel to Ben in S2 episode 6 Michael makes several Marvel references. Also in that episode Michael referenced Alpha Flight #106 incorrectly. The boy was a girl, Jean-Paul adopted her and cared for her until her death. He then made the decision to come out publicly. Just clearing that up since Jean-Paul will make reference to his daughter Joanne.

Chapter 1:

Michael shifted in his seat on the couch as Lindsey attempted to offer him a drink. He declined and stared at his hands. He glanced up at Melanie who smiled at him encouragingly. He opened his mouth, closed it, and then tried to clear his throat.

"Michael?" Lindsey asked, her concern obvious in her voice. She lightly touched his shoulder, "Are you alright?"

He nodded.

Would she still touch him after he spoke? Would they ask him to leave?

He closed his eyes briefly, took a deep breath, and started, "I'm really honored, and I'd love to have a baby with you Mel…"

"But?" Mel interrupted with a frown.

He mirrored her frown, this wasn't how he wanted to tell anyone. He wished he could keep his secret, the thought that no one knew made the world feel safer to him. He wasn't ready, wasn't sure how his friends and family would react and he'd already gone through enough from being gay.

"I have something to tell you first," he managed, "I haven't really told anyone and I'd appreciated it if you didn't share."

He paused. How was he supposed to continue?

Melanie and Lindsey exchanged a worried look, thinking they already knew what Michael was going to say, but wanting to hear it for themselves and not realizing that they couldn't be farther from the truth.

"Tell anyone what, Michael?" Lindsey pushed gently.

Michael stared at his hands again, "I…I haven't even told…I'm, I'm a mutant."

He closed his eyes tightly, the word sounded foreign on his tongue.

"What?" Mel asked before she gave an abrupt laugh, "That's ridiculous."

"We would know, wouldn't we?" Lindsey questioned with a frown.

Michael opened his eyes to take in their looks of disbelief, "Not all mutations are obvious."

"Someone has to know. Your mother," Mel rationalized.

"Ben," Lindsey added.

"Brian has to know," Mel added with obvious disapproval, "he knows everything about you."

"No, he doesn't. You're the only ones I've told, well the only one in my family. My…Uncle Vic knows, but that's it."

"How long have you known?" Mel asked her lips pursed into a worried frown.

"Since I was fourteen."

Mel shook her head, "That doesn't make any sense."

"Why are you telling us this?" Lindsey added.

"You asked me to have a baby with Melanie, I couldn't do that and not tell you," he managed as he began to stand, "I understand if-if you don't want to…I…I'll leave."

As he started to take a step away from the couch Mel told him, "Michael wait. We need to figure this out and I'm sure Lindsey and I have some questions we'd like to ask before we make any hasty decisions."

Lindsey glanced at Mel with wide eyes. Michael sank back into the couch and clenched his hands together and stared at them, not sure what to say.

"First, what is it that you do?" Mel asked slowly.

"I'm an empath."

"An empath?"

"I can feel other people's emotions and I can change what they're feeling."

Mel pressed her lips together as she thought, "Have you ever done that, changed what someone was feeling?"

Michael glanced up at her, then towards the door before he said quietly, "Only one person."

"Brian," Lindsey guessed, "God, Michael, what'd you do to Brian?"

Tears brimmed at the corner of his eyes, but Michael met her gaze, "I was only a kid, I didn't realize what I was doing until it was too late and…I only made it hurt less. I made him feel safe."

Melanie regarded him as she said slowly, "Honestly I'm not sure I believe you. How could you keep something like this a secret?"

Michael turned from the disapproval in Lindsey's eyes to Melanie's confused, yet sympathetic face.

"I'm gay, that already makes me different," Michael explained, "What was I supposed to do, say I was gay and a mutant? My Mom already wears herself out going overboard accepting my being gay, she doesn't need this too." He picked at imaginary lint on his pants, "Besides I'm not an upper level mutant, not on superhero standards. I pass easily."

Mel nodded, while Lindsey still looked aghast.

"There's more," he managed, "I…had the Legacy Virus."

Mel got up and sat next to him. Lindsey took a step back, sank into a nearby chair, "God Michael."

Melanie touched his shoulder, "I had several friends die…"

Michael looked up at her not quiet believing. She nodded at him encouragingly. He continued, "It was only in the first stages when a cure was found. I talked to Hank, he said I should still be able to have kids."

"Hank?" Lindsey questioned.

"Dr. Henry McCoy," Michael clarified.

"You know him?" Melanie asked.

Michael nodded, "Since I was fourteen. We're friends."

"He's well respect," Mel said.

Michael smiled.

Melanie smiled back, "Thank you Michael, for telling us. But it doesn't change my decision. I still want to have a child with you."



"I…Do I get to be a Dad? I couldn't do like Bri does, not after having no father."

"Well work out what works best for us," Mel told him, knowing that she too would have questions on how they would raise a child. She'd been hoping to put a contract together that would waive all of Michael's rights, but the look of hope on his face made her want to throw that plan out. She pressed her lips together a moment, thinking, "Have you talked to Ben?"

"About?" Michael asked, "Having a baby yes, he's…"

Michael paused and buried his head in his hands. Mel reached out and rubbed his back, "He's what Michael?"

"He's with me on having a child with you, but I-I just I don't know how to tell him the other thing."

Melanie threw Lindsey a worried look before she wrapped Michael in a hug. She frowned at her wife, not liking the blank, worried look on Lindsey's face.

"Well, you're going to have to figure it out," Melanie told him firmly, "But that's not why you're here. You're here to talk babies with us."

