Supersonic Fears

Summery: Part 3 of the Foursome Saga. Zack and Cloud are alone, Angeal worries and Genesis gives a long talk on relationships. AGZC Smut, some hints of Role-play, Sort of Phone sex -Hides- SORRY!

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Chapter 2

Cats and Dogs don't fight!

The late afternoon sun beamed down into the already warm room. The large double bed hid two Uke's, one deep in slumber the other awake, watching. Zack smiled as he stared down at the sleeping blond, feeling the warmth radiate from the sleeping kitten. The puppy tail wagged as the smaller form crawled closer, head resting on the still pounding chest. Heart thudding against the tanned chest from the last round of love making.

Zack gazed lovingly at the twitching cat ears, the long cat like tail as it wrapped around his thighs, end flicking and tickling the soft skin. The week had been exhausting on both Uke's Zack trying to keep up the training, Cloud trying to keep his mind on the task at hand. Despite The doms being away the pair had been busy and after the busy week a lazy weekend was needed. Of course, Zack being the horndog he was had started that day with surprise sex. More a surprise for Cloud than Zack however.

After a certain amount of Days without any type contact Zack usually got rather dominant, agreesive but not to the point actually hurting. It was a miracle for the blond to have survived the amount of times they had done it that day, It was no shock to see the blond in such a heavy sleep.

The dark haired Uke sighed, twirling the long blond spike before moving his hand to scratch the soft triangular ear. It was nice to sit in bed, comforting to have a firm body up against his, seeking his protection. Zack was sure as well when his mother explained to him about his Uke traits that being dominant wasn't in the list. But at that very moment he felt on top of the world, protective and if a little bit horny.

The urge to roll Cloud over and take him rose with every passing second, the blond's chest rose and fell under the thin sheet as a wicked idea popped into Zack's devious mind. The puppy smirked, grabbing the phone and pressing speed dial 6 placing it on the side. It was time for Zackto show his Doms how dominant he was.

Rolling the blond to lie flat on his back, the little cadet kitten finally starting to rouse, Zack leaned down to shower his neck with kisses, hearing the muffled hello on the phone he tugged the blond's ever growing erection. "Mmm... ah... Zack..."

Oh Genesis was going to kill him.

Genesis stretched out on the lonely, single bed as he watched Angeal prepare the files for Tseng. The Turks were arriving the next morning, taking over the investigation and allowing the SOLDIERs involved to return to Midgar. As much as Genesis wanted to call his kitten and puppy to tell them about the good news he had promised to keep it a secret, Angeal Albeit reluctantly. Both were looking forward to returning to the warm bed that night, snuggle up close to their kitten and puppy as they made themselves known to be the Doms in the relationship. A week away was far too long.

What the red head had noticed, however, was how high-strung his older lover had been. He knew Angeal to be tense when on duty but didn't quite understand the Worry the older man had every time they left on a mission. They were General's drugged up to the eyeballs with mako and one of three top SOLDIERs, so it hardly could be about the fighting.

"You seem edgy." Genesis murmured, frowning when his lover stilled in his writing momentarily. the writing beginning again almoost instantly, at a faster harder pace. "Have been since we left."

"It's nothing," Angeal said sharply, signing the report with more force then usual.

"Bullshit." Genesis stated, standing up and almost ripping the report from Angeal. Ignoring the weak protests, he placed it on the sofa next to the desk and lifted himself up onto the wooden workspace. Staring deep into the Mako eyes he frowned at the emotions that were easily recognizable. "You're worried."

"Genesis I have-"

"You're worried about Zack and Cloud." Genesis stated, smiling as Angeal bowed his head. Angeal was just too easy to read. "It's not a bad thing, Angeal. I'm sure they're alright."

"They haven't called."

"They called yesterday." Genesis informed the older man frowning at the increasing worry growing in the blue eyes. What's gotten into you, Angeal?

"They haven't called today though" They haven't called today they don't have- Ah.

