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Chapter 7: Don't Let Go

They arrived at Imagine studios thirty minutes after they had left the Gray mansion. They had managed to escape some of the paparazzi who were camped out in front of the house and they also managed to escape most of the horrendous L.A. traffic. Sabrina, having lived there her whole life, knew all the back roads and short cuts. Before they had pulled up in into the studio parking lot, Mitchie had suggested getting food for lunch. They didn't know how long they would be there and already both girls' stomachs were growling.

With the bags of Subway in their hands, Mitchie and Sabrina simultaneously slammed the doors to Brina's Mustang and walked into the studio. They climbed three flights of stairs, conversation flowing easily between them. Sabrina quit talking when she heard music coming from one of the many rooms.

"I thought sound booths were sound proofed," Mitchie said as they stopped in front of the booming room.

Brina shook her head. "Not this one. It's inverted. It's mostly for messing around. There's a proofed booth behind this one. We'll move into that one later."

She opened the door for the younger girl then followed her inside. The boys saw them automatically and rushed up to them. Each one had something in their hands. Nate was holding his drum sticks, Jason was holding his guitar and Shane was holding…Sabrina wasn't sure what Shane was holding but regardless, they mobbed the girls and in a flurry of hands and clear plastic bags, the food was distributed. Sabrina was left with one bag when all was said and done but the person it belonged to was no where to be seen.

She watched as Mitchie went to sit and eat with Shane and she suddenly felt so alone. Sure, she could sit with Jason but her gaze kept falling onto Nate. She took a step in his direction fully intent on maybe making peace with him when the person who the food belonged to walked into the room. Leslie Mann, Connect 3's manager, was tall, lanky and pale. She was Irish with a slight accent and long red hair. As the boy's manager, she had embraced their desire to change their sound and had made the best of it. She had the boy's best interest in mind. Bri smirked and went up behind the woman.

She tapped her on the shoulder and said, "Vegetarian foot long on Italian Herbs and Cheese bread with no mayonnaise." She dangled the bag in front of Leslie's face.

The red head screeched, whipped around to face Bri, then hugged her tightly.

"Sabrina Anderson! You remembered!" They broke apart. "How're you my dear?"

"I'm peachy keen. How are you?"

"Stressed as Hell, darling. We need duets for the new CD and Nate's in a rut. Shane has his done but his brother," she shook her head; "he's got nothing."

Bri put a hand on Lee's shoulder. "That's why we're here. Nate called me and Mitchie and told us they needed help. Apparently we're gonna sing on the album."

"I have wanted to hear you sing for forever and every time I asked, you said no. What made you change your mind?"

Sabrina's eyes fell on Nate who saw her then waved her into the booth.

"That boy right there." She motioned to Nate then walked to the door and opened it.

"Hey, Sabrina?"

She turned around. "Yes?"

"He's a nice kid. Don't hurt him again. You guys are good for each other."

She smiled. "I know." Then she walked into the booth.

Shane and Mitchie were still eating and Jason was strumming on his bass. Nate took her hand and led her into the room behind the one they were already in. Of course he was already finished with his food and he was ready to put his nose to the grindstone.

He shut the door behind her and sat down on the stool that was in front of the microphone.

She suddenly felt really nervous. "I've never written a song before."

"I know," was his simple answer.

She blinked. "Then why did you ask me to come?"

"Because I wanted you here." He grinned then motioned her closer. "This is all I have so far. What do you think?" Sitting on the stand in front of him was a big piece of note book paper half full with writing.

She pulled up another stool beside him and sat down and looked at the song. "What is it called?"

"'Don't Let Go'."

"Do you have the backing track?"

He nodded. "Want to hear it?" She grinned. "I usually don't do the music before I have the words but this just came to me."

Music suddenly filled the small room. It was soft at first but as it crescendo, Nate looked as if he was preparing to sing. Her gaze fell onto the paper. Emotions raced inside of her. She was close enough to feel the heat radiating from his skin. She could hear his quiet humming and her heart was pounding wildly against her chest. All the feelings she though she had lost came rushing back to her as Nate began the first stanza of the song.

"I can't believe this moment's come. It's so incredible that we're alone. There's so much to be said and done; it's impossible not to be overcome."

