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Chapter 6

Five minutes after Haruhi had woken up, Tamaki got up to go to the bathroom- having to drag Haruhi with him. She waited by the wall outside the bathroom; knees to chest, arms encircling legs, and head on knees. She was still wearing nothing but the oversized shirt Tamaki had dressed her in. Never had she noticed her own lack of underwear. Tamaki came out of the bathroom- dressed and presentable- and smiled at his Haruhi.

"You know you don't have to wait for me," he informed lightly. His smile turned warm.

"I know… I just want to… make sure I'm safe," she reminded as she slowly lifted her head.

"You are safe. I promise that nothing like this will ever happen again. So never worry."

"Are you sure?" Worry was written all over her face, along with the receding pain.

"Absolutely. I'm never leaving you again." Tamaki's smile was assuring and bright.

Haruhi felt the overstressed honesty emanating from him and decided to trust it with all her heart. "Okay." Her worried gaze altered to the biggest smile she could muster.

Tamaki chuckled. "You're so adorable, Princess!"

Finding the strength to get up, Haruhi hugged her prince and got on her tip-toes to reach for a kiss. Tamaki picked her up for better leverage. Haruhi giggled at the new position and continued the lip war. Carrying her, Tamaki clumsily found his way to her bed and collapsed on the springy mattress. Remembering the earlier incident from the day before, Tamaki abruptly shot his head up and pushed himself off of her, thinking he'd hurt her.

"I'm sorry Haruhi! I forgot your pain and couldn't resist-"

"It's okay. I never complained," Haruhi insisted.

Same old Haruhi, Tamaki thought, relieved. Even when she's weak from being raped, she still acts indifferent. They carried on and soon, started entangling their tongues.

Haruhi subconsciously arched her back into the kiss, gasping at the pleasure. Tamaki refrained his hands from wandering anywhere other than her head and shoulders. They got passionate. The fire was rising high in their bodies and they felt as though they might burst from the heat. Or melt.

Finally running out of breath, the two break and Tamaki collapses next to Haruhi. "Haruhi, did I ever tell you not to scare me like that again?"

"Well, it's not my fault," she responded flatly in her weak voice.

"Do you know who did that to you?" Tamaki asked softly.

"I think… I'm pretty sure it was those guys we saw in the park."

"If I ever get my hands on those… those lowlifes… I swear…" Tamaki clenched his teeth and balled his fists at the pure thought of the things they did to his princess.

"Tamaki, please, calm down. This behavior doesn't suit you." Haruhi placed a hand on his face and stroked his cheek to soothe him.

He immediately loosened up at her touch and his face relaxed. "At least we know what those punks look like. Haruhi, do you know how to speak English?"

"A little. Why?"

"We'll have to find the police station before we leave. We should at least turn in their identified features. Let's see… there were four of them. One was really big and bald, another was thin with long wavy hair, and the other was sort of short and had squinty eyes. I couldn't see the last one very well."

"We'll have to be more specific than that. And they'll be drawing the descriptions so we can tell them how to draw each feature."

"You know a lot about this," Tamaki observed.

"You don't?" Haruhi questioned incredulously.

"Not really. I just know that we can report to the police and give descriptions. I didn't know they had artists to draw what you describe."

"They're called sketch artists. I can't believe you never knew that stuff."

"Well, pushing that aside, how are you feeling? You seem stronger than you were last night. You look more rejuvenated."

"Mmm, I'm feeling much better, thanks." That's when she realized an odd draft under her shirt. "Oh! God! I'm naked under my shirt! Why am I naked under my shirt?!" She screeched.

"Well, you see Haruhi… When I found you… you were naked and unconscious and the only clothing that wasn't torn to shreds was your capris. So to cover you, I put your capris back on and took off my shirt for you to wear and carried you all the way back here. I would've taken you straight to the hospital, but because of my lack of the English language, I assumed that they wouldn't understand me and that they'd think I was the one who did this to you.

"When I got us back here, I laid you on your bed and… and removed the clothes to wash and bandage you up. Then, I found this shirt in your suitcase and dressed you in it. I didn't have the heart to put, um… panties on you. It didn't feel too right," he explained rapidly, stammering at points. He quickly added, "Please forgive me!"

"Well…" Haruhi was pretty speechless. I don't know whether to feel violated or thankful for him finding me and nursing me back to health. It's kinda disturbing to think about him seeing me naked. Ugh, the twins would definitely take advantage of that. I guess it's better to have Tamaki as my boyfriend to see me naked than the rest of the Host Club. Honey's too immature, Kyouya would pretend he never saw anything- meanwhile burning it into his mind and calculating… things, and Mori would immediately turn away and actually blush furiously. I'm too scared to think of what Hikaru and Kaoru would do.


I mean, they like dressing me up like a girl…


And they're always holding on to me. I don't really mind it, but it's too much. Tamaki and I should tell them that we're together… and soon. Maybe they'll back off a little. Wonder what everyone else will say. Wonder what the students and teachers will say when they see that I'm really a girl. It'll be funny, for sure.



