Ok this may be a tad un-realistic as this is a boy's boarding school.

None of the characters belong to me except Edward/Eliza.


A fat boy walked through the crowded corridors. He had dark brown hair and bright green eyes, he looked incredibly nervous. He walked to the headmasters door and sighed. This is not where he had seen himself in the next year. He slowly knocked on the door and a stern voice answered "Come in."

He opened the door and a bald man nodded in his direction. The boy turned and closed the door. "Your name is Edward Jones. You will tell the other boys that your parents are friends of mine. Make up some back story. I don't care. None of the teachers or your fellow students can know that you areā€¦ A girl. You will never tell them. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir." "Edward" understood completely she could not tell a soul. Although Edward was close to her own name but it was going to be hard to remember everything. It was going to be equally as hard to try and remember all of her parents "back-stories" so that the boys don't realise that she had never seen the headmaster before their first meeting in November.

"You will have your own room with proper facilities so that no boy realises what you are." He gave her the directions to her room. He was trying to be kind but she saw hatred in his eyes. Why had he demanded she come to the school if he hated her so much? He needed her grades.

"You will not join in any after school activities. Nor will you join in any protests of any kind. If you are even slightly connected to any protest you will be immediately expelled. Understand?" She nodded, she wouldn't have bothered with the entry exam and stayed in public school if she knew it was going to be this restricting.

"Your parents gave me this to give to you. Do not open it in front of the boys. You may go." She smiled as he passed her the letter. "Don't get into trouble, Edward." She smiled at Mr. Nolan and walked out the door. She walked up the stairs slowly with her suitcase banging against each step.

When she arrived on the level she was meant to she let out a sigh, her costume was very padded and was too hot for her liking. She walked towards her bedroom and smiled. It had a lock on the door, a bathroom, a desk and a bed. This was for the children who did know the headmaster. She shook her head. She didn't want special treatment but they didn't want a "parent uproar". She was getting the feeling that the school was trying to make her happy but in truth she wasn't.

Putting her suitcase on her bed she pulled the crumpled letter out of her pocket.

Dearest Eliza,

By now you are probably settled in and have made lots of friends (Eliza looked around the room and snorted) so we will keep this short so you can get back to them. Oh Eliza, we are so proud of you. Lord knows your brother would have never got in. You are so lucky, so do not mess this up for yourself you will only regret it in later life. I know you will do us proud and now you're in the best school in the country there's no limit to what you can do. Something your father and I never felt. I hope you are happy and well. We are all so proud of you and we all love you.

Lots of Love from, Mom, Dad, John and Sarah.

A tear fell down Eliza's face, she had to do well, for them. She couldn't back out now.


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