Chapter 1

I shouldn't be here. I shouldn't be here!

That's what Scarlett kept thinking on her bus ride to Fox River, a male penitentiary.

She was right, she didn't. She was normally a shy, quiet person. The wallflower smart girl, you can say. She never really talked to anyone, focused on her grades, never sat with anyone at lunch, and people would just learn her name near the end of the school year.

She's not the most athletic person in the world either, lousy hand-eye coordination, it didn't help that she was almost legally blind and not really strong…unless…you get her mad. She's not like the Hulk, but she can be extremely strong when she wants to be.

She's always keep things inside, never telling anybody her feelings, like a shaken soda bottle just waiting to explode.

If she did tell anybody her feelings, who would she tell them to? Her friends? She hasn't had a friend since she was eleven. Her brothers? All died in a war. Her Dad? Left when she was thirteen. Her mom? Drunken idiot who beats her if she brings home a grade lower than an 'A'. She has nobody.

Scarlett grew up with four older brothers, so of course they'd teach her how to fight and defend herself, and also wrestling. They didn't grow up in the safest neighborhood so while she does her studies she works out, just in case she would actually need it.

She especially didn't belong there because she's only the age of fifteen.

The only reason that she was sent to Fox River was because her mom was sober and she pleaded with the judge to send Scarlett to Fox River because she thought that she would be safer there because her mom knows the warden. The judge being so stupid he granted it.

Scarlett can see through her mom. Her mom didn't want her safe. If she brought home a 'B' she gets beaten. If she got arrested her mom would kill her. So Scarlett figured if her mom couldn't kill her, than she would probably want her to be tortured for the rest of her life.

Tortured for something that she didn't do.

You might be asking yourself, "Why her mom would want to do that?" well, Scarlett's mom always blamed her for her dad leaving. She said that she ruined her life. So she figures wouldn't it be fair to ruin Scarlett's life?

Scarlett would be fine dying; she doesn't see any reason to live for. She would be fine spending her last moments in prison, taking the electric chair even though she is so young, she would be fine for all of that if she did it.

She was framed she has no clue how or why they did it, but they did it.

She didn't kill that person that person was already dead when she got there. Normally a murder would just be 25 to life. But, this person was the Vice President's son. Lucky her right? So she got sent to the chair in about four months. Could the system be any harsher?

Scarlett wants to look at the bright side at this, maybe if she doesn't talk to anybody and won't do anything that she isn't suppose to do maybe they would ignore her, just like in school. Little did she know that she is so wrong about that. She looked up when the guard said,

"We're here. Welcome to Fox River, Miss Jolie."