Hi everyone.
I'm so so so so so sorry! First, for that I forgot to tell you what happened, and second for doing what I'm gonna do now.
Please, read everything before you judge.

The story is officially on hiatus.

The reason for this is that on October 26th, I went to my friend's place with my sister and the elevator wasn't working in her house, so we had to use the stairs. To the 10th floor. I guess you can guess what happened if I say that I can be as clumsy as Bella. Yeah, when we started going home and going down the stairs I fell. I didn't stop until the 4th floor, where a man who was coming up could stop me. That's what they said anyway. I fell unconscious the minute I first hit the ground and my head. I was in a coma for two weeks. 17 days to be exact. I broke right leg and arm both and needless to say I got a 'few' bruises everywhere. Most were healed by the time I woke up, thank God, but there are still some left on me unfortunately. The one I'm the most sad about is that I have one on my face and is pretty ugly still. (For the ones that will sure be skeptic or won't believe me: there are about 20 steps or so between every floor. I fell six floors down. Just count how many times could I hit myself.) I'm sorry I couldn't tell you, but no one in my family knows about me writing on FanFiction, and even if they knew, they wouldn't know my password, and probably still wouldn't have thought about informing you.

In the meantime I have school, so I use crutches. Oh and my boyfriend and my friends. )
Okay, I'm gonna stop this thought before I start gushing about my boyfriend. One, because writing this already took me 20 minutes since I can only use my left hand and two, because he (my boyfriend) and our friends are coming over in 10 minutes. :)

Once again, I'm sorry.

Heaven Cullen a.k.a BS