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There was one motto that the boys of Connect 3 always abided by. It was something Nate came up with the first year they were together. "The show must go on." Even when Shane was grounded at Camp Rock, the show did go on; it just went on with out him. Songs were written, guitars were played, and phone calls had resulted. In the midst of falling for Mitchie, Shane Gray followed his brother's advice even when everything fell apart and he found out that Mitchie had lied to him. It had torn him up but songs came out of it and Nate was happy.

The weeks and months following Camp Rock were hectic. The tour resumed and it felt to the boys that it was just one stop after another. It was the same crowd in the same city over and over again, but—faithful to friends and family—the show went on. Curtains rose, mikes were held, and Jason still went on about the fact he didn't have a bird house.

After the tour ended, they figured they would come up with another motto, one that wasn't so intense. Nate objected but eventually gave in.

Little did they know that by the end of the year, "the show must go on" would mean more to them than it ever had before.

Chapter 1: Boys of Summer

"Call me if you need anything, honey."

"Mom," she put a reassuring hand on the older woman's shoulder. "I'll be fine."

Connie Torres nodded and dabbed her eyes with the tissue she was holding in her left hand. Mitchie Torres just grinned and shook her head. It was nearing the end of November and Mitchie's heart was pounding so loud that she could hear it in her ears. She was so excited she missed a tearful exchange between her mother and Steve, her father. She had been invited to spend the holidays with Shane Gray and everything since then had been a blur. She had been running all over the place packing, convincing her parents into letting her go, and calling Shane non-stop to make sure that meeting times were on schedule. She didn't want to be standing alone in a crowded airport- a thought that made her mother extremely nervous.

Two weeks and a huge phone bill later, she was standing in JFK International Airport with her carry on slung over her shoulder with her mother, a blubbering idiot at the moment, and father in front of her. Nervous jitters coursed through her body but she just stared at her parents and smiled. She knew the nervousness was from the flight that loomed ahead of her. She was what Jason Black, the guitarist for Connect 3, had so lovingly called a "flight virgin". She'd never been thirty thousand feet in the air before and it scared her just a little.

She looked down and checked her watch. 8:15. She took a deep breath; in ten minutes she would be boarding. Voices inside her head began screaming and doing happy dances while her mom continued to sob hysterically. She shook her head again.

"Do you have your boarding pass?" Her dad asked when he realized the time.

Mitch pulled the small, folded, piece of paper out of her pocket and waved it in the air happily.

"Dramamine just in case?" Her mom squelched from Steve's shoulder.

"Mom, I'm fine!" she exclaimed. "I don't need it but yes, I have it." She patted the brown carry-on lovingly.

Connie gasped and tackled her daughter with a hug. "I'm going to miss you so much!" she exclaimed dragging out the vowel on 'so'.

"Oh," Mitchie laughed. "I'll miss you too." They backed away from each other. "Okay, so I'm arriving at eleven thirty California time. Shane, Nate, and Jason are going to be there an hour early waiting for me. I will be staying with Nate and Shane and their parents and I will be returning January seventeenth."

"Sounds like a plan, sweet cakes."

"Dad," she whined. "Save the nicknames please. "

"But honey," Connie said putting her hands on her daughter's shoulders, "We won't be able to call you that for two months!"

"Uh, Mom, I have a cell phone and the time difference isn't that bad. I'll just call before you guys go to bed."

Steve opened his mouth to say something when the intercom crackled on and announced that Mitchie's flight was boarding. She said her goodbye's quickly as the line to the gate got longer. Connie and Steve stood near the windows looking out to the tarmac, waving like they were sending their little girl off to some foreign land instead of only four thousand miles away to California.

Mitchie gave her ticket to the attendant who scanned it and ushered her in with an artificial smile and a required, "Thank you for choosing to fly Northwest. Please enjoy your flight."

She nodded and waved before she disappeared through the gate.

She awoke with a start to the pilot announcing they were due to land once the air traffic cleared up a bit. She yawned rather loudly garnering stares from her row buddies. She quietly apologized and threw open the window shade she had closed hours before. She blinked as her eyes were assaulted by the brilliant sunlight. She grinned. No cold winds, no threat of snow, no parents, no school-she was in heaven. Sighing again, she reached down under the chair in front of her and pulled out her carry-on bag. It was one of her most prized possessions and the brown leather had worn in places but she didn't care. She called it her "lucky pack". She had stuffed just about everything but the kitchen sink into that little carry-on and she was damn proud of it.