"What's wrong? You totally spaced out for, like, five minutes," Tamaki informed.

"Oh, sorry. I was just thinking about when we go back to school. But pushing that aside, what were we talking about?"

"Um, I saved you."

"Oh, yeah. Hmm… I guess I can't be mad at you. Your intentions were good and you didn't do anything to me, right?"

"Uh… n-no…" Tamaki lied. How can I possibly tell her I kissed her down her body? I can't. She'll kill me! Worse… she'll never speak to me ever again! "Hey, Haruhi?"


"I was thinking about this week so far…"


"It hasn't been that wonderful. Horrible things keep happening to us."

"It's just a coincidence," Haruhi shrugged.

"Yes… A lot of horrible coincidences! The thunderstorm, Manabe, Hikaru, and you got raped!"

"Come on, Tamaki!" Haruhi chuckled. "They can't get worse than that."

"Don't say that! Now that you said it, it'll probably happen!"

"Calm down. You're too superstitious."

Suddenly, dark clouds covered the sky above the hotel and immediately started raining. Lightning coursed through the gloom-filled sky and thunder sounded. Haruhi squeaked and huddled up on her bed. She rocked herself back and forth, hands covering her ears to drown out the loudness. Tamaki wrapped her in his arms and held her close to his body, putting a hand over her open ear.

Haruhi relaxed a little, but the booming of thunder still rang through her ears. She soon found that pressing her head hard against Tamaki's chest and listening to his heart beat helped a lot. They stayed this way for quite a while. The storm passed after another hour, but the couple didn't break. They'd fallen asleep.

The next day came brightly and shockingly. When they looked out the window, the sea was glistening and the sky was a magnificent blue. The palm trees were waving lightly in the breeze. The whole outside was sparkling. Maybe this was a good sign.

"So… still think I was being superstitious?"

"Hm. Good morning to you too."

"Hey, let's go home today," Tamaki suggested while stretching.

"Why today?" Haruhi yawned.

"Well, my father has already gone back by now and I'm getting home-sick."

"Actually, I am too. I'm sure Dad's worried about me."

"Great! Let's order some breakfast and get going!" Tamaki cheered.

"Sounds good to me. I'll call."

"B-but… you're always calling. Let me this time," he offered.

"Sorry Tamaki, but you have to be able to speak at least a little English to be able to order."

"Oh, fine. But I'm greeting the bellboy this time. You, my dear, will be taking a shower at that time, so no one's going to be seeing you except me. Why is it that every bellboy we have likes to check you out? Maybe you should just dress as a boy when he comes."

"Tamaki, are you getting jealous?"

"M-maybe! I-I just don't want some creep drooling all over you."

"Then, I guess I'll have to stay away from the twins, hm?"

"Yes, I guess you will."

"But how will I ever do that when we have the Host Club to think about?"

"Th-then… I'll sacrifice them!"

"I'm sure they won't mind that, but you forgot something."


"We're in the same class."

"Oh… I did forget." Tamaki slumped his shoulders and pouted.

"I'm actually nervous about telling the school I'm a girl," Haruhi admitted, changing the subject. This successfully brought Tamaki out of his stupor.

"It'll be fine. There's only two ways they can react and since everyone thought so big of you as a boy, I'm sure they'll forgive you for hiding your identity and still think of you as a great person."

"Thanks Tamaki." Haruhi smiled. "Now, let's order breakfast. I'm starving!"


Haruhi called for room service while Tamaki took a quick shower. After Tamaki got out of the bathroom, Haruhi took her shower and came out smelling their breakfast. She got dressed and joined Tamaki to eat.

When they finished breakfast, they packed their bags and made sure the room was as they found it. They went downstairs to the lobby and checked out. Their flight was scheduled in thirty minutes and the airport was a mile from the hotel. They had time to stop by the police staion to give the descriptions of the men who, er... declothed Haruhi and explain what all had happned.

Deciding to take a cab instead of walking, they got there in five minutes and had some time before boarding, so they went gift shopping. The time came and they were soon on their way to Japan. Their flight was at least eighteen hours long and when they landed, they woke up to Haruhi's head lying on Tamaki's shoulder and Tamaki's head on top of Haruhi's head. Naturally, they had a mini freak-out and blushed over the incident- even though they well knew they'd already slept together, but they still made a big deal out of it.

A limo- Tamaki's, of course- was there to pick them up and take them home. They had a long talk about revealing Haruhi's secret to the school. Most of their conversation consisted of all the guys lining up to try to ask her out, but get beaten to death by Tamaki. Haruhi giggled at his jealousy and joked that she would flirt just to make them melt. Tamaki retorted by saying that she's not the type to flirt, though he'd like it if she flirted with him more.

The conversation went on when they reached Haruhi's apartment where they found Kyouya talking to Haruhi's dad, Ranka.

End of Chapter 6

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