She came in quickly when she realized it was her part. "Will you forgive me if I feel this way?"

"Cause we just met--"

They both harmonized easily as the lyrics he had written ended with, "Tell me that's okay."

The music died and it was then Sabrina fully remembered where she was. She had lost herself in the moment and the music and she realized she was sitting beside the boy of her dreams, singing a song that spoke of her emotions perfectly.

"That's all I have," he said after a long pause.

Her eyebrows knitted together. She hummed the melody she had heard before the song was shut off, slowly and deliberately. She grabbed the pencil that was sitting on the stand and began scratching out the basis of her lyrics. They were simple and that's what she wanted, simple.

So take this feeling
Make it grow
Never let it
Never let it…

He suddenly took the pencil from her and made a few corrections. He added who sung what and what should happen. He also added a few lyrics and before she knew it, over half the song was finished. She wasn't sure if she had contributed or if she had just starred at him. She was sure she had just starred; watched as his hand moved over the paper, his brown eyes focused and glittering with ideas. His silky smooth humming reached her ears and she saw he had stopped. The pencil hovered over the paper almost shaking with anticipation. Nate's face suddenly scrunched in frustration. The chorus was done as was the second stanza but she could tell something was missing.

"May I?" He handed over the pencil. "How about this?

"I've been waiting all my life to make this moment feel so right. The feel of you just fills the night, so, come on let's just hold on tight."

A big grin slowly spread across his lips. "Perfect."

He leaned it to kiss her when the door suddenly slammed opened and Shane, Mitchie, and Jason all walked in, Leslie following close behind.

"Oy, will you two lovebirds get a room?"

Sabrina couldn't help but laugh as she turned to look at the red head. The laugh caught in her throat when she felt Nate's warm fingers entwine with hers. She blinked and returned her gaze to the boy beside her. She knew everyone's attention was on them. She didn't care. They were probably as shocked as she was. Nate's eyes locked onto hers and she felt his other hand reach up to touch her face. She could feel the calluses on his finger tips from the years of guitar playing. She could feel the way his palm molded around her chin and cheek perfectly. She closed her eyes as he drug his hand down her neck and around to grip the back of her hair. Then, with everyone staring at them slack jawed, he pulled her toward him and kissed her. She crushed into his body perfectly, with every curve of her fitting into every contour of his. She grinned into his soft lips and, as quickly as it started, it ended. They broke apart easily, her chest heaving as she panted for breath. She heard him sigh contently and finally, she opened her eyes.

He rested his forehead on hers. "We had a room, Leslie." With his forehead still on hers, he turned to face his manager. "We had one until you decided to show up." He smiled.

The shocked tension dissipated as they all laughed.

Mitchie and Shane were to use the booth first. Their song was a total pop song with an acoustic twist. Brina liked it. She found herself on more than one occasion tapping her feet to the beat and swaying to the rythmn. She also found herself staring more and more at Nate. She wasn't sure what this little development meant to their relationship as a whole. She also didn't know how this would change everything in the long run. She sighed and decided to not dwell on the situation. She felt Jason's hands on her shoulders, suddenly, and turned to meet his eyes. She jumped when she saw a hint of pain flicker across his face.

"Jay, hon, are you okay?"

He shook his head and motioned for her to follow him. She nodded. After quickly and quietly excusing herself, she met Jason in the hall.

"What's wrong?" She asked panic rising in her voice.

"I think," he winced, "that sub didn't settle well." An attempted laugh faded into a shudder. "Can you just tell the guys I'll be at home?"

He turned to walk off.

"Hey," he stopped and faced his sister again. "Do you need me to go with you?"

"No," he replied quickly. "I'll be fine. Go ahead and record with Nate. Have fun. Don't worry about me."

With that, he spun on his heel and headed out of the building. A feeling of unease jolted through her but she shook it off. It's my job to worry, she thought as she made her way back into the room. She took a moment to muse about what she would tell Leslie and the guys but she forgot about it when she returned and it was her and Nate's turn to sing. She'd never had stage fright before, so when she felt butterflies begin to flutter in her stomach, she was very surprised.

"Are you ready for this?" Nate whispered as he put his earphones on.

She nodded and shakily followed suit. The music began and she opened her mouth to sing.