Shaking his head, Genesis sighed loudly, finally understanding the full problem of the situation. Angeal was worried, being an overprotective lover and dom. As a result of Zack or Cloud not calling he had worried himself about the possibilities of something being wrong. Finally realising that Angeal needed another lesson in love, and Genesis being the perfect romancer, it was his time to teach the older man something for once...

Who knew of the consequences if Angeal confided in Sephiroth.

"Angeal," Genesis started softly, clasping the large hand in his slightly smaller hand. "Zack and Cloud maybe younger, and less experienced in handling a sword, but they know to call us straight away if something should happen. Neither of them are stupid, they both can handle themselves in an emergency. You saw that yourself as Zack helped Cloud after he was attacked. You saw how Cloud is during mission when Zack was in needing of saving."

"I know that Genesis but-"

"It's not going to stop you worrying." Genesis finished, smirking at the weak glare from his lover, he quickly knew Angeal was listening to him. "It's a consequence of being a lover." Genesis stated with a smirk, heaving a dramatic sigh, before continueing

"This has the exact cure that got rid of Zack's SOLDIER pride, you need to let the worry go, just like Zack needed to let go of what he had been taught to be what's right. If you start worrying over every little thing it will grow to the point Zack and Cloud would feel like you don't trust them."

"I-I..." Angeal stuttered, for once at a lost for words. Oh how the spokesman has lost the will to speak. The silence reined until Angeal finally spoke up, his voice quiet. "I don't want to lose them."

"You won't." Genesis said sternly, eyes level with the older dom's as he stared deep into the abyss. "You can worry, but let the thought ease you that Reno, Tseng, even the General, All our friends are helping to look after them. They can look after themselves, as well."

Angeal nodded, about to say thank you when the phone began to ring, his hand reaching for it but Genesis reached for it first. Flipping over the phone open and pressing it to his ear, he said hello and an unexpected reply. A loud moan and a certain puppy's name. Pulling the phone away from his ear he checked the number and his traditional smug look grew instantly. "Seems our Puppy and Kitten seem fine without us."


Genesis put the speakerphone on, his Cheshire grin growing even more as a whimper echoed in the room. Angeal's eyes widened as he listened to the moaning, whimpering, whining and loud shouts traveled out the phone's earpiece.

"Ngh... Zack!"

"I think, we need to punish the puppy when we get home."


The door squeeked open and the two generals stepped inside, shutting the door quietly before placing their weapons in the keypad locked cupboard. Hanging their coats and untying their boots they listened out for any sound in the room, recieving nothing but a slight rustle of sheets and small snores. Using some of their stealthy techniques they stepped towards the bedroom, smiling at the sight of the two Uke's deep in their dreams.

Both Uke's looked exhausted, Cloud more so than Zack. But from the conversation the two older men heard over the phone was a testament to the reasons for their poor Uke's exhaustion. Listening to the onesided conversation was toture, a reminder that they should be the ones causing those delicious sounds. The evidence was true enough, as they stared hungrily at the duo, who remained deep in sleep.

Angeal was first to move walking to Zack's side and quickly moving the arm latched around the kitten's waist. He pulled the puppy away, holding the exhausted Uke to his chest and smirking as Zack didn't stir once. with ease he manouvered the puppy to carry him bridle-style, handing him over to Genesis like a prized toy. The Auburn haired man smirked, grabbing the lead from the drawer after he placed the still sleeping puppy on the floor. Lifting the armchair, hooking the leg in the loop, before clicking it to the spiked collar that fitted snug around Zack's tanned neck.

The older Uke began to stir, looking up in bewilderment as he watched the retreating back of the young General. There was a loud mewl and Zack's head snapped to the blond, seeing the kitten arch as large gloved hands trailed down the slightly defined chest and abs. The Uke had straddled the older general, hands flat against the bare muscular chest as he grinded against the hidden erection.

