Back in the forest, Harribel stared down her enemy. "My name, is Leon. That's all you need to know." Harribel glared, "Espada Tres. Tia Harribel." Leon smirked, "Nice name, AUNT Harribel." Leon said mockingly. The Espada pulled out her sword. "I am in a hurry. So I'll end it quickly." She stated. In an instant, the two attacked, Leon moved in the air, not once removing or losing control of his snowboard. Harribel chased after him, swinging her Zanpakuto at him. The boy carefully dodged each swing, "Ha! Your dumb sword won't touch me woman!" he laughed, he flew back and swung his arm, a green blade attacked her. 'A gust of wind?' Harribel thought as she dodged. She then saw several of them coming at her and used Sonido to evade each; hearing Leon laughing at her as she did. "Ever since that occurrence, my speed and power has increased ten fold! I normally can't fire this many air blades at once!" Harribel tried to find an opening but was stuck unable too.

As Harribel focused for an opening, which she was unable to find, Leon managed to close the gap and swung, a green blade which was blocked at the last second by the sword, pushing Harribel to the ground, the Espada glared as she fell to the Earth below. "Ha! You can't hope to defeat me woman!" Leon laughed. When he looked again, Harribel was gone, "Never underestimate the enemy." Her voice rang. When he turned, he dodged an oncoming slash from Harribel's sword, a ray of amber energy formed from it as she swung. "What the Hell is that!?" Leon asked in shock, Harribel glared and unzipped her top jacket, revealing her tattoo as an Espada on her breast in which was barely covered by her Hollow Mask which covered her entire lower face to her cheekbones. Leon looked in shock at the view. As Harribel charged, her spiritual energy seemed to skyrocket. With one swing, Leon was pushed to the river below.

Back at Riful's base, the Abyssal One giggled, looking over the throne. "Oh wow! I sense some powerful Yoki ahead." She giggled. The three Fraccion were in shock, they can recognize this energy anywhere. "Harribel-sama…" Apache gasped. Riful chuckled, "So you know who has this power? The person seems to be locked in combat. I sense another power with this person. I wonder who'll win." She giggled. "You… Harribel-sama can't be defeated by whoever you're talking about! She can't lose!" Apache shouted. Riful chuckled, "I think, you need to be punished more. Dauf?" she asked. Dauf nodded and what came out of his shoulder was what resembled a black pole which he stabbed into Apache's rib. Screaming in pain, the Fraccion was quickly losing blood. "W… We have to release if we hope to escape, Apache…" Mila-Rose panted. "How? With these chains suspending us… We can't even reach our zanpakutos." Apache growled.

Back out near the forest, carnage was everywhere. Trees were collapsing and dust rising. The battle then led to a waterfall which led to a river. "Not bad, you're even faster then last time." Leon stated, with minor cuts in his clothes. Harribel appeared in front of him, her appearance changed. Her mask was gone from her face and appeared as spikes on her chest and heading down her stomach like sharp diamonds. A large sword resembling a shark tooth on her hand, a skirt that looked as if it was made out of bone, heel long boots, red lightning shaped marks under her eyes and what resembled large bone strips on her breasts. She glared. 'He's able to keep up with my released state? This is just impossible now! This boy seems more agile, and flexible then that captain I fought. But not as intelligent. I need to use that to my advantage and find his weakness!' she thought. She arched her arm back, the arm with the large sword. "La Gota." She said. She then fired what resembled a water drop shaped like the sword. Leon simply waved his arm, cutting the water in half, missing completely. "I had enough! I'll end this now. With my Tao ability known as "Wind", I am able to control the air anywhere!" he then glared and Harribel froze up, she was choking.

"He's… Absorbing the oxygen around me! How am I even… It must be this world… If I don't do something, I'll die!" she then noticed the river below. In one swing, she was able to control the water she splashed at Leon, half of which landed in the river. Using that water, she managed to control the entire ocean and attacked Leon with the water behind him. In shock, the boy was hit and smashed against the wall. As Harribel started to breath again, she turned, the boy growling. "I've had enough! I'll kill you with my strongest attack now!" he shouted. A large typhoon swarmed around him and eventually moved in circles at unbelievable speed. Harribel watched, unfazed. She continued watching as the wind gathered and eventually towered over unbelievable altitudes. A dragon then formed from it, roaring. Harribel prepared to fire a cero but it was too late. The dragon attacked, in shock, Harribel canceled the cero, feeling a large gust of wind pushing her down. The wind was as strong as a category 5 hurricane. In a last desperate attempt. She summoned water as a shield to counter the wind dragon, landing on her feet. 'I have only one chance to counter with a cero! One wrong move or misguided attack and he could wipe me out!' she thought. "You think that water will hold out forever!? I'll crush you with it!" Leon shouted, Harribel slowly swung her sword in a vertical angle. The water then died out and the dragon was now a spiral. "Now die woman!!" Leon shouted above his lungs, the water spiral aimed and attacked directly at Harribel who stood and said one simple word. "Cero."

A bright crimson light shined from the island and when it vanished, dust was seen. On the ground, Leon was lying, burnt from the cero. "Impossible. I lost…" he muttered, Harribel watched him, she then turned, "Worthless." She said as she walked off, leaving Leon to stare at the sky in defeat.

Back at Creed's mansion, a large explosion was seen, followed by smoke. Creed lost his entire arm and chest. Falling over from his mansion, he fell to his demise. Priscilla standing in victory. "Boring. I need, human guts." She groaned, turning to Echidna. Who looked in shock as the man she loved, seemed to be dead. "D… Damn you! Who are you demon!?" she shouted, cursing the Awakened Being who simply walked past and flew off. Echidna fell to her knees and screamed in anger.



This is my longest chapter yet, (and they will get longer!) The idea was at first to end it the battle with Harribel's Waterfall attack but it felt more epic to use a cero at the last second to defeat Leon. Also, this battle was pretty close for a match between Wind and Water.

Originally, the title for Harribel and Leon's fight was to be Wind vs. Water but the title was scrapped. As well as Leon wanting revenge on Sunsun who killed Maro, a close ally.