20 Years Later…

Eliza was running around the house. Where the hell was her husband? It was the night of the Welton reunion. She hadn't been invited, he had. "Neil! Stop attacking Edward!" She broke up the small fight in her living room. "Stephanie! Get down here now, you too Junior! Your uncle John will be here soon."

"Mom, stop calling me Junior!"

"I'll call you Junior as long as your father's still alive. Which won't be long if he doesn't hurry up." Her husband had the knack of being late, so did her brother for that matter. Her two older children finally stomped down the stairs. A knock on the door told her that her husband was home. She walked to the door quickly, "Where have you-" Before she could finish the man she adored swooped her down for a passionate kiss. "You won?" He laughed and put her on her feet. His dark eyes were bright and still as beautiful as they had been twenty years ago. She ran her hands through his greying hair and grinned at him. Realising her anger was being clouded by his attractiveness she changed her tone.

"Have you forgotten what tonight is?" His blank expression told her everything, "Knox, it's the reunion, go get changed." He ran up the stairs with a spring in his step. Eliza noticed her son sit on their dog Charlie, "Knox, Todd Overstreet. Get your bottom off the dog and onto a chair. You are twelve you should know better."

The doorbell rang again, this time it was her brother. "I'm sorry I'm late. You better be going. Hey kids!" Edward ran at his uncle. At eight, his uncle was still the coolest person he knew. The other children stood back and hoped he had bought sweets.

When they finally got on their way Knox told Eliza about the trail. "Technically I didn't win. I made the jury side with the father in the end. The mother was an alcoholic and she wasn't horrible to the children. The father loved his children. I couldn't win, it wouldn't be fair."

"You are a good man Knox." She stroked the side of his face with the back of her hand. However she was dreading seeing Charlie again. Surely he wouldn't be there. Knox and Eliza were happily married she had never looked back now she was being made to. He noticed her expression and grabbed her hand "It'll be fine." She trusted his judgement.

When they arrived at the school Eliza felt like she had on her first day, dressed as a boy. When they stepped out of the car Knox took her hand. They walked in, two girls were sat at a table handing out name tags. Knox asked for his and they spotted Steven with his boyfriend Charles. Charles was a butch man with a camp voice. It was not to notice he was gay. Meeks pulled him over and Eliza hugged both men. They had kept in touch especially after she left Charlie. "Have you seen anyone else?" Eliza asked after the usual how-are-you etc. "I think we saw Todd." As he said their old friends name, he appeared with Brian his partner.

Eliza waved him over and embraced both men. Brian looked remarkably like they imagined Neil would except he had bright blue eyes. He was lovely Eliza had met him a year ago. She was talking to Brian when she heard, "Oh my god." Todd was staring off into the distance and Eliza followed his gaze. Pitts, still a giant, was walking hand in hand with Charlie. They were walking towards the growing group. "Pitts and Dalton?" Asked Meeks. No one had thought they would end up together.

On their way they stopped and talked to Spaz and his wife. "So how did you two break up?" Asked Todd. She had never told him. "Well it was about a year after we were expelled and I found out Charlie was sleeping with many other women. So I left him, by this time the passion had turned to hate anyway. Then Knox phoned me a week later, sobbing. Chris had been stringing him along the whole time and she had finally chosen Chet. I thought she had chosen Chet way before. I went to visit him in Harvard and ended up going there myself. After a while we got together, dated for just over a year then as they say the rest is history."

"Where on earth is Cameron by the way? I thought he'd be here." Knox asked.

"Oh didn't you hear? He died in a boating accident. Hisw boss took him to Hawaii. He had a go in his boat managed to turn it over while having a go and drowned." Meeks answered dryly.

Charlie and Pitts appeared from behind Eliza. They whole group embraced the new arrival. Brian and Charles both decided to leave the group alone and get drinks. Todd made a gap in the circle involuntarily. "If only Neil was here we could have the whole group." Eliza sighed. Todd looked at the gap. He imagined Neil's kind face and smiled.

"So how long have you two been together? Got any kiddies?" Pitts was trying to break the awkward silence. "We've been together nineteen years, married seventeen." answered Knox.

"We have four children. They're all named after you lot. Our oldest; Stephanie Geraldine, our second; Knox Todd, then; Neil James and Edward Walt. 15, 12, 11 and 8. Don't think we've left you out Charlie, the dog is named after you- he's a Great Dane." Eliza grinned at Charlie. "Walt is?" Asked Meeks. Todd had tears in his eyes.

"Whitman. And sorry Pitts and Meeks that we used your names for our daughter." They shrugged. Charlie excused himself, "So how long have you been together?" Eliza asked Pitts.

"About fifteen years. I manage to keep him under control." He winked at Eliza. He had adoration in his eyes and a smile on his face. When Charlie, Brian and Charles returned she realised what a strange couple Pitts and Charlie made. But they were happy, that was what mattered.

In fact the whole group looked happy. It was strange her last memories of them were of them crying. She finally felt at peace with her past…


I hope you enjoyed the story, that is the end. Thank you for reading!