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Haruhi and Tamaki

(an Ouran fanfic)

Chapter 1

It's summertime in Japan, but our brunette heroine and blonde rich-boy are experiencing summer in Miami for the break. The day is Saturday, the day of a very important meeting that the said rich-boy has to attend on his father's account. Coincidentally, the sky is dark and gray and the wind had been blowing fiercely for hours, which a certain heroine had been watching through widened brown eyes.

"Hey Tamaki?" She asked nervously, not taking her eyes away from the window in the hotel room in which they were staying.

"Yeah?" He replied softly with a smile on his face as he rummaged through his bag for something.

"When do you have to leave?" The brunette turned to look at him with worry written all over her face.

"In a couple of hours. Why?" Tamaki straightened up to look at her.

"Oh, okay. Good." The girl turned back to the window, ignoring the "why" that her senpai had questioned.

"Hm? Haruhi, what's wrong?" He asked confused. "You look as pale as a ghost. The only time I've really ever seen you like that is when… Wait, it's not going to rain, is it?" He asked as a hint of alarm appeared in his voice.

"I'll be fine, Senpai! Really!" She tried to assure while shaking her hands in front of her, as if to wave it off nervously.

"No. I'll cancel if it's going to rain," he stated, taking his cell phone out from his pocket.

Haruhi calmed down a little to try to talk some sense into the blonde. "You don't have to do that. This thing is important to your dad, isn't it?"

"Yes, but you're important to me and I don't want you to suffer all by yourself while I'm gone… should it rain then. I'll just call my father and tell him that I can't come due to special circumstances." Tamaki winked and smiled brightly at his so-called daughter.

"But Tamaki-senpai-!"

"Now, now, Haruhi…" Tamaki sang as he waved a finger and put on a straight face. "You know that whenever I make up my mind about something, I usually stick to it." He let his hand drop to his side and smiled.

"You still don't have to cancel," she argued flatly.

Tamaki threw out a chuckle. "I'll be right outside, okay?"


Tamaki slipped out the door and speed dialed his father, answering cheerfully when said man picked up. "Hello Father! It's Tamaki. I just wanted to tell you that I can't go to the meeting. … Well, when my friends booked a room for me here, they secretly sent Haruhi to come as well and put her in the same room as me. … Yes, I know Father. … Ah! Chairman, right. … I have to stay with her because it might rain soon and Haruhi is terrified of thunder. … Really? Thank you, Father! … Right! Chairman. … Okay. I'm sure it won't rain tomorrow. … Thank you again, Fa- I mean Chairman. … Bye!" Tamaki hung up and went back inside.

"What did your dad say?" Haruhi asked as soon as she heard the door shut. She was still looking out the window.

"He'll have the meeting moved to tomorrow."

"That still wasn't necessary."

"Oh, yes, it was! I've said it before: you don't have to face the thunder alone anymore. That being said once again, let's find something to do to pass the time." Tamaki put his hands on his hips as he started to think.

"Okay… Like what?" Haruhi was staring at Tamaki now, her back to the window.

"We'll play one of your commoner's games!" He suggested excitedly as he thrust a fist in the air.

Haruhi couldn't help but smile a little at his childish nature. "I don't think I know a game with just two people."

"What about that game with a bottle and you have to spin it?" He asked slyly.

"You mean 'spin-the-bottle'?" Haruhi asked flatly.

"Yeah, that one! I've been wanting to try it."

"You do know the rules right?"


"So, then you know that we need more people for it to work," she assumed and folded her arms.

"I like the idea of it being just you and me."

Oh great! Just as I thought, Haruhi complained in her mind. He's doing it again. When will he learn to stop? Haruhi shook her head in despair for her blonde senpai and sighed. "Since games are out of the question, why don't we just read?"

"Read?" Tamaki looked at her with confused eyes.

"Yeah. You know how to read right?"

"Of course I know how to read! I'm not that big of an idiot!" Tamaki yelled. Why does Haruhi think of me as some fool? He thought solemnly.

Ah, so he admits it, Haruhi thought to herself. "So what's wrong with the idea of reading?" She countered.

"Oh, nothing! I just never thought you'd immediately result to that."

"I'm only human," Haruhi shrugged.

"That's not what I meant! I just- Oh, nevermind." Tamaki slumped his shoulders and hung his head.

"How did we get here?" Haruhi asked as she looked out the window again.

"Huh? What do you mean? We came by car."

"That's not what I mean. How did you and I end up at the same hotel and especially in the same room?"

"Oh." Tamaki thought back to the day. "I think this is why..."