She rummaged around for a few seconds before she found her boarding pass and her luggage claim ticket. She pulled them out triumphantly as the pilot announced they were landing. She quickly put her carry-on back under the seat before an attendant could yell at her. She stretched out languidly then sat back into her chair for the landing process. She was queasy as she had been on take off but once the wheels hit the ground the butterflies gave way to excitement.

Once the plane eased to a stop and a majority of the passengers were off, she stood, grabbed her bag and walked into the airport barely able to contain her anticipation. Somewhere in the crowded LAX terminal there was a super hot rock star just waiting for her. She grinned. Pop star, she thought to herself. She always teased him on that little area of his life.

The phone in her pocket suddenly weighed heavily on her brain but she didn't think she could call her parents at that moment of time. She was too…jumpy and out of it with—for lack of a better word—excitement.

She walked through the terminal with ease until she spotted a small welcoming party waving around signs that read "I heart Mitchie T!" and "Mitchie T. This is Me!" She fought away the blush that threatened to paint her cheeks a bright red.

"Mitchie! We love you!"

She groaned. Leave it to Jason to embarrass her even more—in a public place no less!

She approached the trio and lifted an eyebrow in a questioning gesture. "Was this really necessary?"

Shane Gray shrugged his shoulders and pulled her into a hug. "Got your attention didn't it?"

"Of course it did!" Jason smacked her lightly on the back. "Hey, you like the birdhouse I drew?"

He pointed to the corner of the "Mitchie T. This is Me" poster and grinned the goofy grin that separated him from his band mates. She laughed. "Looks good, Jay,"

She glanced past Jason and Shane's shoulder and saw the curly brown head of Nate Gray. She wiggled out of Shane's tight grasp and walked up to the quietest member of the band. He smiled. He appeared different without the skinny jeans, converse shoes, and button down shirt and tie. He actually looked really good in the baggy—but no doubt designer—jeans and t-shirt he was currently wearing.

"Come here, you." Mitchie placed a hand on the back of his neck and pulled him into a brief friendly hug. "How're you doing Nate?"

"He's mad."

Mitch backed away from Nate and looked at Shane. "Why?"

"I'm not mad!"

Shane cracked an expression that said, "Yeah, sure."

He threw his hands up in the air in exasperation. "I promise I'm not mad."

"We didn't believe you the first hundred times you said that." Jason beamed.

She looked at Jason. "Why is he mad?" she asked again.

"Jason invited Tess to this little shindig."

"Tess?" She whirled around to Nate then back to Jason. "Tess Tyler?"

"One in the same," Shane replied with a smile.

She turned back to Nate again. "And you're mad about this?" Mitchie inquired with a smirk.

"I'm not-" he sighed. "Never mind."

Mitch shook her head, walked over to the oldest band mate and clapped her hand on his shoulder. "So, umm, how long have you liked her?"

Nate and Shane laughed and they began their journey to the baggage claim. After a few minutes, Jason and Nate began arguing over the "Tess Tyler" situation. Jason wanted to make sure that they all—Nate especially—knew that he did not like Tess. Tess may like him but he did not "return the sentiments". Mitchie and Shane ignored the bickering and walked ahead of them in silence. Shane chuckled quietly at the two behind them and the sound made Mitchie blush. It was a beautiful sound—one that fit him perfectly. It wasn't deep and manly but it wasn't girly either. It was the most amazing baritone chuckle she had ever heard. The thought made her blush even deeper and she didn't realize they had already picked up her bags and were heading towards the entrance of LAX.

"Hey, is your Uncle Brown going to be there?"

Nate smiled. "Yeah, he's here now."

Mitchie stopped. "How long has he been here?"

Jason looked down to check his watch and said, "For about an hour and half. He's in the car."

"You left him in the car?!"

"It was Jason's idea!" Shane exclaimed throwing his hands up in the air.



Mitchie shook her head. "Well we better not keep him waiting."

"Wasn't the plan."

The group laughed again and walked out the front doors. A limo pulled up in front of them followed by more than twenty paparazzi and about a hundred screaming fans.


Through the giggling and the excitement, Nate grabbed Mitchie by the hand—Shane had her bags—and pulled her through the gathering crowd. The limo doors opened and she could hear Brown yelling at her. Nate jumped in first, followed by Mitchie then Jason, then her bags and finally Shane jumped in and slammed the door.

"Step on it, Brown!"

"I'm not the one driving, love."

Looking up, Mitchie noticed that Brown was sitting in front of them and not in the driver's seat like she expected him to be. He grinned and the limo, with them inside it, tore out of the airport drive way with the paps and the fans screaming wildly.