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Supersonic Fears

Summery: Part 3 of the Foursome Saga. Zack and Cloud are alone, Angeal worries and Genesis gives a long talk on relationships. AGZC Smut, some hints of Role-play, Sort of Phone sex -Hides- SORRY!

Chapter 1

Smoothies and animal collars

Angeal had always been the most protective in their rather unusual relationship. He worries an awful lot, much to the amusement of Genesis and Zack, over the small things each one of his younger lover's do. Some days he would worry over Zack and Genesis training in the VR training room, he knew Genesis had little mercy in a fight, Zack could hold his own out until the end when Genesis would normally drag him back to take a Potion or two. Angeal normally scolded Genesis when he sees the scrapes and bruises decorating his young dark haired Uke, but he knows the two enjoy the session.

Other days, it was worry over Cloud, Watching him train with Zack, glancing at him working anything it worried Angeal. He was, as much as the other two in the relationship, afraid something terrible would happen to their younger, vulnerable, lover. Zack had made light jokes out of it, especially when Cloud would return from a mission with little cuts and bruises, laughing softly every time Angeal and Genesis would leap over the sofa and run their hands over the small recruit. Cloud had only just given into them, expecting the attention he received and the questions drowned in worry.

Zack received the same attention of course, and got wonderful cuddles from Cloud, but even he couldn't figure out why every time he or Cloud did something Angeal would be watching. Maybe he felt guilty, Zack thought as he sat next to his spiky blond lover on the worktop. I mean, after everything that has happened even I still feel guilty for it.

Cloud sighed loudly next to him, sitting crossed legged on the shiny worktop in the kitchen. The summer sun had returned and the only room with a fan and a TV at that moment was the kitchen, the chairs were too low and made seeing the TV difficult, hence where they were sitting at the moment. The blond huffed loudly, fanning himself with his hand trying to keep his flushed face at a cool temperature. The attempt was futile however and in the end, the blond gave up, letting his hand flopped against the work surface. His wilted figure, flat ears and drooped tail told Zack that the blond was not happy at all.

Zack turned his head away from the cartoons, smiling sadly at the poor blond next to him. Cloud grew up in the snowy mountains of Nibelhiem, the place still below twenty even in the summer months; its residents were not used to hot weather like Midgar's or Gongaga's, which was why Zack hadn't even broken into sweat.

The dark haired Uke wrapped an arm around the blond, ignoring the protests of it being too hot as he kissed the blonde's forehead. Patting the blonde's bare shoulder lightly, the first class Uke jumped down and reached into the freezer under their feet. Pulling out a tray of ice cubes, he popped them into a pint glass before getting OJ for himself and strawberry smoothie for his lover.

Zack, as outgoing as he was, hadn't drunk alcohol since the incident that almost got him raped. Not only had he almost gotten mentally scarred, Angeal had blamed himself and turned to drinking and becoming dangerously violent. Don't think about that! Zack scolded himself as he poured the thick homemade smoothie into the glass. Genesis snapped some sense into him and he's stopped drinking as well, end of.

"Hey Zack?"

"Hmm, yeah Chocobo?" Zack mumbled as he passed the drink, putting his to the side and jumping back onto the counter. He grabbed two straws from the dispenser besides him, passing a blue one to Cloud while he himself got a striped red one.

"How long are Angeal and Genesis going to be gone for?" Cloud asked, sucking on the straw and smirking as Zack watched the "innocent" action. Cloud always knew how to tease his lover's… Then again, Zack was a horny puppy.

The puppy tail swished against the clean surface of the counter as Zack took a slurp of his drink, turning his full attention to the cat and dog on TV. Ha! Cats and dogs always fighting? Look at me and Cloud! A Sudden image struck Zack and the older Uke shivered in excitement. Mm role-play…


"Huh! What?" Zack looked down at his annoyed lover, the blond cat ears and cat tail exciting Zack even more. I need to check myself into a mental institute for the over dose of Cloud-loving."What was that?"

"I said how long are Angeal and Genesis going to be?"

"What with the shopping? You know Genesis he likes to look at the Se-"

"Zack!" Cloud shouted, blushing furiously. He knew Genesis and his slight obsession with… toys.