"Hey, Kyouya! Could you make reservations at The Shore Club South Beach luxury hotel in Miami, Florida for me? My father is there and told me to come to attend a meeting with him and the clergy. It's important that I get there as soon as possible!"

"You got it, Daddy."

"This is no time to be fooling around! We're only 'Mommy' and 'Daddy' when I say we are and at this moment, I say we aren't."

"Hey, boss. What's this meeting?" Kaoru asked.

"No time to explain! Gotta go. In a big rush."

"Senpai? Did I hear you say you're going to Miami?" Haruhi asked.

"Ah! Haruhi, no! I didn't want you to hear it this way! My poor daughter will be all lonely without me!" Tamaki wrapped Haruhi into a tight bear hug and swung her 'round.

"I'm not going to be lonely," she replied flatly. Tamaki let her go and sulked in his corner. "Although, I've always wanted to go to America, to be honest."

Tamaki's ear enlarged and he was immediately at Haruhi's side. "Do you want to go with me?"

"I'm good."

Tamaki straightened up at noticed the twins giving each other an evil look. "Hm?"

"Well, I'm going guys," Haruhi announced.

"Good bye, Haruhi," Kyouya called.

"Bye bye, Haru-chan!" Honey yelled.

"... Bye," Mori said.

"Good bye, Haruhi!" The twins sang mischievously.

"Bye, Haruhi!" Tamaki said cheerfully.

"See ya guys." Before any of them knew it, she was gone and half of them already missed her.

"Hey, Hikaru! Kaoru! I want to talk." Tamaki motioned the twins over to him.

"What about boss?" They asked.

"Tamaki, isn't there something that you need to doing? You were just running around here like a maniac- which is normal for you. I thought you were in a hurry," Kyouya pointed out, still not looking up from his laptop.

"Right! But for the moment being, curiosity has struck me and as President of this club, I must see what it is," Tamaki simply explained.

"Of course, curiosity always strikes you, you big buffoon," Kyouya said under his breath.

"I heard that Kyouya! Why do you always have to be so mean?!" Tamaki whined.

"Hey boss? I heard Kyouya say something, but it was barely audible. How do you always hear everything?" The twins asked.

"Tama-chan has super hearing powers!" Honey exclaimed through a big piece of cake in his mouth.

"I don't think that's quite it," the twins doubted.

"Anyway, let's get back to business. What do you have planned?" Tamaki asked as he turned back to the twins.

"Huh? Why, what ever do you mean?" They questioned as innocently as possible with evil smiles.

"You two are up to something! I want to know what it is right now!" Tamaki started throwing his famous tantrum; the tantrum he'd throw when he wanted to know something.

"Heh heh! We're going to get Haruhi to America," Hikaru explained.

"And book her for the same room in the same hotel as you!" Kaoru finished.

Tamaki sighed. "You guys really are the little-devil types, aren't you?"

"Oh, yes!"


"Those creeps!" Haruhi clenched her hands into fists and silently swore to kill them when they got back. "They planned that from the beginning!"

Just then, Tamaki's cell phone started ringing.

"Hello?" Haruhi questioned as she picked up his phone which he'd thrown on one of the beds. "Oh, hey Hikaru. What's up?" She was suddenly being so casual now.

"Haruhi! Give me the phone!"

"Hold on Senpai! Sorry about that Hik- ... Huh? ... W-we weren't doing anything! His phone was just on the bed and I was closest to it! ... No! He made a call earlier and when he was done, he threw his phone on the bed! ... He just called his dad. ... That's not something you need to know! And Tamaki told me what you guys did! How could you go behind my back like that? ... Fine, but I'm not through with you yet! Here he is." Haruhi shoved Tamaki's cell phone into his stomach and lied down on one of the beds.

"Hikaru? ... Yes, I did. But what'd you say to tick her off so much? ... You idiot! Of course she'd get irritated by that! ... You, my dear Hitachiin friend, are a pervert. ... You started it! You're the one who made those stupid comments just to tease my darling daughter!" Haruhi sighed at this. "If you think you can get away with that then you are sadly mistaken! ... What do you mean she's not my daughter?!"

Huh, he's finally telling him, Haruhi thought.

"What? ... Then why do I- ... Okay, but why do I- ... What? Are you sure? ... Well, you don't have to yell at me! ... Can we get back to this another time? I need to think about this. ... Yeah, yeah. Bye." Tamaki finally hung up and turned so that his back was to Haruhi. "I'm going to take a walk."

"Huh? Why?" Haruhi sat up and looked at him.

"I need to think about things. I'll be back in a little while."


