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'Where in Merlin's name is that cat of mine' Hermione thought as she scoured through her Head Girls room ' I wonder if he's downstairs.'

Down in the Gryffindor Common Room

"Checkmate!" Ron yelled.

" WHAT that can't be possible we haven't even been playing for 5 minutes!"

"Well I don't know if you've noticed , but you aren't exactly the best chess player in Hogwarts."

"WHAT… oh hey Mia." Harry looks over at her confused, "uhhh what exactly are you doing?"

"I'm looking for Crooks, I can't seem to find him anywhere," she says with a slightly worried look on her face. With that said she begins searching the common room again.

"Last time that I saw him he was on the staircase in front of the Great Hall" said Harry

She looked back up and said to herself, "Ohh I hope that he didn't go outside. I heard that there's going to be a storm tonight."

"Hey don't worry so much Herms, I'm sure that he's fine. He's probably off hunting rats or whatever he does…. You know how he likes hunting in the dungeons late at night."said Ron in an uncaring manner.

"Yea but I can't help but worry…I think I might take a walk through the corridors and try to find him before I head up to bed." she said

"Well if you're going out be careful, I heard Snape's prowling the corridors more often." Harry commented as he was resetting the chess board.

"Don't worry if I get caught I will just claim that I'm on my rounds." she said

"But wont the teachers know that you don't have rounds tonight?" Ron questioned "Well then , I just won't get caught, alright" She said in a sarcastic voice.

"Don't wait up, I'll see you in the morning." Getting up she walked through the portrait hole and into the hall.

"K….so Ron are you ready to be defeated!" Harry asked eagerly.

"HA! That's really funny , the day that you actually beat me will be the day that Herms kisses Snape." With that said both boys burst up laughing knowing that would not be happening any time soon.


Hermione whispered 'Lumos' filling the corridor with light, and began her search for her missing kneazle. Hoping to find him soon so she could get back to the comfort of her warm bed. 'Ohh Merlin I hope that I don't get caught I can't afford a detention this early in the year'. She began descending making her way down to the great hall.

She finally made it down to the entrance of the Great Hall. "God it's so cold down here!" She began to check around the entrance hall looking to see if he was hiding behind any of the statues or suits of armor. Turning she walked over to the staircase that led down into the depths of the castle. She let out a deep sigh; "Well, I've made it this far no reason to turn back now." She started to descend the staircase. As she made her way down she could feel it getting colder and colder, and couldn't help but wonder why she had not thought to bring a sweater or something.

"Crooks…Crooks, ohh where is that mangy animal," she mumbled in frustration as she walked on past a large white marble statue of a gryphon, not noticing the figure standing in the dark. Hermione stopped walking put a hand on her hip and started mumbling about how that darn cat would be the death of her. Silently the dark figure crept up behind her and lightly placed their hand on her shoulder. Hermione let out a small scream and spun around quickly. Her wand pointed at the person behind her.

When she saw who she had her wand pointed at she immediately lowered her wand in surprise. "Oh my…. I'm so sorry Professor Snape." He looked down at her in amusement with a slight smirk and said; "You know Ms. Granger, talking to yourself can be a sign of insanity." Hermione chuckled a little to herself. "Yes well Professor the way I figure it, if your going to go crazy go all the way."

The Professor lightly smirked and said. "Well I do believe that I must ask what our Head Girl is doing down here past curfew, considering she doesn't have rounds till tomorrow?" He raised a brow at her in a questioning glance. She realized that telling her potions master why she was really down here was infinitely better than lying to him and receiving a detention for that.

"Well in all honesty sir, I'm looking for my kneazle Crookshanks. I can't seem to find him anywhere, and I heard that we were suppose to get a snow storm to night. I'm a little worried about him, I thought I should check here because I know he likes to hunt for mice in the dungeons, sir.

"Ahh and just what does this kneazle of yours look like?" Snape inquired.

"Well he's quite old, rather large and orange and white.....oh he also has a bit of a smushed-in face."

The usually surly professor looked as if he was deciding how exactly to respond. "I believe I know exactly where your animal is Ms. Granger, follow me."

Walking a little further down the hall Snape came to the potions classroom. Opening the door and stepping inside, he held the door open for her to enter. After a few seconds of glancing around the room she looked up at him with a questioning expression.

"If I may ask a somewhat stupid question sir.... Umm what exactly are we doing in the potions classroom?"

"I think that you will find your answer underneath my desk," he spoke softly. Taking one more confused glance back at him, she walked to the front of the room and bent over to look under his simple oak desk.

"Oh Crooks you silly cat you had me worried sick! Thank Merlin you're alright." She scooped him up much to his protest and carried him over to the door of the class room. Walking right up to her Professor she leaned in and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. Pulling back her eyes were wide with shock with the realization of what she had just done. Blushing she said "Thank you sir, I'll see you in class tomorrow. Have a good night."

The stunned man looked over bid her goodnight and walked over to his desk. He plopped down in the chair, he was overwhelmed that the Gryffindor Head Girl had kissed him. He knew one thing was for sure was that nothing would be the same after tonight.


On the other side of the castle, if you listened hard enough you could hear the distinct voice of Harry Potter, gloating after finally beating his friend Ron Weasley at a game of wizards chess.

To Be Continued.....