"What? I don't think they'll be too long Spiky, Angeal would have pulled him away-"

"I meant the mission Zack."

"Ah." Zack said, smirking at the blush that now tinged Cloud's cheeks and ears. "Well, a couple of weeks Angeal told me, it's an investigation into some stupid murder of a SOLDIER."

"Oh," Cloud murmured, sipping on his smoothie quietly. Not that he was scared about Angeal and Genesis, he knew they could take of themselves and Zack would look after him, but by the sounds of the mission it was more likely a hit or miss with coming home. The chances were that Angeal and Genesis could come home early, or they could come home later than predicted. He would miss them.

The door slamming open alerted the pair that their lover's were home, both tails and ears perking (and in Zack's case tail wagging). Angeal was the first through the door, the look of annoyance in his eyes as he set the shopping on the table. Genesis was next, a smirk that was so unlike him decorating his lips as he placed the few bags he carried. "Come on Angeal! I'm sure our little puppy and kitten would love it!"


"Love what?" Cloud and Zack said in unison, interested whatever the discussion was about. The remote mention of the animal nicknames each of the Uke's had meant something good was coming their way.

"Nothing, Genesis-"

"Has only bought you two collars!" Genesis said, the smirk growing slightly at the eager eyes of their Ukes. Cloud seemed slightly intrigued, while Zack on the other hand had literally jumped at their auburn haired lover, looks like the generals had been paid.

"Puppy down." Genesis said chuckling softly when a slight whined erupted from Zack. The older Uke sliding down to the floor.

"Why do we need collars?" Cloud asked curiously as Genesis grabbed a white bag, pulling out a dark blue box before walking over to the kitten Uke. Angeal sighed, knowing he wasn't going to win against Genesis this time. He grabbed the other, much larger, box out of the bag and knelt down next to Zack, patting the puppy Uke who smiled up at him with excitement.

"Because, my dear little kitten," Genesis murmured, opening the box and pulling out a baby blue collar. "You're our pet and if you go missing," Genesis murmured, flicking the circular silver tag that dangled from the collar. "Someone can phone us and bring you back."

Cloud tilted his head and looked at the collar, the inside was lined with a soft fluffy white felt, the outside a tough baby blue denim decorated with little diamond studs. The tag was a simple circular shape with Cloud's name and SOLDIER ID number on the front, on the back was the apartment number. Genesis unclipped it and pulled the strap to widen it, before wrapping it around Cloud's pale neck and clicking the release buckle and securing it in place. Cloud's instincts kicked in and he shook the collar to get it comfortable, before looking up and Genesis with a smile.

The pair looked down at Zack and Angeal when they heard the slight clink of the metal tag. Zack's collar was a much manlier collar. Spikes, instead of studs, decorated the strong black leather and a buckle, much like a belt buckle, helped keep the collar in place. The tag was in the shape of a bone, much to Zack's laughter, with Zack's name and SOLDIER ID number, along with the number for the apartment on the back.

Zack smiled up at the blond kitten Uke, who beamed in return, sliding from the worktop to sit next to the dark haired Uke while their lover's finished unpacking the shopping.

The rest of the evening was spent in silence, all four cuddled up on the sofa. The pointless programs Shinra provided some sound in the room but it was completely ignored as the four lover's became fully engrossed in each other.

The next morning, Zack and Cloud woke up alone.


I had been seriously contemplating ending the saga...

Still am at some moments, but I have quickly ruled that idea out. I mean, When I start college yes I won't have much time and yes the updates would be spread out but I enjoy writing it. I enjoy writing in total, so sod it if it would be hard to find time, I'll make time! The other reason was that I didn't have enough "other stories" like Pain I have endured, just seperate stories but that's just a silly excuse, I could work on the saga and other stories, like i have been doing so far with Pictures through time and the saga!

Okay, rant over, I know this chapter is short but I'm making it up with some much needed smut in the next one. Sorry, shall get on with the oneshot. -sheepish grin- The twist had been fully decided. But only two people know about, sorry peeps, keeping cards Close to my chest.