Tamaki left and Haruhi laid back down on the bed. The memory of how she got there suddenly popped into her head. She remembered seeing the twins' maids in her room in the middle of the night. They had packed her bags and practically scared her half to death. She wasn't quite used to them yet. Then, they'd stuffed her into a bag and fled into the night with Hikaru leading the way to the car and Kaoru following close behind everyone.

Now, she thought about why she was even there. She remembered saying that she always wanted to visit America. She had to admit that she was a little grateful to those devilish twins for getting her there. But why did she have to share a room with Tamaki? Why did she even have to be in the same hotel as him? As these thoughts swarmed her head, she found herself getting really drowsy and soon, she was asleep.

Meanwhile, Tamaki had walked about a mile- running the first half- and thinking hard about what Hikaru had told him over the phone. Was it true? He never thought of Haruhi as his daughter? He knew he loved her, but he imagined it to be fatherly love. It had never occured to him that he loved her as a man and actually saw her as a woman. Was he really that dense? He was sure he would've figured it out eventually. But what if by then, it was too late? He was a little grateful to Hikaru for telling him what was what.

Suddenly, a somewhat unexpected raindropfell from the sky and landed on his nose. He was a little startled by it and looked up at the sky. More drops fell and soon, it was pouring. Realizing that thunder may sound soon, he quickly turned around and bolted back to the hotel. He hadn't noticed how far he'd gone from the hotel and was pushing himself as hard as he could to make it back in time. His legs were really starting to hurt and he felt as though he would pass out.

Gotta keep going, he thought. Now I know the truth. It was never really 'daddy' love. I was always in love with her. I have to keep going because I'm in love with Haruhi Fujioka!

Back at the hotel, Haruhi was still asleep and was having a nightmare. Without warning, a crash of thunder- sure enough- sounded it's way through the walls of the hotel room and into the ears of the sleeping girl. Haruhi's body squirmed over to her side and she squeaked in fear when she heard the loud noise in her dream. Unconsciously, she pulled her knees to her chest and covered her head with her arms.

Tamaki finally got to the hotel, ran through the lobby, up the stairs- thinking it'd be faster than waiting for the elevator, which it was- and to his and Haruhi's shared room. The thunder had already sounded it's arrival three times and Tamaki was beyond worried. He opened the door to see Haruhi curled up on the bed and shivering in terror. He rushed to side and shook her shoulder gently.

"Haruhi! It's alright; I'm here now!"

Haruhi awoke and sat up and a boom of thunder was the first thing she heard. She was covering her ears and had her head between her knees in a flash; her short night gown uncovering a little more of her thighs.

"It's okay," Tamaki cooed soothingly and sat on the bed to embrace her. He tried hard not to look at her that much. She buried her face in his chest and tangled her fingers in his damp shirt, which caused him to smile and he forgot about the bare legs. "I'm sorry I left you here. I should've known it would start raining while I was out. But... You're not alone anymore."

"Senpai..." She said weakly.

"Shhh. Just close your eyes and try to drown out the noise. Concentrate only on the noise."

Haruhi did as she was told and before she knew it, the thunder had stopped and there was only a little drizzling of rain. She opened her eyes and looked towards the window. There was a small breeze pushing the leaves of the palms and the ocean's waves had disappeared.

"Well, would you look at that," Tamaki exclaimed softly as he saw the outside through the same window Haruhi was looking through. "That didn't take long." Tamaki started to get up. "Guess it's time for bed now. It's really dark out there. Where does the time go?"

Without thinking, Haruhi's hand lunged toward Tamaki's and gripped it firmly. "Please... Don't leave me. Don't..."

Tamaki smiled warmly at her. "I was just going to change my clothes. I'll be back shortly." He went into the bathroom and put his pajamas on. He came out when he was done- noticing Haruhi under her covers- and walked to his bed.

"N-no! Stay with me tonight. Please..." Haruhi pleaded from under the covers.

"Okay, I'll stay with you until you fall asleep," Tamaki said and sat down next to her.

"All n-night. Stay all night. Just don't leave..."

Tamaki was taken aback and a little confused. "Alright," he accepted finally.

He laid down- on top of the covers- in the spot he was sitting in and she wrapped her arm around his midsection, squeezing him tightly; she was almost on top of him. Her head rested on her other arm and she began falling back to sleep. Tamaki played with her short, brunette locks; stroking his thumb up and down her cheek every so often. Whenever she sighed, he'd chuckle and play more with her hair; twisting what little he could get. He soon became tired and fell asleep; his hand that had been playing with her hair rested over her small figure.

End of Chapter 1

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