"Yeah," Michael managed a smile as he wiped his face.

Melanie glanced over at Lindsey indicating the box of tissues near her. Lindsey frowned at her confused. Melanie rolled her eyes and got the box for Michael.

"Thanks," Michael said taking them.

"No problem."

They talked for a short time more, polite conversation regarding a child and making plans and arrangements for how best to make that child. Eventually Michael had to return to work, the moment the door closed behind him Lindsey got up from the chair where she'd remained mostly silent, "I can't believe you still want to have a kid with him."

Melanie turned to her confused, "Linds?"

"He admitted to fucking with Brian and that he's lied to us everyday that we've known him."

"I think he explained himself."

"He could be dangerous!"

"Any less dangerous then he was yesterday when you asked him at the last moment to babysit Gus for us?"

"I didn't know then!"

"So finding out he's a mutant changes everything?"

"Mel," Lindsey shook her head as she tried to think how to rationalize what she was feeling.

Mel stood and wrapped her arms around her wife, "For some people finding out that a friend or loved one is gay changes everything."

"Being a mutant is different, you don't get special powers when you're gay."

"Says who? I think I know some people who'd disagree," Melanie teased.

Lindsey frowned, "How can you be joking about this?"

"It's still something your born with, and it's another minority group," Mel soothed, "We have friends who are mutants, you know that, it doesn't make them any less human. Why should we treat Michael any different? He still deserves our love and respect."

"But to have a child with him? You're putting yourself at risk."

"How did we know that Gus wouldn't turn out to be a mutant?"

"He tested negative."

"What if he hadn't? Would you love him any less?" Melanie asked.

"No, but Michael, he's kept this from us for all these years. We aren't even supposed to tell anyone and you're going to have a child with him?" Lindsey continued to rationalize as she took a step away from Mel and began picking up anything she found out of place in their living room.

"I think telling us was a first step for him," Melanie told her, "That by finding us accepting he'll eventually feel comfortable enough to tell everyone else."

"But," she continued before she sunk into a chair, "the Legacy Virus was like mutant AIDS. Mel, what if we'd lost him and we didn't even know why?"

"We didn't. We didn't lose him and now we're going to have a baby?" Mel said slowly the question was clear in her voice, she needed for Lindsey to agree.

Lindsey looked at her hands, "I just, I can't stop thinking about Brian. What did he do to him?"

Melanie brushed a stray strand of hair behind Lindsey's ear, "He took care of him like the two of you always do."

Lindsey glanced at her and then at the door, "He should tell Ben. Ben at least deserves to know."

"It's up to Michael to tell him," Melanie reassured as she wrapped her arms around her wife, resting her chin on Lindsey's shoulder before pointing out slowly, "And hey, it's one less thing for us to worry about right?"

"What?" Lindsey looked confused.

"Mutants don't get HIV, remember that study?"

Lindsey shook her head, "I thought that's what he was going to tell us."

"That he had HIV?"

Lindsey nodded.

"Me too."

Lindsey glanced at the door, "He really should tell Ben."

"He has to be the one to make that decision..."

They both stayed silent for several moments Lindsey staring at the door, Melanie holding and staring at Lindsey before she pointed out, "Lindz, I need you to be okay with this. It's our baby."

Lindsey nodded, turned and gave her a hesitant smiled at about the same time that Justin bound up the stairs at his Mom's house.

"Molly?" he asked as he neared her room.

There was no reply. He frowned as he cracked her door opened and peaked in at a shape huddled under blankets. He sat on the bed and said her name again. Gradually covers came down and she peaked out at him, blinking.

"Hey," he greeted pushing the hair off her head, "Mom say's your sick."

"Migraine," she muttered squinting at him with a frown, "why are you here?"

"We had breakfast together, she asked me to check in on you. She's say it's the third one you've had in the last two weeks?"

She nodded.

Justin frowned, "Wanna go downstairs and watch a movie?"

She grimaced, "You guys think I'm faking don't you?"


"It hurts. I just want it to go away."

"Did you take anything?"

She nodded and begged, "Sleep?"

Justin sighed, he wished she was faking, he didn't like the thought of his sister sick and not knowing why. He nodded and gave her a kiss on the forehead, "I'm done with my classes for today, so I'll be downstairs if you need anything."

She nodded and pulled the covers over her head. She listened to him close her door behind him and she frowned hugging her pillow. She was happy to see Justin, she rarely got to anymore, but she wanted to spend time with him, not be huddled in her bed pain pounding over and over in her skull. She shuddered, shut her eyes tightly and wished the pain would go away.

The pain suddenly stopped. She opened her eyes and bit back a scream, her skin was glowing blue. She brought her hand closed to her face and squinted her eyes, she was bright, like a blue light bulb. Then as her covers fell away from her she realized she was no longer on her bed, but floating above it.

"No, no, no, no," she whispered to herself. This wasn't happening. She wanted to scream, but couldn't, not with her brother downstairs. She wrapped her arms around herself and shut her eyes as she tried to tell herself it was all just a bad dream.

She bumped into her ceiling.

Her eyes opened wide. Her mind screamed that she wanted down, and she suddenly fell back onto her bed. She was still glowing a bright blue. She scrambled under her covers, put her face to her pillow and screamed, thankful that it was muffled by the pillow.

She shook her head, this couldn't be happening. If her father kicked Justin out for being gay, would he ever want to talk to her again when he found out she was a mutant?

This couldn't be happening! It had to be a bad dream. She pinched herself. It wasn't a dream. She stared at her glowing skin, which was slowly toning down and fading back to its normal color.

What was she supposed to do now? Why her?