Zack tried to reach out, feeling something tug him back to the floor. With a long pathetic whine, Zack looked down at the lead dejectedly, turning his head up sharply when there was a tutting sound from above. Genesis was looking down at him, topless as well, his face frowning but eyes shining. "Poor puppy wants to join in."

Zack whimpered as Genesis walked away again, this time crawling onto the large bed and sitting behind the blond. He held him close, stroking Cloud's flushed cheek as he whispered into the smaller ones ear. Zack couldn't make out the words, but he could tell what had been demanded as the Kitten froze, breathing heavy before he slowly surged forward, undoing the belt slowly then pulling down zip. Zack groaned, hips unconsciously bucking as the kitten pulled down the trousers and quickly followed by the boxers.

Cloud moaned as he felt finged push into his slik, still wet entrance. The sweltering heat tight around the slim fingers that pressed against his tender spot inside. Angeal smirked, touching the hard red member of the younger Uke as Genesis made sure he was well prepped, both of them taunting the poor puppy Uke who had remained quiet, keeping his hands far away. He knew if he touched he wouldn't get anything but his hand for a few days.

"Ah Gaia... Mm, Genesis..."

"Shhh my little one..." It was getting too much for Zack though. "Use protection, He's still on heat."

There was a grunt of recognition from the older man, and the sound of drawers opening and closing. Items were handed to the Auburn one, who smirked and tugged his fingers out of the well stretched entrance, earning a sound much like a yowl from the blond. The General unwrapped the condom and rolled it onto the rigid cock, all the while Angeal tugging the blond's raw erection, the moaning and mewling sounding like the music.

Zack whimpered, louder this time as he watched the blond being lifted and then slowly lowered onto the condom covered member. Inch by inch disappearing into that sweet warm cavern. Everything stilled, Cloud getting used to the cock inside him, Angeal enjoying the warmth surrounding him and Genesis enjoying the whipped look on the puppy's face. The auburn general turned crawling off the bed and stalking towards the sobbing bundle on the floor. Zack looked up, expectant as Genesis pulled his trousers down, freeing his erections from it's confines.

"Time for the puppy to learn." The bottle of lubricant and condom was chucked his way and the younger general caught it blindly. he picked up the younger first class easily, getting Zack to sit on his hands and knees. The sounds of mewling, moans and grunts echoed the room as Genesis pressed his lubricated fingers in deeply, groaning at the feeling of tight muscles around his fingers. The pleasurable sounds he drew out from the young Uke was equisite, matching those to the sounds from their youngest lover. Unlike the sounds from earlier.

"Never..." Genesis murmured, pulling his fingers out and alining the tip of his erection to the tight entrance. "Tease me..." He pushed in with one hard thrust, the young puppy screaming his name as the tip touch the sweet spot. A large hand wrapped around his erection, pumping in time to the slow thrusts. The slow pace steadily built, quickly matching that to the couple on the bed as the older men yearned for release which had grown over the past few days. The pounding slaps, tight grunts and murmurs of encouragement, added to the hot air around them, making heavy pants grow and releases edging nearer.

Cloud was the first to release, Angeal's name pouring past the sweet lips as the older man followed closely, both collapsing in a boneless heap. Genesis neared his end, picking up the pace of his fist, determined to feel Zack's tight muscles spasm around him. As Zack's release called out to him his vision began to blur, a loud scream finally allowing Zack to topple over and black out.

When Zack opened his eyes he frowned when he noticed he was lying in bed, Cloud's fluffy blond spikes and soft ears tickling his cheeks and chin. Something tickled his floppy puppy ears. Zack turned and smiled at Angeal, not even bothering to shake off the patting on his head. He felt a hand stroke over his side and turned his head to come face to face with Genesis. The affection was much wanted after a long, busy week. Neaither Cloud of Zack complaining of the heat as they held each other tightly, held gently in a mass of limbs. Genesis voice ghosted across his ear.

"Learn anything, pup?" Zack just grinned tiredly. Summoning enough energy to respond.

"Cats and Dogs don't fight."

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